Marantz SR6013 Review (9.2 CH 4K AV Receiver)

Marantz SR6013 Review













  • Many Channel Processing
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume
  • 4K or 8K Video Passthrough
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Many HDMI Inputs


  • No Front Wide Channel Support
  • No HDR10+
  • No Dynamic HDR
  • No MHL Input
  • No DTS Play-Fi

Last month back we started off reviewing the brand new batch of AV receivers from Marantz to its next portion of 2018 you start using the smallest version from the SR series, also ” the SR5013 which still left us together with very fantastic impressions so far as operation is involved. Now it is the right time and energy to produce 1 measure the ladder up from this SR string therefore for now we’ll likely be reviewing that the second online which could be that the MARANTZ SR6013. This past year old SR6012 has been an remarkable AV receiver plus also we hope you’ll discover similar type of functionality. Nevertheless, the ideal question would be the type of developments will you year attract? Lately we’re utilised to observe modest advancements on each version each year as a way to maintain them updated and fresh with all present technologies.

Plus it looks like the MARANTZ SR6013 follows precisely the exact same fashion to get a very first appearance in the shredder sheet signals the variances in between your 2 models aren’t that major and also you have to check closely to see them. However, appearing at an specs listing not ever shows the total fact therefore enough opportunity to examine that fresh item of hardware has came. Can this brand new AV receiver a deserving improve or there’s not much advancement available ? Figure out from our Marantz SR6013 review.

Style and design

Some thing we find nearly all AV receivers suppliers execute lots is touse precisely the exact same chassis inside their designs to get a couple fantastic decades. Considering changes in specs and hardware really are small now there isn’t any explanation to generate new layouts which may possibly increase the price. Like a consequence the MARANTZ SR6013 doesn’t have any gap in the this past year along with the sole approach to tell apart both models could be that the version number over leading screen that has got the characteristic rounded layout Marantz has ever used us viewing. Front panel houses two large spinning knobs, 1 to your own amount along with you to your own enter while beneath the knob there’s really a lone button to electrical power.

Every thing is put directly under front hatch which keeps all dust and concealed free of charge. Almost certainly you won’t ever touch those switches we applaud Marantz for concealing them keeping a much longer minimalism design and style. Underneath the hatch we now find a lean row of command programs which have zone two controller, standing, solid manners, pristine lead and D Max controller. Under those we’ve got that a set of rectal ports for simple and quick accessibility and also here Marantz chose to set a headset port, a USB interface to attach outside memory, a HDMI interface, a composite-video input along with also an analogue stereo input together side all the calibration mic interface. The remainder we all see at the straight back and we’ll chat about these at our devoted department.


Marantz consistently elevates the excellent sound elements they utilize inside their own AV receivers as a way to achieve the optimal/optimally sound outcome so that as such they have built the MARANTZ SR6013 using AKM AK4458 32 bit D/A converters, HDAM circuit boards and present suggestions circuitry for optimal fidelity and greatest dynamic selection. There’s additionally a Hybrid pl-l Clock Jitter Reducer for immaculate audio which is resistant to disruptions from the encompassing circuit atmosphere. These reveal that Marantz place their intensive awareness on sound replica in very good usage and gives us the most consumers astounding services and products since they have carried out for several ages today using their AV receivers.

The remote that accompany all the MARANTZ SR6013 is just the very same as the past season as no brand new acts which will take a fresh style and design are now present. Our viewpoint hence stays the very same as to what we buy is really just a quite straightforward but in an identical time frame operational style and design. The buttons gift would be the people wanted that the many plus it will not feel cluttered with buttons you will never utilize. They’re split in to manageable classes in order the most notable we now capture precisely the input signal, at the center menu navigation switches and at the base a couple of smart variety along with sound manners . Simple design and style which produces it effortless to keep in mind the design after somewhat of usage. The buttons have a wonderful rubberized texture, so they still have adequate distance amongst them so to not inadvertently drive the wrong individual and though there isn’t any back light work that the buttons have been glow and shine somewhat from the darkened which allow just a bit.

Construction is rather high and now we’re satisfied about the style that Marantz makes use of. No observable changes for still another season however, up-grades recently are tiny to warrant a much larger change which could impact the chassis design and style too. Do not fix what isn’t broken could be the most suitable slogan right here and also we have been good with this provided that the caliber can be since it needs to.

Audio Quality

Even the MARANTZ SR6013 supports a Broad Range of music paths up into this Hottest Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X in Addition to up-mixing technologies such as DTS Neural:X and DTS Digital:X. These up-mixing technologies do will be always to generate setting noises out of digital speakers out of a non invasive surround sound monitor. DTS digital:X such as may make height impacts whenever you will find really no elevation speakers existing. The end result is dependent upon plenty of stuff and could vary between very fantastic to extremely undesirable therefore it isn’t something they feature far better immersion in the least moments. Unfortuitously 1 omission will be Auro-3D and now we might have to measure higher at the version ladder to seek support because of it particular.

MARANTZ SR6013 includes 9 channels of builtin amplification using 1-10 W of electrical power for each channel (8 Ohm, 20 Hz — 20 kHz, 0.08percent 2ch generate ) and 2 sub-woofer interfaces so that as a consequence we could cause a great deal of distinct installments including a 5.2 or perhaps a 7.2 setup while in the event that you would like to benefit from this elevation impacts you may choose a more 5.2.2, 5.2.4 or some 7.2.2 configuration. Additionally you have the choice to get a 11.2 music installment however also for the past two channels you might have to make use of an outside amp. For the testing we’ve moved to get a 5.1.4 music set using inch subwoofer and 4 elevation speakers to be able to generate an even far more immersive elevation coating.

The picture we chose because of the analyzing is battle ship at 4K UHD resolution whilst the disk has a volatile DTS:X sound monitor that basically holds back nothing whenever the activity falls in and is now particularly fantastic for analyzing encircle impacts breeding. We popped the disk within our Panasonic UHD participant and chose some actions moments to observe that the receiver’s behavior.


The MARANTZ SR6013 behaved just because if we were not expecting. Having attempted the SR5013 but in addition the prior year old SR6012 we less knew exactly what to anticipate in the receiver with this grade. Throughout the very first experience of this navy destroyers along with also the submerged boat a barrage of volatile barrels are launched in direction of a few of those destroyers generating extremely different surround impacts behind and over the audience. In the event the pins burst and also cut on the destroyer at two of the sub-woofer leaves the total space shake debris out of the explosions autumn around within the ground.

The next spectacle we love to take to is throughout the previous confrontation involving your alien defense boat and also the wasp Missuri. The vitality of this alien defense placed all speakers to over drive along with it has lively noise that it absolutely was producing as the ominous electronic noise of the submerged grid could offer you an idea of it has extraterrestrial character. When projectiles begin to fly in between both boats the receiver manages the channel altering using top-notch, outstanding precision and control. Peak speakers ended up relatively occupied too so that as a consequence make a immersion bubble which sensed more than before.

Dialogue was very clear and distinct also at no time didn’t believe as the remaining part of the consequences were also covering the guts channel. Together with all the MARANTZ SR6013 we receive 110W of electrical power and even though it truly is really a tiny boost in comparison to your prior upgrade together with all the SR5013 it surely felt as though we’d here somewhat longer of leg-room as a way to stretch the receiver simply somewhat much more. So however large we goes the MARANTZ SR6013 felt as though it had been consistently in management in most of the energetic range supplying a exact balanced and nice operation.

Inside this array it’s normal to seek aid for a vast assortment of music monitors and also this holds the case also whilst the MARANTZ SR6013 supports asynchronous and lossy music formats which have MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, FLAC H D 192/24 little, WAV 192/24 little, ALAC 192/24 piece in addition to DSD streaming (the two 2.8 and 5.6MHz). As a way to check the audio operation of the receiver we joined with our outside storage having some picked FLAC tunes monitors and enable the receiver to reveal us exactly what you can certainly perform.

The tunes capacities of this receiver are extremely characteristic of the Marantz product or service. Exemplary clarity, nice and accurate switching between these channels, fantastic spatial comprehension, superb bass , very good mid century and true highs would be the essential things that outline the audio operation of the MARANTZ SR6013. We enjoyed much the way that it completed we spent time hearing tunes than we’re intending to. This receiver ensures firm, it truly is a superior bit of sound equipment and also certainly will glow in just about any type of home theatre and sound installation. We might not be happy from such a item.

Input / Ports

This past year once we checked the SR6012 we’re surprised how many connection interfaces it provided. You might not locate any vacant distance for whatever added and visiting that calendar year’s MARANTZ SR6013 we instantly realized we get again the very same specific installment which isn’t just a poor thing by any way.

Once we talked about previously are certainly a couple interfaces we put at the leading part of the receiver beneath the centre turnable hatch which contain a headset jack, the mike jack, a USB interface plus a HDMI interface, a combo video input along with also an analogue stereo inputs which makes them simple to get for assorted conditions.

At the straight back today the opinion is very notable. Let us focus on the very clear. We receive an remarkable 7 HDMI 3 and inputs HDMI presses with them encouraging HDCP 2.2 which signifies 4K/60 Hz full-rate pass-through, Dolby eyesight compatibility, HDR, HLG along with BT.2020. You will find 1-1 speakers but just 9 may be employed in combination with inner amplification and so could make whether 5.2.4 or perhaps a 7.2.2 sound installation. For one other two channels you have to bring an outside amp as a way to find the entire 7.2.4 installation even as we all discussed previously.


In addition, we receive 5 analogue stereo inputs, inch devoted analogue stereo input signal for phono, 7.1 analogue inputs and analogue pre-out interfaces. Most importantly all these you can find just 3 composite video inputs and one outputsignal, two component video inputs and one output, two coaxial digital sound input, two optical digital audio input 1 handy remote controller input and one outputsignal, inch IR flasher inputsignal, inch RS232c jack, inch 12V activate, an Ethernet interface for wired connectivity into the world wide web in addition to the antenna interfaces to your wi fi and also the wireless recorder.

It truly is remarkable how such a receiver may package therefore lots of vents and also we have been happy by everything we purchase since there is certainly some thing for everybody. The toughest user is going to have trouble to uncover some thing lost and also this will be definitely an achievement on its own. Many connectors have been goldplated which exhibits just how much care to depth Marantz sets much in to the vents. Again amazing workout in your own benefit.

OS, Programs and Attributes

Contain sensible having presently analyzed the SR5013 we now understand the MARANTZ SR6013 has similar specifications. As such the MARANTZ SR6013 supports 4K/60Hz full-rate pass-through, 4:4:4 colour resolution, HDR along with BT.2020, also Dolby eyesight Hybrid and compatibility Gamma (HLG) which will be A-HDR protocol for loading articles. In addition, we uncover 4K up-scaling aid of SD and high definition content material much though many 4K TVs cando that independently very economically.

Even the MARANTZ SR6013, just like all the total sequence, happens designed with all the Audyssey MultEQ sound calibration technique that’s a sophisticated audio installment calibration process which might be employed by either knowledgeable but in addition casual end users. All these calibration programs have already been improved significantly the past several decades and the consequences could be than satisfactory in the event that you’re not a seasoned calibrator. Ofcourse for people recognizable will probably still want to prepare their strategy but nonetheless it is really a exact excellent system which provides an excess hands to people who want it.

Even the Audyssey package comprises the Dynamic quantity quality that balances abrupt quantity spikes amongst television programs and advertisements changes whilst the Dynamic EQ characteristic will help keep the lively degrees and clarity at low degrees. Calibration can be achieved by way of the integral UI however, Marantz has additionally established the Audyssey MultEQ Editor you may utilize with an Android or a Apple apparatus and then download it directly by the various shop. This editor will permit you to calibrate just about every facet of one’s platform and give a much superior visual port than that which the receiver’s UI has. The sole drawback is you have to spend money on the program a 1 time price which can be unquestionably a perplexing decision once you pay as much dollars for such components.

For overall get a grip on that the MARANTZ SR6013 additionally supports the Marantz 20-16 AVR distant program you might also see in Android along with Apple outlets and permits you accessibility to any or all features and functions by your tablet computer or smartphone. This program is currently free to down load and that means that you may check it outside to determine whether you prefer it than the conventional manner of commanding the receiver.


And talking about restrain that the MARANTZ SR6013’s visible port includes organized in to categories which makes all of features and work preferences easyto discover. Living within a age where graphics really are a prominent portion of each and every electronics apparatus we’d like to watch Marantz upgrade the visuals and extend an even more gratifying for the attention atmosphere. We have observed amazing developments about this by television manufacturers therefore that we believe now is the time to allow AV receivers to trace way too.

Yet we uncover that an E CO characteristic with it has Vehicle and Away selections. This attribute reduces energy intake whenever potential by enabling the receiver to take care of it has strength outputsignal. This characteristic could be switched away in the event that you would like to find the most electrical power this receiver could deliver.

Of route a receiver just like the MARANTZ SR6013 would encourage streaming as well as such you are able to stream out of an NAS server out of a neighborhood community or by the net in a very long collection of encouraging streaming providers which have Spotify, Napster, Deezer, Tidal, Pandora, sirius-xm along with audio Cloud in addition to TuneIn radiostations

Linking to the net can be achieved either wi-fi during the integral wi fi which supports double group 2.4GHz/5GHz or by way of the Ethernet jack at the rear part of the receiver. Wired relations are consistently favored but we attempted navigating through wi fi and also we did not have any issues but this may possibly have todo with how the modem has been relatively near the receiver.

You may even stream sound records by means of the USB interface which is set at front by linking some outside storage. Together with blue tooth service it’s possible to even stream songs by an smartphone or tablet tablet computer while the other streaming alternative will be by means of Apple’s air-play. Lots of flowing options this and here just offer far more alternatives to these end users.

Multi-room audio play back has been an given today and also the MARANTZ SR6013 of course would encourage it by way of the HEOS multi-room sound technology which enables you to employ different HEOS empowered speakers across your home to be directly joined to the receiver to get music play back. A fresh characteristic that Marantz additional this past year into the SR show is Apple’s Airplay2 which fundamentally could be the exact item as HEOS technology and therefore providing you with greater options as soon as it has to do with multi-room operation.

New this past year into the SR show can also aid for Amazon Alexa voice controller by way of the HEOS Home enjoyment skill with it that you are able to get a handle on different features and functions of this receiver as a result of an Alexa empowered speaker just like the Amazon Echo. Offering easy controls such as enter option, volume streaming and control is now able to be achieved hands on. We have attempted this characteristic ahead of using additional Marantz receivers plus it appears to be running pretty good for those who prefer such a controller.

Last but most certainly not least a exceptional attribute we see all the MARANTZ SR6013 which has been maybe not found in the past season’s SR6012 or that calendar year’s SR5013 is service to get its distant network tracking and direction programs of Domotz Guru and IHIJI. These programs enable one to monitor the standing of the related product such as the MARANTZ SR6013 and purge liberally by another locale or over the move.

Even the Marantz SR6013 is entirely full of features also it’s genuinely awesome that although the SR6012 experienced many that they managed to bring a couple more this past year. Demonstrably it demonstrates that using all these purposes it is getting increasingly harder to put in fresh ones each and every season however whatever that they incorporate it truly is really a plus however modest the gap.


This past 12 months we had been aware how very good model has been. Matters haven’t changed much to this past year whilst the MARANTZ SR6013 can be really a tiny upgrade of past season’s version. Offering excellent sound efficiency of another generation sound tracks such as Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X and also service for DTS Neural:X in addition to DTS digital:X. In addition, we get aid for 4K/60Hz full-rate pass-through, Dolby eyesight along with HLG compatibility plus a wealth of streaming and online products and services. Even the Odyssey package gives a excellent way for bettering the own system as accurate as you possibly can even though HEOS and Airplay2 allow you to make your very own multi-room speaker settings. Even the back part of the receiver will be jam filled using next generation and heritage vents ample to meet all demands.

It’s quite difficult to locate some terrible things within the receiver. However, if we’d to nit-pick we’d love to have a really good remote with back light functionality together with somewhat lesser price so as to become slightly bit more competitive within this budget.

Final we’d express the MARANTZ SR6013 can be actually a marginal improve of past year old SR6012. It’d a couple additional features such as DTS digital:X, Airplay2, Alexa service and Domotz Guru / Ihiji distant platforms compatibility but having a firmware upgrade Marantz has included all them into the SR6012 additionally generating their gap more marginal. Every thing seems to be exactly the same it is all dependent upon the purchase price gap and which you are able to buy to get cheaper. However, in the event that you’re searching to get a fresh receiver and also you’d like to equilibrium price tag with features and performance then your Marantz SR6013 can be a remarkable choice. Price might be improved however there are us always complaining about the purchase price. For yet another yr Marantz has generated an remarkable home theatre sound gadget.

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