Marantz SR5014 Review (7.2 CH 4K AV Receiver)

Marantz SR5014


Native 4K resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Great performance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Upgraded HDMI features
  • Huge list of extras and services


  • Small differences over previous year
  • No multi-channel inputs this year
  • The remote has no backlight
  • More expensive than competition

For so a long time Marantz has established excellent audio services and products and a number of the very optimal/optimally AV receivers from the market with the capacity of providing high quality and also superior characteristics that place each of their models onto the cover of the checklist for several home theater followers. 1 such version we’ll undoubtedly be looking at now inside our Marantz SR5014 review, as well as this version, could be the sole whole sized receiver at Marantz arsenal which affirms 7 channels it’s going to soon be intriguing to observe whether it may push into the peak with the exact aggressive classification.

Back in 20-19, Marantz published 4 fresh models altogether, two full dimensions and two slender versions, and also the Marantz SR5014 could be that the lesser of both total sized kinds with all an SR6014 function as additional the one which we have tested and you also may study our review from the identity connection. Even the Marantz SR5014 can be currently a 7.2 channels receiver using 100 watts per channel, supports most of the customary audio monitors, up-mixing and digital technologies plus comes packed together with features, streaming products and services, and further purposes that Marantz can be utilized to incorporate to the majority of these units, for example, HEOS, air-play two, voice controller, higher Resolution Audio, Audyssey car calibration, and habit integration and some others.

Even though performance is nearly sure to become high notch we have been here in order to find out whether the Marantz SR5014 can be still a purposeful update whilst the 2018 SR5013 continues to be in flow and will be located at reduced cost and simply how much a gap is a one-year earn between those 2 variations. In the event that you take the greater compared to your rivalry price we always locate these Marantz models afterward it truly is apparent the SR5014 comes with a demanding road before this. Could that you produce a huge difference that this past year? Continue reading in order to learn.

Design of Marantz SR5014

Because it occurs using many yearly releases that the design that Marantz employed to your Marantz SR5014 is much like for just like together with the prior decades. That clearly was not any change whatsoever from the design, the dimensions, or standard design, and having yearly releases near each other will not signify any gaps in any way. The shown over front display could be the sole matter giving their diverse variants. Therefore, in the event that you have experienced the prior SR50XX releases afterward do you know exactly what you arrive here too.


Each of Marantz receivers has an exact different characteristic that instantly forces you to know it has roots and there is not any different compared to the tiny circular show in the leading part of the system. This and the marginally curved entrance left and corners make an exact interesting design which differentiates itself out from the remaining sporty kind of all AV receivers. The machine includes the normal 2 knobs settings with all the most suitable choice to your amount and also the still left for input while beneath the perfect we get that the IR detector and also below the left the cans jack. About the low left is one round button to hammering the machine whilst all is located about the low center portion of the front face area.

Here we now get one lineup of buttons that have Pure immediate, M-DAX, Zone two, and tuner controllers, Dimmer, standing along with audio Mode assortment. On the best with the single-line, there’s a final cap that covers A-few front vents which have a composite video input analog stereo audio input, and also the calibration mic port. Under every one of the buttons, we now receive an HDMI input signal together side a USB interface for linking storage. Why those 2 vents aren’t hidden to enjoy the remainder we all consider was accomplished whilst the HDMI and USB vents are utilized with greater regularity compared to others also it’d be troublesome to have to start this cover all of the moment; point.

We couldn’t speak in regards to the design with no saying that the amazing quality which Marantz is indeed famed for. And it’s really perhaps not just the product quality of substances utilized but that which exactly is used indoors which reveal that the awareness of detail staying placed right into it. As such the Marantz SR5014 includes AKM AK4458 32bit DACs who are accountable for most audio conversions, also it features Marantz’s proprietary Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) that supply ultra-wide-band reply and detailed replica in addition to current suggestions circuitry for optimal fidelity and greatest dynamic selection. Of course, this version is now overlooking some collectible extras which we had noticed at the upper-tier types but that is expected because we all proceed down the purchase price point.

Let us look at the added remote today. Having therefore modest differences in between the SR5013 was just normal to make use of the specific similar remote version too which would be actually the RC035SR. The remote is not anything special however, it seems hardy and utilizes top excellent vinyl even though somewhat more substantial in dimension compared to that which we’d like. The rubber switches have very good dimensions and spacing plus so they have already been grouped logically according to their own functionality.

At the top, we detect many entered alongside HEOS along with the blue tooth, at the midst the customary navigation controls while still, we capture play-back, clever variety along with sound manner switches. We’d really like to have a backlight role because it’s indeed of use when you largely watch from the darkened and this really is actually our sole gripe for this.

Close this portion there isn’t much we may state whilst the receiver will be in substantial part exactly the exact same as this past calendar year. The design could be exactly the exact same, the internals is alike and the remote may be the exact same 1. It will not of necessity ensure it is awful whilst the SR5013 was a remarkable bit of audio tools. Even the Marantz SR5014 follows precisely the exact same tendency for yet another year comprising Marantz’s highest quality in their own offerings that are lower. In case they’d comprised back-light at the remote we’d be joyful but as such, there is certainly just not much to complain about.

Audio Quality of Marantz SR5014

If it involves exactly what sort of audio formats have been encouraged objects are fairly much exactly the same round the plank since most of the newest types, at the full-sized types, develop with exactly the exact same type of specs within this respect. As such the Marantz SR5014 supports all of the most recent audio formats such as Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X. There’s additionally Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X up-mixing technologies which may upmix uncomplicated stereo audio tracks right into entire immersive surround noise.


There’s additional assistance for digital tech even though before 2018 there has been just DTS digital:X today we got Dolby peak Virtualization. This digital tech does is it may cause digital speakers at a distance at which there really is really no real speakers current and also generate the illusion of noise by means of algorithms and processing. This is sometimes quite convenient in the event that you are unable to put speakers in some specific areas such as in the ceiling such as for instance. Of course, the end result is by no means exactly the exact same as having speakers. however, it is sometimes a fantastic option in several instances.

1 thing that’s well worth noting is the fact that Dolby Atmos peak Virtualization may be properly used for equally Dolby Digital in addition to DTS audio monitors. Around the opposite side DTS, digital:X may be properly used just with DTS monitors as an effect Dolby’s providing appears to be receiving the upper hand for this particular. In addition, in the event that you’d like to allow the Dolby Atmos peak Virtualization, it’s rather somewhat challenging to discover the way to do it since there isn’t any guide button which may allow this particular.

As a way to empower that you are going to have to initially get into the principal menu, then at the Audio portion in order to discover the encircle parameter. In the event, you could come across the Speaker Virtualizer which you just have to let first and then after utilizing a few of those noise manners which use Dolby Surround. In this manner, Dolby’s virtualizer is going to undoubtedly be enabled. Not so simple or easy in all and the handbook isn’t too evident for this specific. Ideally, Marantz will correct this later on.

Even the Marantz SR5014 features 7 channels of built-in amplification having a theoretical a hundred watts of electrical power (8 ohms, 20 Hz — 20 kHz, 0.08percent 2ch driveway ) which will be enough as a way to match a moderate-sized place with no issue. The receiver will be really capable of withstanding twin subwoofer set-ups which will be quite common one of home theater followers plus it’s a good idea to understand this also. Together with all the supported channels that you can create a 5.2.2 Dolby Atmos audio installation or whenever that you really don’t take care of the overhead coating subsequently you definitely may get some 7.2 channels and on occasion maybe the simpler 5.2 installations.


Inside our instance, we all traveled to your 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos installation with one subwoofer and two ceiling speakers to its Atmos over-head coating we located at the exact middle of the acting space. Regarding the picture we attempted this out is that the 4K UHD edition of mid-way because we all fell so in deep love with Emmerich’s charm of this Battle of Midway. This picture astonished us together with it has utilization of surround effects also it’s been our brand new attribute testing picture.

You can find a lot of action scenes which we attempted and also at everyone we have exactly the exact same notable performance. Even the Marantz SR5014 generated an exact immersive setting around us since most of the speakers such as the encircle along with overhead speakers moved to full activity. This really wasn’t the type of performance at which in fact the surround impacts supplement front soundstage whilst the digicam has been stuck at the exact middle of this activity along with also fighter airplanes roaring, machine firearms exploding and anti-air flank explosions all around the atmosphere we’ve got a frenzied audio extravaganza together with all the receiver having the capability to continue to keep the decent gap between your channels, accurate channel changing along with the digital camera pans round and extremely different dialog within the center channel which has been not Over-Lapping using the remainder of the activity.

Such a picture can barely neglect at the very low conclude with explosions in prosperity which maintained that our region vibration as that there wasn’t any tomorrow. Demonstrably the type of subwoofer you have performs an important part within the sort of performance you simply get however in case the receiver has been feeding on the subwoofer all of the essential information simplifies the immersion much longer. Apparent, lively bass has been that which we now have, and also we might be happy with this.

From the music, we additionally find similar service we seen at the top-tier models so that as such besides by the usual lossy MP3, WMA and AAC we additionally find High Placement Support that’s substantially applied from people serious in their music amusement. FLAC, ALAC, and WAV files are encouraged up to 192 kHz sampling frequency and also 24-bit settlement. DSD streaming is additionally available for both the 2.8 and 5.6MHz. In general, we want to examine a few FLAC data files which we flow during the very front USB interface.


You won’t ever become sick and tired of hearing music having a Marantz receiver because nearly all of these components that individuals have analyzed throughout the past couple of decades have been able to execute. The type of compression and clarity of all noise had been very exceptional whilst the receiver consistently maintained the entire frequency vary from stability with precision and control. Certainly, of course, a number of the very best models could do better however, it’d not be quite a fair contrast using such much costlier, pricier audio apparatus.

Even the Marantz SR5014 did figure out how to split it has own individuality giving us a performance which might perhaps not be magnificent however, it’d the exact traits and qualities which Marantz is attempting to imbue in every their apparatus. So that as a consequence we have the sort of music performance we would never find sick and tired of listening. Fantastic accuracy, fantastic imaging, sufficient ability, and superior management of distance has been a number of those qualities we all watched in this evaluation which makes the SR5014 a superb choice for a great many music fans.

Marantz never ever doesn’t impress us. Even the Marantz SR5014 could function as the smallest full-size unit however behaves as a tool much more. Either you’d like to buy to get movies or music that it won’t ever quit promoting a remarkable encounter. And even in the event that you may set it using good excellent speakers get ready to get a cure as it’s going to undoubtedly take good care of these and supply you with an acoustic scene.

Ports and Connectivity

The SR50XX can be actually a challenging version collection. Using the side it truly is believed Marantz entry-degree full-sized receiver however on the opposite side such a superior apparatus cannot be classified as entrance stage. Being a consequence of locating the most suitable stability of vents and also connectivity alternatives will be really somewhat catchy.

In the interest of retaining what together we’ll say more front vents we tested together with all the Marantz SR5014 having an HDMI input signal, a USB interface for linking external memory, a composite video input analog stereo input, and also the Audyssey mic interface.


In the rear of this machine, we detect the other relations and also while the Marantz SR5014 provides millions of these 20-19 model in fact sees a discount something which we are going to chat about fleetingly. To start with we now find 7 speaker terminals and they all can be employed in combination with the built-in amplification as a way to generate possibly 5.2.2 or even 7.2 channel installations. In addition, we have a notable 7 HDMI inputs together side the further front two and one HDMI outputs. Lots of vents so as to join all of your apparatus.

So far as the remainder of the connectivity selections we now capture two components movie inputs and a single output, two composite video inputs as well as front and something output signal, 4 analog stereo inputs along with front and more which is devoted to phono, two coaxial and two optical digital audio inputs, 7.2 channels multichannel pre-outs along with one analog multi-room output.

In terms of most of your remainder, we now find that an Ethernet interface, an IR flasher input RS232c interface, also a 12 volt activate, and also the standard FM, AM along with WiFi/Bluetooth antenna interfaces.

The machine also features wireless connectivity since it’s integral wi fi which supports both the 2.4 and 5GHz in addition to blue tooth V-4.1 for streaming audio.

A couple of matters which want to mention are the HDMI interfaces. They all are all HDCP 2.3 which signifies that they encourage 4K/60 Hz full-rate pass-through, 4:4:4 color resolution, HDR 10, Dolby eyesight along with Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG), 21:9 online video, BT.2020, 3 d signal jelqing, HDMI inputs automobile dimming, eARC, and Automobile Reduced Latency Mode (ALLM) which will be brand new in 2013.

As we discussed previously there’s in fact a decrease this season whilst the 7.1 multi-channel inputs which had been available from the SR5013 have already been taken out. The main reason was as yet not known however we still suspect this to retain down the cost Marantz ascertained these vents weren’t too much employed now and therefore chose to fully take them off. In case that really was a smart move or not remains to be viewed.

S O except for approving the multi-channel inputs will there be whatever difference in comparison to this SR5013? Truly there clearly was really as the SR5014 include HDCP 2.3, eARC along with ALLM works which are just available from the more modern version.

OS, Apps, and Features of Marantz SR5014

Just before we commence assessing all of the supported features that are certainly a couple of new improvements we now have in 2013 that’s to accomplish with all the HDMI operation. The initial 1 is called HDMI automobile re-name and also this is just somewhat convenient. Everything it’s that if you join a computer device for the receiver which likewise affirms this operate then your pruning of this apparatus will routinely show up about the receiver frees you the problem of manually assessing each interface which might be quite time-saving.


The 2nd HDMI role we receive is now called HDMI car Input Assign with this you may watch the online video out of an HDMI input at an identical time pay attention to music by an analog or electronic interface. Last but most certainly not least the Marantz SR5014 supports Automobile low-latency Mode (ALLM) which is often quite convenient for avid gamers since it may radically boost response instances which is often a critical part of hardcore gambling. The attached apparatus desire to likewise encourage this characteristic in order for this to do the job.

Let us now discuss the audio calibration system which accompanies this specific unit. Since we have talked about previously each one of these automobile calibration systems has been scaled to this version you become. Marantz’s system is called Audyssey along with also the model we all buy here’s Audyssey MultEQ XT using Audyssey Dynamic Quantity along with Audyssey Dynamic EQ. Even the Dynamic quantity accounts for abrupt quantity spikes amongst advertisements and television software shifts whilst the Dynamic EQ system assists in trying to keep the lively degrees and precision at quite lower degrees.

Calibration isn’t really tough to execute whilst the onscreen directions are reasonably apparent and direct you during the entire procedure. Therefore, even when you have much expertise you have to not have difficulties completing it. In addition, if you prefer to go deeper along with your system’s calibration you may download the Audyssey MultEQ E-ditor Program which delivers more alternatives and works as soon as it regards calibrating in contrast with this built-in system. If you’re extremely much into such matters it might be well worth every penny differently the simple magician will do. We also ought to state this app features a 1-time price so as to download and also may be utilized for both equally Android along with i-OS apparatus.

If it has to do with mobile programs there clearly was just another one that Marantz has generated called Marantz AVR Remote program as well as this you may get a handle on the receiver together with your cellular apparatus either be a smartphone or tablet computer. The fantastic issue is this app is still free so that you could download and then provide it a try out because you might find this to your own liking.

Let us discuss Somewhat the Consumer Interface. Perhaps not much has changed inside this respect and usually, the person that we receive is equally just as straightforward as it receives. We have observed some AV receiver producers seeking to refresh a-little the UIs that they utilize together with improved visible designs however maybe not much has changed within the past couple of decades. Sometimes we all aspire to find several significant visible overhauls. however, it sounds like we aren’t even now there. In terms of the main one we all do get is really uncomplicated but properly organized together with settings being broken up into 8 distinct types based on their own function. It truly is relatively simple to navigate the way as a result of every one of those menus and possibilities and that means that you must not be worried about the number of configurations available.

Probably one of the absolute most crucial purposes of this machine is it has multi-room and loading capacities. Much like Marantz components, we discover that the HEOS multi-room technology you may use as a way to flow music online or join for another HEOS enabled speakers. In exactly the same manner we now receive air-play two for usage with Apple men. Air-play two is much like HEOS however can be used especially with Apple apparatus and air-play 2 enabled speakers. The receiver supports two wired multi-room zones.

With all the receivers you are able to flow audio during the community system when you have a media host or neighborhood NAS or make use of the front USB interface to flow music from linking an outside memory product. Last but most certainly not least in the event that you prefer to flow music on the web there’s a plethora of internet streaming companies that can be encouraged which include internet-radio, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Napster, Pandora, sound cloud, Tidal along with Deezer amongst some others. Since you notice that there are tremendous flowing chances and also certainly will really cover all of your demands within this aspect.


In the event, you detect managing the receiver during the remote or perhaps the Marantz Remote program old model that the machine also includes an audio controller. Marantz is guaranteed to comprise every one of the significant voice-control programs also what this means is service for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In the event you employ Apple apparatus there will also be Siri you may utilize throughout the air-play 2 program whilst we additionally locate the lesser called wise property Voice Automation. Clearly, you’ll have to make use of an outside apparatus including an Amazon Echo or even Google house for all these to operate however, also the Marantz SR5014 addresses all foundations rendering it exceptionally prospective evidence.

Still another characteristic attribute we see in the majority of Marantz AV receivers this past year would be that the addition of remote system tracking and direction by way of the Domotz Guru and IHIJI platforms. In this manner, it really is simpler to track the system by way of a remote locale and also do which will be really a great accession to have for several conditions.

However, the features do not end here since you can find more the Marantz SR5014 is sold together with. In addition, we secure equally analog and HDMI to HDMI up-scaling if you are interested in getting the receiver to get this to as an alternative of one’s television, it includes bi-amp capacities which really is just a favorite attribute one of home theater followers plus also we find an ECO style in the event you tend to be somewhat more power sensitive and painful and environmentally pleasant.

The machine gets got the inclination to conduct a little sexy. Perhaps not mad alluring nevertheless enough to allow individuals to be certain we had tons of breathing atmosphere all around it once actually use. In the event you’re planning on inserting this at a cupboard you may possibly have to speculate onto a heating system to maintain the side make sure that there is certainly an abundance of the distance around it as a way to maintain it trendy. We have found that Marantz indicates touse the ECO manner in a few of these components so as to continue to keep the warmth in minimal and not as dangerous ranges. With a receiver breaking near into the 1,000 markers to be safe then sorry.

If it regards further features and operation that the Marantz SR5014 isn’t lacking much in contrast to it is larger brothers. Yes of course there certainly are some omissions, for example, no I-Max Improved service such as but what exactly is overlooking is just maybe not ground shuttering and undoubtedly will not reduce the unit total price.

Final Thoughts

Reaching the finish of the review exactly what we are able to say in regards to the Marantz SR5014 is the fact that Marantz yet more we’re able to supply a high excellent merchandise. Though the receiver is merely a 7.2 channel a single also goes into the underneath of Marantz’s full-sized offerings that you ought to not be confused about what we have here are just a superior gadget. Together with it has cost hovering around the £ 1000 price tag that isn’t just a cheap one particular and really should not be handled as you can. However, whilst the receiver expenses a lot more compared to your contest Marantz generally seems to follow along with their particular strategy since they like to supply a greater quality item to better differentiate themselves out of the rest of the other of the If that really remains a fantastic strategy continues to be witnessed.


Even the Marantz SR5014 was able to impress us along with it has amazing performance, it supports all known audio formats together side the customary up-mixing and engineering technologies and features a large collection of features and companies like the YPAO car calibration system, higher Resolution Audio assistance, HEOS along with air-play two multi-room capacities and features everything famous audio controller platforms, also offers custom made integration plus includes WiFi and Bluetooth built for wireless loading.

For this particular specific year we now possess slight developments inside the enjoys of Dolby peak Virtualization, HDCP 2.3, eARC, and Automobile Reduced Latency Mode (ALLM). With 7.2 channels and 100 levels of energy, the receiver could be ideal for practically any sort of little or moderate-sized place while still features such as HDMI up-scaling, bi-amp along with ECO style whole the listing.

Is there any some minuses such a superb receiver? Demonstrably there really are and also the first thing many can consider is how that it’s selling price which can be much beyond most rival 7.2 channels versions. Additionally, the gaps between this and 2018’s SR5013 are tiny also it will not warrant an upgrade. The remote Although of fantastic high quality still overlooks a backlight functionality which we are not able to acknowledge for such a pricey unit whilst still we unfastened the 7.1 multi-channel inputs which might perhaps not disturb most nonetheless it still ought to be thought of as a downgrade in everything can be obtained.

If you’re searching to get a superior 7.2 channels AV receiver that the Marantz SR5014 could be a great offender as it’s got the whole offer. Best audio elements caliber, superb performance along with a broad collection of further features ample to meet all of your needs. The cost could possibly be considered a little high however Marantz will offer you an incredible experience you are not going to repent. Highly suggested.

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