The Best Luraco i7 Plus Massage Chair Review 2022

Luraco i7 Plus Massage Chair Ultimate Review 2022

The Luraco i7 Plus Massage Chair is the only one available that has health benefits that have been proven by medical research. While massage chairs generally offer numerous health benefits, the thing that is unique with this Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus massage chair is that it’s been clinically tested and researched to lower stress, blood pressure, and heart rate.

This is logical since it’s the only chair available that can outfit with blood pressure and heart rate monitoring. We are awestruck that you can observe your health and wellbeing while you relax in the chair. It is amazing that Luraco included this truly life-saving feature in the iRobotics 7 Plus massage chair. It allows you to monitor your health as a bonus of getting a relaxing massage.

In addition to having a myriad of health benefits, this chair can be very fun. The thing that makes this chair unique is the amount of personalization you are able to access. You can experiment with all of the options below to discover the perfect massage for you, and save it for later. The 3D rollers as well as the heat therapy of the chair go beyond the back and upper body since it offers an entire body experience from head to toe.

We recommend the Luraco i7 Plus massage chair to those who want to enjoy a long, active life and enjoy the most luxurious massage chair made in America. This chair is perfect for all people who wish to track their health in a fun relaxing, relaxing, and energizing manner.

The Luraco i7 Plus Massage Chair Features Overview

The smart medical massage chair offers soft full body massage as well as heating, as well as the most recent control technology to provide superior massage techniques, smart controls, noise reduction intensive deep tissue massage, and much more.

Luraco i7 Plus Massage Chair Pros & Cons:

Luraco i7 Plus Massage Chair


  • Made in the USA
  • Massages that are quiet due to the use of noise-control technologies
  • Human Voice Response (several languages)
  • Touchscreen controller
  • 100 Airbags
  • Foot Rollers
  • Genuine Leather on all contact surfaces
  • Heated Seat, Feet, and Back, with 5 intensity levels
  • Zero Gravity Positioning
  • 9 Auto Programs
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Easy to Assemble
  • The range of heights for users is 4’7″ between 4’7″ and 6’7″
  • The maximum capacity for weight is 300 pounds.


  • Could be considered to be costly
  • There is no space-saving feature

The Luraco i7 Plus is one of our most adored high-quality medical massage chairs, and it is suitable for a variety of body dimensions and shapes.

3D Massage Roller

The Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus comes with massage rollers 3D that can be moved up, down left, right, in, and out. This provides a deeper massage. It is also possible to adjust the intensity and ease of massage based on the way you prefer the massage.

Advantage: Feel the love wherever the rollers are! 3D massage rollers will ensure that your massage is intense and complete.

S-Track Design

The massage rollers are arranged in an S-Track which is akin to the natural curvature of your spine. The S-Track design makes sure that massage rollers be able to reach all parts of your spine from the top of the head, all the way to the tailbone. This gives you a complete massage that will increase the energy and stimulation of your muscles and the entire body, by extension.

Benefits: Better spine health equals better health and energy!

Dual Mechanical Foot Rollers

The Luraco i7 has foot rollers to both sides beneath the ottoman. The foot rollers focus on the acupuncture points of the feet for a relaxing reflexology massage that eases tension in the feet and eases the muscles.

Advantages: Happier with more active feet prepare to run and walk faster!

Zero Gravity Massage Technology

Zero Gravity Massage Technology

Luraco offers two zero gravity positions to choose from. The zero gravity position was created by NASA The chair reclines until it reaches the point where all of your mass is supported. It puts you into the ideal posture to relax and make massages more efficient. This posture has been shown to alleviate back pain, decrease swelling, increase breathing, relieve tension in the spine, and improve the overall health of your body.

The Benefits: Get major health benefits by utilizing the research-backed the best position to relax!

Optional Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor

This monitor can be used in conjunction with an integrated health monitoring system that is patent-pending and features to keep the track of your health-related metrics. The heart rate monitors can aid in identifying problems before it is a problem to live longer, live longer and have a happier life. Consider it in this way: massages can be a lifesaver for you and could save you from an appointment to the hospital in the near future.

Advantage: Empower yourself to live an active and healthy life.

Body Swivel and Twist Programming for Stretching

Body Swivel and Twist Programming for Stretching

This feature allows the body to stretch so that massage rollers reach a greater area. Are you prone to feeling muscle tension in the calves, or places where massage rollers usually aren’t able to reach? Are there muscles seldom used in your regular routine and could benefit from some stimulation? The stretching feature ensures that every muscle in your body is left out of the treatment.

Advantages: Stretch your body, get that massage all over your body!

Advanced Air Compression Massage

Its Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus chair is equipped with 100 airbags scattered across the chair, higher than the other on the market. These many airbags provide the chair to provide a deeper and more enjoyable massage that can reach as many muscles as it can, starting from the shoulders, and then all the way towards the calves, feet, and the heels. The airbags expand and contract during the massage, making the massage exciting and fun.

The Benefits: Feel the love all over your body. It’s a complete body experience!

Full Body Heat Therapy

The massage chair comes with lumbar heat pads on the feet, back, and seat. It has five temperature settings. The heated massage can help loosen the muscles and tissues for a more intense and pervasive massage. The heated pads offer an experience of relaxation by giving the massage rollers the ability to penetrate into deeper tissues and allow to increase range of motion and flexibility. After a tiring day, This warm massage is just the way to relax and allow you to sleep better and rest more comfortably.

Beneficial: Feel the warmth to ease your body!

Body Scan Technology

The Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus massage chair has intelligent sensors that read and tailors the massage according to your body.

Beneficial: Make sure the massage is adapted to your specific body!

Automatic Recline, Ottoman, Seat, and Leg Extension

Automatic Recline, Ottoman, Seat, and Leg Extension

The massage chair is able to be adjusted to recline or stand upright at the push of one button. The seat can be adjusted in angle to get the perfect posture. The ottoman is able to be elevated either up or down, while the leg extension function comes with 3 different levels that can accommodate different users.

The Benefit: Find the best position for you and have fun!

Bluetooth Music System

The Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus massage chair has an amazing music system with Bluetooth connectivity to let you listen to music wirelessly. You can play your most loved music, podcasts, meditation apps, and more, as they play on the speakers that are 10W.

The benefit: Easily listen to your favorite tunes to help you relax!

Noise Reduction Technology

Relax and enjoy a quiet massage. So quiet that you could enjoy watching TV simultaneously without worrying about being disruptive to anyone.

Advantage: No one in the home is disturbed during your vacation!


  • Superior Massage Techniques. Modern control technology gives superior neck, lower back, and shoulder massage methods. There are more massage programs than other massage chairs.
  • A FULL BODY MASSAGE AND HEAT – The body massage has 5 degrees of intensity control. Three-layered massager for the calf and foot. Body swivel and twist stretch. A sophisticated foot massage that includes doubled rollers. Full body warmth (feet back, seat, along with the back).
  • Intelligent Controls – Smart touch screen with user-friendly remote. Human Voice Response Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
  • SENSOR TECHNOLOGY – Smart sensor technology that allows for precise body scans and neck recognition.
  • Health Monitoring – Health monitoring integrated features that measure heart rate and blood pressure.
  • PRESET and CUSTOM PROGRAMS PRESET AND CUSTOM PROGRAMS – 9 preset programs that automatically adjust unlimited customizable massaging profiles for body parts.
  • NOISE REDUCTION – Technology for noise reduction creates the quietest chair available.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Genuine leather on all touch surfaces (head arm, shoulders as well as feet). Intelligent self-diagnostics. The system has 100 air cells as well as 12 strong DC motors.
  • NEUTRAL BODY POSTURE POSITION – Utilizes zero gravity to provide pain and stress relief from pressure points.
  • The Only Massage Chair Line that is Researched, Developed, and Assembled in the USA

How It Works

There are many various ways to go about it, including:

  • deep in the kneading
  • shiatsu
  • rolling
  • tapping

A lot of people prefer to begin the day with a couple of minutes of deep kneading process as it helps warm everything up for a productive day.

The next step is usually changing into Shiatsu mode, which creates pressure points all over your back. This reduces tension in these areas while also increasing the flow of blood to muscles, causing them to relax more quickly than conventional methods such as stretching and other exercises.

How It Works

If you’re feeling stressed any time during the day, give yourself five minutes to relax in the ambiance of relaxation! An easy way to increase circulation is with regular use of this machine in its rolling function. This is a great option for those who suffer from fatigue as it will boost their energy levels throughout the day which they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get!

The Luraco is also equipped with a tapping function that can be a great alternative to the Shiatsu setting. The tapping technique works in a similar way to acupuncture and has been proven in research studies to decrease anxiety and pain, and improve energy levels without any adverse unwanted side adverse effects!

And don’t forget the heated seat. It will keep you warm throughout the day! If you’re looking to keep your body feeling better during your busy schedule, treat yourself by incorporating one of these incredible massage chairs into your workplace now.

9 Automatic Massage Programs

9 Automatic Massage Programs

The Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus massage chair features 9 unique automatic massage programs.

Health programs are specially designed to deliver health benefits, such as improving blood circulation, alleviating tension in the muscles, and alleviating depression and anxiety. It is the default program.

Quick program. It provides a brief massage that lasts for 10 minutes.

The shiatsu program provides an intense massage that concentrates on the acupoints that are located in various regions of the body. It is a deep massage that helps relieve tension in the muscles, eliminate obstructions and boost overall health.

Stretch program. It helps stretch muscles in order to improve mobility and flexibility. This program is recommended if you are looking to enhance your posture as well as muscular coordination.

Swedish Programm. A gentle full body massage that is focused on the acupuncture points that are located in the middle in the back.


Sleep Program specially created to be used at night, or right before bedtime because it places you in the most comfortable position to encourage casual or relaxation massage. It is also able to alleviate anxiety, headaches, and depression following a long day of work.

Morning Programme was specifically created to be used in the early morning. It assists in activating and strengthening muscles, which promote flexibility and mobility. It also helps prepare for whatever your day will bring.

TV Mode. This mode places the massage chair in an ergonomic position so that it is possible to watch TV while relaxing and.

Soft Software provides a gentle and gentle massage. It can ease tension in the muscles and headaches, and can also help improve sleep.

Benefits: No matter where it hurts, at the very minimum, one of these medically proven 9 programs can soothe your tired muscles and provide some relief from the stress.

5 Customizable Memory Programs

Create up to five of your own profiles for massage using massage techniques specifically designed to suit your needs.

Advantage: Save your favorite massages and play them over and over again!

Manual Massage Mode

You can target certain body parts according to what you prefer so your massage is geared towards the muscles you desire. You can pick exactly which muscles to relax. You need to be able to reach different muscles at any time, for instance, one day your feet need a little extra work, and another day you’d like to relax your back.

Advantage: Get exactly what you need, when you want it.

Airbag Adjustability

Airbag Adjustability

You can alter those settings on the airbags to ensure they are directed on a specific part of your body, whether it’s the neck, glutes area, the lower and mid-back legs, or arms. Luraco comes with five settings for the intensity that let you control the speed and intensity of massages in specific areas.

Benefits: Some body parts may suffer more pain than others, so make sure you give them the care they need!

Health Benefits of Massage

Massage involves manipulating muscles’ superficial layers and connective tissue to increase the functions and improve relaxation and overall well-being. Medical research peer-reviewed has proven that massage benefits include relief from pain, reduced depression and anxiety, and a temporary reduction in the heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels.

Relief from stress and pain: Relief from pain due to injuries to the musculature and other reasons is mentioned as one of the main benefits of massage. One study showed that patients suffering from cancer self-reported relief from pain symptoms. Massage or acupressure can be effective in alleviating back pain.

The state of mind and the trait anxiety message has been proven to lower anxiety related to state and trait.

DepressionMassage was proven to lower the severity of depression.

Heart rate and blood pressure massage have been proven to decrease heart rate and blood pressure in a temporary manner.

Improve your sleep massage is proven to improve sleep at night.

5 Improvements in the Luraco i7 Plus

Improvements in the Luraco i7 Plus

1. Enhanced Touch Screen RemoteFaster that is more durable and durable with massage features that are added as well!

2. Two new, adjustable Intensity Locations (Lower Back and Calves)
Users now have a total of six locations for customizing the intensity of massage- more than other chairs on the market! The i7 was equipped with Neck Back, Hands, and Feet while the new i7 PLUS includes the lower back and calves.

3. Kneading and tapping have been updated with adjustable speed controls, so you can select from the three rhythms available.

4. High-Quality and Powerful Bluetooth Speaker: While the main focus will be on the creation of a high-quality massage chair, this i7 Plus features a premium 10W Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to comfortably listen to your preferred music preferences,

5. The Pause and Resume button has been added that allows you to stop and resume the massage you have been enjoying! A further improvement is to make the i7 Plus more user-friendly to the user.


Luraco Technologies is dedicated to the goal of offering their customers the finest shopping experience for a massage chair. In line with this goal, the company strives diligently to provide its customers with the best warranty plans offered. Luraco will guarantee that any defective massage chairs are repaired or replaced within the warranty period.

What’s covered under Luraco’s Warranty

1) For Home Use:

  • The warranty covers the cost of labor and parts for the first three years, at no cost to the customer.
  • The warranty is extended by (2) (2) years of parts free of charge to the client.

2) For Commercial Use:

  • This warranty covers all the cost of parts and labor for the first six months for absolutely no charge to the purchaser.
  • This warranty covers another 6 months of parts with no cost for the customer.

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Luraco i7 Plus Massage Chair Review Conclusion

If you’re thinking of investing in the best massage chair, you won’t find a better option than the Luraco i7 Plus, especially in the event that you love the Made in the USA status and genuine Leather for the surfaces to touch.

It is a chair we often recommend because it can be used for a variety of body shapes, provides the perfect massage, and is supported by a top company.

If you are suffering from any pre-existing medical issues, it’s best to talk to your doctor prior to using any massage chair.

Customers Reviews


As a CTO and engineer of my own technology business, I am always looking for the highest-quality products. I also spend a significant amount of time doing research (for many months) before making an informed decision.

Naturally, spending this kind of cash on a massage chair is not something I would do often, but as many are commenting, this massager is truly worth every cent. I’ve used a variety of chairs, seen hundreds of video clips, and compared the features pros, and cons of each premium chair available, and, to my knowledge, the Luraco I7 was the most comfortable massage chair I found.

It is not only because of the kinds of massage it provides but also because of the mix of functions that only one massage chair offers in addition to the design and the quality. The genuine leather construction and the user-friendly design of this chair distinguish it from other chairs since you don’t buy a piece of plastic or use a flimsy remote control. The reliability and sound levels of the airbags, as well as motors, are remarkable, at times you won’t even feel anything, just the pressure.

This alone allows you to relax and take off the stress of your day. The majority of top-end chairs I’ve tried have issues with reliability and more raucous sound as compared to the Luraco i7. That’s not what I want to hear while enjoying a peaceful massage. The variety of motors, airbags and airbags preset programs, high-quality leather, stunning remote control, everything contributes to the high-end quality and the experience I had using this product.

There are a lot of things I could say on this Luraco i7 here but since others have already written about the product, I’m not going to write a lengthy review that repeats what others have already written. Overall the Luraco i7 is phenomenal and there’s nothing else to talk about than the quality and excellence of its product! It’s even better than it’s manufactured in the USA using genuine leather and UL-approved!


It’s been my brand new Luraco i7 for about an entire week. I’m only beginning to master all the manual and program settings. The chair comes with a variety of presets, programmatic massages, as well as numerous adjustability features. Its user interface is superb and easy to learn and use.

The chair arrived in great condition and was well packed. I’m beginning to fall in love with it again! to ship. It’s actually quite simple to put together, however, I’d definitely recommend two people for initial installation. It’s large and sturdy, so it’s a sturdy platform, both in its running or in an up-rite mode in a solitary position.

I would like to see that the volume of the speakers was higher. Also, the horseshoe-shaped head pillow with 2 airbags which are supposed to work your trap muscles isn’t any use unless you do as I did and Velcro it to the ground to make it stationary and force the trap muscles to massage bags into your traps. It works great!

I also wish that the pouch that controls the device was located further to the left of the armrest. I’m always slipping the stop/start button whenever I attempt to place my arms over these armrests. In all honesty, being aware that it’s the sole massage chair I’ve ever tried, I’m going to give it a huge Two thumbs up!


I purchased this chair in order to take the place of a therapist who was working at my workplace. After two months I bought another. Certain people prefer these chairs to genuine massage and it’s nice to have an option. I’ve examined a variety of chairs before choosing the Luraco. It is able to provide very softly to very intense massages, particularly on the lower and upper back.

Inada offers more gentle, specific massages, like very deep tissue massage, but Inada is not the best choice for anyone seeking an intense massage. Luraco does not provide as thorough massage as Inada but it’s close and it is far more flexible. The massage chairs don’t do everything well. A massage chair can be excellent in the neck area but weak on the back and reverse.

I think Luraco is great all around and is a master for the lower to upper back. Massage on the feet is decent too, however, it could be more powerful. Overall, for anyone who is looking for durability and flexibility Luraco is the ideal option. This is so much so that I purchased an additional model after two months. This I consider being the most prestigious possible recommendation anyone can make.

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