Logitech Z906 Review (5.1 Home Theater Speaker System)

Logitech Z906 Review













  • Very good value for money
  • speakers deliver crisp sound performance
  • good bass
  • decent 5.1 surround sound


  • Sound likes plastic sometimes

A number of you as soon as you listen to that the identify Logitech largely assume about pc peripherals such as mice, keyboards and also cameras however there certainly are a couple of additional of product or service types which have built them understood for home theater buffs too. One is their generic remotes together with all the Harmony show being contemplated among the optimal/optimally somebody could possibly buy while they’ve been famous to their caliber speakers too which might perhaps not qualify as the optimal/optimally money could find however they’re considered a measure over most personal computer speakers on the industry now.

However, while building a home theater surround system to get a pc is 1 thing rendering it well suited for the pc but likewise the Livingroom is yet just another. Together with all the LOGITECH Z906 desired to produce an even more elastic system, the one who could perhaps not just match the requirements of personal computer game enthusiasts but could additionally stand joyful of a traditional home theater system beneath a vast television in a family room or amusement space and unite this with a somewhat very low selling price and simplicity of usage that could ensure it is lucrative to beginners.

Thus now we’ll place this small system into the evaluation and also determine just how very good it could be within an pristine home theater installment and also should Logitech were able to generate a streamlined design that unites flexibility but in addition excellent sound performance. Due to all it is not simply an issue to be smaller and affordable. We require the finest sound quality feasible for your purchase price that we cover. Thus let us see that which we are certain to be at our Logitech Z906 review which follows.

Design, Inputs and Features


Even the LOGITECH Z906 can be currently a THX rated 5.1 stations surround system using 500 watts of RMS power so that since a result from the package deal we now capture 4 equal satellite speakers, inch flat center station and one subwoofer. Additionally from the offer we now detect the controller console and also the handheld remote controller.

Now let us talk in regards to the satellite speakers and center station . They truly are rather tiny ones also possess a exact different PC form of design which can appear great close into a gambling PC however some can dislike it to get his or her home theater. It did not disturb us as this depends upon only in preference we render it in the. Logitech is well famous for his or her premium quality S O whether the speakers are in a plastic casing that they believe pretty hardy. All of them incorporate a shadowy gray finish using meshed grilles and appearance uniquely up when positioned to a household furniture. You might also need the choice to wall mount them since they comprise screw holes in the trunk side.


1 thing which we usually find in very similar whole encompass systems would be using proprietary links some thing which may be quite bothersome in the event the comprised cable isn’t quite as prolonged as you’d like. Iff that’s the instance splicing the cables are absolutely essential that’s some thing which people would really like to prevent. Logitech generally seems to get notice as it’s comprised uncomplicated bare wires Herein the event you’d really like to displace these people supplied by more types. The cables contained step 4.6 meters to your own fronts and 7.6 meters to your own rears only for the own information.

The added sub-woofer has a block formed design and really is really a leading shooting style with an side-by-side bass jack. It is dimensions is somewhat tiny which may be used if you are searching for somewhere to place it in also features all of the links within this system as most of speakers have been linking onto it and the controller console. Additionally, it includes a dim gray shade which satisfies using the remaining part of the speakers and also in overall will proceed undetected at a home theater place.

And last but most certainly not least we must not neglect to say that the controller unit that’s attached to the subwoofer having one cable and also is still accountable for supplying numerous info including quantity, busy inputs and speakers setup whilst additionally receive each of commands by your remote controller. The machine isn’t really big which means that you may set it everywhere and on occasion hide it should you need one thing which didn’t disturb us little has been that the light emitting diode lights it’s at front and certainly will be somewhat deflecting in a darkened space. We’d absolutely like when they’d comprised a dimming operate or change away only following a little while but we receive .

The console also features a black gray plastic casing which fits using the remainder of the speakers also has a significant volume knob lifeless centre using LED lighting allaround to be aware of quantity amount. About the left we now have yourself a rounded power switch whereas to it is your input choice button using an busy input above it and also after that it find the processing outcome button you may utilize to show stereo audio in 3 d, 4.1 or even 2.1 stations.

About the most suitable side there’s just a mute button and also a degree switch you may press so as to modify the amount of each speaker independently. Primarily there are 6 LED lighting as a way to reveal which speaker is chosen by decoding the correct 1 and ultimately there’s just one enormous IR detector to that distant.

In overall people have been pretty satisfied with all the type of caliber we all see right here and even though it absolutely comes with a PC-centric appearance we consider it can appear just nice in just about any certain room and home theater settings.

Internal Hardware

Let us see today exactly what exactly makes those speakers . Logitech has placed a large amount of idea making this system appear fine but about that which actually matters?

The 4 tanks and also the middle station look to comprise 3″ polished aluminum phase plug drivers and also are ranked at $ 6 7 g for each channel (4 ohms in 3.85kHz, in 10 percent THD). Even the sub-woofer about the opposite hand includes an 8″ high-excursion flashed driver using a 6th-order bass enclosure along with 165 watts (6 ohms, in 52 Hz, in 10 percent THD) of strength emitting with an extremely efficient Class D amplifier.


The mixture of these speakers together with an subwoofer provides full system a score of five hundred watts of RMS strength that’s excellent for such a little issue system. Additionally, it includes an increased assortment of 3-5 Hz — 20 KHz, 1 10 dBC utmost SPL and also 95dB of Signal to Noise ratio.

Even the Logitech Z906 is really capable of decoding Dolby Digital and DTS signs through it has comprised vents. Regrettably it doesn’t perform Dolby TrueHD or even dts-hd Master Audio since it lacks some other HDMI interface which could have the ability of distributing the essential info. Naturally what this means is additionally no Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X however that has been expected because it lacks all kinds of overhead stations to re create all these noises.


Even as we said previously many relations are put about the rear of this subwoofer having some of those getting placed over the controller team of easy-access.

We’ll say them together with numerical sequence as they’re indicated with Logitech as such we receive just a six stations guide input three 3.5 millimeter vents which may be utilised to join with the corresponding few vents we usually detect in each of desktops, an analogue stereo input, and two electronic optical and 1 coaxial input you may utilize to join streaming boxes, and video consoles, blu ray gamers, TVs and press players, and an interface to join with the controller console in addition to 5 speaker terminals to get your satellite and centre speakers.


There’s also a headphone jack and also the other 3.5millimeter analogue sound input at the most suitable aspect of this controller console to get simple accessibility. And that is really all about.

When there’s a single thing which we’re overlooking is certainly an HDMI port. Many home theater tools now are largely utilizing an HDMI jack for both sound transport and as Logitech would like to foster the LOGITECH Z906 as a computer system sound system in addition to being a home theater a single they should’ve comprised at one this interface. Since it’s now it seriously restricts the possibilities that you buy chiefly when it regards home theater links since you need to utilize the electronic inputs to maneuver encircle sound towards the LOGITECH Z906.

Control Options

The controller console will provide a couple buttons to get several primary functions such as quantity, input or stereo result option however also for full manage you have to make use of the added remote that really is somewhat little and quite easy. The system will not always have a great deal of works also this also reflects the distant even as we get several curved buttons towards the most effective for hammering the machine, enter and scatter even though underneath it get 4 buttons at an roundish configuration which can be like mass, stereo result assortment and speakers amount fix.


The remote will be pretty limited whilst the switches are still big adequate using a wonderful rubberized touch . The design is not anything special however, it offers what essential and you also are not going to need any difficulties with it in lowlight are as whilst the very low quantity of switches makes matters straightforward even if you may not see incredibly excellent.

Further Features and Products and Services
Even the Logitech Z906 can be really a THX certified 5.1 stations encompass system that’s a little notable for such a tiny system. Thx-certified way it has passed each of the rigorous sound evaluations so as to extend the optimal/optimally quality potential accordingto THX expectations.


Positioning of the speakers and mouse installation wouldn’t be able to be simpler together with all the LOGITECH Z906. You will find guidelines in the handbook ways to set the speakers on your region and also in conjunction using their somewhat modest footprint that you have them set and all set at virtually no moment; point. The links in the rear of this subwoofer are quite straightforward in order to detect exactly what you want to join.

What will require a bit additional hours is really to calibrate each of speakers with all the added sound evaluation style. Due to the fact the LOGITECH Z906 will not always have all types of automatic system you must earn calibration all on your own that may possibly be described as a sheet of cake in case you’ve done this earlier however it might seem a significant hustle in the event that you’re brand new to each of this.


But matters are simpler than they appear. Even the LOGITECH Z906 can play with an audible noise from each speaker separately therefore that you may fix most of the speakers to own equivalent outputsignal. Throughout this point around the controller computer keyboard that the corresponding light emitting diode lighting of every single speaker will probably float so that you understand which you are fixing. After you think all speakers have balance you automatically depart the calibration having a press on the button. That is really all about.


The picture we now picked to get this particular screening was that the 4K UHD edition of Saving Private Ryan. This edition of class includes an incredible Dolby Atmos monitor but we’d be in a position to just capture the heart Dolby Digital combination from this as a result of shortcoming of this LOGITECH Z906 to decipher any such thing else instead of Dolby Digital. All tests were produced once we joined our UHD participant into the Logitech Z906 during the virtual optical jack.

The scenes we all ordinarily decide to try for this specific picture is your initial one with all the landing of Omaha beach front in addition to the finale using the struggle of Ramelle. Throughout the Omaha beach landing we’re amazed with the way”whole” the sound sensed. With this type of little system may supply you with very bogus anticipations therefore when we finally terminated up it provided our listening region using a wonderful general sound stage.

This spectacle is quite heavy in the bass whilst the German artillery is thumping the shore even though German machine firearms are ripping throughout the Allied troopers. The two matters were instantly evident. Even the subwoofer was a little overly loudly in comparison for the remainder of the speakers thus that we needed to transform down it a couple notches. The 2nd is the environment effects weren’t too strong because they ought to in order to produce the mandatory surrounding sound stage. We needed to upward the surrounds just a bit to create sure they are longer living.


After what was done and said we believed the LOGITECH Z906 was able to carry out well because you might truly feel that the bullets fly throughout the region using relatively excellent accuracy while stations altering had been put on. The dialog has been fairly evident in all of this mayhem and has been not blindsided with the remainder of the stations. Even the subwoofer was really good in attempting to offer us all of the pounding this sort of picture gets keep in mind it won’t have the capacity to deal with bass because a few more costly components may.

Tank flame, explosions, projectiles, fish flying debris and around made you truly feel great in the activity as the German ministry surrendered throughout the ruble of Ramelle using a menacing tone.

Last but most certainly not least we believed that this system has been lacking somewhat from the large frequencies. Nothing too major . however, it simply felt as though that the noise needed an even far more”vinyl” and synthetic noise than that which we’d really like. This might need todo with how the speakers don’t have any devoted tweeters . however, it truly is true that individuals listen to and really should be said.


We tried some music monitors to view the method by which a system could manage a couple more perceptible tones. Even the Logitech Z906 was able to provide a few exact pleasant tones at the mid century as the sub-woofer felt tight and accurate without even overpowering the remainder of the frequencies. Yet we believed the the system had been fighting somewhat together with all the highs since they failed to sensed as glowing because they really should.

Vocals had been duplicated with top-notch, outstanding precision and clarity although musical instruments might be readily distinguished during distance. Entire we feel that in the event that you aren’t an audiophile who has rather substantial expectations via an sound system similar to this afterward you definitely are going to be happily astonished how fine it has musical performance is.

Final Thoughts

Even the Logitech Z906 can be actually a lovely very little 5.1 channels sound system also it’s extremely evident that the goal audience Logitech is planning for this particular specific one. To start with we enjoyed it might be utilized equally being a PC-centic sound system or like the complete discounted home theater surround system. In this manner that they aim this kind of larger crowd. It was able to carry out well considering it has limited dimension while build-quality has been very excellent some thing which Logitech is well known for.

It may be a great entry level home theater system since it’s unbelievably simple to join along with installation and also you also might get it working in moments some thing that’s exceptionally sensible for those people who simply do not desire to wreak havoc on linking AV recipients speakers, speakers along with never have to calibrate each of those. Ultimately the cost is excellent in the event that you believe you’re receiving the entire 5.1 stations system.


About the opposite hand, the machine contains some exact noticeable limits. It’s no HDMI interface that’s a pity since it’s come to be the number only connection at the home theaters and cannot decode whatever previously mentioned Dolby Digital or DTS so no Dolby TrueHD or even dts-hd Master Audio. Demonstrably there’s no Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X whilst the system surpasses all types of speakers. Additionally the light emitting diode lights onto your controller console is sometimes described as a bit distracting whether it packs plenty of electrical power to get mostly tiny rooms and amusement locations.

Logitech has made a thx-certified system which for that which it’s had been designed to it surely shines. With very good construction, fine performance, skill for use equally being a PC sound system or perhaps a home theater among of the Logitech Z906 will meet those who do not possess the distance and also the sum to proceed for whatever longer higher level and just good care to get a fantastic older 5.1 channels surround noise with no fancy hottest technology. And at our impression Logitech genuinely nailed it with this specific one.

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