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Logitech Harmony Elite Review













  • Easy setup
  • Intuitive interface
  • Dedicated smart home buttons
  • Works with huge number of devices


  • Heavier than previous version

Each you who have any type of entertainment system in a certain time became discouraged you had a little stash of remotes from the side each moment you ever required to see a picture. Attempting to discover the proper remote at the darkened to alter the amount or maybe to terminate the picture has been a nuisance specially when you’re sitting at a darkened space. The minimal quantity of remotes commonly is just three because you want a single for your own ball player, you for your own receiver and also you for the TV however based upon your own installation it might possibly be more. Logitech generally seems to believe that our annoyance and so that they generated an common remote which may handle nearly any thing. It without a doubt comes with a tricky name however does it perform exactly what exactly it was created for? Let us test out it at our Logitech Harmony Elite Evaluate.

Style and design

Logitech has made an excellent hunting remote plus it indicates that many of thought went in it to produce it good and practical as feasible. It truly is really a little more significant compared to your remote however, maybe not into this stage to be bothersome. On front it’s a glistening dark plastic whilst at the straight back they utilised a rubberized cap therefore that it can’t readily slip out of the own hand. The remote runs on the rechargeable battery which may be swapped if essential also it employs a more slick docking station for recharging. Charging is dependent significantly upon the usage and could continue in a day or two if utilized gently to less in the event that you are using it much. However, this isn’t just a significant problem since you are able to contain this in the charging channel not in usage since it appears very fine if docked.

Logitech engineers have placed a good deal of idea regarding the best way best to spot . At top we’ve got a 2.4 in. touchscreen display you may employ to issue orders and utilize access and shortcuts apparatus lists. It has really a really popular improvement and expands the capacities of this remote farther than every simple common remote. Underneath the camera there’s an immense collection of movement sensing back light buttons which permits you to control every thing. Initially that it could possibly be somewhat overwhelming however I promise you after a little while it seems just like what is at which they ought to really be.


1 thing that I seen was the Logitech Harmony Ultimate’d the socalled transfer buttons (Play/Pause, Quick Forward, Reverse, file and prevent ) over the touchscreen which makes them far tougher to presson. From the Logitech Harmony Elite that which was placed directly under the camera also this also makes matters less difficult for most of your most obvious explanations. This really is an immense plus and also a fantastic change revealing that Logitech has been improve in their own layouts.

At the floor we’ve got that a couple buttons which expands the remote’s capacities past the stringent home entertainment technique environment since it can certainly control switches and lights on the home and also you may likewise accomplish this as a result of the touchscreen it’s wonderful to own devoted buttons in order that you really don’t need to browse throughout the touchscreen selections to come across this particular function.

Last but most certainly not least a exact important portion of this Logitech remote could be your Harmony Hub that communicates with all the remote and also dilemmas most of orders into a entertainment centre. It links into a own Wi-Fi so as to control all of your wise home apparatus also in addition, it includes IR blasters you may position facing of almost any apparatus you will need. It will not have to become consistent of sight and that means that you may conceal it someplace and ignore doing it.

Installation and User Interface

Logitech-Harmony-Elite-backTogether with all these capacities it has to be overpowering to place this up right, correctly? Inappropriate as Logitech strove quite tough to earn all as easy as feasible. Whatever you need to do is downloading the program on your smart phone create a completely free accounts and you’re fine to really go as incorporating fresh apparatus is really as easy as picking out from your checklist and then enable the Hub sync your own remote. It’s possible to even apply your personal computer if you’d like this in relation to your own smartphone however with your own phone that it could possibly be more straightforward to experimentation.

A great role is called”Tasks” which fundamentally will be really a string of controls grouped into one single main role. Let us imagine I’d like to see a picture. This implies I’ve to powerup my Samsung TV, decide on HDMI inch inputsignal, then strength my Onkyo AV receiver, pick the right quantity, place it into the 4K UHD participant enter signal and power my Panasonic UHD participant. These activities are now able to be achieved with one control throughout the Logitech Harmony Elite. Now you begin to watch today the viability of the remote?


Underneath the camera are just two bit sensitive buttons which allow you to get into the”Tasks” set and also the gadgets listing. “Tasks” we clarified above exactly what they perform and also you’ll be able to cause lots of diverse mixes of string orders and title them since you’d like. From the gadgets checklist you may observe every one of the apparatus which can be associated with a remote and out of that point you are able to have precise and direct control of each one the product’s purposes.

The remote isn’t just fantastic for controlling your home entertainment enjoyment system however your smart apparatus too. You might have just two buttons for two and lights to get power sockets and each one among these may be programmed into your own liking. Even the Logitech Harmony Elite can be used with a wide range of sensible gizmos and apparatus also it supports Amazon Alexa so as to issue voice orders some thing which regrettably isn’t just a integrated role. Smart household Hubs, Thermostats and lighting may be controlled together with your Logitech Harmony Elite remote. Regrettably in the event that you’d like z wave along with ZigBee compatibility afterward you’ve got to buy the Harmony household Extender that adds added price to an expensive apparatus but in addition extends the grip of one’s remote to comprise door and window detectors and much far more lighting and lights such as Yale and Kwikset.

Regular use

Logitech-Harmony-Elite-standIf you’re utilised to truly have a couple remotes all around when shooting up your home entertainment entertainment technique afterward substituting all with only a lone remote can be really a breath of oxygen. Initially that it may possibly have just a small time for you to receive accustomed for it after a while you are not going to wish to return. It truly is really good as soon as you believe you’ve got every thing piled together and also the sum of versatility that this remote delivers is really a match changer.

Just a bit previously from the inspection that I wrote you are able to set certain purposes within an string control in that which can be named a”Task”. Ever since I have mostly see movies together with my home-theater that the buttons I media whenever I have been 99% the same. By with a action that sets these works jointly for me personally was among many better features I can request with a press on the button that my machine is about to initiate a picture.

Nice and poor things

Logitech-Harmony-Elite-reviewYou’ll find all those fantastic things relating to it remoteplace. By the simple installation and incorporating fresh apparatus to generating chain controls with all the “Tasks”. The plan is very well regarded plus it seems strong in front and perhaps not economical at caliber. The movement sensing back light assist when utilizing it at the darkened. Even the sum of appropriate apparatus is tremendous and counts greater than 270.000 apparatus from 6.000 brand names for the home theatre equipment and also wise home apparatus. The remote goes beyond only controlling you dwelling theatre centre plus becomes an wise household controller on the home. With the accession of this IR blasters that you don’t need to start your AV technique drawer to trouble a control to a UHD participant or AV receiver.

However, just like with absolutely any apparatus the Logitech Harmony Elite comes with a couple of drawbacks too. The battery using ordinary use can continue in a couple of days until it’s necessary to recharge it. That isn’t any integral voice controls operation and you also must obtain Amazon Alexa should you’d like this particular feature. And it can’t control ZigBee or even z wave smart residence services and products and also you ought to purchase that the Harmony household Extender that expands the service listing of this remote way outside of it’s initial capacities.

But in the event that you believe the commencing selling price then needing to acquire 2 further apparatus to possess those additional features might appear a little an excessive amount. And even in the event that you may live with no additional apparatus support that the built-in voice controls work should become given and also a little disappointing it will not offer you this from this carton. Still another slight difficulty is the fact that a few times there’s really a little delay between pressing on a control about the remote and visiting exactly the consequence of this. A few times that the control isn’t enrolled in any respect and you’ve got to press on the button. I figure that this need todo a few days with all the online link and wireless sign. However, it simply happened very infrequently and I felt it turned into a huge thing.


You will find a lot of points to enjoy for this specific remote which later trying that you may without a doubt warrant it has high-price specially if you’re drowsy just like me personally needing to bargain with such a wide variety of sort of remotes each of the moment; point. Even for the ones that are looking to make use of it for his or her AV platform it can be somewhat costly but that I will guarantee you personally than once you become accustomed to it you’ll never return.

The Logitech Harmony Elite is at a class alone. It provides much more compared to just other international remotes and Logitech has improved virtually every element of this than the previous productions of Harmony remotes. In the event you would like to control your AV platform as well as also your smart dwelling from remote having a exact simple to install and control port subsequently search no farther whilst the Logitech Harmony Elite will be awaiting you personally. My greatest recommendation.

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