Logitech Harmony Companion Review (Universal Remote)

Logitech Harmony Companion Review













  • With cable and satellite you can change to specific channels through voice
  • A lot of fun with activities like “movie mode” to dim lights
  • Customize buttons by source
  • Reasonable price


  • Buttons leave a lot to be desired
  • No visual representation on what activity you are in can cause some cofusion
  • Not as smart with streaming services like YouTube TV or Hulu TV

When there’s only presume to despise on your fine home theater system is you have to have a really good different distant for each equipment you have. It follows that at the minimal of 3 remotes is going to undoubtedly be there to television, AV Receiver along with also player. Today in the event that you regard that most home theater proprietors have a projector, a mediaplayer and also a streamer the amount of all remotes which you want to have near for you personally becomes perilously large. We’re speaking about having 56 remotes so as to restrain every thing. This is exactly the reason inside our own Logitech Harmony Companion review we’ll find out exactly what may work out this issue once and for everybody.

Generally that was coped with gear producers by making it possible for their remotes to have universal performance. But so they cannot mimic the viability and operation of the true universal distant. This leaves end users with a single optionto go for an authentic universal remote to fix each of their own problems.

Even though by way of a fast try looking at the market you’ll discover an immense selection of universal remotes perhaps not absolutely all them are ideal to managing a home theater system. If it regards excellent universal remotes that there are just a couple worth mentioning and also usually the 1 new that genuinely predominates within this region will be Logitech making use of their Harmony remotes. We’d tested some in the remotes earlier using Harmony 650 and Harmony e-lite plus so they managed to supply very excellent solutions within their various classification.

However, there’s an issue using one of these 2 remotes. The Harmony 650 is sold in a exact nice and very affordable selling price but because you will find certain limits for this. About the opposite hand that the Harmony e-lite goes out by supplying probably the maximum a universal remote could perform however, that the purchase price is actually a little steep to get a distant no thing it has capacities. The end result is an immense difference between both and also this really is the place where that the Logitech Harmony Companion ties inside.


Now, there are two types of universal remotes on the marketplace now. The standalone kinds which most programming and functions has been done around the distant it self and also the ones who perform in conjunction having a centered hub and extend significantly much more options as soon as it regards functionality and capabilities. Even the Logitech Harmony Companion follows precisely the 2nd path since from the box we detect that the distant, the heart as well as also an IR blaster. In various ways that the Logitech Harmony Companion seems to be like the Elite in the manner in which they work but there are particular limits into this Logitech Harmony Companion in sequence in order to promote in a lowly selling price.

To start with let us clarify the way a total system performs. The distant would be delivering RF signals into the heart which will be subsequently in a position to ship the ideal signs through wi fi, Bluetooth or IR signs into the a variety of gear you have. Utilizing RF transmission usually means you never have to tip the remote straight into the heart which is sometimes an immense and when you have set the heart into a while to stage location.

The distant alone would be that the total amount of 2 worlds. Let us speak about it has size only a bit. As the Logitech Harmony Companion distant is quite lean and milder compared to average distant this really is a little much more large than that which we’d enjoy rendering it a little harder to sew with a single hand. It has soft feel clasp causes it to feelgood whilst retaining it which reduces the danger of slide in the hands. To the other to the outer lining in addition looks fine it may get cluttered quickly from touching it together with your own palms.


Fully being truly a universal distant implies a whole lot of buttons have been included however, Logitech has built use this available room. Buttons have a fantastic rubber texture in their mind we would really like to have any more contour variant as a way to differentiate them even better. You view the distant contains no back light work S O pressing on the most suitable button at the darkened may be significant challenge. At-least placement is quite fine with Logitech having place lots of idea which switches we all make use of the maximum. This way we see that the navigation buttons lifeless centre whilst exactly underneath them that there really are the play back switches and also in the base a pad.

Over the navigation controls we all capture some good overall purpose switches, devoted buttons to smart property services and products and also three Tasks which we’ll reveal a little farther down this report. Of course in the event the available buttons really are maybe not enough retain in your mind which just about every button could have two purposes, you should fast pushed one when retain pressed providing you with somewhat a lot more options at which required.

Let’s talk somewhat regarding the heart which may be mental performance which binds all together with each other. The heart would be your connection between your distant and all of your equipment also it’s really where most of programming has been done. Design clever it has really a sleek looking tiny box having a shine black coating even though it’s rather a mic magnet you aren’t likely to be more touching this quite frequently therefore preserving it tidy must not be described as a huge thing. At front there’s really a only light emitting diode light which signals if it’s powered while about the trunk we’ve got a pair/reset button, even a Mini USB (Sort A) and two connectors to get further IR blasters.

The heart includes powerful builtin IR blasters that rebound of their furniture or walls however there’ll soon be examples the IR signs will be unable to to reach some blocked places. This is exactly the reason adding a supplementary IR blaster may expand the powerful region of the heart based upon your own circumstance. In accordance with two IR blasters might be attached accordingly with an overall complete of 3 hauling areas you have to not have a challenge to pay the entire location of one’s home theater.

Generally the design of this Logitech Harmony Companion abandoned us together with good perspectives and whether maybe it does well not reach the Elite’s caliber and resembles its decrease price tag asked it’ll appear excellent at house theater area.

Setup and Interface

As a way to create the initial setup you want to down load the proper program within your cellular apparatus which must encourage blue tooth to your very first relationship. Once you set the heart to attach throughout your wi fi system the blue tooth relationship is perhaps not mandatory . However, incase your cellular apparatus does not encourage blue tooth (is there any such a device now?) Then there’s the alternative to join the heart during the USB interface into a own computer and also make initial setup such a manner.

After you initially start you have to make a merchant account which could save your entire own profile along with apparatus to the cloud in addition to some customizations you might perform for the final installation. In this way you’re not at danger of virtually what if some thing goes wrong.

As soon as the Logitech Harmony Companion links to a wi fi it’ll attempt to recognize all of the apparatus which can be joined with this therefore it’s suggested to have them connected on line after doing therefore as a way to assist with this procedure. Bear in your mind the Logitech Harmony Companion will encourage upto 2 various home theater apparatus along with also an infinite quantity of wise house devices such as thermostats and lighting fixture. In the event you have over 8 afterward you definitely have togo to your Harmony e-lite which ups the limitation on 1-5.

As soon as the Logitech Harmony Companion finds a computer device, such as, for instance, a television as an instance, it is going to fill all of orders to this particular function which have all the genuine distant of the television will have enjoy electricity dialing, quantity and channel controllers and play back buttons in addition to extra buttons that are dedicated. And if there’s some control forfeited from the apparatus the Logitech Harmony Companion enables you to insert extra attributes inorder to have a whole mapped controller scheme for one’s apparatus.

Logitech asserts the Logitech Harmony Companion affirms in the present time of composing significantly more than 270,000 apparatus with tens of thousands more being added monthly which ensures that whenever you really don’t have any bizarre gear you’ll most likely probably finds yours affirmed in the start.

Throughout the initial setup you’re invited to generate exactly what Logitech titles”Tasks” which fundamentally will be really a chain of activities which can be completed with all the media of one button. Let us imagine that you would like to watch a picture then you definitely have to start up the television, start your AV receiver, start your disk playerthen switch the television and receiver into the ideal inputs and then get a handle on the quantity. Now these may be accomplished with all the media of one button. You may choose by which sequence you’d like those activities to take place as well as incorporate a delay amongst these should you believe ‘s it truly is needed. Since you are able to see right now the Logitech Harmony Companion isn’t just very good in substituting the little bit of remotes you have but additionally make all much simpler and sensible with the addition of a particular level of automation.


And if apparatus encourage mightn’t be more robust there could possibly be considered a couple problems like PS-4 such as which the Logitech Harmony Companion can’t turn by itself. Of path to become fair this just isn’t Logitech’s fault since Sony is never allowing any distant turn of their PS-4 which means that this really is outside of Logitech’s capability to accomplish that. Inside this circumstance you’ll have to show the PS-4 on before the Logitech Harmony Companion will take charge of this. Additionally there could be several control difficulties with apparatus from lesser recognized brands however in many instances and also for most famous apparatus you mustn’t have some issue in the slightest.

There’s additionally the capacity to trigger Activity in a predetermined period. If, for example, you receive right up to get work on a particular hour each daytime you may established an Task which offered up the lights and then switch to the heatingsystem. There’s really much independence as to the you could certainly do so the creativity is the sole limit .

However, there’s far more to Actions than you could be thinking. When designing one particular the program will probably alarm one to potential difficulties and blunders while adding or removing a computer device it’ll prompt one with all different activities for example incorporating the apparatus in a certain Action fixing and sometimes maybe deleting an Task entirely.

The ability of this program isn’t limited and then the best way to install Tasks because it can certainly likewise be utilised to completely personalize your distant too. Each switch could have around two tasks once we all discussed previously. When temporarily pushed one when grip down tremendously enlarging the variety of purposes that the contained remote continues.

Generally that the app provides excellent customization because all may be renamed and re ordered, out of controls, apparatus and Tasks and that means that you may setup all into a liking including much independence from exactly what you could certainly do. It’s possible to even utilize your cell apparatus as being a remote place as most of controllers of each apparatus are comprised to it which gets the most obvious advantage you may put it to use if you’re in an alternative space. In addition, in the event that you utilize multiple cellular apparatus what’s held in sync thus with a distinct cellular gadget will instantly understand what actions is busy at any certain minute.

Everyday Use

Logitech-Harmony-Companion-side-viewOne dilemma that a lot of top universal remotes confront could be that the battery lifetime as a result of addition of touch displays and also back-light purposes which reduced the total amount of time utilization radically. Even the Logitech Harmony Companion distant has of these which will be both nice and negative. The awful could be quite noticeable however that has a fantastic impact. The distant may endure as much as and including year with one wafer-like watch battery (CR2032) which can be significantly superior than that which that the Harmony e-lite may manage without having charging. You may likely completely overlook it and soon you have to earn any battery change.

And if we certainly can perform with the touchscreenwe believe the lost back-light is genuinely damaging the Logitech Harmony Companion as utilizing it at the darkened may be true annoyance. We kept searching for your correct button nearly every moment we had to utilize the distant which is somewhat aggravating.

In addition, the capability of RF transmission of this remote helps make usage really much simpler. Again and we have become aggravated with having to tip just about every remote the way to each apparatus accordingly while employing the Logitech Harmony Companion’s distant you may truly feel a feeling of flexibility that’s really remarkable. You simply pick this up, press on the button that you want and voila, then control supplied.

Last but most certainly not least the Logitech Harmony Companion supports both the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant should you would like voice-control across the standard distant. With each the services you have the capacity to restrain each of the apparatus separately and difficulty commands such as power routing, playback, both channel and volume controllers and a lot different purposes or activate your entire Tasks. With one voice control you may set your residence theater driven and prepared to watch your favorite picture in moments. Just how much greater it could possibly capture in relation to that?

Good and bad Points

Logitech-Harmony-Companion-reviewIf it regards outlining each of the strong things of this Logitech Harmony Companion it will become evident just how much importance this tiny object packs. Demonstrably however excellent such a unit has been designed when it will not have ample assistance it will surely be neglect. And also the Logitech Harmony Companion will not fail using above 270,000 apparatus increasingly additional added each and every 30 days. In addition, the capacity of the distant to interact together with all the heart by way of RF sign suggests there isn’t any demand for immediate field of sight which really is an immense benefit. No elaborate touchscreens or even back-light usually means that battery lifetime may reach as much as per year of ordinary use using a very small battery which will help retain the distant reasonably lean.

The program provides excellent customization and functionality in addition to control options. The emphasize will be always the addition of Tasks which may cause chains of purposes related together which will be personalized in any manner you desire. Smallest voice-control for the two Alexa and Google Assistant could be exceedingly practical while you are not going to have touse the distant except for just one of the absolute most fundamental controllers.

Demonstrably almost nothing is ideal as such the Logitech Harmony Companion needed to cut several corners as a way to match it truly is cheaper. Home-cinema apparatus encourage is bound by 8 but smart dwelling apparatus which may be inserted continue to be infinite. Additionally, the very first time you’ll make use of the pulse a specific sum of time will be needed as a way to app and then enter all of your apparatus. Of course in case you have some this usually means you are going to have to devote a couple very good hours to accomplish this will somewhat annoying to get a while. In addition, the program may be little sophisticated for men and women which aren’t utilized to such type of app restricted installations.

Last but most certainly not least we’d have to express although the omission of the touchscreen to the distant isn’t such a significant deal we’d absolutely like to have back-light functionality additional as with it at the darkened makes matters much more challenging as they’re at the moment. Additionally the wider range compared to that which we’d really like design creates the distant somewhat tougher to control and sew with one hand and also a thinner design could be safer.

Final Thoughts

Even the Logitech Harmony Companion can be really a very lovely distant which unites the worth of this universal remotes along with also the features of an entirely hub-enabled top quality remote just like the Harmony Elite. Ostensibly we can telephone that the Logitech Harmony Companion like a”Harmony e-lite lite” since it has rather similar features but is overlooking some essential features so as to create down the cost to more moderate rates.

In the event that you’d really like to have the Harmony e-lite nevertheless, also you discover the purchase price exceptionally high to get a distant afterward your Logitech Harmony Companion may be the ideal choice since it unites the strongest things we seen in Logitech’s superior clicker but having a much less expensive price which may absolutely attract the mass industry rendering it an superb choice for equally hard-core in addition to relaxed buyers. Perhaps it doesn’t be excellent however it supplies among their most useful universal distant experiences making the issue of dwelling theater controls anything in their previous.

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