Logitech Harmony 665 Review (Universal Remote)

Logitech Harmony 665 Review













  • Great price considering the power
  • Customizable LCD makes key commands easier to find
  • Support for 23 favorite channels


  • A bit awkward in the hand
  • Extremely tiny screen limits flexibility

The one most disheartening thing about having a home theater system certainly is the large multitude of remotes you have to restrain all of your apparatus. This will begin from 2 3 remotes for its many simple set ups and certainly will move pretty good for additional advanced level ones which have flowing apparatus, projectors and devoted players. And having these remotes close to is not enjoyable. This really is the area where Logitech has arrived at the rescue because their Harmony universal remotes has given us an easy method to tackle this issue for several ages today. Now inside our Logitech Harmony 665 review we’ll be studying their budget-friendly remote and exactly what it offers.

Even the Logitech Harmony 665 isn’t just a fresh remote. Fundamentally it really is a upgraded version in these prior Harmony 650 universal remote. Even the 650 has already been stopped, though it is possible to still discover it in flow, however, the Logitech Harmony 665 I will probably be appearing now is incredibly much like just a few slight developments and changes. The Logitech Harmony 665 supplies all of the simple functions which would be the backbone of their Harmony operation and supports a wide scope of units and brand names rendering it a excellent inexpensive answer for everybody who attempts a remedy for their remotes dilemma.

However, at a marketplace that’s over-saturated with universal remotes of a variety will exactly the Logitech Harmony 665 handles to differentiate itself in the others? Let us figure out.


For those who have already visited the Harmony 650 then guess what happens you are certain to become ahead. Today you can ask just how can you really understand which remote is which? This really is really an simple one because Logitech be positive to make use of an alternate coloration for your own Logitech Harmony 665. Therefore whilst the Harmony 650 arrived from gray colour the Logitech Harmony 665 is available from black. Which is preferable would be that a personal individual but we still enjoy the shameful a bit more.

Yet we find a modest full colour liquid crystal display screen which can’t be utilized in combination with touch whilst the 4 buttons round it really is the sole approach to restrain exactly what you find onto it which ought to be likely to be more fair. Even the liquid crystal display screen has the capability to produce various info such as channels and controls also it’s really a really exact convenient function to have alternatively of the wholly bare, packed of switches, remote.

Additionally 1 thing which we enjoyed very much would be that the back light work that the remote has since they is sometimes a enormous assist while in the darkened.


The remote, currently being fully a universal a single, normally will come fully packaged using switches. This isn’t just a tiny remote we have right here and utilizing it using 1 hand might be tough in a few conditions. There is going to soon be times you will use this together with hands specially for many of those much reaching buttons. In terms of his or her design Logitech created convinced to set them at a exact plausible method. Over the monitor we discover that the Task keys for watching movies or playing music in addition to electrical power and assist controls although in the exact base there’s really a numerical pad.

Most importantly we detect the normal play back buttons below the screen we all capture all of the navigation controls and other purposes and sensible assortment buttons. The rubber switches sensed just the very same like at the Harmony 650. They truly are not hard to this touch although there is sometimes a small delay should you push on them into quick sequence but absolutely nothing major which may get the entire experience annoying.

With such a significant size that the remote could truly feel somewhat a little cumbersome and difficult to take care of but with it is measurement it felt uneasy with it. The vinyl feels of fantastic quality whenever it really is entire structure feels hardy which will not signify it has lowcost . This really is really a remote that’ll absolutely last a settee collapse but we indicate contrary to analyzing out it.

With such a very low priced you’ll find main corners which must be trimmed as such there aren’t any rechargeable batteries or even docking channel like we’d seen at other expensive Harmony remotes. Quite good old fashioned AA batteries have to get properly used here thus you have to continue to keep more than a few of those instock as, based upon usage, the remote may empty them rather rapid. Additionally the decrease rear of this remote is much more compact compared to the surface so as to accommodate the wheels nonetheless it’s been designed such ways that suits well to both contrary.

Setup and Interface

Whenever you get a universal remote the quantity 1 reason will be always to create your own life less complicated by not being able enough to have all remotes accumulated in 1 apparatus but additionally in order to manage your entire apparatus rapid and simple. And if this remote’s purpose is just that whenever you initially use it you are going to have to devote some amount of time so as to experience the initial setup and calibrate all of buttons predicated on your requirements along with the sort of apparatus you’ll use. After you install the bolts over the remote you choose a language out of the monitor however, to get the alternative you’re going to need some type of pc keyboard.


And this is among those drawbacks of this Logitech Harmony 665. Even though having some type of pc inside this time and era isn’t any such thing surprising in certain manners that enhances the simplicity of usage. Together with the best grade Harmony types which include a Hub this is sometimes achieved throughout your smart-phone here there isn’t any Hub the following connecting the Logitech Harmony 665 into some pc during the USB can be the sole alternative.

1st you have to get into the Harmony pc software in your Logitech web site and right after installing make a fresh account which can be wholly free of charge and helps to ensure all your preferences have been saved for potential usage. You then join with the remote by means of the USB for your own app to attach together and then choose the units that you wish to put it to use together with.

Remember the Logitech Harmony 665 can hold upto ten apparatus and this would be your largest gap in contrast to it’s predecessor, the Harmony 650 which can support just 8 plus provides you with a tiny bit greater versatility. In the event you would like to have more apparatus you are going to have to get an even more costlier, pricier Harmony version but using 10 available we consider that these are ample for some installments. Finding your entire apparatus will be completed readily as a result of a drag down menu. 1st you choose producer and following the version of one’s apparatus. With a lot more than 270,000 apparatus verified it really is nearly sure you’ll see yours if you don’t utilize some exact infrequent or old apparatus which might perhaps not be among the.

However, even when you’re uncertain about your apparatus you may check out Logitech internet site at which you are able to enter them also see whether the Logitech Harmony 665 affirms them. In this fashion in which you can understand without a doubt before going online and obtain it. As a way to examine drive it all we chose our Samsung 4K UHD television, Panasonic UHD player, our Onkyo AV receiver along with also our Zidoo media player. Our apparatus were all utilized and affirmed. However, the record continues and also this really is amongst the significant advantages of this Harmony category of remotes.

When there’s one particular minus which will be seen is because the remote will not encourage both WiFi or blue tooth that it can’t support any apparatus that base their communicating over both. With all the remote encouraging just IR indicators just apparatus which may accept those may perhaps work with this.

1 thing which individuals have to perhaps not neglect to cite is things to do. There really are a whole lot of several dedicated buttons for Actions from the Harmony remote you may app for your own liking. Tasks is essentially a chain of controls you may addin one queue along with with all the media a button each one them is able to perform in arrangement. If as an instance that you wish to watch a UHD disk you may possibly make a task at which the television can start, choose the proper inputsignal, power your AV receiver along with your UHD player. In this means you save time managing all of your apparatus separately.


It has a little bit of time till you plan them in the remote but the moment you need to do it has an huge time saving characteristic. The sole drawback is the fact that whether you insert or change a few of the apparatus you’ll have to re install the remote by again linking into your pc and incorporating the right gadget.

Generally the programming and installation, even though maybe not difficult to perform, it’s going to absolutely require time to perform specially in the event that you have several devices which ought to inputsignal. However, that really is excellent in the ending as you end whatever gets really much less complicated and you’ll see the very first period wanted has been worthwhile to every penny. Therefore, if you’re concerned about the lengthy process, then do not. It really is quite simple to accomplish whilst now you are going to spend today you may save during usage which makes the Logitech Harmony 665 an amazing accession for your home theater system.

Everyday Use

Having analyzed virtually each the Harmony remotes that which we are able to declare is the fact that Logitech has created an remarkable category of universal remotes. The Logitech Harmony 665 may possibly be advanced as another costlier ones except to get a cheap way it’s got the ingredients that it should be always a good supply inside this section. Deploying it nearly regular is equally just as simple as it will get. Demonstrably the very first couple of days that you will need to have yourself a little familiar with this and also comprehend exactly how what operates but the moment you can you aren’t going to have the capacity to accomplish with no.

It really is size additionally will desire only a very little getting used to since that really is maybe not your customary remote. It truly is previously average dimension will probably force lots of men and women utilize your of your hands to use however we did not locate this entire troubling even supposing it isn’t just perfect. However, the type of usefulness it can carry for your every day activity much outweights the terrible kinds. And also the further you intend on utilizing it that the greater value you’ll discover onto it. Tasks is definitely an wonderful function and also we are certain you may think it’s great and the power to chain quite a few orders together could save a great deal of time from having to work each your apparatus separately.


Oh and also we must not neglect to say that the Assist button. When for any reason a few device isn’t going to workin just one of one’s tasks the Assist button could perform…as it claims very. Additionally, it will attempt to repair the situation by it self which really is a wonderful characteristic. We did not have any issues throughout our screening so that we did not work with it we are able to picture how beneficial this really is at the lengthy run.

Logitech has thought of this viability of this Logitech Harmony 665. And whilst at the start setting this up and to begin with using it may possibly look hard for you to the moment you become accustomed to it then you are not going to need to utilize yet another remote .

Good and Bad Points

Complete the Logitech Harmony 665 can be really a exact lowcost proposition out of Logitech. It is design is just the very same while the Harmony 650 which signifies it’s a hardy design, excellent buttons design and also the liquid crystal display screen which may help much and really is a pretty wonderful accession for such a very low priced remote. Additionally having a back-light may help much in the event that you enjoy to utilize it at the darkened and also it’s service for 10 remote we cannot feel this will not be sufficient for you personally.

Usually a lot of individuals have a couple remotes which may move upto 7 or 6 in the event that you have lots of devices within an comprehensive home theater installation thus that the encouraged 10 tend to be somewhat more than just enough. Additionally the one best feature must be inside it has tasks and also the longer apparatus you have the additional valuable it really is with the media of one button you may handle numerous gadgets at the same time.

The installation even takes time we observed it somewhat simple in order to complete whilst the Logitech program was well designed and you all of the needed info. And ultimately the cost. You may discover the Logitech Harmony 665 cluttered cheap and also to find that which it provides really is a remarkable thing.

However, the drawbacks the remote may not restrain some wise apparatus that foundation their hands WiFi or Bluetooth whilst the remote shortage either of these. Installation, even though an easy task to perform since we all mentioned previously, will require you a bit of opportunity in order to complete specially in the event that you have numerous gadgets to incorporate and tasks which you would like to produce consequently that you want to have some endurance while still in the event that you change your apparatus you have to re connect into your pc and also make the ideal changes.

Additionally using ordinary AA batteries implies that you want to have a couple of these stock for if it is demanded. Ultimately it is size can be actually a little tremendous and even though this might be organic to get a universal remote control using 1 hand might be hard to get several buttons therefore that it requires a little to become accustomed for it.

Final Thoughts

Logitech-Harmony-665-sideFor those who have discovered the Hrmony 650 and Logitech Harmony 665 in the current market and asking yourself which to get factors are rather obvious. Fundamentally from the Logitech Harmony 665 there will be service to get the extra two apparatus which delivers the entire 10 and changed the colour to black, and almost certainly to tell apart both the 2…and that is it. But so that the Logitech Harmony 665 can be a remarkable lowcost remote that’s well worth every penny cent.

It’s a solid structure, an LCD monitor for simpler use, back-light which really is an important incentive in our novels, will encourage upto ten remotes which can be significantly more than you could ever desire and contains Logitech’s maximum genious work which will be things to do. If you’re in difficulty handling your a number of remotes nevertheless, that you never desire to devote big bucks for receive yourself a more high priced universal remote just like the Harmonu e lite such as afterward your Logitech Harmony 665 can be a remarkable budget-friendly purchace that upon getting accustomed for it you are not going to need to make use of yet another remote once more…except if it truly is just another Harmony remote!

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