Logitech Harmony 650 Review

Logitech Harmony 650 Review













  • Intuitive design
  • Affordable
  • Extensive device database


  • Five device cap
  • Dimly illuminated buttons
  • No recharging circuitry

Certainly one of those first items which springs to mind once you imagine of worldwide remotes could be your identify Logitech. Through time the corporation has produced a title because it has Harmony universal remotes using made maybe not merely funding pleasant but in addition high priced kinds. However, most of these are manufactured out of some particular faculties like obtaining great apparatus service, every one them cope with effectively and therefore are rather simple to set up.

A handful months past we’d reviewed on their high remote, the Logitech Harmony Elite that you are able to read everywhere, which made available a large sum of characteristics but in addition has a significant value in order if you’re watching to get a more economical substitute then you definitely have lots of alternatives to search for. Now we’ll assess whether the budget-friendly ranging from Logitech will be well worth a watch at our Logitech Harmony 650 inspection…

Style and design

Logitech Harmony 650 might be described as a budget-friendly worldwide remote . however, it is design will not allow it to feel economical using it has square grey coloured design and also the little colour liquid crystal display screen. Ofcourse you ought ton’t expect far from this a version in order that the LCD-screen hasn’t hand-eye capacities . however, it truly is there to produce any basic purposes, channels and controls. First, the fantastic issue is the remote features the accelerometer so that each single time you choose up it that the LCD works on mechanically.

Having a remote similar to that it really is wise to function as saturated in switches and this Logitech is now a fantastic project in putting them into this an easy method to help keep various functions bundled collectively. On the most notable over the liquid crystal display screen you may locate some essential tasks switches for seeing films or playing new music. Under those we possess the liquid crystal display screen with switches that control both the monitor’s purposes. Here we now have settings and menu navigation switches in addition to controls for both volume and also channels. Under that’s the play back switches and also in the base we all discover the numerical pad.

The buttons reply well to some tender touch however there were still seconds a little lag was apparent involving pressing on the buttons along with implementing exactly the corresponding control specially when pressing buttons quick in series.


The remote is much larger in contrast to past variants and significantly more than just a couple situations you have to make use of your of your hands to press on the corresponding buttons. It can appear a little rustic . however, it’s unquestionably really comfy to consume. Additionally, it seems to own a hardy design plus it surely will be certain endure a couple drops in the desk or settee.

Being a real budget-friendly remote way that they needed to cut off a couple corners and also a few is with all the batteries whilst the Logitech Harmony 650 will not utilize rechargeable batteries or all kinds of docking channel. Good older AA batteries get the job done and you’ll need to make sure that you maintain a couple of these piled just in the event you want them.

Installation and User Interface

These generic remotes are created using just one part of your mind. To create our own lives less complicated and controlling devices quicker than Bearing this in your mind just before you start with the remote you might need to devote time to place up it which will use as much as a hour or so to accomplish this if you’re maybe not too much technician undergone. First step you may find out whenever you input batteries will be always to choose a language out of the liquid crystal display screen. After you accomplish this next thing asks some type of laptop or computer as will Harmony remotes as a way to last installation.

The remote will be linked to the computer system by way of a USB interface when that is carried out along with your pc admits the remote, you’ve got to employ your online browser to go into the right internet site (sure you need internet relationship to get installation to last ). It’d be fine if there’s an automated leadership into the proper site address however, you’ll need to achieve so by hand.


The very next thing to do will be to put in the corresponding applications when picking out your pc OS and move with the setup that’s pretty rapid and certainly will complete in only two or three momemts. Up on conducting the applying it should look whether you will find some upgrades and certainly will even request to generate a merchant accounts by simply inputting some simple information such as username, password, password, email in addition to country you’ve got. As soon as your account is done you’re prepared to begin establishing the Harmony.

1 factor you need to stay in your mind is the Logitech Harmony 650 can simply encourage 5 apparatus at any moment, a massive restriction within my frank opinion for a funding remote just like that. Thus Bearing this in your mind it’s possible to decide on your apparatus from the couple of pre-defined menus which correspond to gadget, company and product. It’s suggested just before you initiate the installation to compose a newspaper the specific model quantity of every one of the gadgets that you wish to control together with all the Harmony so never to free enough full time exploring to allow them throughout installation.


Even the Logitech Harmony 650 affirms a enormous collection of makers and apparatus along with Logitech ensures you upgrade the checklist so as to expand it has support a lot a lot more. For the situation we all picked our Samsung TV, Panasonic UHD player, Onkyo AV receiver along with Zidoo media-player. There’s additionally service for networking facilities, weather programs in addition to game consoles. 1 draw back is it will not support apparatus which want blue tooth connectivity whilst the remote merely affirms IR.

The moment you end along with your apparatus you may setup those tasks buttons accordingly with all the media of one button that you are able to truly have a pre determined set of purposes empowered. For observing pictures like we picked our Panasonic participant as our blu-ray playerour Samsung’s HDMI as origin input our Onkyo AV receiver to its amount controls. After you end with this function that the sole thing remaining would be to sync with the remote as a way to app each of the programs so and you’re prepared to move!

Since you are able to know from all of the aforementioned it may possibly look a intimidating endeavor for all but in case you have a look in the full photo the true process isn’t too considerably intricate. I’d prefer to mention it merely must devote a portion of one’s energy and that is it.

Logitech was left positive to produce the entire procedure as simple as you can however no matter how basic the process might be, it’s going to nonetheless have to invest a few of time and energy to set up your apparatus and let us be fair , it’s worthwhile it to spend just a tiny time which is likely to allow your lifestyle less complicated in the future.

Regular Use

Possessing an worldwide remote helps you along with your regular tasks specially in case you employ your apparatus frequently. Possessing one remote in place of the stack of remotes will surely require some weight off both handson. For those who used a worldwide remote ahead of you know that this atmosphere once you quit watching remotes around your home cinema place along with your own seeing distance.

For those who have not undergone the joy of working with a worldwide remote earlier this can be the main reason that it is you happen to be looking at this evaluation subsequently make confident when you put it to use to first time you may not every desire to return again. And also the Logitech Harmony 650 tends to make certain to allow you to with everything together with it has very good ergonomics and uncomplicated installation.

Pros and Cons

Logitech-Harmony-650-lookThe Logitech Harmony 650 can be really a really fine remote which may perform lots of ideas that a great deal more high priced remotes are effective of. The total style and design is excellent along with also the liquid crystal display screen provides tiny bit of additional info along with control. The caliber is equally excellent in overall also it seems hardy enough to endure lots of punishment compared to some other costlier remotes that will break soon after having a number drops. Buttons are effectively arranged and simple to person.

Installation even takes time to finish was created such a way which wouldn’t be able to be manufactured simpler even to the user in order to complete and select the right apparatus. And the above mentioned in an amount well below £ 100.

However, as soon as people have been referring to this type of device that there are sure to become always a couple disadvantages and a few pretty big kinds. Above all the 5 most apparatus limitation could be the largest plus yet one which radically reduces the worthiness of this remote. In the event you have no over five apparatus that you would like to control afterward you’re absolutely alright but when you need a greater multitude of apparatus support afterward you definitely might need to find a unique remote.

A few more disadvantages will be the non invasive rechargeable batteries that’s using without a support for blue tooth generating any system that really needs blue tooth connectivity inappropriate with this particular remote.


Once you check in a remote just like the Logitech Harmony 650 you’ve got to feel the first of it is selling price. For those who realize it has really a good beneath £ 100 common remote afterward you definitely may estimate better when it really is adequate to justify a buy.

Personally, I feel it has fine things outweigh the poor of course in the event the remotes that you wish to displace are more than just five afterward your Harmony is going to function as the ideal replacement with out costing too much. But in the event that you’d like service for at least five apparatus at an identical instance you’ll need to search for an even more costlier, pricier alternate to pay for your requirements.

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