LG UBK80 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player with HDR Compatibility

LG UBK80 Review













  • Can be used as a DVD Player
  • Has Ultra HD picture quality
  • Has Ethernet input, HDMI cable input, and USB port
  • Pocket Friendly


  • Does not have smart features
  • Does not have Dolby Vision

Back in 2018 LG published two brand new 4K UHD players, both the UBK90 as well as also the LG UBK80. The other day we analyzed that the UBK90 which was an updated edition of 20 17’s UP970 with several similarities in between them both. The ball player even though did not have plenty of characteristics several other superior players provide, but it absolutely was proficient in that which exactly is important. Great online video and sound reproduction and also the accession of Dolby eyesight straight from this carton. You may study our step by step overview of this UBK90 right here .

Therefore now we’ll be appearing at it has younger brother published for 2018, the LG UBK80 and even at first sight it appears that the very same participant the decrease price shows there are a number of glaring omissions below the hood in comparison to this UBK90. Thus no delay let’s start our LG UBK80 evaluate.

Style and Design of LG UBK80

The LG UBK80 has precisely the exact design since it has larger brother what we shall mention this really is just the exact same even as we all said a week at our inspection to its UBK90. Whenever you check in the LG UBK80 is provides you with the belief it had been designed out of price at heart. Both UBK90 and also LG UBK80 search very like the past season’s UP970 and LG appears to be that did not desire to hassle producing any significant changes to this particular year.

The sole obvious difference from this past 12 months is the fact that the LG UBK80 posseses an uncovered front USB interface and different placement of this LG emblem on very top. LG would seem which has been maybe not kin for making almost any additional changes in order to ostensibly get precisely the exact same chassis this past year.


The LG UBK80 is like an ordinary black rectangular box using a brushed alloy finish vinyl cap in addition to Front display right here however that is given since we’re chatting of a funding so this ought to be likely. The UBK90 did not possess a leading display so that it did not shock us not even to watch yet another also. At the most suitable side there are four star formed buttons for both eject, play/pause, power and stop. The buttons are just the exact same since the people from the UBK90 S O our viewpoint regarding these would be strictly the very same we did not enjoy them and also our opinion has never shifted this week . Exactly why LG can’t utilize more simple formed buttons whenever the remainder of the look wouldn’t be able to be simpler than it’s a puzzle to people.

Close into this control switches there’s really a little power light emitting diode index which can function as sole observable verification in the event the ball player is not or working. As there isn’t any exhibit at this lighting is also some thing that will assist you to determine the condition of the ball player. At the much right now we discover that the USB interface which LG chose this past year to prevent vulnerable and also we presume which they chose to do that for reasonable factors. We have a tendency to disagree on this particular decision and also a coated port wouldbe a lot superior and not as much debris collecting.


Naturally the other vents are put in the trunk and we’re going to chat about these at our devoted department. Much like all the UBK90, the LG UBK80 follows precisely the exact same uninspiring design and style since it sounds LG did not wish to devote some funding about developing a fresh chassis. And we concur looks is maybe not that very important into some 4K UHD player we expect next calendar year LG will set a little more attempt in supplying us a much far more intriguing and distinctive design and style.

Video/Audio Quality of LG UBK80

Performance shrewd that the LG UBK80 amazed us since it made available the exact operation as it has larger brother, the more UBK90 however using just one major omission. That clearly was not any Dolby eyesight service whilst the LG UBK80 might need to contend using only the fundamental HDR 10. Therefore whenever people contrasted both players together with only HDR 10 the film we all had was the exact same. Of class if Dolby eyesight material is employed then your UBK90 has the capability to give much better image much by an gross profit. But when you choose that from this film afterward it is likely to soon be difficult to come across any gaps between them both.


The picture we now have outside of this LG UBK80 was incredibly fantastic for this a inexpensive player specially if we have been speaking about 4K play-back HDR. For the testing we found that the 4K UHD disk of Pacific Rim: up-rising and also the outcome we all have was exemplary picture manipulation and also very excellent HDR which isn’t overlooking any such thing more superior types offer you.

The picture experienced an outstanding quantity of clarity for it using an sum of sharpness to show the tinniest of all details. Colours were vibrant and living also with all the aid of Broad Colour Gamut additional true than . HDR made available amazing high lights which create the picture more conspicuous with thickness. There can be not any Dolby eyesight but HDR10 is sufficient to develop an visual scenery as well as also the LG UBK80 shipped on such an entrance. Naturally there’s not any HDR 10 + and almost certainly there’ll not be with all the omission of all Dolby eyesight.

The LG UBK80 can be also quite a excellent upscaler of Total HD and SD articles to 4K and we now have the exact operation we watched from your UBK90 we analyzed weekly. 1080p articles up-scaled great providing more coating of specifics much in the event the progress is so modest. SD content material has been additionally upscaled into 4K without having issues however, the final result isn’t quite as fantastic because we all watched Full HD articles. In the event that it’s still true that you utilize DVDs subsequently a gamer is going to perform the occupation a lot more that satisfactorily only do not anticipate any miracles.


Sound performance has been likewise very excellent and on level with all the UBK90. Even the LG UBK80 can replicate all sorts of official formats such as Dolby Digital and DTS monitors the many the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X kinds. Much like our screening we experimented with the UHD disk of Pacific Rim: up-rising and also the outcome we have were precisely the exact same with it is brother. The ball player fed up the receiver featuring all of the essential information as a way to have yourself a robust and surrounding sound subject with all encircle impacts which ended up flying around and above us. Highres sound is encouraged via this participant too through it has USB interface for the ones that put it to use.

The disk has been loading rapid and quietly therefore that we assume that it gets an identical hardware like the UBK90. There weren’t any troubling sounds or sounds out of your tray or any time the disk was still turning. In general when we exclude the omission of all Dolby eyesight afterward a outcome we have are incredibly great for this lowpriced participant. Sharp 4K graphic, vibrant colours, fantastic HDR and sound manipulation which yells you directly from the exact middle of the activity is all your faculties with the player as well as at the long run it’s this that things the absolute most.

The other gap between your LG UBK80 as well as also the high grade UBK90 may be that the bond vents whilst the LG UBK80 is overlooking something it has greater brother comes with.

At front we’ve got already noted that the USB interface for linking exterior storage to ensure what we buy from the trunk is the HDMI 2.0a using HDCP 2.2 service so it supports 4K/60p, HDR and Broad Colour Gamut (WCG). Once we said previously there’s no more Dolby eyesight service the HDR confirmed is merely HDR 10.


Even the LG UBK80 drops the next HDMI interface therefore you’re still left with a single HDMI outside to generate all of essential alterations. In all honesty that the next HDMI interface was welcome from the UBK90 . however, it truly is wise to reduce off a couple of corners so as to give the LG UBK80 at a lowly price tag. Regarding the remainder we receive a optical sound out interface in addition to an Ethernet interface however as there’s not any on-line operation this interface can be used just for firmware upgrades.

We all now have three vents inside the straight back as well as to get a funding we presume we now cannot expect such a thing longer. Everything you spend is exactly what you purchase along with if you don’t would like to earn some fancy relations installation the HDMI jack will probably undoubtedly be that you could ever want to your most fundamental of installations. The optical outside interface is still welcome however very couple will employ this but the additional you are able to find the greater.

OS, Programs and Attributes

Even the LG UBK80 proceeds the tendency of providing simple to installation menus. The period of time essential after you start the gamer is all but not one since there aren’t lots of alternatives you need to manage. Nearly all from your LG UBK80 menus and menus really are very similar for it has larger brother, the more UBK90 however using a couple of noteworthy exceptions.

LG employs the exact uncomplicated design which isn’t hard to browse in order to detect some other characteristic and placing you desire. The most important menu of this LG UBK80 includes four different options by using these Movie, image, tunes and Preferences. Ostensibly it is just like the main one we all watched from the UBK90 minus the superior part.

After you add a disk it demonstrates to you exactly what type of disk it really is. You may even join external storage apparatus and browse by using their connections at every single corresponding department determined if you wish to find a picture, tunes monitor or photograph. The number of audio and video formats which happen to be encouraged would be just like both the UBK90 plus it’s really a good idea to realize there is certainly this type of broad service for the files. In case the arrangement you attempt and play with is no matter any odd variety the LG UBK80 will probably operate it with no issue. Perhaps it doesn’t exchange a passionate mediaplayer . however, it doesn’t do exactly the work just good for the large part.

The largest omission we find from the preferences and also you which distinguish the LG UBK80 in your UBK90 is there is no more Premium portion. This indicates is the fact that the LG UBK80 doesn’t have any streaming solutions to offer you at all. This really as an effect manufactured the demand to get a wi fi futile S O LG has taken out that too. They simply retained the Ethernet port in the trunk if you’d like to make use of it to get firmware upgrades. By the preceding you see the LG UBK80 does not have any on-line capacities. No more WiFi, no world wide web, no on-line solutions, regardless of on-line shop. It is mentioned the LG UBK80 can be A100% off site participant for much better or for worse.


The preferences at the LG UBK80 offer you some primary functions devoid of providing quite profound jelqing attributes such as Chroma subsampling or little thickness. You can find preferences such as Aspect Ratio, Resolution, Screen Mode, HDMI coloration placing and 3 d style. Much like all the UBK90 the Screen style from the LG UBK80 doesn’t supply an automobile solution meaning you’ll need to manually alter the default possibility if necessary.

The sound configurations we buy at the LG UBK80 are the very same with an electronic digital output that you can select from PCM Multi channel, DTS reencode or put it on vehicle to earn the ball player pick exactly the very best. There’s also a Sampling Freq. Using 4-8, 9-6 and also 192-khz alternatives and a more DRC placing using onoff and auto choices. Due to the fact the LG UBK80 doesn’t need another HDMI interface there’s absolutely no HDMI Audio atmosphere .

Regarding that remote usually the sole online is exactly the same people watched with all the UBK90 participant. Uncomplicated, using basic style and controls without a back light work it really does it’s work without supplying any such thing elaborate. The buttons settings is really ordinary with buttons onto top, play back buttons , menu navigation buttons at the midst and assorted control buttons at the ground.

1 matter we ought to be aware is the fact that even though the LG UBK80 has been sold at a variety of markets around the world, it looks specific generally for its usa market since it affirms just 120V — even 60Hz significance that in the event that you reside in a nation that affirms distinct voltage afterward you’ll have to choose your UBK90 that affirms most voltages or employ an electricity converter so in order for this to operate precisely. This is really a slight problem a whole lot of persons can overlook however a exact essential one to be able to devote your hard earned money on the new player you may not utilize.

Conclusion For LG UBK80

Even the LG UBK80 may be the least expensive & most economical 4K UHD player that we’ve experienced. On overall look it sounds nearly exactly the very same since it is larger brother, the UBK90, however, also the gaps from a few essential specs is exactly what keeps those 2 gamers apartfrom

Even the LG UBK80 presents amazing 4K graphic excellent with HDR, fantastic up-scaling capacities and USB content material flowing for an remarkable cost. About the opposite hand there’s no more Dolby eyesight, not as connection interfaces being offered, no wi fi without any on-line streaming products and services. Additionally it affirms special voltage so as to work therefore that you ought to be cautious with this incase that you would like to purchase it.


The huge question a lot of you have is when it’s well worth every penny to pick that LG UBK80 or even choose your UBK90 rather than Together with all the LG UBK80 you have probably the most fundamental of capabilities that’s very good 4K play-back using HDR and amazing sound recorder. Even the UBK90 is given at double the purchase price and also the additional characteristics you buy is Dolby eyesight, wi fi, also a HDMI Audio port and also a couple of online streaming products and services. Can it worthwhile to pay for double the purchase price for all these additional purposes?

We guess that in the event that you’re on the lookout for this a inexpensive participant then perhaps you are not going to need the apparatus to encourage Dolby eyesight. Iff that’s the situation it is maybe not deserving for your remainder of the qualities to pay for the purchase price tag on this UBK90. But in the event you really need a Dolby eyesight player afterward your UBK90 is just one of one of the absolute most inexpensive players available on the industry at the moment. Therefore that it primarily depends upon in the event you’d like a Dolby eyesight player rather than. The option as often will be yours.

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