KEF Q950 Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

KEF Q950 Review













  • Zero distortion
  • Unparalleled sound clarity
  • Aesthetically high
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Quite heavy
  • Not really portable
  • A bit expensive

KEF can be a audio corporation that really needs no introduction specially to people who find out about hi-fi tools. During recent several years they have been popular for generating a few exceptionally astonishing speakers along with past season that we experienced the joy of analyzing certainly one of those floorstanders they’d inside their successful and commonly recognized Q-Series. While straight back afterward we analyzed the more compact Q550 and gained quite high scores from us now in our KEF Q950 review we’ll be considering the most significant floorstanding version that they have from this collection.

Having reached it has 8th iteration, the Q show is now famous as it attracts a number of KEF’s traits in a much less or more expensive price degree. Using a whole line up comprising three unique floorstanders, both the Q550, Q750 along with KEF Q950, 2 book shelf speakers both the Q150 along with Q350 together side Q650c centre speaker along with also a Dolby Atmos module, also the more Q50a, KEF stipulates an excellent string for virtually any home theater or music supporter. Even the KEF Q950 much like the rest of the speakers comprise several remarkable technologies such as KEF’s UniQ driver selection, higher excellent audio elements and also a cautiously designed cupboard so as in order to work in line with your producer’s standards.

After we reviewed the Q550 we’re thrilled with their performance although their size needed a tiny influence around the decrease end plus also they weren’t satisfied to quite huge distances. Can the KEF Q950 fix the issues and also do that they can give the type of immersion you’d count on from your largest speakers within this renowned line-up? Read since we place them into this exam to learn.

Design, Inputs and Features


To start with let us speak regarding your own size. Currently being the largest speakers at the show these necessarily mean acute company and also should you contemplate that the magnitude of this cabinet which measures 11 16 x 357 x 328 mm with all an plinth and excess weight 45.4 pounds (20.6 kilogram ) then you definitely realize the KEF Q950 do want a breathing distance so as to reach their summit performance. These speakers are intended for spaces and home theater spaces however they make use of a sealed cupboard design their positioning isn’t changed just as much by just how long they’re put on a wall socket when compared with a back mounted cupboard. An bass cabinet could possibly have the ability to execute marginally better in the very low end however in the end it really is really a give and take position and genuinely is based upon the specific situation which design is much best for each and every area.

The entire KEF Q-Series accompany a exact straightforward cupboard design with straight lines and sharp corners and provide you with a exact distinct cursory appearance. That implements to all KEF’s designs and also the KEF Q950 is not any distinct. Whenever you check in these that you receive yourself a feeling of the darkened column and KEF has genuinely achieved a superb project making use of their redesigned cupboard to your collection. Ostensibly all of the 3 floorstanders from the Q set comes with an identical design and design qualities and also the only real changes will be the magnitude of this cabinet together with how big is these drivers utilised.

The newest design which KEF created to your hottest Q string comprises a sealed closet in which they set the UniQ motorist to be able to cut down force over the cone and also boost detail and clarity whilst bringing cleaner bass in an identical moment. Mid range clarity has been enriched with catalyst improvements so that the DC blocking capacitor has to be eradicated by the crossover, so allowing an even more ordinary roll off in between motorists. The cupboard will come in just two colors and also whereas white and black nice lace end variations search exceptionally fine we’d love to have a couple more to choose from.


Even the KEF Q950 use exclusive outrigger ft which are like one other Q string floorstanders. These usage very hardy substances and fit the total minimalism design of their cabinet however as standard with such designs that they create the footprint of each speaker much bigger thus that you have to get certain to have the essential distance to match them. These feet may be set on hard surfaces however you’ll find exclusive spikes comprised just in the event that you wish to set them on surfaces such as rugs too.

Even the grilles of this KEF Q950 can be found at a slimline design and therefore are straight attached with leading baffle some thing which many love as with such speakers minus the grilles don’t show any openings which could produce the design look younger. Since they’re now they search exceptionally fine and thoroughly complex. Even the grilles, once attached pay the front face and that really is among those very few scenarios where people actually do want the speakers minus the grilles absolutely whilst the vulnerability of these drivers create sure they are much more silent and menacing the appearance the cupboard has together with them .

The one thing which ought to be noticed is the speakers include no grilles from the box hence which could be the infrequent instance at which you’ll have to purchase them independently in the event that it’s the case that you never enjoy together with the motorists vulnerable which we think it is difficult to think to become fair.

Even the back part of the cupboard includes a fairly thoroughly clean design even though together with the brand new low-distortion inductors that’s been launched create the demand to get bi-wire magnets un-necessary according-to KEF. As such we just receive yourself a couple of speaker straps because we all usually purchase lower grade designs.

Even the KEF Q950 features just the exact same top caliber because the remainder of the Q string speakers and like that which we’d found from the Q550 ahead of. This might function as the entrylevel string for KEF nevertheless they have a particular caliber and also turn on those who perhaps not most speakers within this classification have.

Internal Hardware

Even the Q show and also the KEF Q950 specially may possibly include a wonderful design and attentively assembled cupboard but that which we get underneath the complete frontal grille is exactly what make those speakers glow. Yet we detect KEF’s emphasize. Having a two 5 enclosure class that the UniQ range stays prominently on cover of the KEF Q950’s motorists configuration.

A 200mm (8 ) Aluminum UniQ driver including the 38 mm (1.5 in.) Tweeter at the acoustic middle of this mid range cone along with this’tangerine’ waveguide across the tweeter terrace make a broader, more sound dispersion plus also a accurate threedimensional sound-image. Further developments to this design come with a damped tweeter loading tube which enhances the gliding performance along with a low-distortion inductor in the cross over which in line to KEF guarantees to offer you an even far more transparent bass reaction.

Even the UniQ driver range will be nearly exactly the exact same while the design we now watched from the Q550 with all the one big difference getting the larger tweeter and midsize cone dimensions. By a technology point of perspective such speakers utilize the exact very same technologies, merely the dimensions changes. And the exact same might be stated in regards to the remainder of the motorists who are utilised beneath the UniQ collection.


As such we receive yourself a 200mm (8 ) Aluminium lowfrequency motorist which features a bigger cone shaped arrangement to improved mid performance performance, a fresh spider suspension system as a way to generate cleaner bass in high amounts and also a bigger roster encircle as a way to decrease the distortion in higher sound pressure ranges. The corresponding double 200mm (8 ) Aluminium ABRs have already been enriched using a bigger roster encircle and also a rubberized suspension which KEF asserts to become a lot better compared to cloth and also may cause thicker and thicker performance.

The mixture of this UniQ motorist together side all the 200 mm (8 ) Aluminium non frequency motorist and also the double 200 millimeters (8 ) Aluminium ABRs offer the KEF Q950 an frequency assortment of 44Hz — 28kHz (±3dB), 8 ohms of minimal impendance, 91dB (2.83V/1m) of sensitivity whereas the cross over frequency was put at 2.2kHz.


The binding poles are all placed in the direction of the base of the face plus also they truly are made of rather large quality. You may utilize possibly bare cables, spades or exceptional straps such as sausage. Having no bi-wire capacities can appear as a move backward since you’ll find lots of home theater followers who prefer to make use of this relationship procedure however KEF claimed together with all the design of this KEF Q950 such a link way isn’t essential therefore we’ll only simply take their word to this.


Once we constantly state once we perform speaker reviews setting the speakers on your space requires some analyzing since you can find a few common concepts to follow along with along with nothing surpasses the fantastic older”evaluation while you move procedure”. Your ears would be the optimal/optimally estimate such conditions and with all the KEF Q950s we’d to accomplish a bit straight back and on before we receive their positioning directly. Even though our screening region isn’t quite of this huge kind we’d not a issue inserting these minor creatures inside our installation. Much like absolutely any speaker setting them in a wall can accentuate it has lowend performance in price of clarity and definition therefore that it’s struggle for stability in between them both.

For the testing we all place the speakers approximately two feet apart from your rear wall since it really is practically the most our distance might let us whereas both leading speakers had been set in a space of roughly 9 ft. We’d to toe-in them listening posture however this requires some screening as a way to fix the finest acoustic response for the circumstance. Last but most certainly not least you ought to remember that much like speakers should they truly are rather brand new you ought to devote them of the essential breakin period as a way to reach their summit performance. Ordinarily that phase is all about 100 hrs so as to ensure the way they may seem later.


In our speakers installations we now make use of exactly the exact same 4.0 channels audio installation the moment it includes movies examining. We try so as a way to learn how very good the speakers may do whenever there’s not any centre channel or subwoofer like that it truly is much easier to tell apart both the speaker’s strengths and flaws. But, to the music screening we all switch to a pristine 2.0 channel installment since this could be the more powerful configuration for a lot of music purists. Thus without delay we create the vital calibrations together with all our Onkyo AV receiver and also move with all this analyzing process.


For its flagship speakers of this show we all required to really go loudly therefore the greater prospect to carry our 4K UHD of Saving Private Ryan together with it has entirely flooring Dolby Atmos solid mixture. We’d reviewed that the launching scene with all the landing of Allied troopers on Omaha beach a great number of days earlier and less or more we realized this spectacle may provide regarding agility, imaging and general immersion. Of course the deficiency of this subwoofer is surely diminishing the total impact we’re becoming but that is actually the purpose even as we all had to comprehend the way poor and also punchy the KEF Q950s might function such a circumstance.

We commence we that the allied ships cutting the waves since they approach the artillery battered beach and out of the beginning the KEF Q950s gave us a concept about exactly what we all have to count on from these. The maritime ship motors were fighting to shove on the metallic hulls throughout the drinking water whereas splashes ended up traveling all across the region. The very front channels did a marvelous job in offering the total demonstration a exact raw and natural feel without even repainting in power or detail.

After the ships reach the beach along with front doors start just a rain of machine gun firing torn front of American troops and also the KEF Q950s moved to over drive inside their own attempt to provide exactly the spectacle together with induce and also the suitable strength. That moment front soundstage genuinely exploded front people along with it has bounds enlarging much past the real existence of front speakers. You might sense out of in which the bullets at which coming in the much space whereas both leading channels did a superb career with directionality and channel accuracy.


Having no centre speaker failed to impact the total system’s performance when conversation arrived to drama since both leading floorstanders did a fantastic job in hiding this omission. Dialogue felt as though it had been coming from the middle and also the KEF Q950s by no means believed to be worried about having to pay another speaker. Dialogue was generally very clear and different and if we suppose together with the guts speaker you’d become marginally additional quantity and thickness in the centre we’ve never believed we overlooked it. Fantastic project about the KEF Q950s with this respect.

However, the speakers combined well with all our encompasses supplying us an incredible surround encounter. Channel shifting felt accurate also importantly, even though glancing out of front towards the encompasses had been done incredibly effortlessly with no perceptible dead-zones. Even the KEF Q950s are speakers within this respect and you also ought to have no issue pairing them together with any sort of speakers.

The KEF Q950 in-general astounded people with their own faith and noise definition. All these really are potent speakers nevertheless they tend not to just seem loudly since they would rather supply you with a lot of particulars along with also the type of multi-layered audio that generates an even stronger performance. Mid range felt area on with fantastic equilibrium and tons of hands whether the high-end never sensed over powered or bothering. This had been only about the way that it ought to really be.

On the very low end ordinarily most speakers collapse kind and for this main reason we proceed for devoted sub-woofers. However, the KEF Q950 did figure out how to offer a exact commendable results if maybe not on level in everything a sub-woofer provides. Even the floorstanders may manage to move heavy and maintain exactly the bass clean without even overshadowing the remainder of the activity. Perhaps it doesn’t possibly be the chest pumping performance that a number of sub-woofers may provide you for a installment which will be certainly without the KEF Q950s may pay for such a part and also maintain a straight face.

The bass turned into a exact organic tone for it without sensed helpless whilst it gave the remaining part of the performance that the mandatory energy base for several of your additional frequencies to be created. If all these will achieve that good with out a sub-woofer comprising you will undoubtedly offer the KEF Q950s that the essential freedom to get a remarkable performance all around.

The exact very same sort of behavior we now watched throughout the previous spectacle we all tried with all the fight of Ramelle. This landscape stipulates a number of precisely the very same qualities however in an infinitely longer restriction atmosphere. After the German Tiger tanks had been approaching you might truly feel that the uneasiness inside the view of the troopers whilst the moan about them commenced to shake as the uneaten container monitors might possibly be heard at the length.

Every thing out of explosions to rifle flame into particles falling all around over the region sensed very raw and realistic without repainting some one of these detailing or texturing. Dialogue was rather evident and different through all of this mayhem and also there were still things we forgot we’d no centre channel attached in this evaluation. Complete an wonderful encounter along with also the KEF Q950 did figure out how to offer us a lot of move round if we had been just with a half-baked encompass system. Having a centre channel and a subwoofer we are able to envision their performance might go beyond and above.

For another picture because we’d like to complete in our evaluations we all chose several scenes out of your Lord of the Potter films and also with this particular 1 exclusively we travelled to both Towers which features an remarkable dtshd learn Audio course that’s most likely the most useful we have experienced by the Kinect arrangement thus considerably.

The spectacle we travelled is the siege of Helm’s Deep as 10 million uruk-hai are storming that the store. Exactly what an remarkable adventure did that the KEF Q950s were able to give . In all honesty it is quite tough to clarify how excellent that which seemed as probably we’ll don’t produce these more justice. Leading soundstage has been strong, grand with depth that was amazing. There wasn’t really a second time at which we believed the the fronts failed to communicate the effective power of each spectacle.

If Saruman’s military is approaching the Maintain’s partitions you may truly feel that the frightening screams of this uruk-hai whilst their spears and protects deliver you a good concept about exactly what will be forthcoming. Even the siege scene consult to get a grand performance and also the KEF Q950s can virtually burst the magnitude of this noise wall at front folks at each of 3 axis. Every thing felt really much additional entire and colorful and there’s really much detailing which create such a solid combination much more realistic and also the speakers had been not scared to attract forth these.

Yet we believed the mid century has been balanced whilst the frequencies needed the essential clarity, detail and resolution which left them seem perfect for your own ears. The bass guitar proved to be decent with all the speakers reaching at the very low conclusion with decent hands whether it felt just like overshadowing the fine details which were thus essential such a performance.


However, the KEF Q950s aren’t just fine with such loud and strong scenes. In arenas such as from the Fangorn Forrest, where by environmental and ambiance audio performs a major part so as to supply you with exactly the essential immersion, so the speakers were shown to become exemplary handlers if finesse and delicacy has been demanded. Modest bugs traveling at the atmosphere, the leaves of these trees since they proceed using the end, the continuation of the hobbits since they stroll throughout the woods that every thing has been left with precision and also higher res.

Final there isn’t much longer to state regarding the KEF Q950s which we haven’t mentioned above. The speakers really are excellent of course in the event that you wish to find an exemplary acting couple of floorstanding speakers which are both elegant and powerful that the KEF Q950 match the bill well.


But no evaluation is whole when we mightn’t decide to try any music on those too therefore as consistently we chose some FLAC data files we streamed during our Onkyo AV receiver to receive its optimal/optimally quality potential. With this particular evaluation we switched into your pristine 2.0 channels set up with just both KEF Q950 speakers attached. After the essential re-calibrations we’re ready to get several songs and rhythms.

When there’s a single item that these speakers may supply in spades is clarity and detailed audio. If you’re searching to get a set up which could collapse in the hi-fi category afterward your KEF Q950s could perform that only nice and devoid of definitely going tremendously forward by using their own price. The speakers may punch as a result of various layers generating really a profound performance with finer facts getting inserted in most instant.

Still another strong purpose these was a especial audio imaging potential. This had been quite simple in this evaluation to stabilize where each musical tool has been discovered from providing you with a much more sensible awareness of their music stage. Stereo panning consequences had been exceptionally accurate with higher accuracy whilst at overall those speakers aren’t scared to really go at the top of the amount without even repainting some one of these ethics or equilibrium. The cupboard certainly not sensed stressed with the elevated volume and also no more perceptible distortions exist.

The mid century was that the optimal/optimally close friend of this KEF Q950s because we all believed they’d absolute controller and would be the very optimal/optimally portion of this text between your elevated conclusion of their lows. The highs felt residing with astonishing refinement whilst they tired our ears created ear distress we had noticed in another very similar speakers.

The very low end result was intense and deep however not overshadowed the remaining part of the frequencies and also given the superb background for the remainder of the performance. Despite some tougher rhythms that the KEF Q950s by no means believed to battle the bass preserving a restricted hands along with cohesive effect which has been very intriguing and striking.


Ordinarily inside our music evaluation we now strive various sorts of music such as jazz, rock, classical and electronic one of the others to determine whether the speakers favor distinct music on the others however in those we did strive outside we never even believed that a few were far a lot better compared to some others. Even the KEF Q950 may be the type of speaker which may do ingeniously regardless of what music you toss it. For a skilled maestro with got the knowledge and capacity to supply you with an unforgettable acoustic adventure in order should you prefer control, power and finer specifics afterward all these should truly be added into a own list.

Final Thoughts

We have reached the conclusion of the review along with together with all the Q950s KEF has achieved a superb job in generating a floorstanding speaker with each of the traits of the hi-fi speaker minus the should devote a lot of money about it. Even the Q-Series might function as absolutely the absolute most high-end show KEF supplies nevertheless out of their behavior you are going to know the reason why this sequence has gotten so powerful through recent years who have existed around for sale.

Some-times offering a lot more unique designs does not mean far better appearances and also the KEF Q950 does adhere to exactly the alternative path by supplying a design which is really as easy as it receives although at an identical period it’s a thing which can make them amazing seeking and that probably needs related to the expression of the remarkable UniQ driver selection together side the remaining 200mm motorists. Cabinet caliber is really substantial, that the outrigger ft appear excellent while attentive preparation to the design stage has caused the motorists usedto extend the KEF Q950 the essential components to carry out thus remarkable.

With incredibly controlled mid century, exceptionally detailed but not over-exciting highs and deep lows that the speakers were able to amaze us together with every noise and each and every rhythm by using their clarity, substantial quality details, exemplary natural touch along with normal tones.

To be fair there aren’t any apparent drawbacks to those speakers. Demonstrably it’s possible to get improved entire sound however in our view you might have to proceed much much greater compared to those to receive any significant gap. The speakers really are pretty massive in order that they may possibly perhaps not be described as a excellent match for more compact areas whilst using just two shade options that there isn’t much choice to be left out there. Additionally the grilles are acquired independently but we cannot believe you’d want them with all an grilles on. However, as many speakers offer you them with we believe this a little omission. Last but most certainly not least those speakers require considerable of electrical power so as to provide you that their summit performance therefore be certain to make use of the proper audio gear which provides them with the chance to offer you exactly what they’re competent of.

Final that which we are able to declare is the fact that in the event that you wish to find a fantastic high quality speaker on the home theater or music installment that unites all of the traits of expensive speakers however at an even cheaper price that the KEF Q950 certainly are a terrific choice plus the one which is going to provide you hundreds of hours of acoustic guitar. Highly suggested.

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