KEF Q550 Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

KEF Q550 Review













  • Omnidirectional
  • Ideal for either movies or music
  • Amazing performance


  • Not the cheapest in this category
  • They lack a bit in large spaces
  • Bass not very strong

We found fun as it found examine out a couple of KEF speakers along with never have analyzed one among these floorstanding speakers the Q500, we’ve just excellent words to say concerning these. Moving in to the 8th iteration of a few of these most widely used lineup, even the Q show, contains a whole lot going for this. KEF has comprised 2 bookshelfs, both the Q150 along with Q350, 3 floorstanders, both the KEF Q550, Q750 along with Q950, also a core speaker, both the Q650c along with also a Dolby Atmos module, also both the Q50a and therefore completing the string featuring all of the essential kind of speakers so as to encourage any sort of house theatre installment. Even the Q-Series does not provide a certain sub-woofer but anxiety less KEF comes with a wonderful scope of sub-woofers which will pair using all of those other Q speakers.

With this brand new launch KEF generated a improved UniQ driver selection, redesigned the cupboard along with added slick new endings inside their effort to enhance up on an already excellent design equally acoustically but also overwhelmingly.

Now we’ll be reviewing a few of the floorstanders, namely the KEF Q550 which could be the tiniest floorstander from this collection. After reviewed the prior variation with this version, the Q500 to become precise, we’re interested to observe whether the changes which KEF manufactured complete into the Q show has influenced the high quality and performance in virtually any purposeful manner. Therefore let us go using all our KEF Q550 review to find out what these delightful small floorstanders need to offer you.

Design, Inputs and Features

First thing first issue which catches your awareness for those who should compare those with all the prior version from the show is really the fact that the KEF Q550 is almost precisely the exact same in weight and size which makes them streamlined , some thing which may be quite a deciding variable in the event the distance that you wish to set them will be slightly restricting. Measuring 926mm (36.45 inches) x 299mm (11.77 inches) x 310mm (12.20 inches) together with the rubberized feet comprised and also a burden of 14.5kg (32 pounds ) that the KEF Q550 includes a rather bare and dull box-shaped design specially in the event that you’ve the grills around since they pay the complete front of their speakers. ) Even the KEF emblem towards the very top could be the sole part that brakes this specific monochrome monotony at front.

KEF-Q550-cabinetThe KEF Q550 includes a redesigned cupboard and KEF has chosen to set the UniQ motorist at a closed vessel. In this manner in which force onto your UniQ midsize cone has been paid off as a result of this closed midsize cabinet farther accentuating bass and clarity . In addition, removing this DC blocking capacitor in your mid-bass motorist led in farther advancing midsize bass and clarity roll off between your motorists.

Taking away the whole frontal grill we all have been posed using exactly what really is your emphasize of this KEF Q550. Aluminum UniQ driver comprising the 25mm tweeter at the acoustic middle of this mid sized cone along with this’tangerine’ wave-guide across the tweeter terrace produce a broader, more sound dispersion plus also a accurate threedimensional noise picture. Further developments to this design come with a damped tweeter loading tube which enhances the gliding performance along with also a low-distortion inductor around the crossover which in line with KEF guarantees to offer you an even far more transparent bass reaction.

Underneath the UniQ motorist we now locate that a 130mm (5.25in.) Aluminium lowfrequency motorist which features a bigger cone shaped arrangement to improved mid performance performance, a fresh spider suspension machine as a way to generate cleaner bass in high amounts and also a bigger roster encircle as a way to decrease the distortion in higher sound pressure ranges. Aluminium ABRs also have been enriched using a bigger roster encircle and also a rubberized suspension which KEF asserts to become a lot better compared to cloth and also could cause thicker and thicker performance.

Even the Q string speakers have been coated using a nice lace finish in white or black as the motorists arrive at an identical color since the cupboard. The whole frontal grills could be invisibly attached to the speakers if you prefer to cover up or guard the motorists whereas the ft (plinths) utilize height-adjustable spikes for simple balancing uneven flooring. The high-quality goldplated terminals in the trunk might acknowledge bare wires or any sort of sausage.

Even the KEF Q550 motorist range comes with an increased response to 58Hz — 28kHz, also a greatest output of 110dB using 87dB density along with 8 Ohms impedance.

Design-wise KEF is via a great deal of hard work to be able to take to and improve up on an already glorious design. By natural means making an already amazing design is a difficult endeavor . however, it appears that by some means KEF has uncovered means to earn modest changes that could make an better acoustic outcome.


Much like speakers analyzing we moved via our standard calibration later linking the KEF Q550s into your Onkyo AV receiver and also positioning them so in our region. Donating some breathing distance round the speakers will be obviously preferable in case a neighborhood enables this using KEF indicating to go away least 20cm in your straight back and approximately 1m in your surfaces of the speakers to get far better performance.



In our record to get analyzing could not be different than the 4K UHD disk of Saving Private Ryan together with it has astonishing Dolby Atmos trail and of class we checked that the opening scene with all an Allied Forces landing the beaches of Normandy. First thing we instantly noticed is that the sum of precision and also answer we all got out of speakers. This landscape includes lots of modest acoustic features with all the KEF Q550 having the capability to replicate them reliably creating really a very sound-stage which you need to have to your own.

KEF-Q550-reviewSplashes of plain water the sea motors roaring and also the military gears onto the troopers were all put around at the foreground whilst artillery shells bursting onto the desktop generated an menacing atmosphere. If they reach the beach and also the doorways open hell breaks loose over the monitor although also the KEF Q550s maintain a straight experience by copying all noises using an remarkable controller and attention. Explosions and machine gun firing shoot centre period and whether they’re definitely the most notable factors acoustically the not reevaluate the conversation along with the remainder of the impacts.

For the next evaluation we travelled to the Kinect disk of this Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King together with it is astonishing orchestrated Dtshd Grasp Audio Monitor. We jumped forward into this siege of Minas Tirith by the present time that the Rohirim ruin Sauron’s military. The speakers yet more were able to abandon us short of astounded. Clarity and dynamics had been high notch, frequency-response has been excellent and sound texturing incredibly persuasive.

Every thing out of your trolls flying the people, the Fell beasts yelling since they fly over town along with the metallic protects and firearms sprinkled throughout the conflict every sound part is replicated masterfully developing really a immersive atmosphere.


Closing our picture studying we desired to express having analyzed the prior iteration with this version just lately, ” the Q500we were impressed by it’s performance but KEF was able to produce enough developments with all the brand new KEF Q550 to cause them to become better. The changes inside the acoustic response may possibly perhaps not be striking however they truly are still there if delicate.

Even the KEF Q550 are speakers and also certainly will boost the attribute of almost any dwelling theatre however based on the magnitude of one’s room that they can lack somewhat. Iff that’s the event that the Q750 will absolutely enhance this however in case a region at which you can use these will be relatively tiny then you definitely haven’t a thing to be worried about. KEF once-again established us they are thought of such a premium excellent brandnew.


Improving our picture analyzing we picked our reputable array of FLAC music monitors at enough opportunity to examine a few music has arrived. In the event the speakers really are brand new it may possibly simply take some managing time till they are able to reach peak performance also in that time period you may possibly truly feel that the speakers but going for the essential time and energy to bend their muscle tissues is to get certain benefit you in the long run.

We’re impressed with all the musicality in these predecessors and boy did we knowledge yet more an remarkable performance in your KEF Q550s. To begin most what KEF asserts in regards to the omni-directional capacities of these speakers generally seems to become authentic because we all attempted numerous positions and also we did not feel as though we’re loosing any such thing in frequency or depth reaction creating the speakers excellent when sitting onto the candy area isn’t just a specified on your circumstance.


Bass has been decent rather than socialized with all the remainder of the musical instruments but we’d prefer it to really have somewhat more punch. We feel going to your larger Q750 will change up on that however in case you are unable to afford this the KEF Q550s will suffice. The speakers may provide you with a exact great awareness of tools positioning since they were able to replicate each noise independently with fresh textures and unbelievable resolution even when you drive the quantity higher degrees some thing striking because of such somewhat tiny floorstanders.

Complete if music is something remaining ensured the KEF Q550 will meet all of your requirements and some together with their persuasive performance whatever the sort of music you would like.

Final Thoughts

Even the KEF Q550 a section of why KEF’s new Q show and also these tiny floorstanders do not cease to amaze with their performance. Their dimension mightn’t create sure they are ideal to large residence entertainment chambers except because of longer streamlined spaces such as living-rooms or even little to moderate press rooms they are really going to excel and supply the type of performance which could really amaze you into you are a picture or music enthusiast.


Small advancements in the design in contrast to it’s predecessor may possibly perhaps not lead to enormous acoustic transitions however also for those searching the finest inside this measurement and budget vary afterward your KEF Q550 can be just a rather excellent speaker to think about. Great midsize, lively highs and restricted temptations create the KEF Q550 a fantastic general floorstanding speaker which will give you hundreds of hours of natural joy. Highly suggested.

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