KEF Q500 Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

KEF Q500 Review













  • Outstanding highs
  • Nice mid-range balance
  • Great performance


  • Not very cheap
  • They may lack a bit in large spaces
  • Bass is a bit on the low side

KEF was at the forefront of loundspeaker and home theatre technologies for quite a while today having established several remarkable models through recent several years whilst their proprietary UniQ technology they have now been using inside their own speakers out of since 1988 and contains always improved ever since in order to give the fundamental technical method to supply the kind of noise quality which individuals have been utilized to purchase out of these.

Even the KEF Q show is really a line up of floorstanding speakers which reveal all characteristics of KEF’s excellence and attention to detail since these certainly were made for each music and movies at heart as a way to supply one of the most realistic and accurate audio imaging possible. The line up includes three distinct models you start using all the KEF Q500 whilst the majority of those, ” the Q700 and the Q900 whilst the topdog from the collection. Inside this short article we’ll be going for a peek in the bigger the 3 plus we’ll ascertain whether it’s each of the traits KEF are advertisements and also therefore are therefore pleased of to their Q-Series.

Design, Inputs and Features

(917 x 295 x 312 mm) together with all the added plinth and excess weight 33.1 pounds (15kg) showcasing a somewhat compact and very low profile which helps make them very versatile as it regards positioning them to a own media or house entertainment place. Initially appearance and also with all the grills they don’t really search much since they maintain a exact uncomplicated box-type design with sharp corners along with also with the KEF emblem around front supplying us an thought about exactly what things to anticipate.

The chassis of these speakers is constructed from die cast aluminum which further finds the high-performance vented magnet gathering to help stop unwelcome ozone whereas the enclosure features inner infantry to expel resonance and based to KEF present 30 percent higher quantity in contrast with their own extremities. Along with this 50mm voice coil which provides improved power management and also the focused front-firing auxiliary bass residues (ABRs) that the KEF Q500 handles to supply more and deeper exact bass than before.


Nevertheless, the actual highlight of this KEF Q500 speakers is based onto it has fresh UniQ range composed of just one 130mm (5.25in.) Aluminium ABRs for improved bass response whilst in the very top of these people find just one 25mm (1in.) Vented aluminum ribbon to its frequencies and it is founded upon the advanced HF motorist formulated for its style Blade.

Even the LF/MF motorists comprise quite light aluminum beams for faster and better answer whilst KEF used a more particular encircle they predict Z Flex which enables for far better noise dispersion in your tweeter in addition to better electrical power by both motorists.

Even the tweeter features a vented design with all the terrace gathering braced with it’s’tangerine’ wave-guide across the terrace it implies excellent dispersion in distance which implies no more you want to sit down at the”candy” area to receive the finest possible results and everybody in the space will take pleasure in precisely the exact same audio quality irrespective of the position.


Even the UniQ drivers range offer the KEF Q500 speakers per frequency response of 40Hz — 40kHz, also a greatest output of 110dB using 87dB sensitivity along with 8 Ohms impedance.

However, we receive goldplated bi-wire terminals along with exactly what we enjoyed very much was KEF has comprised a hyperlink mechanism so as to connect/disconnect the springs rather than using conventional outside high quality bars. Merely by turning the knobs involving the adapters you may link/unlink them generating matters much simpler.

The cupboard is created from recycled timber fiber in the event that you’re troubled about the environmental surroundings plus KEF has comprised top-turnable, flexible spikes for simple calibration revealing just how much consideration was placed for much the smallest amount of facts.

The speakers arrive in 3 distinct shades to choose from using Black Oak, English Cherry or Western Walnut the ones that are available.


We joined a set of KEF Q500 speakers into your Onkyo av receiver and also positioned that the speakers in order that they are able to have any breathing distance . After calibrating these to maintain equilibrium with all the remainder of the device we’re ready to our picture screening.


For the very first seeing we chose that the 4K UHD launch of Saving Private Ryan. The Kinect disk experienced an wonderful dtshd learn Audio monitor along with all the 4K disk we now get yourself a Dolby Atmos trail which chooses all out of it’s predecessor and expands it further rendering it ideal for checking from the KEF Q500s.


And there’s not any additional spectacle to watch in the picture besides the landing of the Allied powers on Omaha beach. By the very first minutes the KEF Q500 revealed their tooth sound details such as drinking water splashes and desktop artillery explosions whereas the sea motors are pushing the metallic ships involving the German protection point.

However, as soon as they reach the beach along with front doors available is at which in fact the KEF Q500 reveal their excellence. It truly is maybe not they could produce this loudness taking place but they are re creating every noise. There’s really much advice in this landscape that lots of times you’re lost in most of this audio cacophony. Even the KEF Q500s can regulate all of this logically by having the ability to offer so much as the tiniest of facts. German machine guns create a exact trumping noise when shooting whilst the characteristic of allied empty celebrities have been far simpler than . Bullets hitting on the sea ships along with the container hedgehogs are noticed with top-notch, outstanding impact whilst artillery explosions about the beach texture threatening and a lot more concrete than.


Generally the speakers were able to manually replicate reliably all little details which the audio course furnished. Either or not it’s rain falls, the container monitors scratching since they approach from the exact distance from the climatic conflict of Ramelle and also so the very low artillery beating at the exact distance that the sound-stage sensed significantly more enlarged and certainly outlined.

The 2nd picture we chose is all time favorite Kinect disk of this Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King together with it has astonishing orchestrated dtshd learn Audio monitor. And exactly what better spectacle to better decide to try compared to siege of Minas Tirith using trolls vibration the bottom, metallic clashing onto the guards and armors of this trolls as you notice the ominous shout of this Fell beasts traveling over the town because what’s surrounded with the astonishing orchestrated motif of Howard Shore. Even the KEF Q500 managed to throw right onto the Pelennor Fields together with all the Sauron military challenging the previous protector of guys. Awesome performance and produce an exceptional audio monitor seem more living.

Closing that section we all might be happy by everything we discovered. Even the KEF Q500 are all excellent actors with restricted mid sized and pleasing highs. The bass could possibly be missing somewhat but should you’re planning to make use of these for movies then most likely you might use a subwoofer to assist with this it’s perhaps not just a huge thing. For just about any severe home entertainment admirer these speakers needs to really be an account.


For the music examining we utilized a collection of FLAC music monitors with assorted rhythms and songs so as to maintain the behaviour of their KEF Q500 speakers. That which was immediately evident was that the emotion and affect of these frequencies rendering it simple to tell apart each musical tool all through the point even though vocals separated out of the remainder of the noises together with top-notch, outstanding accuracy.


The bass was a little tender because of the tastes of course should request longer you may probably need to pick your Q700 or even Q900 although it lacked a little bit in quantity it had been solid and also welldefined. Mid range felt well balanced and managed to bridge both the highs and lows .

Dynamic alterations were amazing whilst the speakers were able to maintain handle through most of the lively selection. At high quantities that the cabinets were so hardy with no perceptible stimulation which suggests that the amazing job KEF failed throughout fabrication. Fantastic excellent brinks amazing performance and also this is true here.

Final Thoughts

KEF may possibly have upgraded their Q show, with all the more modern Q550, Q750 along with Q950 versions currently being a portion of these present line up, however, the KEF Q500 continues to be an remarkable speaker which has the capability to create fantastic audio.


Quality shrewd KEF has included every one of these tiny touches which reveal just how much that they listen to facts whilst keeping exactly the substances and technology within the cupboard thoroughly selected as a way to make the most effective acoustic outcome possible within this budget range which may possibly perhaps not be cheap. However, it worth every penny. The speakers require a while time till they may provide you that their summit performance but the moment they perform, once commonly about one hundred hours, then you may delight in every moment of those. We did with all the KEF Q500 becoming our greatest advice.

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