JVC DLA-NX7 Review | 4K D-ILA Projector

JVC DLA-NX7 Review


Native Resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Native 4K resolution and strikingly sharp focus
  • Outstanding black level and contrast
  • Effective Auto and Frame Adapt Tone-Mapping for HDR
  • Extensive picture adjustment menus
  • Quieter than last-gen JVC projectors


  • Some sacrifice in black floor/contrast compared with last-gen JVCs
  • Poorly designed remote control

When there’s a single company that’s joined with their title with a few of the most large performing and superior projectors that can be found on the marketplace which would-be JVC in terms of years that they certainly were producing versions which might perhaps not be cheap for most nevertheless they offered a number of the optimal/optimally value and performance one of commercially-available projectors.

However, this indicates that slowly and gradually a change is now happening as JVC’s very last line up of projectors are still provide high performance but using greater cheap prices in the event that you believe that every one are indigenous 4K in comparison to native indigenous 4K in addition to e-shifting versions provided by these. The most recent line up is made from essentially the most economical DLA-NX5, the centre grade JVC DLA-NX7 along with also the cream of this harvest DLA-NX9 which really is actually a monster 8-K E Shifter, the 1st of it’s sort. Now we’ll take a closer look into the centre tier NX7 and whether it includes a high £ 8,000 pricetag whenever you believe we have been referring to a indigenous 4K JVC projector stuff have a tendency to turn into more interesting.

Does it really caliber and performance warrant thisunreachable for a lot price tag and what precisely sort of developments do people see in 2013 in comparison to this previous designs. That which is going to be replied here inside our JVC DLA-NX7 review.

Design of JVC DLA-NX7

Earlier we discuss the projector’s design we have to describe it truly is seeing since this indicates this model includes with a couple of unique titles which could confound significantly more than just a couple users. This version while in the usa market place is referred to while the JVC DLA-NX7 whilst at the European industry includes exactly the same DLA-N7B naming. However, you might even believe it is RS2000 which could be that the Reference sequence pruning of the version.

Ostensibly it appears there are just two branches which sell those versions, the JVC Guru branch that sells the RS2000 along with also the JVC purchaser branch that sells the JVC DLA-NX7 along with DLA-N7B versions. The single means to tell apart both would be the RS2000 one particular is sold with a golden cut ring round the lens whereas both are in a silver ring. Specs are just the exact same are that their performances so that you must not stress which to choose whether it takes place one to come across these two. Naturally which usually means their selling price ought to be exactly the exact same therefore avoid being duped when some one attempts to offer one of those 2 in a greater selling price by asserting which is far better compared to every other.

We rid the design con Fusion Let us see that which we get for this specific glorious projector. To begin this past year JVC has generated higher than just a couple changes together with the total size rising drastically in comparison to past types. Even the DLA-N7X can be really a little monster projector since it looks like the brand new hardware utilised required that the total growth in dimension. The projector actions 19-3/4 x 9-1/4 x 19-1/2 (500 x 2 3 4 x 495mm) and weights 43.56 pounds. (19.8 kilogram ) which helps it be among those primary projectors we’ve analyzed so much of course, if you’re looking for it be certain to might have the essential distance to set it. It is well known to get big websites rooms and home theatres since it has size may create positioning in little are as quite debatable.


Even the NX7 comes with a quite straightforward design along with it has matte dark finish along with curvy corners and during overall it’s a specified”huge blackbox” sense for it it’s just one of those examples which less will be way better since we all enjoyed very much exactly what we watched. At front we receive exactly the lens lifeless centre whilst to the best of these we view that the IR detector. In the sides are just two enormous air vents and if we ended up a little bit fearful there may be a few mild congestion happily we did not observe some. Previously mentioned the IR detector we now detect three sign lights while still towards the most effective we now aren’t getting whatever else apart than some logos.

In the trunk we now locate that a couple additional huge air vents which in combination with front ones keep the warmth in low degrees. There’s also an assortment of navigation and control buttons over the most suitable air compressor while directly close for these is really a next IR detector to that distant. At the remaining controller switches we all capture all of the straps which we’re going to test a little farther down this informative article as the projector is sold with 4 flexible feet so as to certainly rip it incase that you wish to manually put it onto a household furniture.

Let us talk a little bit about your lens. Even the JVC DLA-NX7 includes a 17-element, 15-group all-glass 65 mm diameter high entirely retractable lens designed by JVC to supply unbelievably sharp graphics. This lens now offers 2x zoom, a 1.4 to 2.8 toss ratio together with a exact excellent ±80% perpendicular and ±3 4% flat lens transfer offering us a lot of liberty throughout calibration. The lens transfer you’ve got the additional you may shift the picture without even the should proceed to the projector which can be extremely helpful when you think it has tremendous dimensions. Regrettably whilst we capture front-facing lens there’s not any detachable lens cap which implies we just get yourself a vinyl lens cap which might be quite bothersome setting it off all of the moment; point.

Even the JVC DLA-NX7 can be really a rather silent projector as in lower light manner we quantified that a very low 21db sitting down two meters (roughly 6.5 ft ) far from this. In substantial gloss style sounds went to 29db which can be still lesser compared to some other projectors we’d analyzed just lately. Presenting such reduced sound performance comes out of the larger chassis which JVC useful for its NX7 whilst additionally being fully a indigenous 4K projector usually means there isn’t any pixel altering technology utilized right here which will make excess noise. We all admit we’re tiny noise sensitive and painful by stating the JVC DLA-NX7 made available us a more pleasing and silent experience usually means lots of.

The projector includes a 265 watt NSH lamp using JVC evaluation it in 4,500 hrs at non style which will be less or more expected lamp lifetime we now capture in most projector’s non placing. We’ve found improved yet we’ve observed worse too and we all believe you to function as typical thus no complaints .

Regarding that distant we now get, JVC has opted to redesign the entire item and also usually the main one that we saw with all the JVC DLA-NX7 is more smaller easier to work with with a hand although it’s a particular superior appearance for this which suits the projector’s high priced temperament. Buttons are huge adequate whilst the overall design is much superior. There’s additionally a back light work having a huge lighting button placed in the end centre rendering it rather simple to discover and presson. The back light illuminates the switches instead of their buttons supplying it a very wonderful influence. Over all very excellent design and caliber also it looks like JVC has delivered .

You can find no integral speakers available right here and also this ought to be thought of a specified as using such a enormous size freedom is almost zero. The projector is supposed to be set in a particular location and also be abandoned so with builtin speakers would not be vital. In the event you’d like freedom you can find different alternatives to take into account whilst the JVC DLA-NX7 is ideal for that which it had been designed to complete. In order abandoned at house entertainment place and allow it to perform it’s magical.

Video Quality

Technology used In JVC DLA-NX7

Even the JVC DLA-NX7 can be just a indigenous 4K projector significance it may screen the complete 4K (4096 x 2160) sign with no necessity for absolutely any elaborate pixel changing tech. What’s well worth mentioning is that the hardware concealing below the hood since JVC has built with the NX7 using all these brand new third creation 0.69 inch D-ILA chips which can be designed for producing the complete 4K resolution picture (4096 x 2160). Like a consequence, due to the fact most 4K UHD articles has been left at 3840 x 2160 resolution, then you are going to be receiving black bars in the right and left of this picture which signifies you need todo a little bit of calibration to receive all of the image in your own display screen.

But enhancements to the JVC DLA-NX7 do not cease there since JVC in addition has improved manage across the lensused a fresh design because of it has gentle engine also forced fresh developments for the applications just like the newest car Tone Mapping characteristic so as to boost in overall the total sharpness, brightness and contrast and so supplying us a greater image around preceding types.

4K UHD / HDR Content

The picture we chose to take to with all the projector proved to be that the 4K UHD edition of Pacific Rim: up rising which features loads of scenes, both equally glowing and vibrant however even darker ones, so as a way to check the many different strengths and flaws of this NX7. The outcome? In 1 term, magnificent. The quantity of detail and clarity had been throughout the roofing whereas colors had been still popping out at most framework leaving us in amazement inspiring.

Even the number of precisely the character’s skin, clothing stripes and metallic armors ended up throughout the roofing and a few of the most useful we all have observed thus far. Pixel altering may possibly come quite a ways but appearing as of this indigenous 4K projector is much similar to a sin.

So far as HDR service that the JVC DLA-NX7 supports both the HDR 10 which could be the fundamental to get UHD play-back along with HLG which will be employed for broadcasting. 1 thing that we ought to find out up to HDR can be involved is the fact that brand new this past year may be your addition of Automobile Tone Mapping. Generally of those flaws of projectors would be your capacity to produce very glowing graphics where by HDR requirements it. This, often occasions, contributes to revealing a graphic that’s much darker than that which exactly is supposed to function as. This comes Car Tone Mapping and exactly what this can is it reads that the inactive HDR meta data of their material currently being exhibited and corrects the picture preferences of this projector in line with the maximum and ordinary lighting options of this video so as presenting a much superior complete picture.


Wanting this out demonstrated tremendously fantastic consequences with all the projector operating to stability the HDR picture but there’s additionally a catch . After the projector has the capability to learn the HDR meta data of these material currently being shown then you’re fine. The issue is the fact that lots of situations that isn’t true with all the projector not automatically knowing that the maximum and normal brightness preferences it does not have any solution to employ the T One adjuster for it which renders one of an individual to manually fix it manually based on this material’s 1000 or even 4,000 nits standard. Somewhat experimentation is desired inside this respect plus it is really a pity this feature doesn’t necessarily do the job as if it really does it wonders.

Last but most certainly not least the JVC DLA-NX7 supports automobile HDR switching the moment it finds an proper signal therefore that you do not need to switch into a certain HDR mode which can be quite convenient in the event that you’re watching plenty of HDR articles.

Full HD / SDR / 3D Content

This projector resides and breathes for 4K articles . however, in addition, it gets got the capability to market lower settlement up content to 4K. We attempted some couple blu ray disks together with a few of those currently being Oblivion which, thanks to it has visual type that supplies a exact tidy, almost sterile, appearance and also the consequent picture was great. Tough blacks, fantastic shadow depth, quite rich colours and unique clarity are a number of it has strongpoints which makes your high-resolution material like it could possibly capture. Most UHD gamers cando very excellent 4K up-scaling and acquiring such a projector possibly usually means you are going to undoubtedly be accompanying it using you however if it takes one to possess a old disk player who does not have any up-scaling that the JVC DLA-NX7 is going to perform exactly the job only nice.

3 d could possibly be fine as useless as it regards brand new television designs but even now resides on several new projectors being released using JVC DLA-NX7 staying among . Nevertheless, as it works by using busy 3 d glasses you’ll should obtain that the 3 d Synch Emitter which comes separately together side all the eyeglasses. 3 d performance was basically incredibly fantastic because we did not observe any crosstalk but with 3D content footprint requires a winner and demands a little bit of calibration till it’s possible to find some excellent outcomes. Since there aren’t any dedicated 3 d manners you need to make use of custom made preferences if seeing 3D articles some thing which may simply take you a little additional time for you to receive leads for your own satisfaction. However, while you perform exactly the ending 3 d effect is excellent with abundant dimensionality generating an general experience that is amazing.

Color Coverage

The projector confirms wide colour gamut and works by using a optical lighting filter to improve color coverage in the price of a brightness. By choosing the BT.2020 coloration profile that our dimensions revealed 99 percent policy of this DCI P3 coloration space whilst over the longer enlarged Re C.2020 coloration space policy reached 72 percent which can be quite nice and leads from the broadly speaking unique colors we’ve seen throughout our screening.

Brightness / Picture Settings

JVC DLA-NX7 is ranked being a 1,900 lumens projector even though this could look somewhat minimal considering that we have been speaking of A-HDR projector a easy number similar to that will not disclose the total reality. All of us might have observed much cheaper projectors supplying much additional shine theory but you can find a number of elements that result in the actual brightness that a projector may reveal.

To start with of the JVC DLA-NX7 happens designed with 5 various Picture manners including Organic, Cinema, HDR 10, HLG and movie even though there’s also an assortment of 6 person styles as a way to store your valuable personal preferences. Regrettably there aren’t any particular ways for 3 d S O such material you may really have to produce a habit the one which will require somewhat of time. Once we discussed over the HDR 10 and also HLG manners will mechanically empower whenever they find the proper sign which may be quite sensible.

1 matter we tip out for our projector reviews is the fact that summit brightness is dependent upon many elements which our dimensions shouldn’t be accepted as being a specified amount. Various preferences, manners as well as marginally various lamp hrs may change those amounts consequently that our dimensions should just function like a reference level for contrast and not anything additional.

Throughout our testing we also found the JVC DLA-NX7 made available excellent out of the box performance therefore if you’re maybe not to much in to calibrations then you definitely need ton’t be worried whilst the settings offer very excellent image final results with top-notch, outstanding colour precision and ample brightness. Maximum brightness over the NX7 was quantified at 1560 lumens which can be enough for SDR articles whenever it’s adequate for HDR online video too.

We attempted different choices and measuring many distinct mixes we chose the most useful preferences for 1080p/SDR articles is to-use all-natural photo Mode using BT.709 coloration account, 6500K colour temperature, 2.2 gamma along with Dynamic Iris in Vehicle two. In terms of HDR information choosing the most HDR 10 graphic style combined side BT.2020 coloration profile also empowering the automobile Tone Mapping characteristic can be the absolute best starting place.

Black Levels / Contrast

The projector includes a 80,000:1 indigenous comparison and also a 800,000:1 lively contrast as a way to become in a position to give very profound black levels and fantastic slopes particulars. Actually the utmost comparison we could acquire was close to 65,000:1 indigenous and 200,000:1 lively which may possibly perhaps not be too large as promised . however, it’s still quite excellent.

The projector also includes a lively iris so as to boost distinction should you believe it’s also minimal for your own tastes. We attempted a couple of videos with all the energetic iris empowered and also we can mention it functioned pretty much but there certainly were only a couple examples you might see changes in gamma ranges . however, it wasn’t at some time out eventually become troubling therefore that we believed it’s really a quality you may utilize in the event that you’re in demand for longer comparison.

Input Lag

Input lag is sometimes described as a rather significant element for game enthusiasts and so we’re interested to observe the type of performance the NX7 could provide us. Testing demonstrated input lag to become 38ms on ordinary which will be neither exact bad or bad. We’ve observed projectors with much superior input lag just like any of those Sony types however wanting out somewhat of CallofDuty WW2 at our PS-4 showed very excellent reply despite such amounts. We ought to observe this number has been achieved as long as C.M.D. is switched off as allowing it even made that the input lag dropped to almost 100ms.

In addition, the projector affirms very low Lattency Mode when attached with equipment which likewise affirms this style just like consoles as a way to increase reaction time in rapid activity games some thing that’s truly critical for really serious players.

Motion Performance

JVC has also enhanced their movement interpolation applications which they predict C.M.D. (crystal clear Motion generate ) so as to show much less artifacts through rapid camera motions. C.M.D. operates alongside side Motion enrich which will be just another feature which is made to manage the forcing of these D-ILA panels in line with this movements of this picture which ends in much less movement blur. We’re quite happy about the consequent motion performance whilst the projector has been showing very blank graphics and despite a picture like Pacific Rim: up rising that’s lots of quick activity scenes it was able to stay blur completely free. The applications was upgraded to be able to now encourage 4K articles (4:4:4 chroma) in 60p. Fantastic perform from JVC inside this respect.

Inputs of JVC DLA-NX7

Connections prudent that which we buy together with all the JVC DLA-NX7 might be thought of just about ordinary. All links have been set at top left corner of their rear side and also appearing at them from left to right we receive yourself a 3 d sync interface you may utilize to join JVC’s different PK-EM2 3 d Synchro Emitter that communicates with 3d-glasses, two HDMI interfaces, an RS232c interface for command and controller, also a USB interface that’s just employed for firmware upgrades, an Ethernet interface for wired link into the world wide web and also a 12V activate interface.


Some thing which must be noticed is the fact that equally interfaces encourage HDCP 2.2 and therefore are 18Gbps competent which can be much more welcome since we’d seen most projectors from days gone by usage HDMI interfaces that may not encourage the essential bandwidth. What’s just about that which exactly is expected and also we usually do not locate anything elaborate here.

OS, Apps and Features

Installation isn’t especially difficult of course in the event that you obey the handbook instructions you are going to be ready to go at virtually no moment; point. Positioning the projector is done using the aid of their four flexible feet whereas the keystone lens and correction altering features supply far more freedom together with all the projector’s positioning. Just continue in your mind the Keystone correction really should not be utilised unless total mandatory since it may bring about decrease picture quality which you would like to prevent.

Powering up may be slow method whilst the projector normally takes almost an entire minute ahead of the very first D-ILA emblem. At-least HDMI hand shake was improved somewhat which was a larger problem together with preceding JVC projectors. Continuing for the menu preferences we now wind up separated into 6 classes based on their work using Picture Fix, Input sign, Setup, Screen Installation, functionality and data Programs out there. Together with all these settings hand one can readily become lost however JVC has split them at an sense it does not require plenty of search to get what will become necessary.

That was really a very big collection of features you may used as a way to earn alterations to this image plus all these comprise the multiple Pixel manage (MPC) picture chip together side a six-axis colour control system whereas using Setup Modes, even compared to lens reminiscences you may avoid spending custom made image settings, so you also may spare preferences which have Lens get a grip on, Pixel changes, display screen changes, Mask, Anamorphic Stretch Modes and Aspect Ratios and other others.

There’s also a function referred to as Vehicle darkening Function with this projector maximizes the picture grey-scale, gamma, color area and color tracking as a way to pay long-term utilization that may make gaps in picture quality. There’s likewise an ISFccc (qualified Calibration Controls) manner whilst we liked the addition of this MaxCLL and also MaxFALL Assessing data while in the content webpage. This previous one may possibly be described as a little however also for those HDR geeks it is the ideal addition.

Our Verdict For JVC DLA-NX7

Even the JVC DLA-NX7 can be a remarkable projector and also something among the very best, though perhaps not the very best, projectors we’ve analyzed thus far. We come in top land here since it includes indigenous 4K resolution with excellent sharpness and clarity, fantastic comparison, quite high brightness and also plenty of video clip calibration configurations. General quality is high whilst we liked the redesigned distant provided this past year. HDR performance is tremendously improved with the newest car Tone Mapping the consequent HDR graphics are much superior than preceding decades. Motion performance was great whilst the addition of 3D service has been a incentive. We reached a spot a good-quality indigenous 4K projector costs below 10 grand with all the NX7 suitable today sitting down in the 8,000 mark which will be excessively low in the event that you believe what it is you’re receiving with this cash.

But such a creature projector just is perhaps not devoid of defects. It is dimensions isn’t appropriate to this and all you really requests a huge area to flaunt it has capacities. No aerodynamic lens pay is somewhat frustrating since you need to make use of the vinyl cover should you’d like to defend the lens which really is somewhat unsatisfactory once you invest as much dollars to this. Additionally whilst the projector supports 3 d play-back then you ought to get the individual 3 d boot module along with additional eyeglasses which increases a already rather large selling price. And the most clear would be that the cost. Having a pricetag of 8,000 it isn’t for every one and we feel the projector will probably be well worth every penny that the purchase price is unreachable to get many of men and women however much price it packs. Together with Sony just starting to provide indigenous 4K units having a £ 5,000 price tag it will soon be exciting to observe whether JVC will accompany lawsuit these many years.


If you’re searching for just one among those optimal/optimally 4K projectors on the industry right today the JVC DLA-NX7 can be quite a severe competition and whether it has high selling price can turn many folks off we feel it supplies so much it surely justifies it. Both you would like to buy to get movies, showssports or even gambling that the projector will probably meet even the most demanding end users also therefore we provide it all our high suggestion.

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