JVC DLA-NX5 Review | 4K D-ILA Projector

JVC DLA-NX5 Review


Native 4K resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • 1,900 lumens
  • Native 4K
  • Excellent Native Contrast
  • Wide Color Gamut
  • 3D Ready


  • High Lamp Power mode could be quieter
  • Moderately large projector
  • Not available in white finish
  • No wireless HDMI

This has been a little while because JVC experienced declared their most recent projector versions which consisted of two indigenous 4K components and also a 8-K E Shifter, ” the 1st of it’s sort. Some years we had the ability to try that the JVC DLA-NX7, their high indigenous 4K device and whether it was included with a significant value it has performance was quite magnificent and something of some type. Although perhaps not many men and women may manage to devote such a significant volume such as a projector along with also it is selling price nevertheless hovering over the 6,000 indicate it remains a fantasy for several everyday users.

This really is the place where the entrance level version from JVC is sold from. Inside our JVC DLA-NX5 review we’ll be studying this affordable priced version that provides authentic 4K resolution and also breaks up that the phycological barrier of 5,000. Having a value label which at this period of composing hovers across the 4,500 indicate the NX5 goals at obtaining a portion of this marketplace which indigenous 4K Sony projectors ended up retaining for a while now. However, does that unit gets got the performance and features to really go against your rivalry along with simply how much an effect will the brand new D-ILA projectors could create at your home theater industry?

JVC was a exact famous new in home theater projectors for a while now however their services and products were so mostly exceptionally priced and maybe not for all those. Together with all the NX5 attempting to become in to the casual friendly economy it’s intriguing to find out exactly what this device is about. Read because we place this into this evaluation to learn whether it is really a worthy accession with their own differently astonishing chain of projectors.

Design For JVC DLA-NX5

Okay first of before we discuss the true design of this NX5 let us clear that the confusion close to it truly is seeing. The exact same we had related to all the NX7 since you will find certainly a couple of diverse titles you may discover this projector using. To start with of the US version is sold from the identify of JVC DLA-NX5 whilst in the event that you reside in Europe or at the united kingdom you will observe that the identify DLA-N5. Today the two names are derived out of your JVC purchaser branch.

And this is exactly where things will receive somewhat perplexing. JVC has the JVC professional branch which sells precisely the exact same projector below the DLA-RS1000 naming. That isn’t any huge difference whatsoever between those variations inside their own hardware as well as the one and only means you may inform them apart is exactly what generally seems like quite a golden cut ring round the lens whilst the user variant includes an silver instead. Having the exact very same hardware usually means pricing mustn’t change at so if you learn these two in distinct charges we advise one to proceed to the lesser 1. Exactly why JVC provides such type of confusion in between their services and products is beyond our understanding.

We have this from this way in which let us speak about the true design. The NX5 has just the exact same design while the NX7. In reality that these two really are really similar you are going to be difficult to inform them apart from simply studying them. Both NX5 and also NX7 are modest powehouses and so require loads of room to add each of the essential hardware. As such the NX5 isn’t really a tiny projector. Measuring 19-3/4 x 9-1/4 x 19-1/2 (500 x 2 3 4 x 495 mm) along using a burden of 43.12 pounds (19.6 kilogram ) this little creature demands considerable of distance in which you want on setting it. With precisely the exact same size since it is larger brother along with together with just marginally less burden that the NX5 can be just a strong to seem projector.

The machine features an extremely straightforward appearance using a dark design design with curvy corners and also a black finish and also our reaction for this really is strictly the very same since it had been from the NX7. It appears fine without moving ahead. That which is placed the exact same with all front keeping the lens lifeless centre using the IR sensor directly at the top corner of the. In the sides we all have just two enormous air vents however like together with all the NX7 we did not observe any gentle blockage outside of these. At the corner over the IR detector we’ve three index lights whereas the very best surface features a straightforward dark strip at the centre using a few symbols onto it and practically nothing else.

Even the trunk of this system can also be the exact very same and we have 2 enormous atmosphere inlets in either right and left facet and you possibly at the centre which features an filter which may be used outside and washed. Previously mentioned the most suitable air compressor we now get yourself a 2nd IR detector that’s convenient for if setting the projector onto the furniture before you personally in addition to the builtin controls which have an electric switch, menu, navigation buttons and also a straight back part. However on left aspect of these controller switches we all capture every one of the relations with this machine which we are going to analyze those at the proper section whereas each of four thighs contain elastic screws as a way to measure the projector so.

One among many high lights of this hottest JVC projectors is unquestionably it has lens. Even the NX5 features exactly the exact same 17-element, 15-group all-glass 65 mm diameter high inkjet lens which JVC designed to produce incredibly clean graphics and has been likewise utilised from the NX7. This lens includes a 2x zoom, an identical 1.4 into 2.8 toss ratio and also a excellent ±80% perpendicular plus ±3 4% flat lens transfer which is often quite convenient when setting the projector and also calibrating it.

Having such a significant size lens-shift may be real-life savior which means that can be a big plus. When there’s just one slight is the fact that while there’s motorized lens there isn’t any detachable lens cap which signifies you will have to make use of a plastic cover which is often quite bothersome if you’d like to accomplish this every individual moment. Even the NX7 was the exact very same plus it seems every little exactly the exact same the following.

If it has to do with sounds the JVC DLA-NX5 felt amazingly silent and has been similar to this NX7 inside this aspect. Having a space of approximately 6.5 ft (2 meter) involving the projector that the NX5 was providing approximately 22db in very low light style. This amount goes upto approximately 30db in higher gloss style and you also might only notice it generally within silent minutes. The huge chassis comprising big-air vents together side the indigenous 4K technology which does not require any stuffy pixel changing technology will be the explanations because of it has mostly silent functioning. Fantastic perform from JVC with this respect because we’re somewhat noise sensitive and painful and also we love these projectors offering similar quiet functioning.

Even the NX5 employs a 265 watt NSH lamp which based to JVC comes with the average lifetime of 4,500 hours at non manner. Neither incredibly large nor quite low which period is practically the average we view at different projectors even if utilized in very low light manner.

The remote that’s contained on this particular unit would be the exact same person we’d seen earlier at the NX7 also it has a redesigned appearance in comparison to remotes which JVC was applying earlier. The remote includes a wonderful superior appearance and it is quite easy take care of whilst the dimensions is simply about perfect. Buttons dimensions is great but there’s not any distance among them which could bring about unintentionally forcing them rather than Nevertheless, the significant and is that the comprised back-light role which permeates the button writing alternatively of their buttons and also this may easily help while employing the remote at the darkened.

You can find no integral speakers but that shouldn’t be regarded as A-Minus whilst the projector isn’t intended to become portable friendly just like any the others we’d analyzed just lately. It has tremendous dimensions and fat reduction makes it a 1 time dealing with component and may really be dealt with as such. Much like this NX7, the JVC DLA-NX5 can be really a projector which has been designed to get a home theater so that since such there isn’t any freedom pleasant features available.

Video Quality of JVC DLA-NX5

Technology used

Going ahead together with all our review we are going to require a minute to speak about the tech that’s hiding below the hood and we’ll be certain you nail the gaps between your NX5 and all those present from the NX7 whilst the 2 projectors discuss a whole lot of equivalent tech and features also consequently supply related performance at a few facets.

Bearing this in your mind that the NX5 can be an indigenous 4K projector that’s effective at casting the complete 4K sign (4096×2160) and can this minus needing virtually any altering technology. Yet we see about three of JVC’s newest third creation 0.69 inch D-ILA chips which can be liable for that entire 4K resolution. What’s well worth noting is the fact that as many 4K UHD articles has been left at 3840 x 2160 resolution that the NX5 can exhibit black bars to the left and right side of this display screen which may be somewhat distracting. Therefore, in the event that you would like to choose these from the display screen you have to calibrate the picture so.

The NX5 includes the exact very same features we watched from the NX7 which ensures we capture improved mic controllers and also the added gentle motor features a brand new design even though upgrades to the applications feature the newest car Tone Mapping that mechanically adjusts options centered upon the controlling information contained in HDR articles and therefore offers far better complete equilibrium and picture quality.

4K UHD / HDR Content

For picture screening the JVC DLA-NX5 we all Opt to Check out the UHD Edition of Spider Man: Far out of Your Home. The type of caliber we watched was genuinely fantastic with all first thing striked us was the sort of sharpness and feel resolution. Every thing revealed very evident and perceptible while colour quantity and makeup has been fantastic. The movie is quite brilliant and glowing using lots of scenes occurring in daylight and also the NX5 surely could replicate everything quite reliably.

Even in arenas which ended up happening at the nighttime that the projector managed to generate really pleasing elephants even though it couldn’t reach too heavy while the NX7 whilst shadow info were so superb. Colors such as explosions will pop-up involving your lower lit surroundings and could nearly provide them a 3 dimensional texture. Really a amazing encounter that just a indigenous 4K projector may provide.

If it has to do with the NX5’s HDR capacities we seek aid for HDR 10 which could be the fundamental protocol for both UHD play-back in addition to HLG which is employed chiefly for broadcasting. 1 main attribute that every about three JVC releases is sold together with may be that the addition of Automobile Tone Mapping. We’d seen this 1 within our NX7 review we knew just about what things to anticipate as a result. 1 thing which simplifies many projectors as soon as it regards exhibiting HDR articles is that their incapability to reveal very glowing graphics which is required for HDR articles. And with projectors who have high-lumen output the final outcome leaves much to be preferred than the middle tier HDR TVs.

This really is the area where Vehicle Tone Mapping regards the rescue as exactly what this generally will be always to learn that the inactive HDR meta data of the UHD disk and fix the picture options of this projector in line with the maximum and average lighting preferences of their material currently being exhibited. In this manner in which the final image we find is way better since it’s tailored into your projector’s capacities.

The automobile Tone Mapping can be still an remarkable feature so when it operates it really can deliver very excellent results in the event that you simply take in to consideration the confined firmness capacities of this NX5. However, when you paid attention you are going to see we claimed”as it functions”. The situation the following, currently being exactly the exact same from the NX7, is this feature to do the job must be in a position to learn the HDR meta data around the disk which a while really isn’t the example of. As such the projector can’t recognize the brightness preferences onto disk and therefore leaves an individual, staying one personally, todo precisely the calibration by hand. Whether this characteristic may work 100 percent of this full time that it wouldbe a real-life savior but regrettably it will not manifest. Nevertheless, when it really does work this really is wonderful.

Full HD / SDR / 3D Content

Purchasing such an pricey projector usually means 4K can be the principal matter. However, as we’re confident you have lots of Total HD articles on your library that you might require to understand the method by which a NX5 will using 1080p articles too. For the purpose we chose our Kinect disk of Oblivion which we love to try in-all 4K projectors chiefly as a result of this exact characteristic visible mode that the picture contains.

Even the JVC DLA-NX5 were able to put in the 1080p film upto 4K at a exact masterful manner plus it exhibits the way competent this unit is currently inside this respect. Every thing in top information, feel makeup, resolution and colour precision had been all incredible and let’s watch significantly more than that which this review could make it possible for us. Black levels and shadow detail was incredibly fine while still there clearly was stunning resolution and clarity round the full display screen which manufactured this session a lot more striking in the event that you believe we ended up watching a 1080p disk upscaled into 4K. Therefore when it regards Total HD content material remaining ensured the the NX5 isn’t going to disappoint you.

The projector also has assistance for 3 d articles but we do not understand the number of prefer this. But there are some hardcore end users who enjoy it being able to encourage 3 d is really a plus even in the event that you are unable to put it to use straight back. And that is really since you have to get another 3 d Synch Emitter so as to contact the radio 3d-glasses which additionally, you ought to purchase independently. Having no focused 3 d style may be chore since you need to make use of a habit produced and we did not have the chance to test the 3 d area together with all the NX5 we guess that performance ought to be very similar into this NX7 which we’re equipped to ensure that you had been very remarkable.

Color Coverage of JVC DLA-NX5

Certainly one of those earliest & many glaring variances which the NX5 has contrasted to it is larger brother is the fact that the NX5 is effective of displaying colors. Even the NX7 needed a BT.2020 coloration profile along with that it managed of achieving approximately 99 percent of their DCI P3 color distance. About the opposite hand that the NX5 has been overlooking the coloration account which usually means you might have to be in together with all the DCI coloration account and so obtain yourself a reduce policy from the DCI P3 color distance.

But that will not follow the NX5 is awful at showing HDR hues. However, the other hand that the projector managed of producing amazingly vibrant and life like colours and was competent to supply over average performance inside this aspect.

Brightness / Picture Settings

Together with all the NX5 currently being ranked being a 1,800 lumens projector that this really is just another region where people receive yourself a small reduction in comparison to this NX7. And if 1,800 lumens might not look much it remains to be observed just how close for the theoretical variety that the NX5 may access to.

Just before we move forward using all our dimensions we ought to indicate there are 4 various picture styles to choose from offering pure, Cinema, HDR 10 along with HLG alongside using 6 different user styles you may utilize to save your valuable personal preferences. A couple of matters we have to say herebeing we now loose that the Film style which appears to become just available from the NX7 whilst still we also ought to mention the NX5, together side all the NX7, is among those several projectors which do not have a passionate 3 d manner because we noted previously.

There’s likewise a couple of HDR manners with HDR 10 along with HLG manners available and also these two can car switch as soon as the projector finds the right content getting exhibited.

1 thing we all say all of the period is the brightness dimensions may vary substantially plus also they should perhaps not be accepted as being a specified amount. You’ll find a lot of factors that may supply you with diverse brightness compared to that which we buy in our screening, such as various configurations, lamp hrs and manners thus that our number needs to just be put to use as an benchmark plus not anything additional.

When there’s a single thing we had noticed throughout our NX7 review and we see it is the way good performance the NX5 H AS got. Clearly there’s space for advancement with all the most suitable calibration but without a specialist it’s possible to become very good color brightness and precision causeing the particular unit much more easy to use than another superior 4K projectors. The summit brightness we managed to escape from this NX5 has been 1-450 lumens which was less exactly what we predicted. This quantity of brightness is significantly more compared to SDR material whilst it might be looked at advantageous to HDR additionally. Demonstrably it truly is lesser compared to the NX7 however, perhaps not by much which really is a significant plus.

In terms of exactly what preferences we’d select after a few back and on we’d choose the all-natural picture manner using BT.709 coloration profile to get 1080p/SDR content material and also the HDR 10 picture style together side all the DCI coloration profile and also the automobile Tone brand new characteristic for 4K/HDR content material.

Black Levels / Contrast

Comparison was just another area at which people receive yourself a down grade in comparison to this NX7. The NX5 includes a 40,000:1 indigenous and also a 400,000:1 lively contrast ratio which the theory is that will be half what the NX7 was really capable of. However, as consistently these amounts would be the summit theoretical kinds and genuine amounts may alter considerably in comparison to those.

As a way to increase comparison JVC works by using the things they call”clever Lens Aperture” that assesses the input and mechanically controls the black degrees also that really is the way that the NX5 is effective of accessing that 400,000:1 determine so as to provide an even far more immersive viewing experience. 1 factor we ought to figure out is the fact that as the NX5 has much less comparison than various different models at an identical selling price the ending effect was very fine using profound black colours and fantastic shadow particulars.

Input Lag

Let us see today how a NX5 plays from an input test since it really is very essential for hardcore-gamers that search as lower worth as you are able to. Screening gave us a 39ms input on average which will be quite like that which we now have with all the NX7. This figure isn’t awful in any respect despite the fact that we have observed some Sony projectors supply much reduce worth and therefore many players like them because of this particular reason. However, also for casual gambling 39ms is plenty of and therefore we experimented with CallofDuty WW2 as a way to learn whether this worth is Goodenough with our everyday expectations.

And our gambling practice moved very smoothly even as we felt that our orders had been lagging supporting everything had been found onscreen. Every thing sensed accurate and also online level. The projector additionally supports low-latency Mode which could strengthen reaction time when joined using a supportive console however, you must bear in your mind you may not have C.M.D. (crystal clear Motion generate ) and very low Latency Mode on this that you have to choose from them both.

Motion Performance

If it involves it has movement performance that the NX5 behaved really much like this NX7. That is really as the two of these make use of precisely the exact same movement interpolation applications that JVC requires C.M.D. (crystal clear Motion generate ) so as to enhance the picture via fast shooting panning. Still another added characteristic is called movement Enhance which performs in parallel into your C.M.D. and can be in charge in forcing the D-ILA panels based upon the movements of this image and also as a consequence we make less movement blur.

Spider man: definately not dwelling features lots of actions scenes using quickly camera motions along with the mixture of this Apparent Motion push along with movement Enhance characteristic gave us clear graphics with not many movement artifacts. Motion enrich may be put at very low or higher placing or you could transform off it completely in the event the movement seems abnormal. Last but most certainly not least we ought to say the NX5 can encourage 4K articles (4:4:4 chroma) in 60p which can be pretty astounding to be fair.

Ports and Connectivity

If it regards interfaces and relations out of that which we watched the NX5 and also NX7 characteristic the exact very same vents with the exact specs. As such each of the vents are put towards the upper left corner of their rear along with that which we get is really a 3 d sync interface which may be joined with JVC’s different PK-EM2 3 d Synchro Emitter so as to converse with an invisible relation to all the PK-AG3 3d-glasses. There are certainly a couple of of HDMI interfaces, an RS232c interface for both control and command, a USB interface which may be properly used just for updates, and an Ethernet interface for wired web connectivity and a 12V activate which may link into a tabbed monitor.


The two HDMI vents are HDCP 2.2, service entire 18Gbps broadcasts in addition to 3D and Deep Colour. Having 18Gbps HDMI vents was some thing which lots of end users were requesting earlier and several projectors couldn’t assistance. Happily JVC surfaced and created it more potential in their own lineup.

OS, Apps and Features

If it regards the added features and features it looks like the NX5 supports nearly what we watched at the NX7 the two regarding settings and menus accordingly that which we watched at our NX7 review will probably be like your review now.

Installation is quite simple whilst the handbook supply really particulars guidelines about just how best to join and calibrate every thing even in the event that you have very little idea exactly what things to can you really mustn’t have some significant issues. The four adjustable feet may assist you to balance the projector directly while there’s keystone correction and lens-shift as a way to attract the picture to it is the correct posture. As consistently utilize keystone just in the event there is extreme demand as with it consistently reduces picture quality.

After we pushed the projector we now have the recognizable with today D-ILA emblem and immediately after a few HDMI hand-shaking, we must say was bit of a issue with preceding JVC projector discharges we entered the most important menu which will be broken in 6 distinct types which have settings based on in their own function. The People that we receive are Photo Correct, Input Sign, Setup, Show Installation, Perform and Details. Even the NX5 includes most options we have over the NX7 using a couple lacking but we will say probably the most significant kinds.

The number of configurations which we do capture is now that a big one providing you with amazing freedom the moment it regards image alterations. One is multiple Pixel manage (MPC) picture chip whilst there is certainly additionally a six-axis colour control system. The other Wonderful attribute is Setup Mode which Enable you to set save preferences That Have Lens Manage, Pixel Changes, Display Screen Changes, Mask, Anamorphic Stretch Modes and Aspect Ratios. This really differs in Lens reminiscences which enable one to save specially image configurations.

Also worth mentioning is your automobile darkening Function which produces that the NX5 with the capacity of maximizing a variety of sides of the graphic like gamma, colour distance, grey scale or coloring tracking so as to pay for its changing color-balance in longterm projector utilization. Additionally contained is ISF C3 (qualified Calibration Controls) style as a buff favorite is it has power to show the MaxCLL along with MaxFALL Assessing info available for HDR content material onto several UHD Kinect disks.

Our Verdict For JVC DLA-NX5

Finding an actual 4K projector turned into a fantasy for all home theater followers nevertheless upward to recently price ranges had been quite large for the majority of visitors to think about. Together with Sony that offer an actual 4K projector at the 5,000 limitation made your contest follow so and now we view a few types priced much below that price which makes them affordable compared to .

Even the NX5 is such a projector plus it looks like JVC is set to find some of the low-priced indigenous 4K projectors current market. You will find a lot of points to enjoy for this specific version as build-quality is very similar to greater NX7 and has lots of features of it’s larger brother. As a consequence, that you are certain to receive astonishingly sharp 4K graphics with significantly enhanced HDR performance as the automobile Tone Mapping characteristic may help improve issues more than the previous decades.

Movement performance was on level towards the NX7 as the Clear Motion push and movement enrich features execute much to enhance the overall motion and image blur. In the event you put in the 3 d service, incredibly detailed graphic and coloring preferences, lens altering, Automobile Calibration functionality and IS F c 3 style the projector contains each of the various tools to make an astonishing seeing experience.

However, so as to reduce the purchase price and take it into less expensive rates ensures that corners must be trimmed off. In contrast to this NX7 there’s really a small decrease in brightness . however, it nonetheless stays in decent quantities, the comparison will be cut off from fifty percent which could cause under leading dark colors whilst still we loose broad colour shades assist. No semi automatic lens pay isn’t just a significant deal . however, it’s a bothersome one specially whenever you will find certainly a couple of of cheaper projectors which arrive with you and for 3 d playback, then you have to obtain the additional 3 d Sync module along with eyeglasses which put in a little bit to the entire price.

Summarizing we’ll let you know . For an indigenous 4K projector which costs approximately the 4,500 selling price mark the JVC DLA-NX5 can be a remarkable choice in the event that you’re searching to get a indigenous 4K projector however do not wish to devote substantial income and also we promise youpersonally, this component will happily surprise you because of it really is good quality, performance and picture preferences comprise place. JVC has made a potent competitor inside this classification and so they also deserve kudos to their own release.

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