JBL Studio 580 Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

JBL Studio 580 Review













  • Excellent value with discounted price
  • No distortion at high levels
  • Good sound imaging
  • Authoritative bass


  • Only two color variations
  • Some may dislike the design
  • No magnetic grilles
  • High end a bit aggressive

Now we’ll soon be reviewing a new floorstanding speaker that’s been in existence to get a couple very good years also it has been remarkably popular between home theater followers. These days we have observed a number of retailers sharply reducing it is selling price which looks like always a little sign that we’re approaching the conclusion of it’s lifecycle at prep to get a refresh or perhaps a fresh string. The speakers we’ll be speaking about originate out of another company compared to JBL that a large part of you, even for those who have just a tiny expertise within the area, will understand they have now been inside this sport for a number of years have established several remarkable audio solutions. Inside our JBL Studio 580 review we’ll likely be checking the centre sized floorstander inside their Studio 5 string and then find out exactly what the fuss is about.

Even the JBL collection 5 includes of 5 distinct models using about three floorstanders, a centre speaker together with a book shelf speaker that provides a comprehensive solution the moment it regards music in addition to home theater installments. The JBL Studio 580 we will probably end up analyzing today is your centre sized floorstanding speaker that provides a fantastic balanced between both dimension and performance and also the reducing of it is cost, so which at a few are as approach significantly more than 50 percent, it looks as if it’s the optimal/optimally time to check out them should they’re worth every penny.

Having checked a number of JBL’s choices at days gone by we have in-general primarily favorable what to mention regarding their services and products of course when this really isn’t any sign that the JBL Studio 580 really should can follow along with lawsuit. We aren’t able to stress enough when acquiring speakers however many reviews that you browse also you always need to have first-hand experience whilst how we understand noise is different from one individual to another. Therefore though we strive and be as objective as you are able to this review is really to provide you merely a small concept of just how these speakers function. At the very end your own ears would be the optimal/optimally estimate and also to limit the hazard that you ought to avoid blind speaker purchases each time potential. With that from this way in which let us start our review!

Design, Inputs and Features of JBL Studio 580


Initially things so let us speak concerning the exterior caliber and design. Even the JBL Studio 580 can function as the centre sized floorstander at the collection 5 however all these really are several quite massive speakers in contrast to different brand names. We can’t imagine how enormous the Studio 590 are who are assumed to function as speakers at this collection. The JBL Studio 580 steps 42.08″ x ray 9.84″ x ray 13.7″ (1069mm x 250mm x 348mm) and weights 48.9 pounds (22.2kg) which creates them basically perfect for bigger regions where there aren’t any room constraints. For those who have a tiny general spot or you’re tied to distance then you definitely ought to possibly looks else where whilst the JBL Studio 580s are definitely designs which desire selected breathing distance.

When there’s a single item which clearly appears exceptional could be your total design of this JBL Studio 580 since they move away out of the normal box-type of design. Instead, the straight back head comes with a more compact footprint compared to front causing a marginally stern extension to the leading door. The cabinet utilizes 19mm (3/4″) MDF enclosure providing them a rather inflexible structure although the heavily manicured design with non-parallel surfaces supply the most speakers using decreased resonances. You may discover the speakers in just two shade variants with black or black cherry currently being available.


The speakers include outrigger ft which makes the speaker’s footprint a little bigger than its principal human anatomy and also you’ll be able to utilize the comprised cushioned rubber bumpers or spikes based on the outside you’re going to be with them. The ft feel quite cheap as well as also for such substantial speakers we’d really like to observe a much superior design than the person we have the following.

Front of this JBL Studio 580 is one of some form together with all the fabric grille having curvy lines and since that the double lowfrequency transducers beneath the horn that is pliable. The barbecue attaches to front face together with the customary plastic jars significance if you would like to utilize them minus grill that the plug in holes will probably demonstrate somewhat nasty. It’d be wonderful to have magnetic grills however that is maybe not true . The straight back surface comprise one vent tubing with all the cable straps under having biamp abilities. JBL also has furnished special vent tubing folds to marginally lower the speakers’ output inside the 50Hz — even 100Hz place in the event that you truly feel as if required.

1 thing is without a doubt. Even the JBL Studio 580 includes got the appearances which will absolutely turn some minds since it will not comply with the most common design design and lines that are straight we generally view floorstanding speakers. Around the opposite hand quality whilst not bad we mightn’t contact it especial as there are place for advancement to the cabinet along with also the ft. Together with their authentic price we’d absolutely expect some thing better yet making use of their own heavily low selling price they convinced pack a whole lot of price.

Internal Hardware of JBL Studio 580

Even the JBL Studio 580 really are a 2-way design speakers which signifies the double low-frequency transducers we locate beneath the fabric grille are managing all these bass heavy noises whereas the 25mm (1″) high speed compression motorist will be accountable for all above the 1.5kHz range. It follows a single unit is currently tackling a lot of the midsize and higher end frequencies that’s truly common among conventional designs.

Because of this JBL has generated a particular system which carries a 25mm (1″) high speed compression motorist including a one sided Teonex diaphragm/surroundplus a neodymium diameter also includes a 25mm (1″) voice coil providing greater lively array with lesser distortions. Front of we find that a glass-filled ABS Bi Radial high heeled horn which can be accountable for expanding the listening space whenever it truly is controlled directivity reduces undesirable interaction of their frequencies together with your furniture and walls.

Beneath we receive double 165mm (6-1/2″) low-frequency transducers which are accountable for many of bass obligations. All these transducers include 38mm (1-1/2″) diameter woofer voice coils and also utilize rigid, lightweight PolyPlas cones with rubber bands. JBL works by using their Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) technology in their own heavy-duty straps while additionally they contain inflexible, Non Resonant throw aluminum frames.

Once we said over the cross over was placed at 1.5kHz which really is somewhat lesser than that which people ordinarily find however, also the low-loss,” 2way cross over system guarantees smooth changeover involving your lowfrequency transducers along with the high-grade compression motorist using less vibration and noise coloration.


In the rear of this machine below the rear-firing interface we receive double goldplated binding articles which can be bi-wire-capable. The goldplated speaker connectors may take on an assortment of cable connector type s which include bare cable, pin connectors, spade connectors or lace straps along with their caliber and also structure is quite excellent and over the average.

Performance of JBL Studio 580

In the event you purchase these speakers then, since we consistently check outside, you also should offer them a definite length of time so as to breakin and also be in a position to give the finest acoustic results potential as at first they can seem somewhat away and also perhaps not like you’d count on. However, while you utilize these you are going to understand their performance can improve per ordinary in such predicaments. Therefore simply do not be alerted should they don’t really seem like a few analyzing components you could have surfaced to.


JBL is indicating a max space of 10 feet (3m) involving these, 40 60 rates angle and also approximately 20 in (50cm) in both medial side walls inorder to have an even more exact stereo sound stage and far better imaging. Inside our testing we have set the 2 speakers approximately 8.2 feet (2.5m) aside and approximately 1 ft (30cm) in the rear wall so as to have specified breathing distance to far better bass performance. We also did a toein however in all honesty we believed the JBL Studio 580 ended up forgiving in that contrasted with other models we’d analyzed previously.

The group of JBL Studio 580 has been joined to your Onkyo AV receiver plus also we did strive them in an individual stereo arrangement in addition to at the entire 5.1 surround installment for picture screening.


In our picture examining includes the most 4K UHD edition of Godzilla: King of the chords using its astonishing Dolby Atmos monitor. The movie truthfully failed to catch the magic of this 2014 picture and turned into more fair compared to a lot of individuals predicted but as such there’s absolutely not any denying it’s visible and audio attributes are top notch. As we’d an impression the JBL Studio 580 ended up just a little bass it had been that the ideal stuff to examine the way they can behave even minus the clear presence of an subwoofer.

We tried that the JBL Studio 580 with out a centre channel or perhaps a subwoofer as a way to learn just how much an impact that this could have into the total system’s performance. Such a picture is exceptionally rough however surprisingly front speakers were able to pay for those omissions at a manner that was fair. To begin most watching these Titans duke out it necessitates a few severe low wind power although the JBL Studio 580 would not move mad low these could extend the essential oomph such a mixture gets.

Another rather intriguing truth was without a passionate centre channel that the dialog was able to remain different with fantastic clarity during action scenes that were active. The speakers be able to have fantastic noise imaging also now there are minutes which are entirely lost at the sound-stage in the event that you simply shut your eyes and enable the audio lure you personally in.

Demonstrably Godzilla really is a picture that favors the low-frequencies than whatever else however in certain instances which the speakers needed to really go high we believed they pushed it only a touch way too much because of the liking. Perhaps not that it moves bothering top . however, it can decidedly be somewhat too much for a lot of individuals.

In allin this evaluation we all ascertained the JBL Studio 580 ended up competent to supply a decent performance even if there wasn’t any centre speaker or subwoofer. From having the ability to drive the depths sufficient plenty of and offer a obvious dialog as-well led in concealing all of the flaws of this system on account of this lost speakers.

When we inserted a core speaker together with some subwoofer for several authentic 5.1 channels actions matters demonstrably moved along to an alternative grade. The speakers felt to have higher volume since the JBL Studio 580 components weren’t any further stressful to pay both the lost speakers and as an alternative pushed the mid century and highs leaving the very low conclusion towards the subwoofer. Once more the speakers sensed a little touch overly competitive previously mentioned the top mid century however we still guess that for heavy home theater usage lots of can think it is for their own liking.

The speakers have a great deal of vitality using rather substantial highs and low lows whilst you’re ready to achieve incredibly excellent resolution that doesn’t compress when forcing them in very substantial amounts. Sound has been clear and loud that’s quite characteristic of JBL speakers and also feels just like interesting since we have experienced a number of folks .

After this beating and devastation we felt just like attempting something a little more fragile to better picture to proceed together with additional than Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The Kinect disk has certainly one of the optimal/optimally dtshd learn Audio paths we have heard and now also we enjoy as standard to jump forward into this Mines of Moria at which Gandalf faced the Balrog on the Bridge of Khazad-dûm.


The orchestrated mixture given a fantastic possibility to learn how elastic the JBL Studio 580 is just hitting the highs much too usually and also providing more well balanced round the full range whilst the orchestra combines using the noise results. The speakers could offer a exact great awareness of dimensions whilst the huge mines of Moria given the chance for that JBL speakers to enlarge the entire sound-stage all round the chamber and also make you have that the grater amount of this surrounding atmosphere.

After we reached that the minute of this confrontation that the growling noises of Balrong along with also his trembling nod gave us an extremely uncomfortable sense as he seemed very defined and clear. Incorporating the epic orchestrated music made up to get a epic instant which the JBL Studio 580 could actually reliably recreate. It really is the amount of the tiny details which get this spectacle indeed astonishing and having an assortment of speakers which may bring dozens of details and centre is quite crucial.

Even the JBL Studio 580 may possibly perhaps not function as absolutely the absolute most fragile of speakers since they appear to favor selected frequencies greater than the others however using pleasing highs, competitive highs and tons of capacity to offer you they’re the sort of floorstanding speakers which may cause a mad rollercoaster ride at virtually any home theater conceivable.

Music With JBL Studio 580

Proceeding today to your music screening we now, as standard, choose a couple of favorite FLAC music records which we flow during the USB interface of our AV receiver as a way to learn the method by which a JBL Studio 580 can do in the event you tend to be a lot more of the music admirer instead of the usual home theater .

By the very first time that the speakers encompassed us with their own exemplary policy in addition to fantastic precision, fantastic clarity along with response/recovery period. 1 matter that individuals need to say, awarded that their characteristics, to get the finest potential effect it felt as though we’d to space ourselves a little piece from these since being overly close can truly feel somewhat overpowering. Demonstrably they’re intended for bigger areas and tight kinds however, should you distance yourself out of these all changes for the higher.

Additionally imaging has been put on and also you also will hear that the vocals really well directly close for your own ears. Horn established floorstanders have special characteristics you could enjoy or maybe not these unquestionably given a pleasure to know session which had needed any good and the bad in the large scheme of stuff that it had been exceptionally addictive.

Even using a 2.0 channels stereo installment the speakers could increase the spatial knowledge across our listening field because we ended up easily in a position to tell apart out of where by each musical tool has been acting. The speakers could possibly be more in the direction of home theater usage but doesn’t signify they can not function ingeniously with music too. We are able to see right now that most will prefer such a performance for only music, therefore we constantly saybetter to examine yourself before shooting your final choice.

Final Thoughts For JBL Studio 580

Even the JBL Studio 580 can be an uncommon circumstance of floorstanding speakers by which their performance felt much superior compared to their appearances. JBL is placing those speakers throughout several big discounts that the past handful of decades along using a competitive discounted of over than 50% during some time of composing these speakers do package EX-treme significance for that which they feature.

Even the caliber of the cupboards even though bad they are somewhat better if their appearances will be absolutely exceptional even though others may enjoy them can know exactly why lots of may possibly perhaps not. Performance shrewd that the JBL Studio 580 abandoned us together more than great feelings with really pleasing bass, stable mid size and dialog that sensed very different with fantastic resolution. They give very excellent imaging and also certainly will make a exact spacious immersive sound-stage whatever the origin stuff. Additionally the speakers could carry a great deal of beating, maybe not feel that a thing just as in substantial amounts failed to show any perceptible distortion.

When there’s a single thing which a few could dislike is they are little competitive around the highend result. Demonstrably the type of amplifier or receiver that you have will absolutely change how it shows however on average we believed the tweeter has been pushing it somewhat far more than that which we’d like.

With an amount in line with the 300 -£ 500 in the minute which can be roughly half it has full price tag the JBL Studio 580 could be the type of speakers that may supply you with alot for those who have a significant region and also you would like to utilize them for home theater usage. Perhaps not they are awful for music however since they are normally always a little more bass it felt as though that they had been right in home throughout our picture testings. These speakers have the capacity and performance you could hunt for the home theater and also for this reason that the JBL Studio 580 are worthy of concern.

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