JBL Stage A170 Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

JBL Stage A170 Review













  • Great price
  • Clear and defined sound
  • Good bass definition
  • Solid midrange


  • Only two color variations
  • Plain appearance and outrigger design
  • No magnetic grilles
  • High end a bit aggressive

If it regards floorstanding loudspeakers there’s such a large variety of models and brands to choose from that most occasions is difficult to tell apart which designs offer you the optimal/optimally deal for your money. On the list of most well-known ones now there is the one which isn’t known for their excellent but in addition for his or her exemplary significance most of these units have, controlling to execute like additional, much more costly speakers. The corporation isn’t any different than JBL and now, inside our JBL Stage A170 review we’ll be studying among these floorstanding variations belonging to their Stage line up.

The Stage collection are assumed to displace the most well-known Studio line-up which gained exceptionally favorable reviews within the very last a long time and it is supposed to go with JBL’s Arena line up of speakers. The Stage collection includes three separate sized floorstanders, two book shelf speakers, two core speakers and two sub woofers therefore since you are able to comprehend the Stage line up is also pretty broad since it supplies lots of choices as soon as it regards music along with home theater installations. With all the JBL Stage A170 function as bigger by both about three floorstanding designs, both the A180 and A190 function as other twowe were interested to learn just how much we can escape from those relatively lowcost speakers also should they are able to stand contrary to rival types.

With all the JBL Stage A170 costing roughly £ 200 for each speaker it’s very obvious these are for the most part designed for anyone budget painful and sensitive people which put price tag like a very first concern. Can one cost constraints have a harmful impact in the JBL Stage A170’s performance or JBL have been able to shock us again using an exceptional worth for speaker? Continue reading in order to learn.

Design, Inputs and Features of JBL Stage A170


Before any such thing else let us see that which we get so much as the exterior is worried. Even the JBL Stage A170 cupboard could possibly function as the more compact floorstander from the show but using a measurement of 190 x 255 x 930mm along with excess weight of 31.61 pounds (14.34kilogram ) those speakers are somewhat strange slender for his or her own height. Commonly floorstanders approaching the inch meter elevation encounter with even bigger closets which isn’t the scenario the following which can be quite good when distance is still just a limiting variable when choosing such speakers.

Even the cabinet total appearance is just nothing key to chat around in regards from two color variants of a wholly black plastic end which JBL predicts Pantone Black or even a engineered wood end with all the shirt being coated at an identical Pantone Black whereas the remainder of the cupboard with a woodgrain plastic. With such a trim design the JBL Stage A170 wouldbe more likely to collapse over whether it was not to the particular outrigger ft that offer the speakers the most essential equilibrium.

Demonstrably having outrigger toes ensures the speaker’s footprint is stretched somewhat little from each negative but this really is actually a required evil to maintain them more safe. JBL did quite a fantastic endeavor to comprise from the carton rubber foot to get tough surfaces and flooring spikes touse on carpeting which means you’re insured for situation. We’d want to observe somewhat much better design about all those ft but in that value we must not really whine. But they are improved only a tiny bit design shrewd.


Front material grille covers approximately half of front face however they comprise plastic wires which attach to front which ensures that whenever you prefer to have your speakers minus the grilles the holes which the grille attaches to will probably have to demonstrate off their face that is nasty. This is exactly the reason why we really like magnetically attached grilles however we still suppose that the very low priced would not enable such anything right here which really is really a pity. In the trunk that the speakers contain double rear-firing tuned ports although under we discover the cable connectors.

Generally that the JBL Stage A170 will not have the appearances which may turn heads. But, we’d telephone their design somewhat dull and uninspiring however to be fair we’d be glad when that would turn out into the sole without these speakers have the absolute most crusial aspect which could break or make is since you figured…their performance.

Internal Hardware

The JBL Stage A170 are all 2.5-way, bass speakers thus removing front grille we look for a couple of white woofer cones with ribbed surfaces as well as to get a number of these elderly and much more timeless types JBL has been having a materials that they certainly were phoning PolyPlas all these are manufactured from Polycellulose.

With a 2.5-way design usually means these speakers could have the essential bass electrical power that just a few woofers could offer but in an identical time provide the mid century performance that 3way designs tend to be somewhat more effective at. On peak of both people capture a aluminum tweeter especially placed in a waveguide for far better dispersion.

Let us speak about any of it tweeter to get just a little. The 1″ (25mm) aluminum dome tweeter that’s accountable to its large frequencies is put in exactly what JBL calls”New High Definition Imaging (HDI) Waveguide”. In this manner JBL can achieve much better dispersion in either the horizontal and vertical axis.

Bellow those individuals receive a few 5.25″ (133mm) polycellulose low-frequency woofers with those two functioning marginally different function. While the two of these is able to go evenly low that the main one in the base rolls at 1.8kHz significance that’s tackling the longer bass intensive noises whereas the upper crosses up to the mid century and invisibly using all the tweeter in 2.8kHz. In this manner JBL was able to supply much better dispersion from the cross over places.

The mix of this 1″ tweeter and double 5.25″ woofers supply the JBL Stage A170 using a frequency array of 44 into 40,000 Hz, 89dB (1M, 2.83V) of significance, 6 Ohms of impedance together with all the recommended amplifier electricity used being at the 20-200W range.

Connectivity of JBL Stage A170

Once we all discussed previously in the base of the the face, precisely beneath both rear-firing vents we capture 2 collections of three dimensional binding articles you may both bi-wire or even biamp. All these really are really pretty superior quality with this particular price selection and exhibits just how much care JBL placed for such a funding friendly version.


Because it pertains using speakers that a particular breakin phase is necessary for many new components as a way to reach their summit performance. If you’re brand new to this and also that’s the very first couple of floorstanders then you definitely ought to deliver these speakers a few amount of time so as in order to supply you with a better acoustic response than that which you can experience whenever you to begin with unpack them.


Ordinarily because of certain distance constraints we put our evaluation components across 30cm in both the side and back walls as a breathing distance is still necessary for that rear-firing vents as a way to supply a bass performance. We also did a toein but our overall awareness was that regardless the way people set them performance wasn’t to much diverse since they looked to become well balanced irrespective of their standing.

We joined some of JBL Stage A170 speakers on your Onkyo AV receiver plus also we didn’t strive these into either a stereo set which has been made for music chiefly in addition to at an whole surround system so as to check the method by which they behave inside our picture screening.

Movies With JBL Stage A170

For the movies analyzing we have a handful recent releases which we saw great for such instances. The initial one we travelled is that the 4K UHD edition of Alita: Battle Angel plus also this one includes a good Dolby Atmos monitor. We’d attempted this picture once or twice previously and also the main reason we enjoy it’s basically because it has over-the-top action sequences just like the Motoball celebration but in addition includes the sort of fidelity all over the conducting time rendering it unique substance for analyzing all types of speaker’s behavior.

We’re able ton’t grip ourselves thus that the very first scene we all travelled right out was that the Motorball scene which can be definitely an remarkable instance of the Dolby Atmos monitor carried out correctly. And from that people discuss the wide range of surround impacts around all of channels together with top-notch, outstanding emphasis currently being awarded around the environment and over-head activity which makes this great event an extremely surrounding encounter. However, that which we’re specially curious about would be your leading channels who have been sprayed with the JBL Stage A170 and also here matters felt tremendously constructive.

Front channels experienced a exact powerful and pleasing bass because we’d our encompass system with no subwoofer and though it really is evident that such a picture would substantially gain in just that which we did listen by your JBL Stage A170s wasn’t awful in any way. Clearly that the speakers can’t go really low, and also just how can they because their woofers aren’t especially large at a 5.25″ dimensions. Midrange around the opposite hand needed nothing more to cover up since it arrived out sharp with good settlement.

Highend felt somewhat competitive for the tastes however, it did not detract in the complete encounter nor did it disturb us since it had been much less intrusive because you might be thinking. About the opposite hand it’d lots of vitality and interfaced well together with the mid century. With good bass, restricted midsize and lively highs that the JBL Stage A170 has loads for everybody else.

There certainly are a handful of scenes we all attempted for example the Kansas Bar brawl and also perhaps the duel together with Grewishka with them lending front speakers a great deal of chances to exhibit their own strengths. However we enjoyed not the many obvious side clips were left masterfully from the JBL Stage A170s but in addition smaller sized acoustic elements such as ambient effects and sounds which can be essential to generate a scene experience longer alive.

One other spectacle we ordinarily check is when Alita saves a little canine from getting hammered by way of a Centurion as well as this the JBLs was able to create it has characteristic digital voice with such a menacing and profound design. Similarly you’ll find tons of different scenes very similar for the the JBL Stage A170s could reveal us despite the low cost label they are able to do having a sort of prestige that individuals usually find in more and higher high priced types.


For its 2nd picture we travelled to your tougher material with all the 4K UHD edition of Godzilla: King of the Monsters which has a remarkable Dolby Atmos course which might perhaps not have the type of finesse and variant we all watched at Alita but compels the non more than most other genres movies and could undoubtedly illustrate how lower the JBL Stage A170s may proceed.

Together with all these scenes where in fact the Titans combat each other speakers are still at a sure over-drive manner with all the JBL Stage A170s carrying the guide and offer a exact concentrated effect. Together with all the audio path of this picture favoring the decrease ending much longer front speakers could retain a straight face if it had been obvious just how much a sub-woofer was lost out of such a performance.

Again that which we discovered exciting was good imaging that the JBL Stage A170 experienced whilst these could create an even far more immersive bubble . Of course the surround speakers do their job but we will need to figure out some with the inflatable immersion descends out of front channels revealing how very good the JBL Stage A170 can work with the remaining part of the speakers at the complete surround system. Ultimately we ought to point out that dialog has been fairly crystal clear and invisibly using a centre source which had been retained isolated by one additional channels.

Valve ethics has been great with no perceptible distortions at high amounts whilst we did not find any vent sounds revealing that JBL generated a exact fantastic, very low priced design. When estimating an speaker’s performance you always need to bear in your mind that the requested cost so when you buy only a pleasing performance such a very low price that you cannot however maintain wondering the way JBL were able to achieve this.


Going together with all our testing we now chose some favorite music monitors within FLAC format which we streamed throughout the USB interface of our AV receiver so as to learn in what way a JBL Stage A170s behave whenever you toss music variations . Our very first impression was extremely fantastic because of such a very low priced floorstanding speaker that the JBL Stage A170 needed a exact rich and expressive performance. The people we analyzed needed a couple fantastic hours in their belt thus having handed on the certain breakin time these could present their very best.

Still another unexpected characteristic was deep that the soundstage that they could supply. Though we’d them at a 2.0 channels music installment that the speakers could offer us longer thickness which interpreted in an even alive heart stage even though noise sensed encompassing both closer and sideways into your listening posture. Bass, yet more, was incredibly nice and true despite having such tiny woofers that the JBL Stage A170s usage and that clearly assisted the speaker to provide an even longer conspicuous priority into the decrease ending with no overshadowing the remaining part of the frequencies.

Vocals have been delivered using some type of richness and clarity you never find often within such a classification whilst their centre attention maintained the complete performance well balanced. Spatial consciousness was amazing since possible truly feel that the standing of each tool whilst changing between your channels has been achieved with extremely excellent accuracy.

In general the JBL Stage A170 may be the type of speakers that’ll supply a exact fulfilling performance irrespective of the sort of music enthusiast you’re. And because of such a very low priced having the capability to offer such a pleasing effect add amazing significance that goes into the total Stage collection.

Final Thoughts For JBL Stage A170

Finishing up our review we may not feel enthused about that which we knowledgeable about all the JBL Stage A170. A few folks think you want to devote 1000s of bucks as a way to relish decent excellent audio . however, it looks like JBL’s aim is always to demonstrate again and again and in the modern review we experienced that very first hand.

Even the caliber of the cupboard is excellent even when overall design is not anything exclusive to chat around . however, it truly is inside their performance which the Stage speakers definitely excel. For those who hear these you do not know that we’re talking of a 200 speaker also that adds much additional significance for this since you possibly are able to develop a stunning audio set to music or movies to get a small quantity of dollars.

Even the JBL Stage A170 will be the type of speakers that’ll definitely cost you bit but provide you therefore much more. Of course you can find a lot more high priced models which may offer an general remarkable performance but bear in your mind why these floorstanders weren’t supposed to contend with those high groups. But so they can amaze you using their enveloping acoustic performance which may keep both you personally and your own bank accounts joyful for such a value for money choice you produced and also within this respect JBL has genuinely created successful. Highly suggested.

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