JBL Bar 5.1 Review (5.1 CH Soundbar)

JBL Bar 5.1 Review













  • Powerful bass depth and crisp, clear highs
  • Adjustable bass EQ
  • Wireless subwoofer


  • Could use more EQ controls and/or audio modes
  • Not a true surround system

Soundbars are made up of just one part of your mind. To offer you a greater alternate to this poor sound that a lot of TVs are generating now however minus needing lots of surplus distance which will normally undermine the full intention of such something. And though technology in soundbars have improved much since early years that they have a large downside. Establishing an entirely immersive surround sound subject is out of reach most of these plus so they simply can make a larger field which seems best although it remains mostly before the audience.

A couple new technologies are produced lately to tackle it by producing digital surround speakers and even though these soundbars make a much better encircling sound subject it is not possible for them to be at the adventure using an entirely encircle approach. This happens JBLa exact commendable corporation and something who has established some exact pleasant speakers through time, to provide us a soundbar that attempts to unite both equally a soundbar along with also a surround platform in to one apparatus. Perhaps they were able to triumph? Keep on examining our JBL Bar 5.1 review to learn.

Style, Design & Inputs of JBL Bar 5.1

Even the JBL Bar 5.1 soundbar has a exact distinctive design and style, yet one we hadn’t ever seen previously plus it certainly demonstrates that JBL strove to consider from this box so as to give the greatest of the worlds. The benefits of the soundbar together with all the immersion of an entirely surround sound process. However, to be able to accomplish this actual encompass speakers are wanted, therefore why can JBL were able to combine those two with each other? By making a soundbar that’s encircle speakers which attach to either side of the and also certainly will be taken out anytime that you wish touse them. Even a exact smart design really however, maybe not with a couple advantages. But let us assume every thing to just the start.

Together with all the surround speakers attached to the primary device that the soundbar is measuring 1148mm (45″) lengthy which maybe not modest whatsoever and also you need to certainly be certain that it matches where you need to put it. It is elevation is 58mm (2,3″) which implies it’ll match snugly beneath most TVs but additionally, it gives you the choice to wall mount if you need by supplying all of the required brackets. JBL gives independently mounts for that principal unit and also to your own surround speakers so that you have the liberty to choose exactly what you would like todo.


Design shrewd the principal human body is well created using a perforated plastic human anatomy net which is embellished with chrome alloy cuts. Perhaps it doesn’t qualify as the most effective appearing soundbar available however is still unquestionably above normal and greater appearing much than several other costlier models we’ve reviewed previously.

In addition to this soundbar we’ve got four circular control buttons for power, volume and origin selection whilst about the leading within the proper aspect of this logo there’s just a hidden exhibit underneath the grill and also demonstrates to you essential navigation guidelines. The exhibit includes with about three degrees of renaming plus it turns out off fast to be able to turn into annoying.

Together with all the device additionally includes using a wireless subwoofer that’s larger size compared to that which we generally find within such a soundbars also it’s a really standard black box kind of layout using a matte black colour along with measuring 440 x 305 x 305 mm (16″ x ray 12″ x ray 12″). It has rounded corners provide it a little of character at a otherwise basic design and style. Getting wireless that the sub-woofer just features an electric cable over the straight back and also a button as a way to sync the most important device.

Let us talk somewhat concerning the environment speakers. Once we all said previously mentioned they’ve been attached with either side of the most important unit with magnets and also you also may divide them in any moment as a way to utilize them as back speakers. JBL made a decision to really go full wi-fi together with those speakers also this establishes it has biggest edge but in addition a big flaw. Moving complete wireless ensures you never need to mess that has any cables in any respect. No sound wires, no energy wires nothing. In other words, the speakers operate using batteries and also those might need to be recharged every several hrs.


Entirely charged the speakers may endure close to 10 hrs use which isn’t awful within our impression. When batteries have been vacant you might need to reattach the clogs from the principal human anatomy as a way to recharge them which requires approximately 3 weeks to achieve that.

In the event you utilize your encircles very often afterward that continuous recharging may possibly be somewhat annoying but in the event you’re watching motion pictures onceinawhile it isn’t too awful. JBL has built with a platform to really go in to rack alone and on occasion maybe to fully power down should they stay dormant for 10 and 20 minutes in order to store electrical power.

The primary unit which comprises both front channels (left, centre and right) and both surround speakers have been outfitted with 6 x ray 2.25″ racetrack motorists and 3 x 1.25″ tweeters bringing it has complete ability to 210 Watts. And should you include the subwoofer which utilizes a 10″ driver using a complete ability of 300 Watts afterward we now possess a shocking full ability of 510 Watts which can be notable to get a soundbar of the particular range.

Even the soundbar happens armed with a couple of features with all the chief currently being SoundShift which fundamentally is pairing the soundbar by means of your smartphone by way of blue tooth so as to make use of it to get music-streaming. The switch is created super easy onthefly because you push play your smart phone and also the soundbar mutes every sound playing from your TV to provide priority on the particular. This characteristic might be switched away in any given moment; point.

JBL has likewise built with the soundbar having a USB interface you may use for linking some outside storage to get USB audio play back. Even the place of the vent would be in the trunk therefore that it can be somewhat tough to utilize this all of the moment; point.

Discussing of vents the soundbar have ports placed in the in a strange manner we dare to acknowledge. To start with perhaps not all of vents have been all grouped together because JBL has split them into two classes. The centre area of their rear negative includes 2 insets and in each facet they’ve placed the vents appearing backward so as to aid with cable administration.


At 1 facet we now get 2 HDMI interfaces using just one HDMI-in plus yet another HDMI OUT which likewise supports ARC. At flip hand we now receive yourself a couple of more HDMI-in interfaces, an analogue IN interface, a USB interface for connecting external storage along with also an Optical port.

Controlling the soundbar is achieved throughout the enclosed remote as well as the switches design is still great offering all you’re going to be needing, it really is design and style and standard sense is quite cheap and awful appearing causing you to believe the remote has been a afterthought following having a typically quite wonderful design and style of the primary device. Even though we did not possess some issues it has plastic human body did not feel incredibly hardy therefore it doesn’t break after a few usage.

Performance of JBL Bar 5.1

JBL’s very first aim was supposed to look for something which could be user friendly. Plus it looks like holds true since setting-up the soundbar was easy as unpacking a youngster’s toy. Together with the environment speakers attached with the most important system that the machine acts being a 3.1 technique. The instant that you detach the surround speakers that the device turns right into 5.1 mode mechanically therefore that you do not need to get whatever. Both surround speakers as well as the subwoofer happens glued by the mill therefore there wasn’t any demand for individuals to complete such a thing relating to that.

Together with all the soundbar JBL has comprised a calibration mic so as to be automated calibration of this 5.1 technique. The entire procedure is very similar to the majority of AV receivers calibrations together with all the machine screening each speaker as a way to locate a very good harmony. All you could have to do is set the surround speakers at which you would like place the evaluation mike and press on the corresponding button on the remote. Uncomplicated, uncomplicated and quick.

But if the automated calibration doesn’t meet there is your capacity to control both the bass and also surround speakers electrical power in order to attract them into a own liking. Even the soundbar stipulates A-few sound manners you may utilize based upon your own circumstance. The people offered are picture, music, voice, sports activities as well as also standard. There’s additionally a Nighttime manner where which the soundbar interrupts the lively scope so as to prevent abrupt spikes in bulk which will be annoying throughout nighttime whenever you will find individuals sleeping at your home and also dinosaurs will be wreak chaos.

Motion Pictures With JBL Bar 5.1

Simply for the interest of contrast we chose to examine the soundbar in the two 3.1 and 5.1 installations as a way to learn the way that it acts in either predicaments. You start using the reverted attached with the most important human body we utilised our replica of Pacific Rim: up-rising and choosing distinct moments to observe the method by which a JBL Bar 5.1 could act.

Our very first belief has been quite favorable together with all the sound sector currently being completely facing folks of course however, the soundbar were able to supply decent separation in between front channels. The thing that has been obvious is the bass has been carrying often times centre period whilst the device appears to prefer that the lows a-lot which may make somewhat of imbalance.

Between your powerful highs and also the sharp trembles the mids lacked a little of heat which might perhaps not be instantly apparent however we detected it following having a few evaluations. As being a 2.1 strategy the soundbar can’t supply a exact immersive expertise . however, it’s much superior than almost any TV will actually be equipped to complete and within this JBL has achieved a exact excellent job out.


Separating the surround speakers in your home human body produces this technique a wholly different creature. Unexpectedly the immersion bubble surrounded the entire viewing region. Surround sound clips came into lifetime plus people felt as though we all were directly there in to the activity. The environment speakers require somewhat of calibration so as to detect the sweetspot but then they surely provide as projectiles ended up passing directly close to your minds while longer often than we switched our own minds to view out of where the sound had been originating out of.

Involving explosions, crumbling buildings, even projectiles robots and flying round the JBL Bar 5.1 will not slow as it seems right in your home. Generally speaking people might express the soundbar felt as though it had been chiefly intended for motion picture buffs who require room vibration bass, transparent conversation and powerful surrounds. And within this respect that the JBL Bar 5.1 more.


Analyzing a couple of music monitors additionally demonstrated the exact identical behaviour we watched during film screening. Even the soundbar was capable when coping with all bass-heavy new music whilst on the opposite side it felt just like there’s deficiency of mid century presence throughout play back of monitors which rely upon hot mids. And even though throughout watching pictures the soundbar has been still managing to pay that weakness along with it has bombastic bass and also encircle presence right here matters are a little bit more cluttered. Trebles across the flip side were both made their own presence stick out.

Conclusion For JBL Bar 5.1

JBL strove to develop a modular design and style which could require the greatest of the worlds and also produce a design and style which isn’t just user-friendly within just about any particular position but in addition offer fantastic overall performance for each preferences. Inside our impression that they was able to complete this however maybe not with a couple losses.

Even the JBL Bar 5.1 supplies a 3.1 along with also a 5.1 platform that’s simple to set up and also to innovate, supplies good overall performance for videos watching and is also the epitome of the true wireless 5.1 surround platform whilst the surround speakers are all totally cable loose whilst the subwoofer just takes an electricity cable.

About the opposite hand it’s feeble mids and throughout movies with a great deal of bass and also encircle activity this may possibly perhaps not reveal quite much but throughout music play back that it will reveal it has nasty face longer. Recharging of these surround speakers may be chore for many individuals as the remote style and design leaves much to be desirable.


JBL has placed a large amount of consideration to the strategy plus it also shows. Attempting to generate an throughout system which would perform what proved to be a wise movement around in looking to reach a larger market and even though it has it has defects we imagine the great far outweigh the evil.

Contributing into the preceding mentioned wonderful general design and also a relatively excellent deal to get a whole 5.1 technique the JBL Bar 5.1 can be really a strategy we would recommend to somebody who could put it to use mostly because of motion pictures. In terms of music play back it may do exactly the work just nice but there are several other much far better selections to take into account too.

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