JBL Bar 3.1 Review (3.1 CH Soundbar)

JBL Bar 3.1 Review













  • Reasonable priced
  • Powerful bass
  • Very easy setup
  • Good movies performance


  • Mid-range is lacking
  • Music performance could be better
  • Cheap looking remote
  • No real surround immersion

JBL has established some exact pleasant soundbars these days filled with fine options and sufficient ability with their own models that provide fine valueformoney. Just lately we reviewed the following soundbar out of JBL, ” the JBL Bar 5.1, which still left us together with very fantastic feelings wearing a modular style and decent performance therefore when we heard we will probably end up reviewing some of our units we all were excited to observe what exactly is really on offer from such a commendable provider which is currently possessed by HARMAN, a universe leading sound company which has been acquired by Samsung.

This moment we’ll likely be reviewing a much decrease tier version inside their own soundbar line-up and we’re interested what type of operation an even budget friendly version might offer us. Additionally with no authentic encircle capacities will be constantly restricting these kinds of soundbars to offer you all types of genuine immersion although lots of these come armed with assorted virtual-surround technologies.

Could this soundbar do much better? Does this provide appropriate immersion throughout screening? And could it be successful enough to your own purchase price questioned? These issues and much more are answered from our JBL Bar 3.1 review.

Style and Design, Inputs and Attributes

Even the JBL Bar 3.1 soundbar comes with a reasonably conventional design which will likely pass undetected by many. It truly is neither elaborate or awful appearing and will can hold a very low profile at the place which is going to undoubtedly be positioned.

Measuring 40″ x 2.3″ x 3.1″ / / 10 18 x 5-8 x 78mm (W x H x D) along with weighting 2.3 kilogram / 5 pounds, the JBL Bar 3.1 is a creature soundbar nor the tiniest people now have experienced. Ordinarily large soundbars have difficulties matching beneath smaller TVs however that you may sit even under a 43″ panel without even making it seem as though it expands far from either side.

The majority of the soundbar entrance along with upper sides is coated at a darkened gray aluminum speaker grille together with along with having an unusual choice as many other gear is commonly matte-black and also consequently it leaves coloration combination off a bit.

Center-front we all discover the JBL emblem whilst onto it is straight beneath the grille there’s really a major, shiny exhibit demonstrating which entered you’ve chosen. The screen light shuts before long inorder to turn into annoying throughout screening. At top centre we’ve got 4 round control buttons in one row to get electricity, volume up, volume and enter selection.


The spine is wherever people detect all of links within just two different distinct segments. Our figure is this was manufactured in purpose so as to support with cable direction since with vents at an identical place will create the relations, notably among those thick HDMI wires, a true annoyance.

As such from the ideal in-set JBL has set the ability connector and just two HDMI-in interfaces whilst at the rear hemisphere segment we capture the following HDMI inputan HDMI OUT interface together with ARC service, inch electronic optical inputsignal, inch 3.5millimeter analogue input plus also a USB interface for taking part in audio audio out of outside apparatus such as flash drives or hard disk drives.

To be able to nourish it has three channels JBL has outfitted this soundbar using 6 x ray 2.25″ racetrack drivers followed by by 3 x ray 1.25″ tweeters. You can find not any sideways or up-firing motorists so that as such there’s absolutely no capacities with this particular soundbar to play back some one of those brand new multi-touch music tracks such as Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X.

Together with all the soundbar includes using a wireless subwoofer that’s outfitted with a 10″ down-firing driver. Measuring 12″ x 1 2″ x 17.3″ / / 305 x 305 x 440mm (W x H x D) along with weighting 12.1 kilogram / / 26.6 pounds the sub floor is anything but refined.

Possessing the extent of the tiny garbage may, this sub can surely provide a much sought after bass towards the total encounter. On back we just discover the energy connector along with also a tiny button to match it with all the soundbar. Ordinarily the 2 have come attached from your mill however even when you need todo yourself following a manual guidelines will be straightforward and quick.

In absolute the soundbar and sub-par supply 450 volt of electricity which can be plenty of with this particular pricing and category. However, is electrical power adequate to supply a fantastic acoustic guitar outcome? We’ll observe that this only a small farther down into our screening department.

The added remote is really much like this person we watched from the JBL Bar 5.1 soundbar with merely a few diverse buttons as a result of distinct functionality leading in people with the exact notion like just before. The remote will be a nasty slice of plastic which are certain to receive the business finished but won’t provide such a thing else.

It appears cheap, it seems cheap which can be really as though JBL forgot to devote a while producing a fine appearing remote for everybody it truly is soundbars. Buttons on the remote comprise controls for most it has works and it is quite easy to make use of and know everything each person is assumed to complete.


Even the JBL Bar 3.1 is sold with 5 unique sound manners BE ing typical, Music, Movie, Voice and activity. Standard offer a well balanced effect plus can be fantastic for blended screening whilst music is incredibly much like conventional and you also are going to demand a tuned ear to see some significant sound gaps. Now Film you may unquestionably desire to put it to use enhances the frequencies which makes them stick more as a way to provide an even far more lively outcome.

Voice presents priority into this core channel so as to boost conversation while in an identical point dials the bass back however we still mightn’t make use of this to whatever else besides any TV series or some thing. Last but most certainly not least Sport manner enhances the bass whilst at the same time including a little echo to get an even far more striking influence.

Still another sound feature available on feature will be JBL encircle which strove to develop a pseudo-surround atmosphere with only leading channels. We’re also a little doubtful this characteristic may function such a funding pleasant soundbar along with the outcomes are far less or more that which we predicted.

The encircle feature handles to enlarge the sound point a little more in the direction of us gave it even slightly more thickness however in no manner did it be able to offer us a better feeling of actual encompass sound consequently those that expect some thing that way needs to continue to keep their hopes in check.

Last but most certainly not least there’s aid for blue tooth streaming and that means that you may join any apparatus including an smart-phone along with flow music into the soundbar. Take note that works just 1 manner since you may not stream tunes out of your soundbar for a blue tooth gadget.

JBL has built the JBL Bar 3.1 using a wonderful feature collection which can be based on it is selling price. It’s enough vents and also the main capabilities needed as a way to develop a wonderful setup on your own pictures and audio pleasure. But characteristics may possibly be a very important factor together with operation being just another therefore let us find out this one achieved from the subsequent portion.

Overall performance of JBL Bar 3.1

Not like the JBL Bar 5.1 right here we have no some encircle speakers and ergo there isn’t any demand for virtually any calibration for your own encircles to become accomplished. Joining the soundbar might be carried out either by way of the HDMI vents or perhaps the optical jack however we chose that the HDMI one particular.

The sole actual calibration you may certainly do would be your Sound style selection and also the bass calibration therefore matters are rather straightforward some thing very nice and functional for folks which aren’t to much to calibrating such apparatus or only wish to continue to keep matters uncomplicated.

JBL Bar 3.1 For Video

For the picture analyzing we chose Film style and place the bass level 1-5 at a kick off place. The picture we now chose since consistently would be Pacific Rim: up-rising at 4K UHD which features a wonderful sound trail using busy however even more neighboring filled minutes excellent to examine all kinds of sound tools. All things considered the essential trainings we set the disk within our Panasonic UHD player and proceed during our pre-selected evaluation scenes.

Instantly we’re astonished with the quantity of bass that the sub-woofer was supplying us. It wasn’t surplus nor it absolutely was since the remainder of the sound selection and never having put it in par 1-5 looks ideal because of your own preferences.

We strove to upward the bass amount a couple points simply to observe the way that it acts along with also the walls genuinely begun to shake. Thus supposing it truly is bass which you simply want then that soundbar will not irritate you.

Possessing a passionate centre channel usually means that elevated frequencies in addition to vocals and conversation are apparent and there’s fantastic separation in the remainder of the channels. Even the soundbar made available good changeover involving both right and left channels also it gave us a better feeling of the wider entrance sound platform that prolonged additional into the side.


However, while to front matters have been looking excellent exactly the exact same may not be claimed in regards to the environment. Even the JBL Bar 3.1 delivers no encircle thickness on account of this omission of almost any speakers.

JBL has built with the soundbar having a element named JBL encircle even though the technology handles to shove bit the soundstage in direction of us at no stage did it afford to give a geniune surround practical experience. Exactly the exact same might be claimed in regards to the elevation coating too. As there aren’t any Dolby Atmos allowed drivers that the upper layer feels just a little vacant and just dimensional.

Even the JBL Bar 3.1 has demonstrably limited capacities. Without a encircle or elevation speakers it proved to be confirmed that people shouldn’t anticipate anything elaborate. Soundbars by-design offer confined capacities in contrast with your fully operational sound system-so if we have been speaking to a funding pleasant soundbar anticipation should at no time be overly large.

Taking them into account operation is quite excellent supplying very good separation involving your current channels, dialog is crystal clear and also bass may impair your property…as well as the neighbours’ additionally.

Audio Quality of JBL Bar 3.1

Ending together with all our picture examining second line has been some sound paths to observe music has been acting. Whilst we analyzed distinct sounds and rhythms that our awareness this is the JBL Bar 3.1 is missing a little mid century.

Low-frequencies continue being dominant whilst the top are both sharp and clear although there looks like always a tiny disconnect at the centre which is obvious throughout playback. Maybe into an informal ear this may possibly perhaps not be quite as much evident also for most definitely this won’t be described as a massive problem because this soundbar can offer a fantastic enough sound experience nevertheless the issue is that there and needs to really be pointed out.


Aside from that we did not observe any different major issues. The JBL Bar 3.1 were able to trace abrupt changes on melody character quite very good whilst there had been not any significant sound distortions. Taking into consideration what price tag we’re speaking concerning operation, even though not so good, but we’d say that’s truly decent.

Our Verdict For JBL Bar 3.1

JBL made a soundbar that’s some rather characteristic benefits but also a few glaring advantages. However on the 1 facet its’ simplicity can make it well suited for everybody else who needs a simple to set up technique which may offer much better effectiveness than any incorporated TV sound platform. Additionally the added sub-woofer provides considerable bass for those fans of frequencies that are low.

Connection vents are sufficient to join all of your favourite apparatus even though controlling that the soundbar couldn’t be less complicated since it has features and functions are a breeze to know and take care of. Last but not least movies operation is quite very good and may absolutely offer you an improved experience compared to with no soundbar in the slightest.

Around the opposite hand mid is missing and also this might possibly not be quite as obvious throughout picture screening because of this frequencies turning into a lot more evident but throughout tunes reproduction that this becomes even audible.

Additionally there isn’t any feeling of thickness supporting the viewer in addition to previously whilst the absence of suburban setting and elevation speakers will be endangering it has potency to provide such immersion. Last but most certainly not least the remote is defectively equipped and though it could possibly find the business done we’re expecting some thing better for this particular budget.


In general we are not able to mention we are frustrated with all the JBL Bar 3.1 because its’ shortage of encircle or up-firing motorists left us know from your beginning exactly what things to anticipate less or more. The potent subwoofer proved to be a wonderful surprise whilst the ease to put this up additionally. However, the deficiency of mid century has been somewhat disappointing. JBL Bar 3.1 is targeting a exact special set.

The ones that desire a easy installation having perhaps not really a great deal of wires or preferences to handle that supplies a wonderful upgrade within the TV’s integral sound platform however at an identical time frame do not care much of using a pleasant surround practical experience and also this all in a fair price tag. In the event you distinguish yourself someplace within that post afterward your JBL Bar 3.1 is unquestionably well worth every penny will increase the sound functioning of one’s TV with no great deal of trouble and fuss.

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