Inada Vs Osim – Massage Chairs Brand Comparison Guide

The massage chair is dominated by a few brand names, including Inada and Osim. As manufacturers of some of the finest products in the market, their names are commonly included in the lists of the best massage chairs.

If you are thinking of investing in a massage chair, then you probably have set your sights on these two companies. Let this comparison between the two brands guide you in your purchase.

Inada Company: A Background

Inada – also known as Family Inada – is a revolutionary company that specializes in massage chairs. It was founded in 1962 by Nichimu Inada, whose smart inventions are crafted in the city of Osaka.

Inada’s claim to fame is the invention of the first automatic Shiatsu massage chair. From then on the company was unstoppable, with its numerous massage technology innovations. Under its belt, the following “firsts” were conceptualized:

* Choice between Soft and Firm Touch Kneading

* Spinal Roller

* Roller Massage with Focus on Acupressure

* Quad Roller Massage with Body Alignment

* Air Cell Massage

* Infrared Body Scan

* Full Body, Auto-Adaptive Therapy

* Joystick-Controlled Reflexology

* Comprehensive Massage Chair

* Posture Correction

Inada’s most famous massage chair remains to be the Sogno Dreamwave, which was launched in the year 2008. Designed by Toshiyuki Kita, it gained acclaim in the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.

Another famous model is the CUBE, which received the same honors from the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. It was also heralded as Doctor’s Choice for the Health and Wellness category.

Although these two models are Inada’s most popular models, an older model, the Inada H.9, remains as one of the pioneers of the massage chair industry. Launched in the year 2001, it makes use of infrared sensors that can detect acupressure points. Because of this feature (among many others,) it was named as “Invention of the Year” by Time Magazine.


Established in Singapore, Osim was founded by Ron Sim in the year 1980. It first started out with household products, until 1989, when the company shifted its focus to health and lifestyle products. In 1993, the company finally changed its moniker to Osim – the brand it is known today.

While Osim is a new name in the western hemisphere, it has been a well-established brand in Asia. Throughout the years, it has been the most preferred massage chair brand in Asia.

Just like Inada, Osim has a few innovations under its belt. Its most famous chair is the uAngel, the world’s first sofa transformer. True to its’ label, you can use it as a mini sofa – and as a reliable massage chair in just a push of the button.

Another recent innovation is the uDiva, the world’s first triple enjoyment sofa. Not only is it a stylish sofa, it is also a luxe lounge and a magnificent massage chair.

The Verdict

Since both companies produce exceptional chairs, each brand has its own benefit.

When it comes to innovation and functionality, Inada massage chairs are on the top of the list. After all, it has produced some of the most revolutionary items in the market – such as the Flex 3s, which is the only product in the world that combines Shiatsu massage with therapeutic stretching.

When it comes to popularity, there is no doubt that Inada is more famous in the west. However, Osim is the more trusted brand in Asia.

As for choices, Osim by far has more choices with its four products, namely the uDiva, the uAngel, the uDivine S and the uInfinity. Presently, Inada has three – the Sogno Dreamwave, the Flex 3s and the Yu-Me.

When it comes to versatility, Osim definitely takes the lead. After all, it produces models that can be transformed from sofa chairs/lounge chairs to massage chairs.

While there are chairs that trump the other with regard to features, it is a matter of determining what massage you want and what features you need. So before you decide between Inada and Osim massage chairs, it is best if you do some in-depth research!

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