The Best Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Guide 2022

Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Review 2022

Today let’s talk about Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair. Are you tired and sick of being tired and sick? Are you in search of the best massage chair, offered by an internationally renowned company that can help alleviate the pain of your feet and back after a long day of job?

The massage chair not only looks great but is also loaded with both convenience and therapeutic features that are designed to help you relax and move?

Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

If you’ve answered “yes” to one of these questions, then you’ll be delighted by our comprehensive Human Touch Novo XT review. This is the XT2, an upgraded version from the Novo XT that is in itself an upgrade of one of the older designs, the Novo XT, which is a great chair on its own. The XT2 however takes the Novo’s quality to a new level.

In the next sections, we’ll take a deep look at everything this incredible chair can accomplish and also provide a detailed explanation of the few flaws it has in order to make a decision for yourself whether this is the chair you’ve been looking for.

Even if you decide to pick a different brand or model We think you’ll be able to agree that it’s a great piece of technology and an incredible chair. Let’s dive right in and find out what the Novo XT2 has to offer!

About Human Touch Company Human Touch Company

Human Touch is a brand that has created a broad collection of chairs and ergonomic recliners to help its users to rejuvenate their bodies as well as their mind.

Here are a few of the things that are noteworthy about the business:

  • Human Touch’s Best Chairs as well as Robotic chairs are the only seats that are recognized by the WFC (World Association of Chiropractic) as products that could help back-care therapies.
  • It employs patent-pending technologies in most products to enhance its extending high performance coverage. As of now, they’ve applied more than 65 of these patent-pending technologies such as Figure-Eight CirQlation along with Robotic Massages.
  • Nearly every Human Touch chair model is acknowledged as top-quality by both experts and customers alike. For instance, the Award Novo XT, for example, was awarded the ADEX Platinum back in 2018.

This is a well-known and award-winning producer of many massage chairs which is known for its patent-pending technologies to enhance the efficiency of their chairs.

Human Touch Chair Specifications for Novo XT2

Here are some general statistics to give you an overall feeling about the chair

Dimensions of the Overall Product343" 31" 43"
Chair Weight294 pounds
Maximum Supported Weight285 pounds
Recommended Height Band5'-6'9"
Massage TrackL-Track (50" length)
Roller Tech3D Quad Rollers

There are a few points to discuss from the beginning along with a few more we’ll talk more about in the future in this extensive Human Touch Novo XT2 review.

To begin, we’d like to bring your attention to the reality that this is a massive chair, which is sure to dominate the space you decide to put the chair in. And given the heavy weight of the chair, it’s best to figure out precisely where you’d like it, in the beginning, to avoid the difficult task of moving it later.

It is also important to note that the track is long it can be among the longest tracks in the market. The fact that it can be used by users who are taller than six feet nine inches means that even taller customers can anticipate a thorough massage experience that will cover the majority part of their body.

Human Touch Novo XT2 Chair Overview

Human Touch Novo XT2 Chair Overview

Human Touch is known for designing striking, compelling designs. They aren’t your typical, boring massage chairs, the company creates chairs that are equal components of design and function. They have designs that are stunning and this one isn’t an exception.

It’s got a distinctly modern style that may not appeal to all, but on the all we believe that the majority of people will enjoy it. If it does not fit well with your specific home style, it does not mean it can’t make a great fit for your home. It’s only that you’ll be able to make it as a focal point because of the striking contrast it adds to the space.

Benefits & Features

  • 3-D Quad Roller and Hybrid L&S-Track and

The use of advanced quad rollers like this means you will get a more powerful and enjoyable massaging sensation (deep muscle massage). If you’re already familiar with the ergonomic S-Track design that many of the top recliners feature The Hybrid L&S Track is essentially an immediate upgrade.

  • Preset Settings

The XT2 comes with nine presets which you can access via your LCD controller. Although Human Touch’s XT2 does not have the automated body scan technology that other premium recliners have These pre-programmed settings will usually be more than enough to meet your requirements.

  • Zero-Gravity Seating

The roller technology used to be sufficient to provide the best massage and seating experience. However, with the advent of zero-gravity chairs, the standards have increased dramatically. The type of seating raises your knees over your heart, which gives you the sensation of a “weightless sensation” (hence”zero-gravity” in the title.)

A lot of research has proven the technology to be beneficial and therapeutic for our health. The benefits include better circulation, quicker recovery after surgery along with less blood pressure.

  • Space-Saving Tech

Beware of the Novo XT2’s imposing exterior. Thanks to its compact design, it can be tucked away in smaller rooms more easily than you believe.

As opposed to standard recliners which require just a few feet’ distances from the wall, the Novo is a little different. To show you how HT’s products are improved as time passes, the first Novo model required a 9-inch wall clearance and the XT required five inches. With the XT2 however, two inches are required! 2-inches are needed! This is a huge improvement!

  • Multiple Massaging Options

Although the XT2 has a degree in manual control, the model relies heavily on automatic settings. With this model, you receive 35 routines pre-programmed.

Many high-end recliners now have certain heating features in one way or the other. This is the case with this Human Touch XT2 is not an exception. In addition to its therapeutic massages, you also receive heating for additional therapeutic value.

Multiple Options for Massaging Options

But, we do have some reservations about this unit. Because of its high price one would expect it to have a completely adjustable heating experience. There’s no way of adjusting the heat that could be problematic if you discover it to be a bit too hot. The only limit is the lumbar region.

  • Extended Ottoman

This feature automatically raises the ottoman in order to allow the greater height range (5 6’9 – 5’9)”.) According to our experiences, the feature is effective almost all the time. However, occasionally it may require tiny manual adjustments to get the perfect fit that you desire.

  • MP3 and Bluetooth Support

If you’re looking for a model that has great audio technology, HT goes all the way in its offering. It has a blue-tooth integrated speaker system.

On top of this, it includes a USB port for charging your devices. Another minor but very welcome feature is its pre-programmed sound effects that feature calming and soothing themes such as rolling tides, natural sounds, and even rain.

  • User-Friendly

Although it has a lot of functions and features utilized, they’re laid out in a manner that’s simple to grasp and understand. This LCD’s user interface is organized.

If you aren’t keen on entering the settings for massage intensity manually, this device’s numerous pre-programmed routines let you skip all that hassle and enjoy your message instantly.

Another great benefit is the fact that the remote settings are available in various different languages. If you’re not an English speaker This brand has you covered.

  • is Fully Assembled

Some brands require a certain type of assembly prior to being able to utilize their product, however, Human Touch XT2 is not one of them. Human Touch XT2 is one of the very few exceptions. After you’ve received your product the only thing you have to do is attach it to the source of power, and then you’re set.

Hybrid 3D-Quad Rollers

The biggest difference we observed in the difference between the base Novo design and the new XT2 model is it’s the way the XT2 has quad rollers equipped with 3D technology while the initial Novo used dual rollers with no 3D technology.

The addition of quad rollers is a way to bring this XT2 up to the latest standards of the market with the inclusion of 3D technology that permits the rollers to be moved up to 3″ further away from the massively long massage track. This results in a more intense, superior, and more enjoyable massage generally.

This technology, when combined with the extremely long (50″!) massage track is exceptional. We are awestruck by it, and we’re sure that you will too!

Calf & Foot Massage

Calf & Foot Massage

Another fantastically implemented feature, the foot and calf massager is rendered via the combination of airbags within the footwells and dual foot rollers in the lower end of every leg’s port.

The speed and the intensity of it can be altered independently of the rollers that run across the track of massage for the chair, giving you plenty of flexibility in personalizing your head-to-toe massage.

While we are awestruck by this feature We will use this occasion to remind you we think it would have been better if footwells were equipped with heated footwells. Should Human Touch modifies this model in the near future it is the top item in our list of things we’d love to see included!

Extendable Ottoman

Another impressively well-designed feature is the ottoman. It automatically expands to accommodate a variety of heights (from 5 6’9″).

The auto-extend function functions in the same way as you’d expect approximately 95percent of the time. However, in the rare instances when it isn’t adjusting precisely in the way you’d like or require it to there are keys on your remote which let you alter the position of the ottoman until it’s exactly where you’d like it to be.

3D Body “Scan”

While the rollers are, we found that the technology for body scans is somewhat uninteresting. It’s not a major issue, but it’s something to take note of.

A lot of top-of-the-line chairs have a completely automated body scanning procedure. The chair is sat in and it scans your body while making quick adjustments to ensure that it targets all of your pressure points in the most effective way.

In the event that the scan isn’t able to give a flawless result, There are options available on the remote which allow users to alter the position of the rollers to further fine-tune the.

We’d like Human Touch to have taken that approach.

In contrast, there is no body scan available here. The user is presented with nine different settings from the remote. Begin by choosing the one that you believe is the most appropriate If you feel that the position of the rollers requires more adjustment and tweaking then you’re able to do it.

It’s not as easy and automated as it should be however, it’s definitely not terrible and we didn’t take anything from the chair to justify it.

It is important to note, however, that it’s true that this isn’t a top-of-the-line feature implementation and that it could be improved by the firm. better in this regard.

Zero-Gravity Seating

Zero-Gravity Seating

A good massage experience isn’t defined by the technology of rollers alone. It’s the massage techniques and pre-programmed massages available are also important as does the existence of zero-g seating.

Inspired by NASA Zero-G seating massage chairs that offer it to allow the user to recline to an angle where the knees are slightly elevated over their hearts leaving one with the sensation of being weightless.

Studies have proven research has shown that the sitting posture can offer numerous benefits for health that include helping increase circulation, lower blood pressure, and accelerate recovery post-operation.

Additionally, Zero-G seating can enhance your own custom massage experience, using your body’s weight to push you more tightly against the seatback. This gives the rollers the ability to provide an even deeper massage.

Some chairs don’t offer Zero-G seating. If you spot the feature is available, you’ll find it integrated with between 1-3 Zero-G seating options. For the price of this chair it would be anticipated to have three Zero-G seating positions available however, the XT2 has only two.

This isn’t a huge deal, obviously, but we were dissatisfied. In the end, if you look over the specifications of the powerful Kahuna the LM6800 it will show that, despite being around 1/3 the cost of the model above, it comes with three Zero-G seats!

In any event, two options will please most users and will be a great and a good, if not a perfect application for the function.

Created with Space-Saving Technology

In the beginning, we said it was the Novo XT2 a big heavy, bulky chair. It is, however, it’s also built with the latest technology to reduce space, so it’s possible to fit it into an area smaller than you imagine.

Most recliners require at the very least two feet of space between the back of your chair and the wall you want to put it next to recline. The initial Novo model needed nine inches of clearance from the wall and it was the Novo XT needed five. The Novo XT2 requires only 2 inches! That’s both amazing and remarkable!

Untold Options There are a Myriad of Options

Myriad of Options

There are three different ways that companies can choose to implement massage capabilities. They could choose for making the procedure completely automated, with a heavy reliance on pre-programmed massage routines they could skip automated routines and open all aspects of the massage to be tweaked using the remote. Or they could try an intermediate approach by implementing a combination of both.

Human Touch uses a middle method, however one that tends to lean heavily in favor of automated massage, and offers the most impressive 35 pre-programmed massage routines. Choose the one you’d like to play with, hit the button, and then take a relaxing massage.

We love this method because we believe that the majority of people would rather have well-thought-out pre-packaged choices that leave the possibility of tweaking the specifics instead of being presented with a huge “massage tools” and having to spend several days or even weeks, learning about what the options mean before they are able to put together their own customized massage routines.

Although, if you’re a fervent DIYer and enthusiast of tinkering, you’ll probably want this method however, in terms of the mass market appeal, most people love the simplicity of a push-button pre-programmed interface as well. Human Touch delivers that in fashion.

Even if you’re a bit selective about what you’re looking to find in a massage with over 35 pre-programmed routines to pick from, you’ll discover something you like.

Lumbar Heat

A greater percentage of chairs for massage on the market present heat in some manner or form whenever it’s available it’s always an enjoyable addition that can provide a great deal in therapeutic massage benefits. The presence of this feature isn’t a surprise since the first Novo also had lumbar heating. The way it is implemented is, as we’re able to tell unaltered.

Cloud Touch Acupressure Strategically placed targeted aircells apply pressure to key healing points and manipulate your body to stretch muscles.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to control temperatures of warmth in the meantime, and it’s restricted to the lumbar region of your lower back (just like it was with earlier models from Novo).

We’d love to see a temperature control feature or heated footwells in the extendable leg rest but…no we’ve had any luck. But, you’ll not be disappointed by this feature!

Body Stretch

We’re always happy to see the stretching of the body regardless of the form it takes in the form of a massage chair, but here Human Touch’s approach could have been improved. Human Touch already provides Thai massage using rollers which is why adding an intense Thai yoga stretch to the human body could have been a great idea. Strategically placed targeted aircells apply pressure to key healing points and manipulate your body to stretch muscles.

At present, we view the full-body stretch to be somewhat on the soft side, however, your mileage could be different. Perhaps, for you, it’s just how you like it. We think this could’ve been a couple of shades darker.

Amazingly Simple to Use and Master

Simple to Use

The chair is equipped with numerous features and customizable options available, the wired LCD remote is well-organized and you won’t be able to master every aspect of its usage.

And, thanks to the wide array of massage routines pre-programmed you’ll have the ability to connect the chair and sit down to get the first massage in just a few minutes after it arrives at your doorstep.

Most importantly, this is among only a handful of massage chairs that come fully assembled which means there’s nothing to do after you receive it. Other than deciding the location you’d like it to be and then moving it to that spot, plug it in and then connect the remote that is wired.

Our sole complaint in this regard is that, given the advancements in technology, the choice of an LCD wired remote is to be a bit old-fashioned. A majority of the top models available today are utilizing touchscreen tablets as the control unit for chairs, and we see this as an opportunity that has been missed. opportunity to Human Touch.

It’s definitely not a major issue and you shouldn’t be astonished by the screen of your remote that isn’t responding to your gestures!

Last point: The remote can be set to a range of languages in case English isn’t your first spoken language Human Touch has you covered!

Reliability And Warranty

These products are protected by a limited guarantee that covers the defects in workmanship and materials. Warranty coverage begins after the purchase of the product.

It is only the owner who purchased the unit can make use of this warranty, and it’s only valid in Canada and the US for as long as you use the unit in accordance with the directions that came with it.

To get Human Touch Novo XT2: Human Touch Novo XT2 You will receive:

  • Services in-home 1 year
  • The Parts Coverage Policy: Three Years
  • Structural Repairs for 5 Years

It offers a generous 5-year warranty on the manufacturing of its Novo Unit. It’s only available to customers located either in Canada or the US.

Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Review Conclusion

We are in love with this model, the Novo XT2! It’s one of our top designs made by Human Touch, a company famous for producing top massage chairs. You can bay at the popular marketplaces, like online, Massage Chair Wellness Inc, and others.

We would recommend this model for everyone but we’ll mention two things before we close our Human Touch Novo XT2 review. These are the caveats we would add to an unreserved and unequivocal suggestion:

  • In the previous section, the price is likely to keep this model out of many people’s budget however, it’s still good enough that we’d suggest saving up until you’re able to be able to afford it If you’re somewhat close. There’s no reason to settle for second top quality!
  • If you’re dealing with a particular medical issue or condition, a chair that is specifically designed for therapeutic purposes could offer a larger overall benefit for you. We see this model as an outstanding “generalist” seat such as it. Luraco I7 is likely to be more suitable for people suffering from chronic pain issues.


Where Are Human Touch massage chairs made?

Human Touch massage chairs are created and built by the U.S. and manufactured in Taiwan.

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