Human Touch Novo vs Novo XT 2 The Best Comparison 2022

Human Touch Novo vs Novo XT 2 – Which Choose?

Human Touch Novo vs Novo XT 2 – what are the differences? The quest for the perfect massage chair might continue, regardless of whether for users or the manufacturers. But, with all the most advanced technology can offer, certain brands can get above the rest. The most notable examples are Human Touch’s XT2 as well as the Super Novo.

The massage chairs are constructed using high-end technology as well as the knowledge and experience of specialists, physicians, famous masseuses as well as professional athletes. Every effort was made to make massage chairs that help alleviate body pain, offer the relaxation needed, and, in general, improve wellness and health both mentally and physically.

What You Need To Know About The Human Touch Super Novo

Human Touch Super Novo

The Human Touch Super Novo is available for sale at $11,999 or $9,999 when it is it is discounted. It’s an expensive purchase than those of the Novo XT2, but the cost is definitely worthwhile due to its high-end features. It’s also renowned for its attractive design and consistent performance, but people purchase it due to its cutting-edge technology that isn’t found in any other massage chair yet.

The Most Advanced Massage Chair That Gives The Most Real-Life Experience

In the event that Human Touch Super Novo has one feature that is distinctive from other chairs, it’s that it is a virtual Therapist to control Alexa with Alexa. In actuality, it’s only the second massage machine to implement this feature, which means you won’t be able to get the same experience anywhere else. The program will require you to answer a set of questions about your needs and preferences regarding the massage experience.

To access this feature, you’ll first request the Virtual Therapist Bridge free of cost if you own the model. It is also necessary to purchase Amazon Echo, Google Home, or other similar technology since this massage chair isn’t compatible with an Amazon Alexa device. It has 3D as well as 4D programs 38 auto programs unibody track, the remote dock with control, fingertip controls an app that is downloadable battery backup, as well as heating and extending feet, calf or knee massage.


  • Absolutely Phenomenal In Terms Of User Flexibility!
  • 4D Rollers Coupled With A 43” SL-Track Makes For The Best Massage Experience!
  • 38 Modes Means You Can Pick A Mode Every Single Day For 1 Month & Still Have Some Left!
  • Operating The Chair Is Incredibly Easy And Can Be Done By Voice!


  • Hefty Hefty Price Tag! You Can Get A Decent Car At This Price!


Virtual Therapist

Set up your chair and allow the Virtual Therapist to help to perfect your massage. It will ask you a few questions regarding your needs for physical therapy and your preferred massage style. Following that it will ask you to choose a massage. Super Novo will provide you with a massage that is tailored to meet your needs at whenever any however time you’d like, just by telling them “Alexa Please request my Novo to provide me with a massage.”

S- and L-Track Massage

If you want a massage that goes through your neck and down your knees, the advanced Multi-Dimensional Massage Technology of the Super Novo’s S/L-Track System can be of great help.

Extending and Heated Knee, Calf, and Foot Massager

With underfoot rollers and adjustable intensity for both calves and feet, The heated leg rest is automatically adjusted to your height, giving you an amazing massage experience. The calves massage extends to your knees, giving you greater coverage of massage. It’s amazing after being on your feet all day.

Extending and Heated Knee

3D and 4D Massage Programs

You can go beyond 3D With The Super Novo. It has 4D programs that increase the ante with a variable speed. Massage rollers accelerate and then slow down in mid-stroke to create the sensation of a real person massages you. It’s perfect for those who want to vary the speeds and pressure in various areas of their body, without needing to press the button to get it.

Altec Lansing Premium Sound System

Supernovo’s Altec Lansing sound system, which comes with Sound Soothe is able to play the immersive sound of nature, and narration guides and lets users play their own music, TV, or audiobooks from the massage chair. It’s great to have music to accompany your massage. It also comes with a Bluetooth connection, which means that you can listen to music effortlessly.

Advanced Fingertip Controls

Control key functions effortlessly using the panel on the fingers of the armrest. It is possible to use Power On, auto-program start-up, adjustable recline as well as heat, speaker volume, and even return to upright posture without lifting your arm from the seat in order to use to operate the remote. You’ll remain comfortable during your entire massage.

Built-In USB Port

Its built-in USB port lets you charge your device as you play music, view videos or read an ebook.

38 Auto-Wellness Programs

The Supernovo’s 38 programs include full body immersion, and deep tissue, as well as an efficient collection of restorative and therapeutic programs to unwind and unwind as well as de-stress programs are perfect for a relaxing routine before bed or a revigorating routine in the morning.

38 Auto-Wellness Programs

Cloud Touch Acupressure

The targeted air cells use gentle pressure on healing points to use manipulation to stretch muscles. The airbag compression massage adds a new dimension to your massage, and can help increase circulation.

Dual-Lumbar Heat

Achievable, targeted heat that can be controlled to reduce backaches and loosens muscles. If your lower back is especially tight muscles or you simply want to soak in the warmth and gain improved circulation and relaxation this option is perfect.

Unibody Track

The Super Novo’s unibody track is able to attend to about 60 percent more of the back area than standard chairs. This is the ideal option choice for people who want a maximum massage chair.

Zero-Gravity Seating

Zero-gravity positions your back in a way that elevates your legs over your heart for better health. The position is marketed as the most healthy method of sitting by doctors all over the world.

Space Saving Technology

Human Touch Human Touch design team created technology that is space-saving and outdoes that of Novo XT2. You’ll need just two inches of space behind the seat to recline fully.

App Functionality

Install the Novo App on the device of your choice, Android or iOS device, and your phone is a controller for the chair. And, of course, there’s also an online virtual therapist.

What You Need To Know About The Human Touch Novo XT2

Human Touch Novo XT2

Whatever you require a massage chair does recuperate from an injury get ready for a workout or relieve tension it’s the human Touch Novo XT2 that can help you. It is known for its outstanding performance, striking design, and the variety of features that are available.

The Complete Massage Chair For Those Who Are Serious About Their Use

Its Human Touch Novo XT2 is highly sought-after by many because of its benefits and you should think about it, too. It is true that you can seldom find an ergonomic massage chair that is equipped with all the essential features needed for real-time and effective massage therapy. It is possible to use it to meet your various requirements, and all you need to do is select from its 35 auto-wellness programs.

The best part is that you can create your own custom massage experience. You can select any of the five intensity settings for massage as well as Cloud Touch Acupressure, as well as different speeds for foot and full-body massages, with three and six options for each. Apart from that it also comes with Novo XT2 has the Flex 3D massage technology as well as foot rollers and extending massage for the calf and foot and an innovative LCD remote.


  • Stupendous User Flexibility! This chair can accommodate users from 5’0 to 6’9 feet!
  • For A Chair This Big, It Only Needs 2” Of Wall Clearance!
  • It Comes Programmed With An Outrageous 35 Auto Modes!


  • Pricing Is Way Outta Whack! (In My Opinion)


Sounds of Novo XT2

Human Touch has redesigned the sound system of the Novo XT2. The built-in Surround Sound speakers feature Premium Sound from Altec Lansing, a company that has been developing audio systems for over 20 years. Sound Soothe is a further feature that lets you listen to eight relaxing nature tracks that soothe your mind while your chair soothes your body.

S/L Massage Track

It’s the Novo XT2 has an S/L-Track massage track, which has a unique design that has 60% more surface than a standard chair. It will give you a full massage from the neck to your thighs. The L-track is a perfect match with the massage rollers in 3D to recreate the feel of a massage provided by a professional masseuse. When you sit down in the chair you can adjust the foot extension and height settings to make sure that the rollers of the chair are hitting the right place.

Advanced Tile Remote

The LCD remote lets you know the position of your massage roller while you a massage. The color display displays the amount and intensity you have selected and the present time. The remote was created to make the chair as simple and straightforward as it can be.

Additionally, for those who prefer technology and are tech-savvy, the Novo XT2 application allows users to control the massage using their smartphone. All you need to connect your device via Bluetooth then select from a variety of relaxation and recovery auto-wellness programs and focus on a particular area of your body to ease tension and muscle pain.

The app provides easy access to recline and incline options, as well as 3D intensity, controls footrest massage controls, as well as the airbag’s intensity. Additionally, you can use the ZeroG button to relax in a neutral position to get a more intense massage.

Auto Wellness Programs

There are 35 programs available to help relax, deep tissue massage, and recovery exercises that are great for every day or after work, or even when you are following a rigorous workout routine.

Cloud Touch Acupressure

The acupressure massage chair has strategically placed air cells that exert pressure on vital healing points and aid the body stretch its muscles.

Zero-Gravity Seating

The definition of a great massage experience isn’t determined solely by roller technology. The methods of massage and pre-programmed massages are available as well, along with the availability of Zero-G seating.

Inspired by NASA Zero-G seating, Zero-G seating features many massage chairs which allow it to allow the user to recline to the point where their knees are slightly elevated above their hearts leaving one feeling light and numb.

Research has proven research has shown that the sitting position can provide numerous therapeutic massage advantages which include helping increase circulation, lower blood pressure, and accelerate recovery after surgery.

Zero-Gravity Seating

Furthermore, Zero-G seating improves the overall experience of massage, by utilizing the weight of your body to press your body more tightly against the seatback. This gives the rollers the ability to provide an even deeper massage.

Some chairs don’t offer Zero-G seating. When you find the option you’ll find it incorporated with between 1-3 Zero-G seats. In light of that, the price that this product is priced at we’d have anticipated having three Zero-G seating options available, however, the Novo XT massage chair offers only two.

This isn’t a huge deal, however, we were somewhat dissatisfied. In the end, if you check out the specifications of the powerful Kahuna the LM6800 you’ll find that, despite being around one-third the price of the model above, it comes with three Zero-G seats!

In any event, the two icon buttons will delight most users and will be great even if it’s not an outstanding application of this feature.

Dual-Lumbar Heat

Warm, breathable air moves through your back, and feature a relaxing massage that helping to relax your muscles and ease discomfort and aches.

Built-in USB Port

The built-in USB ports let you charge your handheld device as you play music, view videos, or read an ebook.

Flex 3D Massage Technology

The acupressure massage chair comes with five different intensity settings that you could use to control the intensity of massage to provide the ultimate therapeutic, fully enveloping massage that is the perfect pressure.

Space-Saving Design

There is only a minimum of two” to completely recline the chair. A lot of chairs require a huge amount of space in order to recline in a proper manner, which limits the location you can place the chair. The Novo XT2’s compact design makes it possible to place it nearly everywhere.

Extending Foot And Calf Massager

Being comfortable in the massage chair is essential. If the chair you are using isn’t fit you, a lot of important features won’t work with you. The ottoman’s extendable design helps to accommodate and to take a foot and calf massage taller people that are taller than 6’9″.

Extending Foot And Calf Massager

Area Focus & Adjustability

It is possible to use the Novo XT2 can focus on specific areas using Zone or Spot. Zone massages target an area in particular, and you can select the area’s size by selecting small (3″) moderate (6″), and long (9″). Five intensity settings for massage can be set by using the five Cloud Touch acupressure massage intensities and six full-body massage speeds and three-speed for foot massage.

Full Body Stretch

The massive “bend and stretch” function provides unbeatable spinal and leg relief, boosting the flow of blood to your spine, restoring your lower back, and allowing you to recover faster and more effectively.

Let’s discuss the new features of this chair, called the Supernovo.

Novo XT2 vs Super Novo: Which Will You Choose?

Novo XT2 vs Super Novo

Massage chairs come with plenty to offer and come in comparable prices and ranges. Which one has the features you want? If you’re looking for massage chairs you usually will be limited to three or four chairs you can choose from. If you’re in search of 3-D massage chairs, an L-Track with a budget of $7,500, these chairs will meet your requirements. What makes one more suitable than the other?

In the beginning, let’s talk about the reason why L-Track’s massage or 3D rollers have become desired since they are the two primary aspects of these chairs.

3D Massage Rollers

A 3D massage system extends all the benefits a traditional 2D system provides and can be found within the chairs we’ll discuss below. The 3D system is able to penetrate further into your shoulders and your back and neck muscles to provide a more intense and more effective massage.

The rollers may also extend farther from the track, and can get into places that a normal chair isn’t able to, such as the neck’s upper part and between the shoulders.

The rollers are able to be moved left and right, upwards and downwards, as well as between them. This helps replicate the movements of human hands. When using massage chairs 3D you can alter the intensity of the massage to be as vigorous or as gentle as you’d like with some restrictions depending on the chair. When more than one individual is going to use the chair, this could be advantageous.

L-Track Massage

The first thing to consider is what exactly is a massage track actually? A massage chair is a long track for rollers that extends from the neck/head section downwards to reach the back, and in certain chair models, glutes as well as the hamstrings. The track is similar to the train track in that it guides the rollers upwards as well down to the rear of the chair, just like train wheels do across the surface.

When you’re massaged from the chair, the rollers perform the majority of the work, especially for your lower back. The rollers move along the track and depending on the shape of the track, they are able to work in various places.

These different zones are based on the type of track, either an L or an S.

Massage chairs have seen improvements in their design and as they advanced in time and massage chairs improved, the S-Track was extended to become an L-Track. The L-Track was shown a few years ago and demonstrated the capability to move along the spine and underneath it to access the glutes as well as the hamstrings. This chair was manufactured by Inada which was the first brand to provide an L-Track prototype.

Inada made it a point to take time in order to perfect their chair and that’s why Infinite Therapeutics or Infinity introduced the Iyashi model which became the first massage chair to have an L-Track. This is something you need to be aware of when buying these two chairs because Infinity is the very first company to have an L-Track available.

Let’s look at what each chair can offer and provide you with a clear understanding of which will fit your requirements.

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Human Touch Novo vs Novo XT 2 – In Summary

If you decide to purchase either the Human Touch’s Novo XT2 or Super Novo make sure you won’t be disappointed by your choice. The former is considerably cheaper than the latter, but the features aren’t as sophisticated. In any case, it’s a great choice. Human Touch Novo XT2 comes equipped with everything you could require from an ergonomic massage chair. If you’re looking to be able to use the latest technology and features, then it’s the Human Touch Super Novo might be the perfect choice for you.

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