How To Choose The Best Massage Chair For You (Easy Buying Guide)

Selecting a massage chair can be a Hurculean feat. After all there are so many factors to consider that even figuring out what you want can be far from easy.

Where should you start?

What should you consider when buying a massage chair?

That’s exactly what this article aims to answer. By the end of this short post you should have a better idea about how to progress in your hunt for the best massage chair for your needs and should be able to use tools like our comparison chart to quickly narrow down the options to your perfect massage chair.

Decide on Features

The most critical aspect when choosing a massage chair is the range of features that are on offer. Making an informed decision about which features are essential for you and which ones would simply be “nice” can make it easy to narrow down the large range of options on offer.

As an example, lower-cost massage chairs tend to use a vibrating function to massage the back and posterior, while mid- to high-end massage chairs use a range of features such as massing rollers and inflating airbags to create a far more realistic massage experience, a greater range of massaging options and generally a more enjoyable massage experience.

Then of course there is the recline feature; while almost all massage chairs will recline to a degree there is a large variance in how these work. Lower-end massage chairs tend to recline to a lesser angle and typically use a “manual recline” where a lever must be pulled to lower the chair back.

Mid- to high-end chairs not only offer a mechanical recline, but in many cases recline much further. This can make for a more relaxing massage experience and helps to significantly reduce pressure on the spine.

For a full rundown of massage chair features please click here.

Check Dimensions

Secondary to the perfect combination of massage chair features come the practicalities; in this case how large is the massage chair under consideration?

Higher-end massage chairs can be very bulky while cheaper models tend to be far smaller and more compact. Measuring up the intended destination for your massage chair can help you decide whether you have the available space for the chair you’re considering.

This will not only avoid any nasty surprises when your massage chair is delivered but will also mean that individuas with less space can still be certain they can accommodate a massage chair.

Consider Style

Massage chairs are typically made in faux-leather as this is both cheaper and more practical than real leather. Equally, a tiny handful of massage chairs do offer the luxury of real leather. In addition while most massage chairs come in a single color – black – as default, a small number of other massage chair colors can be found. Brown massage chairs, for example, are not uncommon.

So while it shouldn’t be your primary consideration, it can be worth considering the aesthetics of the various massage chairs being considered in order to decide which one is most visually appealing to you (or will make your friends most jealous!).

Compare Prices

Massage chairs aren’t a cheap investment, but they can differ wildly in price. At the bottom end it is possible to spend less than $500 on a basic model. At the other end of the market, where the very best massage chairs are to be found, prices can be in the many thousands of dollars.

Deciding on your maximum budget can also therefore be helpful for choosing a massage chair. Where possible, try not to economize too much on your massage chair, however, as you will generally find that you get what you pay for. In many cases, while invariably more expensive, top-end massage chairs will offer a highly superior massage experience which many owners consider well worth the extra investment.

Consult Reviews

Lastly, consider the range of massage chair reviews currently online. Once you have filtered down all the available massage chairs by feature-set, dimensions, price and appearance the final selection is often helped by consulting online reviews.

We offer a range of massage chair reviews here on the site (click here to visit our massage chair section) or alternatively consider consulting Amazon for more independent reviews.