Harman Kardon SB26 Review (2.1 CH Soundbar)

Harman Kardon SB26 Review













  • Big, dynamic and detailed sound.
  • Nice looks.
  • Wireless subwoofer.


  • Remote control.
  • Does not include instructions manual (downloadable).

Now we’ll be studying still another soundbar-subwoofer combination from the business which isn’t any stranger the moment it involves noise and there isn’t any additional than Harman Kardon. Inside our Harman Kardon SB26 review we’ll examine one among these soundbars which goes for their own SB line-up and also this specific one was in the marketplace for a long time today together with all the American organization nonetheless preserving it into flow revealing just how much it really had been accepted between users.

Lately we had the joy to examine a few of these own products, their Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 soundbar which really is just a much more costlier, pricier offering which rendered us impressed with one soundbar installment hence we’re interested to observe things could fare better around the opposite hand of this funding range.

Even the HARMAN KARDON SB26 might be regarded as a minimal to mid tier soundbar and can be your very funding friendly person which Harman Kardon is providing at the moment. They have a few different designs with very similar rates however they don’t really incorporate a subwoofer S O that the HARMAN KARDON SB26 is regarded as cheapest selection it’s possible to buy out of these. Together with 2.1 channels and 160 watts of overall electrical power the HARMAN KARDON SB26 also will come with a couple additional features to sweeten the price for example Harman’s Screen Surround digital Speaker surround style, an EQ switch for table or wall mounting, flexible subwoofer crossover, and blue tooth loading, hdmi cec and program aid.

However, using an original cost of approximately £ 600 that isn’t thought to be a cheap soundbar since you can find tons of selections from the sub-$500 500 classification that may provide very superior performance. However, it looks like Harman Kardon is earning some heavy special discounts about the HARMAN KARDON SB26 that reach half it has unique price rendering it a much more inviting proposition to bear this in your mind too. Taking all of the above mentioned consideration will not exactly the Harman Kardon SB26 has exactly what it can take to have your time or competition has abandoned it’s mark onto the producer cheapest proposition? Read our review because we place this into this exam.

Design, Inputs and Features


Even the HARMAN KARDON SB26 is definitely a soundbar which isn’t likely to get some awards along with it has design or overall appearances. It is searchable design may possibly perhaps not be the one that’ll attract the interest of this audience but is still unquestionably a special the one which individuals do not see usually utilized.

As for it’s dimensions that can be really a very streamlined one as using a dimension of 920mm x 110mm x 89mm plus also a burden of only 3.5 Kg that the HARMAN KARDON SB26 could sit well under almost any TV of both 43″ and over providing it lots of versatility. Together side all the soundbar we now receive yourself a subwoofer that steps 320mm x 365mm x 320mm and weights 9.4 kilogram. Even though out of the overall view that the subwoofer isn’t just a huge 1, much such as just a modest to mid sized one particular, it’s larger than we ever predicted for such a streamlined soundbar therefore it’s going to soon be intriguing to realize the way that it can function fleetingly.

Harman Kardon is allegedly a superior firm and as such lots of the goods offer higher-quality which the average . however, this indicates it will not employ . Even the HARMAN KARDON SB26 is always seeming in the manner of a financial soundbar with vinyl used for the majority of the most important human anatomy. The full entrance is coated with a perforated grille which cannot be taken off and can be since front shooting motorists. In general design is quite simplistic and also you aren’t going to find out anything from the standard which will provide you an awareness of caliber which Harman Kardon indicates us innumerable moments.

On other hand, set in the centre we now discover that the most common builtin switches. The people available right here feature an electric switch, a surround style , volume controllers and also a blue tooth 1. All buttons are all ones and also perhaps not touch sensitive and painful which really is a special incentive for choosing the main one which you would like from the darkened. No pellets are available whilst the machine features any sort of calibration system of voice-control service.


1 thing we all want to have within an soundbar is really a genuine display so for individuals to have a visual sign of the soundbar’s capabilities. Regrettably the HARMAN KARDON SB26 has not one which usually means you are unable to know very well what enter you have picked or exactly what quantity you have the soundbar place at. The single means to bypass that really is by means of this soundbar’s”On Screen Display” which is properly used in the event that you join it via the HDMI interface. However, we’ll talk a lot more concerning the from the additional features segments beneath.

At the rear of this machine we detect all of the links sprinkled together within an abysmal which is specifically in the middle of their soundbar. You are not going to locate whatever else apart from the wall mounting bracket holes specifically designed to grip precisely the L shaped brackets you’ll discover within the bundle since we all said over that really is a somewhat straightforward design all around.

1 thing which really needs mentioning is your much talked about of this machine. Together with 110mm of elevation it’d probably block your television’s IR detector. Because of this Harman Kardon has given an IR repeater you may join into the rear of this soundbar so as to re lay it signs. But rather to be built the most important human anatomy since we have observed in various different models that this 1 this is discretionary plus also you may join it into your straight back only as long as you should.

Last but most certainly not least we must not neglect to say that the sub-woofer additionally. With a cubic design with curved corners that the subwoofer is readily confused for a little desk as opposed to an audio gadget. Even the down-firing motorist is concealed out of ordinary sight so that it retains a exact chic and cursory appearance. With a bass reflex enclosure signifies that we receive yourself a huge solid vent in the trunk only over the controls. And at an extremely sudden transfer the subwoofer features a cross over knob you may fix between 100Hz and 250 Hz together side a period switch. Those two people usually watch in devoted sub-woofers plus it’s really incredibly uncommon to find them at a soundbar installation.

Complete the HARMAN KARDON SB26 can be just a somewhat essential design and only the complete needed. The discretionary IR repeater can be quite a wonderful improvement but aside from that n’t expect something elaborate either regarding design and caliber of stuff. It undoubtedly receives the task done for a soundbar using a first price of 600 you’d expect longer.

Internal Hardware

Even the HARMAN KARDON SB26 currently being fully a 2.1 channels soundbar ensures the most important unit includes just two channels to front left and right. For each channel Harman Kardon has utilised 2 75mm (3″) cone shaped speakers together side just one 25mm (1″) dome tweeter. In complete we have 4 midsize motorists and two tweeters.

Currently even though we do not have extra info about the motorists found, by the preceding it is evident that we’re speaking of a pristine stereo installment much when Harman Kardon is having much more drivers compared to that which we ordinarily find in very similar 2.1 installations. Demonstrably more motorists signifies broader dispersion and improved complete noise tackling but that really is some thing we’ll see inside our screening department. Even the soundbar will have this”Harman Screen Surround digital Speaker surround style” which will boost the environment activity therefore we’ll have whether that will perform some great with such an essential installation.

Regarding your subwoofer, that will be having a more substantial than normal 250mm (10″) down-firing motorist ) Normally soundbars of the dimension utilize smaller motorists inside their subwoofers therefore it is intriguing to view that a 10″ used here. In conjunction with all the huge sound jack in the trunk it needs to provide you with all of the vibration you’ll want.

Each channel at the soundbar is ranked at 30 watts that means we now receive yourself a total of sixty g as the subwoofer is rated at 100 watts of strength supplying us an overall total of 160-watts whilst we receive yourself a frequency response of 38Hz to 22kHz.


After we first started off reviewing the HARMAN KARDON SB26 it had been obvious what we’d was a exact fundamental, actually or even too cheap, soundbar installation. Inside this respect we’re looking to obtain yourself a exact essential connection design. However, it looks like Harman Kardon needed a separate notion. After we reviewed that their Enchant 1300 soundbar we’re impressed with all the connectivity selections they’d comprised along with also while the HARMAN KARDON SB26 isn’t at precisely the exact premium excellent category we’d say we receive much greater than we ever predicted.

Thus commencing from left to right inside the guts in-set behind the most important human body we now get yourself a USB interface which unfortuitously can be employed just for pc software upgrade, the energy connector, the more IR transmitter jack, an analogue audio inputsignal, an electronic digital optical audio inputan HDMI output signal which likewise supports ARC performance along with also two HDMI inputs.

Now into the proper of those HDMI inputs there’s really a tiny switch for table/wall equalization based upon which you’re getting to put the soundbar. This is really a quite distinctive attribute that individuals haven’t found utilized in most soundbars in overall but leaves feel to have you. Last but most certainly not least into this immediately is certainly a sub-woofer matching button and also the matching index if you want to join both the 2 should they’re not by now.

Last but most certainly not least up to wireless connectivity that the HARMAN KARDON SB26 provides basic blue tooth loading. That isn’t any wi fi available therefore that any on-line functionality has gone outside of this query.

Having two HDMI inputs is unquestionably a bonus however, it depends upon how you observe it. The machine is an essential individual but using a reasonably large price in case that you never simply take in to consideration the discounts that are continuing. Therefore it is really a little bit of a mixed bag as it includes significantly more than that which people ordinarily be in low-cost 2.1 channels soundbars . however, it truly is only about to get a device which costs from the 350 range at the moment.

Control Options

Next we’ll be trying to find the manners you may get a grip on this soundbar together with. As consistently the added remote arrives . Usually the main one which includes all the HARMAN KARDON SB26 is actually a disappointing . To get a soundbar that expenses, despite the continuing reduction, north of 350 the distant could not seem and texture cheaper in this way. This is really a tiny distant in dimensions whereas the vinyl feels much cheap to get a version manufactured by Harman Kardon.

The amount of switches which it’s is always small and also it reflects that the less few features available on this particular unit. Clearly there’s not any back-light right here which could help it become usage hard from the darkened but the circular switches have ample distance in between them in order to avoid pressing on the one. The buttons design is really good together with the capability switch on very top, 5 buttons for all of your inputs, bass and volume controls having a dab button involving both along with also two buttons in the base for encompass Mode along with Harman Audio.

Aside from your distant you might also make use of the builtin buttons onto the very top of this soundbar it self for several basic purposes which have hammering the machine, allowing or disabling the encircle manner and get a grip on the quantity and also using blue tooth. With this couple features as a whole you also might well utilize the builtin components also perform just nice.


In the event you detect that the added distant bad afterward you definitely have the solution to make use of the Harman Kardon distant program which will be encouraged with the HARMAN KARDON SB26 and supplies a much superior visual port to controlling your soundbar. Today you can wonder as there isn’t any wi fi from the HARMAN KARDON SB26 the way you have the capability to utilize your cell apparatus to restrain it. That is achieved throughout the blue tooth relationship and whether maybe it does perhaps not function as the perfect manner it is the alone available therefore that you are going to have to be doing. And considering that the program is wholly liberated you could offer it a try to determine whether you prefer it.

Last but most certainly not least we ought to state you might also make use of the remote of one’s television to restrain precisely the soundbar for several of it has basic purposes. Clearly in order for this to operate your television also needs to encourage hdmi cec but if the HARMAN KARDON SB26 doesn’t comprehend it, then you still have the capacity to schedule that the soundbar to tune in to specified controls such as quantity control, mute and electricity dialing.

Extra Features and Services

If it regards further features the HARMAN KARDON SB26 is really light in contrast for a other equally selling price soundbars which have previously released the previous handful of decades. Of course that the machine commences to reveal it is era inside this respect but let us find out exactly what exactly is really on supply.

To start with this indicates this unit simply affirms Dolby electronic signs. To get a straightforward 2.1 soundbar this could be plenty of as Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X are a over kill but we would love to have DTS service too. But very much all articles include some form of Dolby Digital mixture and that means that you have to not have a significant difficulty with this particular.

Nowadays you have two possibilities as soon as it regards the direction that you listen audio. It truly is possibly the easy stereo manner at which the soundbar may induce both leading channels together side all the bass throughout the sub-woofer or you may allow the”Harman Screen Surround digital Speaker surround style”. After you empower this corresponding button onto your soundbar will become blue which fashion in which you may delight in an even far more surroundsound experience by means of digital technology.

Today we have observed equivalent technologies within soundbars numerous occasions and ever since that time it’s come to be the standard to have some type of digital tech therefore we’ll use this into this evaluation as a way to decide on whether it could possibly provide any sort of encircle immersion or never. Ordinarily such tech is incredibly contingent upon the region you are going to use it into as broader open up rooms have a tendency to reduce the following digital results.

Even the HARMAN KARDON SB26 will not have all kinds of calibration system whereas the sole control you have to your noise is really to get your own subwoofer quantity. This together side all the EQ switch around the rear of this soundbar as well as also the elastic cross over in the subwoofer would be the sole actual alterations you may create into the soundbar. Even cheap soundbars nowadays offer you some type of fundamental audio alterations which have hands free controller but regrettably the HARMAN KARDON SB26 includes none whatsoever.

Still another instance that displays just how lighting that this soundbar is if it regards extra works is at the noise manners it’s. It merely has one particular also this really is called Harman quantity. This manner actually includes about three selections, low, low and away. Harman quantity is also an increasingly enhanced digital signal processing technology to automatically controls play back quantity. It enables you to avoid quantity growth in advertisements, quantity gaps should you change channels or switch resources.

Shifting for flowing, matters are rather fundamental here too. There’s just Bluetooth available for streaming audio in a cell gadget. We really don’t understand exactly what blue tooth variation it makes use of however we still didn’t examine that we did not encounter any noteworthy connection issues. No more wi fi usually means there is not any on-line functionality without any buffering companies available .

Last but most certainly not least we ought to cite that the On Screen Display (OSD) attribute that may do the job only as long as you join the soundbar throughout the HDMI interface together with ARC operation. As there isn’t any bodily display to the soundbar it self here really is actually the second most useful thing to have. Once enabled a overlay picture will show up around the television for 5 minutes and reveal a number of information including volume, subwoofer volume, mutesource of course, in case each of these Surround or even Harman quantity manners are all enabled.

Initial Setup

First positioning and installation of this HARMAN KARDON SB26 can be rather simple as it will get. We made a decision to set the machine onto the home furniture before the evaluation television and used the comprised IR repeater so to get its television signs to maneuver . We joined our player throughout the HDMI interface and also we utilised the HDMI interface to join with the HARMAN KARDON SB26 into the television.

Ever since we set the HARMAN KARDON SB26 onto the household furniture we flipped on the switch onto the desk adjusted the Bass quantity during the distant and subwoofer crossover onto the subwoofer by itself so to offer us the very finest potential outcomes. All of out these of this method that you’re essentially completed since there isn’t any additional calibration of quantity modification available. You simply have the choice to use the encompass style or never.


For the picture analyzing we travelled using all the UHD edition of Rogue 1: Astar Wars tale. The UHD disk includes a close flawless Dolby Atmos mixture however now we shall just have the ability to know the center Dolby Digital mixture. But that is only fine !

This picture features loads of number the moment it concerns it has scenes, even from distance conflicts to unique areas also it offers lots of chances to some audio system to reveal everything you can certainly perform. Today 1 issue we have to be aware is we tried the HARMAN KARDON SB26 using it has Surround manner switched away. It follows the system has been employed being a pure 2.1 system with all both leading channels as well as the subwoofer.

First of all all we can express that front soundstage was fairly decent for such a rather compact soundbar. It surely warms the noise wall at front folks separation between both leading channels was rather nice and authentic. Every dialog was specific and different, despite all the soundbar missing a passionate centre channel and despite lively scenes that the they certainly were not blindsided with the remainder of the activity.

Regarding that bass that the sub-woofer was able to really go pretty reduced and also give us loads of vibration throughout the moments that were busy. The conflict Scarif at the conclusion of the movie can be a superior scene wherever explosions and burst fire supply the sub-woofer that the essential data it has to shake our partitions. Of course the sub conscious will not have this chest burning ability of even bigger sub-woofers however also for this’s course it did exactly the work just nice.

As much as encircle impacts and also activity that there has been not one. You might believe most noises were originating from both entrance channels and possibly even impacts which were assumed to be all viewed from your trunk proved securely put at front. Our next thing was supposed to allow the”Harman encompass manner” to observe whether it might offer us some longer environment consequences hindsight.


Today 1 factor to stay in your mind is because we all discussed previously such digital technologies which can be predicated on rebounding the noise walls to provide you with the illusion of environment activity have become much dependent upon your own room design. For those who have a boxy spot with incredibly shut walls that the ramifications will probably be obvious while at a broader open space these can decrease tremendously.

Inside our instance with all the Surround manner enabled and from trying akin scenes yet we could declare there have been definite moments which the combination felt just like having significantly more quantity and long marginally more at both sides and outside us. Even the HARMAN KARDON SB26 did strive to make the activity closer to your screening posture plus that clearly greater the immersion marginally. Additionally it sensed as though noises were stretching outside of the bodily constraints of this soundbar. In terms of supporting the shoulder activity yet more is not one and that is expected to be more fair. Even the Surround manner possesses marginally more satisfying noise however in no way that a real surround experience.

In a pristine movies point of view working with the Surround manner is really a fantastic means to find the absolute most out with the particular unit. Do not anticipate any Earth shuttering performance . however, it is going to absolutely increase the audio performance of one’s television up to now. Even the HARMAN KARDON SB26 managed to provide decent disturbance and accuracy of front channels, distinct and clear dialog, fine channels altering, pleasing bass along with the encompass mode empower marginally raised immersion by attracting the activity nearer into this viewer.


We moved onto try out several music and find out the method by which a HARMAN KARDON SB26 would behave like this. Regrettably the soundbar will not encourage High Resolution Audio nor USB flowing thus our sole solution was supposed to take to low quality blue tooth streaming. Additionally as Harman Kardon urges we abandoned that the Surround manner disabled in sequence to have a pure 2.1 channels practical experience which might be exactly the optimal/optimally manner when hearing music.

Surprisingly that the HARMAN KARDON SB26 did seem great fantastic, better than we at first predicted. For listening a few very low resolution audio via blue tooth we have a fairly pleasing outcome. Even the HARMAN KARDON SB26 felt at home irrespective of the sort of music we’d throw into it. Both leading channels supplied incredibly excellent panning consequences while noise imaging has been fine for only a stereo style. Of course we did not obtain the noise dispersion of any other broader soundbars however we still did not believe the HARMAN KARDON SB26 was extremely much restriction.

Regarding the good excellent we did not hear such a thing which felt really much from place even though it wasn’t the type of performance which could knock off your shocks. We’d mostly clarify it like an extremely satisfying relaxed performance of course in the event that you really don’t have some high anticipations or hoping challenging to detect it has flaws you’ll definitely love it has acoustic outcome.

Midrange together side elevated frequencies were so fine even though not good whilst the very low wind went deep and with superior punch and also control. We believed there is good stability between your temptations and also the remaining part of the frequencies along with despite bass rough tunes it gave us the belief it absolutely was overshadowing the remainder of the appears.

Even a exact well balanced and pleasing results that felt beneficial to relaxed music listening however the one who won’t ever leave you drooling about to the ground.

Final Thoughts

Having been in the marketplace for several ages today it would be unpleasant to even compare with the HARMAN KARDON SB26 to additional soundbars which came a long time following. Of course suppliers have included plenty of features these days as well as within this respect the HARMAN KARDON SB26 seems to offer you a exact basic encounter. Maybe here may be why Harman Kardon is heavily ignoring this particular unit as a way to be sure it stays competitive whilst the authentic price will not lower it for the adventure that this soundbar gives.

Bur at the same time while such the HARMAN KARDON SB26 features a great deal to provide. Together with 2.1 channels along with 160 watts of overall electrical power the soundbar gets got the high quality and capability to Boost some television audio ten-fold and also make some casual screening really a pleasant encounter. It has comparatively compact dimensions usually means it may match under much smaller TVs whereas the addition of the IR repeater usually means you never have to be worried whether it disrupts your television’s IR detector. Together side the added Surround manner which could marginally strengthen immersion using movies, a more decent multitude of relations, blue tooth loading, cellphone program support along with hdmi cec and also ARC the machine comprises most of the basics that it demands.

However, the drawbacks the design of this machine is not anything thrilling to chat around whether the distant feels extremely cheap even for Harman Kardon’s most elementary soundbar. Encompass exercise was on the other side since there wasn’t any activity supporting us with the encompass manner enabled. We also usually do not find numerous features for this particular one thus do not anticipate the whistles and bells we all view the soundbars of now. Last but most certainly not least there isn’t any screen and also your sole choice would be your onscreen Display in the event that you apply the HDMI interface with ARC operation.

Being published a couple fantastic years past the HARMAN KARDON SB26 could warrant it has initial selling price. However, with your rivalry being therefore ferocious recently from the soundbars department keeping exactly precisely the exact same price is a marketing suicide. Advantageous to Harman Kardon which knew now and that we find it really being priced around the 350 markers and much decrease in a few instances which continues to be marginally substantial but better compared to the initial £ 600 price label.

The Harman Kardon SB26 may be the type of soundbar which will absolutely supply much over any television may perform and certainly will provide you some exact agreeable acoustic adventure for music and movies although minus offering everything else amazing or outside of this normal. In the event you have your anticipations check afterward it is going to provide you exactly what you expect as a result.

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