Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 Review (13.0 CH Soundbar)

Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 Review













  • Plenty of features
  • Lots of connections
  • Very wide front sound-stage
  • Excellent clarity


  • No IR repeater to pass the TV signals
  • Bass not as punchy without a subwoofer
  • Side firing drivers can limit placement
  • High price for just a soundbar

Now we have the joy to try a soundbar that’s been outside for a little while out of the famous corporation called Harman Kardon. Whilst they aren’t therefore much called an organization which produces standalone services and products they have manufactured a title with excellent adapting assorted audio merchandise and electronic equipment such as soundbars from some other makers, speakers and perhaps even lap top computer systems. However, they really do possess their own assortment of audio services and products and at our Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 review we’ll take a closer look at the flagship soundbar and find out whether it provides us exactly the sort of performance their own identify is really tightly attached to.

Even the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 soundbar could be your very best grade version inside their own Enchant line-up of soundbars together with all the 800 version function as the 2nd 1. The Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 is still really a superior version and Harman Kardon be sure touse a few critical hardware to back this up. All things considered it isn’t every day we observe a soundbar which accompanies a whopping 1-3 channels built-into the principal device.

Nevertheless, it isn’t just the amounts which looks astonishing for this specific one. Having a rather large excellent design combined with lots of connectivity alternatives and a pretty fantastic range of features which have Chromecast, high-resolution Audio service, USB and Wireless loading combined side proactively linking an wireless sub-woofer it looks as though that is quite a heavy hitter.

Even the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 soundbar generally seems to have the ingredients for always a premier actor but the purchase price will be also one variable . While it arrived to £ 1000 simply because of its soundbar it self it appears that some heavy special discounts are taking place during some time of producing rendering it a exact enticing prospect. However, does it have the sort of performance that could present this particular unit high scores a superior soundbar in this way needs to have? Continue reading in order to get outside…

Design, Inputs and Features


Hunting the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 genuinely grants you the feeling of a pricey soundbar. Both it has measurement and seems to be reflects up on it has initial high-price also it looks like Harman Kardon moved all how once it has to do with overall appearances and decent high quality substances utilised.

If it involves it is measurement that the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 can be just a huge 1. It isn’t the most significant soundbar we have regarded since a few of the most truly effective LG versions much transcend that 1 although it really is unquestionably about the lengthy run. Having a dimension of 44″ x ray 2.6″ x ray 4.9″ (1120 x 65 x 125mm) and also weighting 12.5 pound (5.65 kg) this version can well fit below almost any TV of both 55″ and over. This version stems standalone with out a sub-woofer but you should find a single independently and we’re going to discuss it somewhat farther our informative article.

As to its outside shell Harman Kardon failed make a looker. Even though design will not have a thing flamboyant or absolutely outside from the normal it has modest details which make it seem aside. It has mixture of substances with all the front surface which houses front shooting drivers along with exhibit unit getting included in means of a fabric in addition to other parts round it has chief human anatomy in addition to the straight back and also the shirt with a metallic cap using a rather wonderful metallic chrome strip surrounding it. The exact very same lean metallic strip can be likewise found round the negative shooting drivers supplying this kind of visually superior appearance.


The very best face additionally residences the couple switches Harman Kardon made a decision to comprise. All these are modest circular bodily buttons which can be set while in the exact middle of the best side and also feature an electric switch, volume controllers along with a input assortment. Practically nothing else is currently available as well as also for the other purposes you are going to have to make use of the distant. We could declare we prefer such bodily buttons rather than touch sensitive and painful ones since it leaves it much simpler touse them at a non lit surroundings.

You can find not any microphones built we view in a few different soundbars of precisely the identical classification, though there’s just a hidden one particular useful for its noise calibration, also while there’s voice controller service that this really is achieved via an outside gadget. But far more about that we’ll talk somewhat farther down at the additional features area.

We consistently like every time a soundbar posseses an true display as a way to provide you with a bit of sign of this unit features. And luckily the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 will have the one that’s placed supporting the fabric as a typical. Whenever there isn’t any actions required to get a couple minutes the screen will switch away so to not disturb you whether there is certainly additionally a darkened role in the distant so as to correct the brightness of it into your own liking.

Let us look in the straight back today and now we view just how good do the job Harman Kardon has been doing with all the design. The very best half has been coated with an identical material we discussed previously whilst at the exact middle of the bottom-half we all receive all of links which can be split to 2 insets. And them we additionally locate three solid interfaces which can be positioned between your 2 insets some thing we usually do not usually find in soundbars. However, with all these drivers have been drama with it appears to be a sensible action to complete to greatly help with noise strain.

And yet even though machine will not have a poor profile we’d really like to observe a few IR repeaters getting contained because you don’t understand under the type of television that this soundbar is going to be set of course, whether it is going to block the television IR detector rather than. Thus we’d advise you to assess the grade of one’s television before purchasing this to be able to have any issues with this later. Last but most certainly not least you’ll find specific pre-assembled mounts contained from the package deal if that you would like to wall mount . According to standard the soundbar might be installed onto the wall at a vertical posture.

We have just excellent stuff to mention regarding the design. Premium stuff, fine easy lines and attentive design of elements really are that which really causes that person really stick out. Placement could be just a bit catchy much like the unwanted shooting drivers this indicates that you have to put it someplace using ample distance on either side however besides we could not locate such a thing wrong for this specific . Fantastic workout.

Internal Hardware

It isn’t initially which individuals review a soundbar which features quite a few drivers which includes Dolby Atmos up-firing along with side-firing kinds however also a soundbar which accompanies a astonishing 1 3 drivers at complete is genuinely an appealing, maybe special, part with this version. Therefore let us have a close glance at that which exactly is concealing under this fabric.

For your three leading channels we now have a complete of 10 50mm (two ″) woofers. The right and left channels utilize 4 motorists each whereas the centre channel utilizes just two of these using one 20mm (0.75″) tweeter sandwiched between these. Harman Kardon has additionally contained a few 25mm (1″) side-firing tweeters put within a horn design which are basically there to include greater depth and thickness to this surround consequences together with assistance from what’s called”MultiBeam Surround Sound”.


Since you know from your preceding the”1-3 channels soundbar” which Harman Kardon is advertisements that this soundbar to become really is really a tiny deceptive. It can actually utilize 1 3 drivers however will not have 1-3 distinct channels since we all know them at a home theater installation. Actually this could be nearer into some 5.0 channels soundbar together with all the 3 leading channels together side all the side-firing channels behaving whilst the surrounds.

This 1-3 motorists combination could output an overall total of 120 g of RMS energy, includes an increased response to 71Hz–20kHz, also a maximum 93dB SPL and also one% total horsepower destortion (THD).


One thing we all maintain watching in most soundbars is the fact that manufacturers choose to space the ability port out of the remaining part of the connectors. Currently while it transpires for apparent motives as soon as it regards cable direction it may be bitch to cover up most of wires and maintain them nicely arranged. Properly, we’re pleased to realize the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 retains them shut with each other, the energy connector, and also since such group all wires is indeed much simpler.

Let’s see each quadrant individually starting out of the sole set across the left of the guts noise interface. From left to right we possess the capacity interface, an analogue stereo inputsignal, also a USB interface for connecting external storage and also a virtual optical input you may utilize to attach with a television.

Over the most suitable in-set we now get about three HDMI inputs together side a HDMI output which likewise has ARC operation. A couple notes to produce right here. We all cling about soundbars, actually ones that are premium, having not many HDMI interfaces with nearly all of these having a single or more max two. Together with all the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 having about three inputs and 1 output signal is similar to a breath of atmosphere and certainly will surely support with an increase of sophisticated audio setups. Additionally all HDMI vents are HDCP 2.2 that offer 4K using HDR 10 pass-through along with compatibility. 1 thing which regrettably will be overlooking will be eARC which isn’t endorsed .


A little bit concerning the USB interface too. Even though we do possess exactly the rationale why suppliers prefer to cover up that vent from the trunk they have to see that a few occasions viability is a lot more important than just looks. In the event you hear music regularly by way of a USB rod, having to join with the outside storage just about every opportunity into this hidden vent in the trunk may be considered a true nuisance. Simply bear this in your mind too.

Last but most certainly not least simply into the best of this fundamental sound interface there’s really a tiny button to your own sub-woofer matching. In the event that you simply purchased that the soundbar then that isn’t of any usage but in the event that you opted to obtain the sub-par afterward you definitely are going to have to set the 2 with all the utilization with this particular button.

Regarding the machine’s wireless connectivity selections that come clearly was equally both WiFi and Bluetooth builtin. Wi fi supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n/a-c in each 2.4 and 5 GHz networks whereas blue tooth is variant 4.2.

Entire we have been extremely content by that which Harman Kardon has included into the particular model. Even though many are contemplated standard with this particular budget stove having about three HDMI inputs isn’t too standard and that unquestionably place it prior to this contest.

Control Options of Harman Kardon Enchant 1300

If it has to do with commanding the device that the most noticeable you is by way of the remote. The truth is that the distant is required because lots of the soundbar’s works may be controlled solely together with this since there isn’t any dedicated program touse that will substitute it.

The distant supplied is actually a fine . Perhaps it doesn’t be overly elaborate or exceptionally high however will not comprise some design and caliber above that which we find in nearly all soundbars nowadays. Construction looks sturdy with a exact excellent buttons design therefore it’s possible to use every thing easy with minimal work.

On very best there’s really a dim controller for your own screen display in addition to the audio calibration button. Bellow those you will find just 5 presets you may save your sound preferences and then bring up them with one push of the button. At the midst a massive quantity button sticks incredibly notable with little dot, supply option, audio style collection and blue tooth pairing buttons set across it. Below there are just four traces of switches like playback, playback, playback and nighttime manner, bass controller and ultimately audio sync.


A wonderful distant general we’d say and also that the design will not in shape the design of the true soundbar. When there’s a single item we’d really like to have although it really is missing can be really a back light role which will aid with pressing the proper button at a darkened atmosphere.

Once we said above, are likewise a couple builtin buttons of this machine but those just feature exceptionally basic controllers since possible force tapping on your apparatus and change the amount and choose the input resource. We usually do not expect one to make use of those often therefore that we do not believe it minus the Harman Kardon has never contained more operation . The distant will probably continually be you chief way of handle.

The soundbar demands the Google property program to be able for connecting into the web site. However, with Google property because this reason usually means it may likewise be properly used for tackling basic purposes of this machine such as volume controller. Do not expect you’ll receive the whole operation a passionate program might offer since you can find acutely constrained options .

However, Google Household additionally Makes It Possible for the soundbar to be controlled as a Result of Voice using Google Assistant. Clearly you are going to be needing an outside apparatus to this since we mentioned the soundbar will not have the essential amps needed however in the event that you by chance have a Google house miniature as an illustration you may trouble voice commands and also manage the soundbar like that.

Extra Features and Services

Packing some critical hardware could force you to believe the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 would likewise encourage a number of the brand new audio formats. Regrettably this isn’t the case whilst the machine is going to replicate merely the heart Dolby Digital and DTS surround audio monitors. This Usually Means no Dolby TrueHD or even Dtshd Pro audio and also clearly no Atmos and DTSAtmos X. The machine features almost any Atmos speakers which could permit it to replicate these brand new objectoriented paths therefore that which we have been left are the old encompass audio formats.

Even though service to the more recent formats is not there what Harman Kardon has to complete is always to really make the optimal/optimally usage of this hardware along with applications combination as a way to give the most effective potential acoustic response the moment it regards a conventional encircle performance. The mixture of front motorists, the negative shooting horn predicated drivers and also exactly what Harman Kardon predicts MultiBeam encompass technology is supposed to give you that the entire immersion using only the most important component .


It truly is fairly evident that Harman Kardon’s technology is dependent on which is called a synergistic impact, that means sounds really are clinging in the walls of one’s own room in an attempt to encircle you and supply you the illusion behind the shoulder exercise. Whilst this technology may provide a level of immersion do not be prepared you’ll completely grasp exactly what a real surround system could really do. This form of technology is heavily related to the type of distance you have. Therefore as an instance, in case you have exactly the soundbar in a little place with walls that are straight that this effect will probably do the job much better.

About the opposite side an open space together with much off negative walls may radically reduce the consequence with the technology. It truly is really a small hitormiss but in the optimal/optimally scenario scenario it’ll not be distinct and exact being a property encircle system. There’s really much why these technologies could do within this respect.

Even the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 is sold with it is own automated audio calibration system called computerized MultiBeam Calibration (AMC). Having a push a button onto the distant the device will perform a number evaluation tones and certainly will correct it’s settings so to match exactly the area or room you have set the soundbar. Clearly you have to ensure that nothing is blocking the negative shooting drivers to get the most effective possible outcome. We’d take to any articles together with without the AMC calibration also to be fair the gap was incredibly apparent. Even the sound-stage felt broader with greater detail and volume compared to previously therefore it’s actually a system which may definitely help improve the final outcome.

Any other soundbar would not be competent to perform with no sound manners so that as such the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 features 5 distinct ones using typical, Music, Movie, Voice and individual the people available. Typical and Movie make use of the Multibeam encompass technology having an even far more strong result as a way to build the essential immersion even though Voice and Music however put it to use however in an infinitely more delicate method. The non-public manner is like the Conventional nevertheless, you also can correct the bass and also save it into a few of those available presets.


In addition there’s a Nighttime style that really does exactly the most obvious. It lessens loudly noises it could make watching at night time a pleasant experience without the fear of getting anyone.

At a pretty strange movement Harman Kardon NOW here cites in case the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 could encourage High Placement Audio or never. We were somewhat astonished to find it may encourage it throughout the USB interface since it could play back equally WAV (192-khz ) and FLAC (192-khz ) data files. Aside from those it could additionally engage in the customary MP3, AAC and OGG formats.

However, USB really isn’t the only real means to flow music since you certainly can accomplish this too by means of blue tooth should you would rather listen through content . Unfortuitously blue tooth is merely V-4.2 and maybe not the more recent 5.0 but during our screening we have undergone some sort of link or buffering issues however this really can be heavily related to your own room design.

But in the event that you would like to flow articles out of a on-line agency that the soundbar could direct you with this too. Since there clearly was Chromecast builtin unit there’s just a broad scope of providers available for example Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn etc forth and so forth. That was an overall total of 200 providers which you could flow through internet according-to Harman Kardon and that means you’re mostly coated in this regard.

Still another function available is hdmi cec together side television remote controller compatibility. Using hdmi cec you may make use of the remote of the television, in addition, it supports this particular feature, to restrain both the soundbar and so lessen the quantity of mandatory remotes into your home theater. But if your television doesn’t encourage hdmi cec that the soundbar can acknowledge orders from probably the well-known producer remotes. Being a previous hotel even supposing it truly is an unknown television version the soundbar may learn how to answer your television’s remote controls. The process isn’t really intricate however, you have to stick to a few steps attentively because of this to act since it needs to.

Last but most certainly not least we ought to remember to say about that the optional sub-woofer . Even the soundbar is high priced already since it’s hence adding that the sub-woofer would just increase the purchase price to high rates that could cause a lot to check else where. We presume that earning it an elective inclusion has been the optimal/optimally determination Harman Kardon may create. In this fashion in which it’s possible to get the most important device and come to a decision after. If you’re pleased with it’s performance afterward that you do not have to devote additional money to get a subwoofer that’s neither tiny nor even cheap.

Initial Setup of Harman Kardon Enchant 1300

To start with we have to mention for this review we made a decision to analyze just the soundbar minus the discretionary subwoofer. As this gives the heart encounter and several can discover this to be adequate to get these. Demonstrably acquiring the sub-woofer will improve the very low wind further consequently all of our findings will probably undoubtedly be with no believe that using it matters may become enormously improved.

Now setting and linking the soundbar is quite easy. We joined our UHD player towards the soundbar throughout the HDMI vents and also we did exactly the exact same for its television. We ensured we positioned the system to an identical furniture whilst the television using completely free distance on either side of this soundbar for its negative shooting motorists to accomplish their own job out.


Making use of Google household to join with the system into the web is quite straightforward and simple. Adhering to a on-screen instructions ought ton’t simply take to finish. Once finished on this particular step we afterward proceeded and utilised that the automobile calibration system to get it done matter. It did not get long in order to complete accordingly out of this manner that which was prepared for all of us to start out our screening.


1 picture that gives loads of chances to try encircle action is mid-way S O that the UHD variant using it has astonishing Dolby Atmos mixture sensed as the ideal choice.

The very first matter will hit you and also is incredibly evident is the way loudly the soundbar could proceed. Plus it can this without losing a touch in precision or clarity. In several words that the front sound-stage was clearly one of their very most fulfilling kinds we have observed these days. The activity at front did sensed to enlarge much past the bodily constraints of this machine also it’s really clear the negative horns perform their occupation inside this respect.

However we never felt that a grand front noise wall extending into either side however, it felt as though that the activity has been much nearer to people than that which we generally watch similar soundbars. The majority of the changing times that which people expertise is encircle impacts to noise marginally for the surfaces of this soundbar. However, by means of all the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 encircle noises sensed just like arriving out of our left and right sides covering a nearly 180-degrees sound-stage facing of the us.


Now demonstrably different seeing places are going to cause different accomplishment of the it’s obviously a bet should on your own circumstance will function exactly the exact same however in the event that you have good fortune that you are able to definitely undergo a really pleasurable encounter. Now to become absolutely evident there wasn’t any encircle action powering us, in basic terms. The activity could felt nearer to people we could felt it into our hands but not supporting us to a certain level that is expected. No more soundbar was able to achieve so without even avid encompass speakers thus we were not anticipating some magic .

Regarding the true noise the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 can be really a performer that is remarkable. Channel changing was very nice and accurate with noise impacts traveling in 1 facet of the room towards one other as the guts channel maintained the conversation clean and different. At no time did we believed that the noise consequences to emphasise the conversation demonstrating fantastic separation in between them both.

Regarding that bass we’re pretty pleased with the way the machine played. Mid-way is really a quite rough picture and minus the assistance of the sub-woofer we’re a little cynical how it’d honest. Today in the event that you would like to find some good fine vibration the subwoofer can be critical but without it that the soundbar is likely to earn a fantastic task in supplying deep and clean bass which might perhaps not possibly be the chest pumping practical experience you’d expect however may endure on tight your own just nice.


Once we all perform at just about our soundbar reviews we love to examine a picture from your Lord of the music movies as well as with this particular one we chose the most Kinect disk of this Fellowship of the Ring and far more exclusively the Mines of Moria causing the confrontation between Gandalf and the Balrog. Even the soundbar were able to perform an superb job offering the essential quantity and thickness with echoes rebounding all within the chamber. This is really a exact silent spectacle as a whole and also surrounding action is incredibly essential whilst the soundbar was handling all or any elements.

After the Balrog looks and also the orchestrated subject enter over drive that the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 gets the optimal/optimally usage of most it’s drivers within it has decide to try to provide this epic sound-track Just Ice. Bass could seem somewhat light with this respect but we wouldn’t believe it entirely missing. It really is only it’s overlooking the essential punch to force you to are feeling that the burden with the early demon.

Final we’ll express the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 can be a very competent actor the moment it regards movies with great entrance sound-stage, excellent channels break and accuracy and also quite great rebounding effects which handled to make the activity both equally closer for people as well as all our hands. Regardless of suburban action was detected however that completely regular because no soundbar so far was able to achieve so without even encircle speakers thus we aren’t able to estimate it inside this respect very aggressively.


Together with all the soundbar encouraging FLAC records throughout the USB interface this had been an ideal chance to decide to try some top excellent noise and place all of those motorists into this evaluation. For this portion of the testing we all chose that the Music manner since it believed to us that it had been the most effective out of every one of the people available.

Even the soundbar display specific qualities which were likewise quite apparent within this evaluation too. Harman Kardon manufactured an superb job in generating a exact well balanced soundbar with music that the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 may possibly perhaps not possibly be the sort of audio hardware which may knock off your socks off although it is going to surely attract you in using it is musicality and amount of noise.


The machine has been notably very good at offering a exact spatial music stage. All musical tools had genuine volume and weight and you also might pin point their source at the place with decent accuracy. Mids and highs experienced the essential alertness whilst bass felt just like that there is something lost. Do not make us for relaxed music listening to the soundbar by it self is only nice but should you’d like an even far more authoritative performance the subwoofer can be essential.

The machine did figure out how to preserve the rate heading right on through the assorted songs and rhythms which we hauled in it plus it by no means felt just like aggressively or tripping integrity. Finally that the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 may possibly perhaps not possibly be the sort of audio devices an audiophile might choose however, it’s certain worth which anybody searching to get a potent music performance will surely see them together with this specific one.

Final Thoughts For Harman Kardon Enchant 1300

We have reached the conclusion of the review along with that which we all are able to say is the fact that Harman Kardon did make an outstanding soundbar. Perhaps it doesn’t qualify as the optimal/optimally soundbar around however, it’s it’s personal advantages rendering it a very severe competition in it has kind.

Around the side the design and caliber of components employed are top notch and also the soundbar will offer you that superior appearance and texture. Together with 1 3 drivers together by means of it has MultiBeam encompass technology that the machine manufactured a fantastic job not merely enlarging front sound-stage beyond it has constraints but in addition bringing the activity much nearer to people than that which we’d presumed it’d. In the event that you add the power to bring the Enchant sub-woofer , the builtin car calibration system and Chromecast together having the capacity to stream music during the USB and blue tooth we receive a excellent allaround soundbar.


However, the drawback the purchase price is quite higher for one soundbar because adding that the sub-woofer ups significantly the overall price. In addition, in the event you want to find true encircle action at the rear of you forget it because there really is not any. In the event that you want this afterward you definitely have to find a soundbar which accompanies dedicated encompass speakers. Last but most certainly not least the negative shooting drivers ensures you have to set it someplace together with ample distance at either side whilst maybe not having an IR repeater may indicate difficulty in certain instances when it appears to block your television’s IR detector.

If you’re searching to get a soundbar that may provide a exact pleasing entrance performance for the music and movies with got the essential quantity and certainly will make the activity somewhat nearer for you personally even though also encourage a pleasing multitude of additional features which can be required in the age and day that the Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 needs to decidedly be in your own short collection of selections. Highly suggested.

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