Epson 5050UB Review | 4K LCD Projector

Epson 5050UB Review


Native 4K resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Sharp detailed picture
  • Brilliant colors
  • Excellent 3D dimensionality
  • Bright enough to watch during the day
  • Easy setup & HDR adjustments


  • Black levels aren't as good as 4K TVs
  • Not true Ultra HD resolution
  • HDR viewing requires more tweaking than a 4K TV
  • Loud fan

Epson generally seems to heavily put money into 4K pixel altering technology since their hottest projectors employing Pro-UHD technology looks front and centre within their present line up. Even though pixel changing really isn’t exactly the exact same as indigenous 4K, the technology is more old enough to provide such type of excellent which in most instances it really is challenging using a nude eye to see the gaps.

This past year the 5040UB was clearly one of men and women’s most favorite pixel altering projector since it gave great image-quality using black levels which might rival a lot more high priced, indigenous 4K projectors in a high price that’d almost no rivalry. Currently enough time arrived for Epson to discharge it has successor together with all the Epson 5050UB sporting a number of the features we adored in the past season’s version having a couple noteworthy progress. Can this brand new launch have considerable changes and just how can this compare to additional models within such a particular category. Keep on examining our Epson 5050UB review to see each detail.

Design of Epson 5050UB

To begin with that we will need to clean the design con Fusion because in authentic Epson manner the maker proceeds to offer unique titles with their own units based available on the marketplace. From america industry the projector includes the design Epson 5050UB which could be the fundamental version whilst there clearly was in addition the Epson 5050UBe which could be exactly the exact same precisely projector using all the accession of the outboard wi-fi HDMI transmitter along with inside wireless HDMI receiver and also costs about £ 300 a lot more.

Last but most certainly not least there’s that the Epson Guru Cinema 6050UB which has a higher increased contrast ratio, which provides lockable ISF almost all the time styles in addition to includes a handful of extras including a ceiling bracket, an excess lamp for prospective replacement and also a cable pay. Aside from these it really is just the exact version while the Epson 5050UB however is sold with a greater selling price of almost £ 1000 additional.

In terms of Europe we receive exactly the EH-TW9400 design which can be like the Epson 5050UB however in the reality is closer into this 6050UB since it includes all the boosted distinction ratio of 1,200,000:1 and having the shameful instance of this subsequent. There’s additionally the EH-TW9400W version which looks like always a variety of this Epson 5050UBe as well as also the 6050UB since it’s the wireless capacities and also the boosted 1,200,000:1 distinction ratio. Ideally this rid a little the gaps between your identical projectors we buy from the markets.


In terms of the appearances that the Epson 5050UB includes a charming appearing design and it is quite like preceding years using very little cosmetic changes. The projector is very large and can be among the primary 4K pixel shifters we have coped withall the Clearly it wasn’t designed to be transported round and also yet in small seeing are as it is ideal to buff bracket it so as to save distance. Having a dimension of 20.5″ x ray 17.7″ x ray 7.6″ / / 520 x 450 x 193 mm plus pounds of 24.7 lb / 11 pound the Epson 5050UB is intended to be put at a particular position and also be abandoned .

Appearing the projector out of front we all watch it having air vents at the sides together with one suck and also one other blowing atmosphere whilst the lens have been positioned dead centre. Underneath the most suitable air compressor we’ve got a sizable IR detector while still at the entrance corners Epson utilised screw-type flexible feet in the event that you’d like to position it onto a household furniture. About the most suitable side you’re just two significant switches to get input and power while to these a sliding-door shows greater controller switches for both lens management and menu navigation. Most importantly the sliding door at top side are just three LED lights such as standing, blossom temperature and condition whilst across the opposite side we all get that the lamp alternative doorway. A couple of logos and version variety is all on top preserving a reasonably sterile design.

The projector includes semi automatic lens which really is really a joy to have and also is now an attribute we saw both from the prior 5040UB in addition to the brand new 4010 versions whilst it has excellent 2.1:1 zoom and also astonishingly wide-range lens-shift of ±9-6 levels vertical and ±4-7 degrees gives us overall plus effortless control within it has calibration. For those unfamiliar in exactly what lens-shift is that it usually means you may change the position of the picture minus the should move on the projector some thing tremendously handy if relocating it round might verify a little tough.

Processor sound is ranked by Epson by at least 20db in ECO style to some max of 31db in substantial placing. Throughout our testing we’re sitting two meters (approximately 6.5 ft ) far from your projector along with ECO and Moderate lamp options had been mostly silent throughout ordinary screening. In substantial environment the lover produces more sounds and can be significantly more perceptible which may possibly be somewhat troubling to a individuals which tend to be somewhat more delicate to elevated pitch noises. However, in overall people located it silent sufficient to have a pleasing seeing time together with it.

Lamp hrs appear to become much like this 4010 version we’d analyzed previous to as Epson provides 250w UHE lamp 3,500 hrs daily in substantial placing and 4,000 in Moderate placing while there’s additionally the comfortable E CO manner which expands the lamp much farther into 5,000 hrs yet that manner reduces picture quality much to become utilised in virtually any purposeful manner. And even though amount of hours awarded are maybe not the maximum we now have observed it has less or more the average inside this classification.


Epson appears to use the exact same remote together with most of it has projectors along with usually the sole we all see together with all the Epson 5050UB is incredibly much like this main one we’d utilized inside our 4010 screening. The remote is quite large compared contrast with a other projector remotes however it seems very well built and hardy adequate while it’s additionally back-light allowed which can be essential inside all our novels. On the very best we detect that the input buttons using menu and playback navigation buttons while on the base we capture 9 buttons with assorted capabilities. The single gap we see within this distant would be that the HDR button which you are able to utilize to readily correct the tone mapping throughout HDR screening in actual moment.

The projector will not have some integral speakers also this really is just another strong sign this projector isn’t intended for freedom. It truly is intended to be put at a house cinema and also be abandoned . Overall quality is great and even though machine has been coated at a white vinyl instance you’ll find small elements just like the golden wedges beneath the atmosphere vents and round the lens which offer it a piece of more and style superior appearance.

Video Quality

Technology used in Epson 5050UB

Even the Epson 5050UB can be really a 4K competent projector which has the capability to supply the essential resolution as a result of 1920 x 1080 x two pixel changing technology. Which usually means it exhibits the complete HD sign with 1080p resolution and also by manually going the pixels at 2 positions in a rather speedy speed it makes the essential 4K picture. Epson’s brand new PRO-UHD processing technology asserts to have built further developments in picture sharpness and detail attracting the ending effect closer into a true 4K picture. Fundamentally that is only a much better edition of this pixel changing technology we all know.

As stated by Epson it need to complete with all the rate which the pixels are all traveling out of 1 position into another moment. The time needed to travel among your 2 positions the longer hours that the pixels will be keeping idle significance more precision, far more info and also more brightness.

The projector is currently making use of three high profile liquid crystal display chips in parallel which are increasingly being managed with a pixel changing chip and yet another definite benefit with the is there is no more”rainbow effect” that permeates some DLP projectors with wheels. Of class having 3 chips has additionally a downside in comparison to chips projectors whilst the 3 color avenues (Red, Green and Blue) are not absolutely adapting which makes them have significantly less sharpness compared to DLP variations.

It is quite a trade off and each technology also has it’s very own pitfalls hence there’s absolutely not any obvious winner with gaps staying very lively in top notably within that budget.

4K UHD / HDR Content

Certainly one of those pictures we all love to try throughout projector reviews is that your 4K UHD edition of Pacific Rim: up-rising and also the Epson 5050UB instantly shows it has top quality. Sharpness and specifics ended up in prosperity whilst the film had been packed of hues developing an remarkable effect to get a projector that’s at the 3,000 budget range. Even the excess brightness which the Epson could pump outside is really so clear here since Pacific Rim can be actually a picture having lots of high lights which reap in that particular while HDR can be actually a cut over that which we’d noticed along with additional pixel shifters that always are not able to go thus glowing.

Taking a look at exactly the Jaegers armors you may observe different scratches in these as the celebrities skin show every little imperfection revealing the sum of depth that the Epson projector may reveal. We might be referring to pixel altering technology but we challenge anybody to produce the gap between native and this 4K using a nude eye out of a sure space.


The projector additionally supports HDR and now here the Epson 5050UB was updated marginally. It is the the initial projector we have found not merely encourages the fundamental HDR 10 proto-col for both UHD play-back but in addition HLG which could be that the HDR that’s used for broadcasting.

Full HD / SDR / 3D Content

The projector might be chiefly for 4K seeing but doesn’t indicate it is perhaps not an outstanding actor with 1080p content material. We attempted various Kinect disks, certainly one of those currently being Oblivion which features a exact sharp and tidy look which likewise comes out of your inventive design of the movie, also we all found that the Epson 5050UB constituting quite sharp graphics with lots of of depth plus incredibly design colours. In the event that it’s still true that you have a huge blu ray series, then we all have been most sure that you do, then then be confident the projector will probably find the most from each and every disk of yours.

Even the home-cinema Epson 5050UB additionally offers 3D capacities and features designed with just two 3 d manners, 3 d Dynamic along with 3 d Cinema even though them both supply good from this box image-quality there has been place for developments using a little bit of calibration. Naturally 3 d enhances brightness however, also the total effect was amazing without a observable crosstalk.

We’re not very partial to 3 d . however, it really is a good idea to be aware that it’s being encouraged for those interested in this expiring format. Regrettably you have to purchase 3 d active camera eyeglasses since these aren’t given the machine adding somewhat for the total cost.

Color Coverage

Even the Epson 5050UB supports vast colour gamut compared to 1-chip projectors which assert 100% color coverage of this Re-C.709 that version is really capable of covering 100 percent of their wider DCI P3 color distance which may be the benchmark for UHD mastering. And though the gap between your Re-C.709 and also DCI P3 may possibly perhaps not be quite as observable with bare eyes that this additionally leads to this general enhanced picture quality.


Your Epson 5050UB is ranked at 2,600 lumens which can be a marked advancement over the past year’s 2,500 lumens evaluation of this 5040UB. A hundred lumens may possibly well not be such a significant huge difference nevertheless if people have been chatting about projectors brightness the smallest of advancement will be consistently welcome. Of class this 2,600 evaluation is that the theoretical summit with the projector and also much more usually than real amounts will change a good deal.

This projector comes equipped with 8 unique picture styles, 6 to 2 d watching along with the following two for 3 d seeing which include things like Dynamic, vivid Cinema, pure, Cinema, Black & White Cinema, and electronic Cinema even though for 3 d the available manners are 3 d Dynamic along with 3 d Cinema the projector makes use of afterward the 3 d sign is discovered.


Clearly summit brightness is dependent upon a great deal of facets as unique preferences, styles and also lamp hrs could offer various consequences consequently that our dimensions are simply given as a reference position when compared with various picture manners and also to provide you an overall concept of the projector’s brightness capacities. Bearing this particular of how we utilised that the lamp setting with all the broadest zoom environment whilst the benchmark settings because of our dimensions.

Even the Dynamic manner offered that the most brightness using 2,550 lumens quantified however, it sensed somewhat neater into your own eyes. Intelligent Cinema arrived with 1,870 lumens and Organic has been a close 3rd using 1,865 lumens whilst equally these offered improved hues. B & W Cinema arrived alongside 1,732 lumens whereas Cinema and electronic Cinema arrived with just 930 lumens quantified but that has regarding how these 2 manners additionally participate the DCI P3 coloration filter.

For the hints we’d indicate that you just make use of the electronic Cinema manner when seeing 4K quite happy using HDR since it was able to replicate colors quite correctly and may pay 100 percent of their DCI P3 color distance and whether perhaps it doesn’t function as absolutely the most smart manner on give it had been glowing enough to supply very excellent HDR outcomes. In terms of seeing 1080p/SDR articles we selected the all-natural setting like just a tiny bit of bit of how calibration we now could achieve really excellent brightness and colour precision.

Black Levels / Contrast

One among those Epson 5050UB’s major advantages and also yet one which causes it to stand out out of this contest is that it has unique black levels. This can be really where it has UB pruning comes following all (extremely Black). Ordinarily within this very low budget, which will be round the 3,000 mark, so it’s almost impossible to locate models which may create related black levels and you also might have togo almost twice the purchase price to acquire some thing rewarding thus while you comprehend the Epson 5050UB can be at an exceptional position together with it is unique performance inside this respect.

However, does the Epson 5050UB handles to create such black levels? Very well, fundamentally it is really a combo of 2 different things. Epson has built the projector having a string of filters at the course of gentle as a way to cut down the quantity of stray lighting. This combination with the automobile iris generate amazing black levels along with very nice dim shadow specifics supplying the Epson 5050UB it has comparison evaluation of 1,000,000:1.

A tiny note , the European equivalent of this Epson 5050UB, ” the EH-TW9400, provides little greater evaluation in 1,200,000:1 which explains the reason why we claimed in first which these 2 designs are almost exactly the exact same however, perhaps not wholly. But way the Epson 5050UB is genuinely at a classification about your personal and at it’s price tag it is actually the only real selection that provides this type of shameful amount good quality.

Input Lag

Assessing the Input Lag of this projector gave us extremely fantastic benefits in 4K resolution using the average of 23.2M-S across different photo modes. You can find gaps however they’re rather small as well as also in overall people have virtually identical dimensions across the board. Together with complete HD articles Input Lag was quantified a little bigger in 27.2M-S which was very excellent. Even though we have observed some projectors with lesser input lag we all believe that the Epson 5050UB to become clearly one of those far better kinds which is often quite good in the event that you’re intending to make use of this projector to your own gambling sessions too.

Motion Performance

So far as motion performance is worried that the Epson 5050UB gave incredibly powerful benefits and played equally along with different projectors at an identical budget. The projector includes CF I (C-Reative Interface Interpolation) technology as a way to easy the movement of camera motions by adding added frames among two present types.

With the accession of depth improvement movement blurring is diminished retaining the picture sharp and clean. Calibrating body Interpolation and depth Enhancement might be achieved as a result of the distant and also the menu preferences also it’s really ideal to test out them to obtain exactly what you prefer best. No grievances generally within this respect.

Inputs of Epson 5050UB

Certainly one of the primary differences when compared with this prior 5040UB is the fact that for its 505oUB Epson has updated it has HDMI interfaces to encourage 18Gbps of bandwidth which indicates it could currently acknowledge signal with all 4K resolution in 60fps, HDR and vast colour gamut which really is just a exact wonderful advancement and which has been clearly one defect that lots of men and women experienced criticized that the differently exemplary 5040UB this past calendar year.

As far as that which we buy this past year that the relations we see tend to be less or more a normal event together with most them piled together behind the projector positioned in a recess that hides a little bit the link loops. From left to right we now find an Optical HDMI interface (300 mA), two HDMI 2.0 inputs, also a USB interface for either wireless or firmware upgrades, a micro usb for assistance just, an Ethernet interface (RJ45)plus a VGA port for connecting a laptop or computer, an RS232c interface for connection with a controller system such as Control4 along with an trigger output so as to join a retractable monitor for computerized opening/closing once you utilize the projector.


One of the most apparent change inside this calendar year’s Epson 5050UB could be that the upgrade of their HDMI interfaces to encourage 18Gbps and even though this might well not signify much into probably the most relaxed viewer it’s a particular welcome addition for most of those individuals which ended up disappointed with the deficiency of the at the 5040UB.

OS, Apps and Features

Installation wasn’t specially tough and also we were put and prepared at virtually no moment; point. We utilised that the feet to par our projector just as standard however there’s definitely an added ±30° keystone correction should you ought to create corrections . however, it truly is just one we clearly information against absolutely crucial because keystone correction has a tendency to lessen the picture quality.

Collars would be the standard we’d seen previously with various types for picture preferences, colours, lens thoughts, exhibit calibration and system amongst some others. Navigation has been quick and simple with all the distant commands instantly enrolling. We’d really like to view any time a refresh rate from the menu along with overall preferences since it appears enormously obsolete in 20-19. TVs are generating visible refinements all-time we think that it’s moment Epson do you too.


1 main characteristic we enjoy from the Epson 5050UB is Lens reminiscences. Together with many different material utilizing diverse factor ratios setting-up lens and zoom shift each of enough period may be true nuisance. With all the Epson 5050UB since it includes 10 lens reminiscences at total therefore that you may save your settings with two of those being immediately reachable in the distant making matters much more straightforward.

As an instance you may put one memory up to get HDTV content material whereas one flip for Cinemascope which makes the change a push on the button. Utilizing all 10 reminiscences will be a over kill and also you most likely won’t be consuming significantly more than 3 4 but having such an quantity of versatility is just one of all Epson 5050UB’s leading advantages.

Our Verdict For Epson 5050UB

Even the Epson 5050UB is in fact on the team of it’s very own. Surely you will find additional projectors offering far better performance however, also the secret is your cost. Having a pricetag of 2,999 that the Epson 5050UB provides unbelievably sharp graphics which are almost equal from indigenous 4K projectors, have brilliant colour replica with 100 percent protection from this DCI P3 color distance, gets got the most effective black levels within it has kind and features a couple extra features such as auto-iris, motorized lensand lens reminiscences along with 3 d play-back that supplies the projector thus much additional price.

Epson have been able to incorporate improvements into an already incredibly excellent projector that’s past season’s 5040UB by advancing it has pixel altering technology, increasing marginally it has brightness and upgrading it has HDMI vents so as to have the ability to take care of 18Gbps of signs which ostensibly suggests it supports 4K signs in 60Hz.

However, with a great number of fantastic stuff relating to this really is that there something which can allow us have instant thoughts about any of it? Well we’re nit picking right here, which is the way excellent we consider that it can be, however if we’d to come across any negatives afterward you certainly is unquestionably it has dimension. The projector is supposed to be set at 1 position and also be abandoned , it is maybe not portable favorable to set it only. Additionally due to the fact we have to position it from the 4K pixel changing category afterward we’d mention it is decidedly among many pricier ones since we have experienced 4K pixel shifters really go as little as £ 1,300 with very good display grade too. Last but most certainly not least employing the quilt at High placing leaves that the projector somewhat perceptible which could be upsetting to those which can be allergic for the non bothersome humming of their admirer.


Closing we’ll mention the Epson 5050UB will not have some true rivalry as most other pixel shifters do not offer you precisely the exact same colour quality along with heavy blacks which the Epson may while additional indigenous 4K projectors with far better picture quality along with blacks that are heavier cost significantly more than double it’s selling price. As such the Epson 5050UB handles to unite magnificent performance and features in a exact reasonable price which makes us provide it all our leading suggestion.

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