Epson Home Cinema 4010 (Epson 4010) Review (4K LCD Projector)

Epson 4010 Review


Native Resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Supports HDR (HDR10 Standard)
  • Supports better color space BT2020/P3
  • CFI for smooth motion
  • 3D Support (1080p – there are no 4K 3D standards)
  • Backlit remote with HDMI-link


  • Could be a bit quieter in full power mode.
  • It can however do 4K 60fps without HDR
  • Minor de-focusing as it warms up
  • Cannot do CFI – smooth motion, when 4K Image processing is being used

Over the previous few years there’ve been amazing breakthroughs in projection systems so that consequently we find a growing number of projectors that encourage 4K resolution in very affordable rates. Until today there’ve two classes regarding 4K projection programs using just one comprising of authentic 4K projectors supplying the entire 4K resolution and also one other comprising of pixel changing 4K projectors that fundamentally are 1080p projectors and using advanced level pixel relocating methods they’re ready to reveal what can be recognized as a 4K picture.

Needless to say before recently authentic 4K projectors ended up that the crown stone of home cinema projection programs however their sole most significant downside was that their regularly unreachable rates. And for this main reason many everyone was turning in direction of the pixel changing ones since they have the ability to give very excellent image quality, even sometimes nearly like authentic 4K kinds however at an identical period at substantially lesser and reasonable rates. But things begin to improve slowly even as we’ve experienced from Sony releasing an actual 4K projector to get less than £ 5,000 that is in fact an astonishing accomplishment and also shows technology attracts down prices. However, that puts the strain onto the pixel altering units to give longer as their most powerful purpose begins gradually to seem really potent. Needless to say it will likely take a while before authentic 4K projectors may equal in price tag the pixel changing ones for now being those models really are a fantastic choice for the ones that desire a fantastic projector with no flying the lender card.

This really is really where Epson is available along together with their brand new Epson Home Cinema 4010 version. Several weeks past we’d examined the Home Cinema 4000 one particular and acquired very great scores from us we were interested just how much an advancement the Epson 4010 are. Can one entire year produces a enormous gap or so the breakthroughs are excessively small in contrast to past calendar year. See on our Epson Home Cinema 4010 evaluate to learn.

Style and design Epson 4010

To start with that we will need to get rid of a little bit of confusion that’s happening bring about Epson has published two different models using exactly the exact very same specs. Even the Epson Home Cinema 4010 is still just the exact same projector whilst the Guru Cinema 40 50 however, the gap in price tag is a lot more than apparent with all the PC4050 costing a few $ four hundred dollars a lot more. The Guru Cinema version delivers an additional quilt, a cable pay, an ceiling bracket and also an additional year at the guarantee to warrant that the greater selling price. The projectors are just the exact same as well as the only real approach to differentiate them would be that the color whilst the Epson 4010 arrives from white whereas the PC4050 in dark. Therefore, in the event that you appreciate these extras afterward by all means head for this differently it’s less or more an in depth tie that you ought to select.

Regarding that projector the similarities with all the last 4000 version are a lot more than apparent. The projector is really big we’d need to confess in comparison for another pixel changing projectors we’ve found these days. Having a dimension of 20.5″ x ray 17.7″ x ray 6.7″ (520‎ x 450 x 193 mm) and pounds of 24.7 pounds (11.2 kg) that really is surely a projector which isn’t simple to transport around to help you find a sweet place on this and also abandon it out there.


Appearing at the projector out of front we notice there are air vents at each side of the based lens. Under certainly one among those vents we all discover that the IR detector while still at front corners we all receive screw-type flexible feet just in the event that you wish to position it on a few home furniture. At the most suitable side we now find a few controller switches below a sliding-door whilst at top we’ve three role LED lighting for standing, blossom temperature and condition in addition to the lamp alternative doorway. The Epson emblem in addition to the version variety and 3LCD emblem comprehensive the very best design staying at essentially the absolute most part exactly the exact same as the past season’s version.

Even the Epson Home Cinema 4010 includes 2.1:1 aerodynamic contact lens and also the very essential things is the fact that the Epson 4010 includes 10 lens memory packs out of which two of these is able to be immediately chosen from both remote buttons that are distant. For your information the Home Cinema 4010 is the most economical 4K projector which affirms lens memory using motorized lens some thing important in case this version is always to keep competitive currently and also in the not too distant foreseeable future. The projector now offers very excellent ±9-6 levels vertical and ±4-7 degrees flat lens transfer for swift picture geometry alterations.

Even though to the exterior alterations are nearly not one, underneath the hood is most alterations were manufactured for your own Epson 4010 to truly have the essential developments within this past calendar year. Epson asserts the Home Cinema 4010 attributes enhanced pixel altering technologies. Even though information of the really are a little cynical, from our accumulated information pixels proceed in a speedier tempo and remain secured within their ultimate location for longer hours hence causing improved picture quality and also somewhat more brightness.

For individuals not knowledgeable about the vocabulary the Epson Home Cinema 4010 could be advertised as being a 4K projector however exactly what it is in fact, can be that a full-hd 1080 resolution projector which alter it has pixels in a highspeed so as to produce the illusion of some 4K photograph. Essentially it’s maybe not showing the entire 4K picture at all times but on account of the rate of this changing our eyes find it impossible to know much the gap.


1 key feature that we’ve experienced is now clear together with these pixel altering projectors is the fact that just about they all certainly are somewhat dumb whenever they happen to be worked in full ability. We’re not certain whether that needs regarding all the pixel altering hardware utilised except to get something which are sounds sensitive and painful that the Epson 4010 could become somewhat bothering but minus attaining excruciating amounts. If you’re observing 4K quite happy using HDR that you might desire to use it in full capacity but also using it brightest manner with mid-lamp placing will probably supply you with also excellent picture functionality with substantially lower sounds. That means you’ll need to take to yourself and also get the very optimal/optimally compromise.

Epson asserts the projector lamp to endure for 3,500 hrs High Mode and 4,000 hrs at Mild manner that’s less or more decent however we’ve observed better worth from various different projectors. There’s additionally a 5,000 hrs eco-mode however we consider perhaps not many will probably use this manner such a projector since E CO Mode is diminishing your total picture quality drastically.

Whilst the fluctuations out of past year proved quite smaller the added remote is just the exact same therefore that our opinion relating to this stays exactly the exact same. It’s operational, feels top excellent, hardy and extremely crucial that-is back-light allowed which averts many bothersome moments when you are in possession of a lower lit surroundings. In overall this really is a fairly large distant and contains each of the buttons you’re going to be needing for your own purposes you may make use of the maximum. As like the very top we’ve got a set of origin buttons, either beneath a listing of play back buttons, either beneath a set of menu and settings browsing buttons and at the base 9 buttons for assorted options that come with this projector.

Video Quality

Technological Innovation utilized

Together with all the Epson Home Cinema 4010 we attained that the 3rd creation of pixel changing technology which unites 19-20 ×1080-pixel imaging processors to generate the 4K images. Even the 0.74″ gadgets which can be utilized from the 3LCD motor do the job together a optical refractor as a way to alter just about every pixel at a position throughout alternative frames and so develop the illusion of the complete 4K picture. The changing has been achieved at this rate that’s undetectable with the naked eye with the accession of a innovative technology that the Epson 4010 is effective at producing the image that’s practically of precisely the exact same caliber along with the other indigenous 4K projectors with unique sharpness and detail.

4K UHD / HDR Information

For the 4K content material testing we all found that the 4K UHD disk of battle ship and attempted many different scenes across the movie. Possessing recently analyzed an indigenous 4K projector out of Sony we’re extremely happy to get out the picture exhibited from the Epson projector wasn’t equally eloquent and high in particulars and may readily be confused for an actual 4K as opposed to the usual pixel changing . Epson asserts you need to not judge a book by it’s cover with this they desire us to maintain an open mind the moment it regards the pixel changing procedure.

In our encounter relating to this specific brand new pixel changing hardware we’d need to confess the Epson 4010 really comes quite near in sharpness and quality into all the pricier indigenous 4K projectors as a result Epson’s asserts hold marginally genuine, some thing we genuinely redesign them to get. Battle field never appeared benefit together with every small detail around how the underwater boats steel surfaces become observable and certainly invisibly while stripes onto the human beings clothes and skin were certainly described.


The projector displays HDR articles however such as additional projectors we receive just HDR 10 assist. Consequently almost any Dolby eyesight allowed articles will probably collapse straight back into the center HDR 10 Proto Col. HDR 10 is arguably the absolute most commonly endorsed HDR protocol because it’s vital for UHD seeing therefore it virtually covers many scenarios you might desire to utilize this projector.

Coloration Protection of Epson Home Cinema 4010

Even the Epson 4010 supports vast colour gamut plus it handles the BT.709 coloration space in-full hence throughout HD/SDR content material hues are all put on and properly exhibited. However, since this a projector is supposed chiefly for seeing 4K material the absolute most significant reality is it may additionally insure nearly in-full the DCI P3 color distance and out of our calculations it insures approximately 98 percent that’s excellent if you think the expense of the projector. Having this excellent coverage entails lifelike and lively colors which can be displayed how a founders desired to.

The added 250 volt lamp of this Epson 4010 presents it a better score of 2,400 lumens of brightness that causes it to be among the brightest projectors within this budget. But marketing and advertising amounts never maintain authentic thus we’re excited to learn how near that variety that the projector could proceed. Much like the majority of projectors the Epson Home Cinema 4010 delivers various graphic modes which have Dynamic, vivid Cinema, pure, Cinema, B&W Cinema and Digital Cinema. We ought to find out this electronic Cinema and Cinema styles work with a exceptional colour filter as a way to boost hues but like a negative impact it minimizes substantially brightness outputsignal. Which means you’ve got to select exactly what you would like longer, far better coloration or maybe more brightness.


While wanting distinct configurations we discovered for all of the very most useful consequences for HD/SDR articles were attained using Organic style that gives a exact excellent color policy whilst brightness shirts at 2,200 lumens using complete ability. Simply by placing the lamp from medium it manages to reach 1,500 lumens that’s recognized as very great to get SDR content material.

To get UHD/HDR articles we depended to get electronic Cinema style that gives the optimal/optimally colour reproduction potential but brightness endures somewhat on account of this coloration filter plus we must be in with 1,100 lumens that might perhaps not qualify as the smartest for HDR articles however for the tastes has been than decent.

Black Levels of Epson 4010

Black degrees over the Epson 4010 are excellent but not good and surely are not able to get to the amount of the advanced HC5040UB projector. Possessing a lively iris enriches things just a little however good that the outcome will likely undoubtedly be depends upon the surroundings of this projection. At a wholly darkened place or home entertainment that the situation will probably be obvious whilst the Epson 4010 neglects to reveal very heavy blacks although still being at a very low-lit environment can get this issue not as evident. And if black levels have been ordinary shadow depth is amazing showing every piece of detail around the film.

H-D / / SDR / / 3 D Information

We also analyzed the projector using complete HD material and also the projector completed . We strove the Kinect disk of Oblivion which includes a exact tidy, nearly sterile appearance and also the caliber we watched was so magnificent with really excellent sharpness, brilliant colours and decent brightness in the event you believe we have been speaking about SDR articles. A whole lot of content material continues to be in Total high definition resolution also this also demands any projector needs to shine in this sufficient reason for all the Epson 4010 that has been true really being fully a fantastic 1080p/SDR content material actress.

Even the Epson 4010 can also be 3 d competent despite the fact that 3 d is evaporating out. Many television suppliers have ceased service to this it looks like projector producers are still encourage making that a fantastic selection for all those who have substantial collections of 3D videos. You have to purchase the eyeglasses separately some thing which contributes to this price tag and due to the fact those really are busy 3 d eyeglasses this might lead to cross-talk as well as this reduce equilibrium that’s a feature of 3D watching. If 3 d together with all the Epson 4010 is incredibly fine but we aren’t too partial to this general.


Input Signal lag onto the Epson 4010 hovers across the 30ms markers that ensure it is a really excellent one however, perhaps not fantastic. For many instances gambling over the Epson 4010 felt really receptive and also we did not felt as that the projector had been hindering our controllers. You will find definite cases throughout extremely speedy actions minutes which we’d love to get a better hands however, in overall people have been extremely pleased relating to this section. Perhaps it does be unable to to attain a few ultra skinny inputs we now have seen at horizontal panels recently . however, it really is significantly more than okay together using this projector may reach in 4K and complete HD gambling.

Overall Performance Epson 4010

The projector felt very great in-motion operation throughout our screening and also yet in evaluation arenas using speedy camera utensils stayed rather solid but there certainly were some examples of blur getting exhibited. The Epson 4010 includes armed with CF I framework Interpolation attributes so as to erase the movement. Generally every thing appeared excellent and we’d no critical complaints within this region.

Inputs of Epson Home Cinema 4010

All vents are all put in the rear part of the projector, piled together within an abysmal which covers just a little the bond to become aesthetically satisfying. That which we gain from left right can be that a USB Type A interface (such as optical HDMI cable 300 mA), an HDMI interface which supports HDCP 2.2, another HDMI interface which supports HDCP 1.4 for elderly heritage apparatus, also a few USB interfaces, just one for linking a radio LAN dongle plus also one for both service just, an rj 45 interface for wired link into the web, alongside would be really a VGA computer system port and also the recognizable rs232 interface for control and controller along with continue would be really a 12V trigger interface to use using a retractable screen so as to close or open mechanically.


This really is and that which left a little belief for us now was that equally HDMI vents are variation 1.4/ / 10.2Gbps. No more v-2.0 signifies no 4K/60Hz however that really should not be troublesome for any such thing else apart than movie gambling because most of 4K UHD disks are all created at 4K using 2 4 fps. Yet we’re expecting that Epson could create these vents somewhat more long term proof . however, it sounds that really isn’t the scenario . Additionally there aren’t any analogue sound interfaces obtainable if this really is some thing that you were searching for. In terms of whatever else we receive yourself a fairly standard vents design that basically displays the projector’s selling price.

OS, Programs and Attributes

Certainly one of the toughest things of the past season’s version was it has glistening lens also this has been be the event in 2013 together with all the Epson 4010. Getting ready to correct the attention, switch vertical and horizontal alter in addition to zoom may be accomplished with all the press a button onto your remote rather than of handbook dials that conserves frustration and time and it is just a significant characteristic to get any projector, budget-friendly or superior. With the accession of lens you may save upto 10 distinct installations with two of those being instantly reachable from two devoted buttons on your remote.

The Epson Home Cinema 4010 menu is really like past year as many functions stay exactly the exact same therefore there wasn’t any demand to get a radical shift. All preferences are all grouped into classifications based on upon performance and more than a few of those comprise a data menu which reveal details such as ribbon hrs, Input origin, resolution and colour depth even though other menu controllers include things like Sharpness, Color Temperatureand also a complete color control system in addition to body Interpolation controls.


Even the Epson 4010 posseses an E CO manner as most of projectors but Epson projectors are apt to possess three strength consumption degrees together with substantial, moderate and E CO. If you’re mostly seeing HDR content material afterward Medium settings needs to be decided on because E CO style has a tendency to decrease the brightness with a whopping 35 percent. And if High placing has a tendency to create the projector somewhat noisy our style of taste proven to function as the Moderate one particular. About the opposite hand should you would like to look at broadcast apps or any sort of SDR substance E CO or Moderate manners are decent.

One of those other options that come with this Epson 4010 feature an environment to automatically correct the 3 LCD processors when essential, there’s a picture-in-picture ability but merely pertains to 2 d graphics and also a 2D into 3D transformation technique.

Our Verdict For Epson Home Cinema 4010

Epson were able to again push down the prices by supplying a 4K projector in a sub-£ 2K selling price even when we’re speaking to a pixel changing . Nevertheless, the outstanding issue is the fact that the Epson 4010 normally takes exactly what has been good with the past season’s version and increases on it. The gaps may possibly perhaps not be quite as huge nevertheless they’re adequate to become more evident of course should you regard how very good the Home Cinema 4000 has been, having the ability to offer you a greater version using a much lesser price can be a accomplishment on it’s own.

Even the Epson Home Cinema 4010 provides enhanced brightness along with far better colour reproduction by covering nearly the comprehensive DCI P3 coloration space without any calibration and also this is a result of the utilization of some fresh pixel altering technologies. In addition, the addition of lens offers excellent versatility in positioning and viewing whether crystal lens tends to make matters much easier. 4K graphic quality is superb as it pertains very near the product quality of indigenous 4K projectors with the absolute minimum selling price of 5K nowadays.

However, as consistently if we have been speaking about this an aggressively priced projector bound to become always a couple compromises plus it is chief weakness is that it has ordinary shameful degrees. Inside this array most projectors do not offer great black degrees thus when this really can be a big tip for you you might need to think about going larger at selling price to observe some true advancement. Additionally we’d really like to find that the Epson 4010 to possess HDMI v-2.0 however we must be in to the elderly 1.4 variant that will not encourage 4K/60Hz. To get 4K UHD all pictures run in 24fps therefore you’re coated with all the comprised interfaces but we’d really like Epson to produce it even somewhat a little more long term proof. Last but most certainly not least as it operates in full capacity it has been somewhat noisy on account of this pixel altering hardware therefore that it could be wise to analyze display screen it before deciding to obtain since it surely depends upon how vulnerable you’re it has audio. Otherwise, you might possibly not be bothered in any respect or it can seem somewhat annoying a few moments.


Final we’ll only mention we have been happy together with the advancements Epson manufactured if they aren’t just a massive jump ahead. Offering greater specs compared to the very excellent projector which the Home Cinema 4000 was past season and doing in a much discounted is actually a winwin scenario. Image operation is excellent, brightness is quite superior and hues are incredibly authentic. In the event that you may pay to the couple flaws it’s afterward your Epson Home Cinema 4010 can be a remarkable projector which offer you hundreds of hours of cinematic leisure.

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