ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 Review













  • Sleek design
  • Custom-designed concentric driver
  • Aluminum woofer and crossover ensures that the speaker retains the high quality of sound
  • 81% of customers who have already tried the speaker love it


  • Distort the bass at high volumes

From the audiophile and home theater local community ELAC can be an established characteristic for most ages today thus reviewing moobs in the Uni-Fi show is enterprise as standard. However, it’d have been a pity to launch with our ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 review without having initially mentioning the temptations of those unique floorstanders that can be Andrew Jones. For those this particular name mightn’t sounds familiar however also for the ones which were inside this sector for a time realize that Mr Jones can be still a design engineer who has generated a title through the past few years from a variety of businesses like Pioneer,” TAD and KEF.

Even though he’s produced an extensive scope of speakers in funding pleasant to mad high priced one big feature of his designs would be that the unique performance of his own speakers however still keeping a exact decent low-cost making a number of his speakers function equally to types which cost four or three times precisely the exact same spending budget. Being at the positions of ELAC today Andrew Jones delivers us exactly the ELAC UNI-FI UF5 that’s a centre tier version that’s priced really near towards the 1K mark to get some set which makes them a incredibly interesting low-priced choice. With numerous fantastic models out of nearly all makers at the 1K cost range we’re interested to observe whether the ELAC UNI-FI UF5 can possibly offer something distinct to allow decide on them anything else.

Even the ELAC UNI-FI UF5 keep a huge similarity to ELAC’s Debut f-5 but includes with a few apparent updates making them even a measure for the correct management as the complete Uni-Fi show which is composed of the ELAC UNI-FI UF5 floorstanders, the UB5 book shelf speakers and also the UC5 centre speaker may cause impressive two station stereo music methods and sometimes perhaps full discounted home theater surround set ups.

Design, Inputs and Features


Let us speak regarding the exterior. Even the ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 cupboard has a dimension of 7.87″ x ray 38.0″ x ray 10.7″ (200 mm x 965mm x 273 mm) plus a pounds of 39.6 pounds (17.96 kg) which makes these comparatively little sized to get complete blown loudspeakers that is a bonus if the place isn’t so large that may adapt larger designs.

The cupboard is created from thick MDF that’s included in a dark brushed plastic complete while additionally, it features particularly designed internal bracing so as to lessen as far as potential cupboard vibrations which may cause unwelcome noise coloration. ELAC has produced an outrigger foundation design that’s attached in the base of the cupboard and better stability plus also a broader footprint.

The 4 spikes comprised might be corrected together with the assistance of shredding knobs which makes the leveling up a much simpler course of action. Additionally contained are surge racks so as touse these into surfaces that are hard. We aren’t able to state we have been thrilled with the rack design. It really provides greater firmness and simplicity of installation however, also the appearances might make use of a little bit of progress.

ELAC-Uni-Fi UF5inside

The speaker grille addresses nearly 3/4 of front face while still being sporadically connected ensures that whenever it has eliminated we do not observe the nasty holes at which it’s attached supplying it a much premium and clean appearance for it. Additionally, it features 3 Dragon interfaces at the back panel some thing perhaps not usually found inside this budget range whilst below the previous bass jack we all purchase precisely the cord connectors.

Even the ELAC UNI-FI UF5s may possibly perhaps not function as speakers which will mesmerize you with their own design since their”boxy” appearance together with it has hard borders and right lines may go mainly undetected but since noise is based greatly on particular preference consequently will precisely the appearances. We’d prefer somewhat much better foundation design but that will be all us nit-picking right here.

Internal Hardware

That which we arrive here would be 3way, bass speakers also if removing front grille we find that a total of 5 motorists. We ought to be aware a couple of elements that impressed us with the very first & most obvious being the employment of aluminum beams that creates the speakers search far superior than the others using fabric outfitted motorists.

If metal could deliver much better noise is wholly abstract since they generally get a really good different feel compared to just silk or material however, we still feel no one could assert just how these aluminum kinds search. The 2nd thing we all found is that using the custom-designed concentric motorist that’s essentially accountable for a few of these ELAC UNI-FI UF5’s far better features and we’ll speak about these just a little farther our review.

To start with let us assess this driver which ELAC has useful for its ELAC UNI-FI UF5s. By mixing a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter and setting it concentrically within a stiff aluminum 4 inch midsize cone that the speaker handles to attain better entire noise your listening posture is either about – or off-axis in addition to provide much better power tackling.

This we’ve an collection of a few 5.25 in. aluminum woofers which utilize larger-sized magnets using threaded rod bits so as to give greater power management and improved and more bass. Using aluminum beams was manufactured so as to expel resonances that normally irritate the common newspaper cones and offer an even more transparent general outcome.

This one of a kind drivers mix supply the ELAC UNI-FI UF5 using an increased response of forty two into 25,000 Hz, 85 dB of sensitivity in 2.83 v/1m, 4 Ohms of impedance whereas the most recommended amplifier power is currently 140 g per station. Cross over frequencies have been put at 270 and also 2,700 Hz.


Exactly under the next bass jack in the back panel there’s 5-way customized designed transmitting articles. We’re impressed with their own structure and caliber notably at that budget vary using premium excellent gold and plastic plated internals so as to just accept possibly bare wires or distinctive sausage sticks.


ELAC-Uni-Fi UF5-qualityAs stated by ELAC that the ELAC UNI-FI UF5 ought to really be placed 1 2 toes (30-60cm) a way from your side or back walls so as to realize far better bass replica. Once we all perform with the majority of our floorstanders we place the exact distance in 30cm in your rear walls while we’d substantially increased space out of either side. Despite having broader dispersion a few toein has been mandatory for those speakers to make available a improved performance involving our listening standing.

Evidently, some thing which individuals say from most our reviews, it is maybe not superior what exactly the optimal/optimally situation for those speakers would be. You ought to follow certain instructions that may provide you an improved over all consequence but aside from that you ought to strive various rankings so as to attain what exactly is most useful acoustically accordingto your tastes.

Thus later linking a couple of ELAC UNI-FI UF5s together with all our AV receiver along with producing the essential calibrations we’re ready to the testings.


ELAC-Uni-Fi UF5-reviewOrdinarily throughout our speaker reviews we now have a couple favorites which we strive most of time however in that particular one we moved beyond the ordinary as a way to confirm a handful new entrances. The initial person currently being Alita: Battle Angel at 4K UHD with a rather lively Dolby Atmos mixture. You’ll find lots of moments within this picture that offer exemplary chances for analyzing however, the very obvious picture for a lot of course may be your motorball arrangement that’s perhaps one of one of the absolute most spectacular minutes from this picture.

The very first belief we made out from this ELAC UNI-FI UF5s was clear along with higher res that the noise had been appearing from these. Together with all the motoball scene currently being much activity oriented along with being saturated in frequencies that are low that the ELAC UNI-FI UF5s could make very smooth and natural bass. These cans may move pretty inexpensive, more compared to that which we’re expecting however do not expect such a thing mad. But without a subwoofer we believed the decrease area felt residing enough like this. Ofcourse using discovered this combination having a sub-woofer things vary radically however, also the ELAC UNI-FI UF5s can take their own rather much without the one.

The highend result was fairly bowled but this turned out too far because of your own preferences. We mightn’t specifically call it glowing nonetheless it had been pushing it somewhat more compared to that which we commonly like for its highs. Mid range was coherent behaving being a eloquent bridge in between both endings even though tonal equilibrium felt amazing.

Other arenas just like the Kansas Bar brawl and also perhaps the duel using Grewishka furnished a lot of chances for its ELAC UNI-FI UF5s to reveal their properties. Additionally, there are lots of ecological and nearby impacts at play and the speakers could replicate them together with top-notch, outstanding accuracy which makes that the sound-stage surprisingly immersive and deeper.

Being a real cyber-punk action picture you can find lots of mechanical and electronic impacts in the play and the speakers perform a fantastic job in offering a exact real awareness of earth. 1 case may be that the Centurions using their ominous digital voice or their earth vibration. That clearly was actually a scene at which Alita conserves a little dog out of your Centurion’s devastating feet while perhaps it doesn’t be quite a memorable instant that it had been a exact excellent instance of the way a speakers could re create the noise of the spectacle using this much clarity and punch.

For the next evaluation we grab the 4K UHD edition of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Demonstrably this kind of picture includes a bombastic Dolby Atmos combination which could draw any speaker into it has limitation including all the current mayhem and diversion onscreen. Even the ELAC UNI-FI UF5s yet again controlled to demonstrate precisely the exact same type of possessions we’d seen thus significantly.

The picture give a wide range of scenes that primarily prefer the decrease ending and consequently we could receive better comprehension of the way a speakers can act within this respect. Bass needed a exact pure feel for this if they’ve been also pushing the lows at degrees which needs to be likely to their own price. High levels were again very lively that lots of men and women will certainly enjoy whilst the mid century believed that the absolute most well balanced and has been competent to replicate both endings.

ELAC-Uni-Fi UF5-top

Even the ELAC UNI-FI UF5s had been specially very good at replicating numerous ambient noises plus also they never make some other advice proceed rancid. There clearly was the sort of resolution you are not going to come across in more economical speakers and also even at just one 2.0 stations installment observing a picture similar to that with all the ELAC UNI-FI UF5s will surely offer a exact pleasing adventure. Together with Godzilla conversation takes moment chair however, also the speakers could provide clear and distinguishable lifeless centre vocals which certainly not overlapped using the remaining part of the consequences.

We strove to up the quantity as a way to inspect the ethics of their cabinets and also the ELAC UNI-FI UF5s could move with flying colours since there wasn’t any perceptible stimulation or some other undesirable vent sounds. Even the ELAC UNI-FI UF5s could supply a exact good performance round the total dynamic selection.


Finishing together with all our movies screening we afterward chose up a choice of FLAC paths so as to carry on together with all our music screening with all the files getting streamed throughout USB out of our AV receiver which has been correlated with all the ELAC UNI-FI UF5s. The speakers needed a definite musicality for the ones we really enjoyed. Possibly it had been the bass they given made our listening expertise much more agreeable however we saw ourselves to become stuck in listening manner significantly more than that which we now predicted.


Even the ELAC UNI-FI UF5s could generate really exact spacial recognition because if we experienced a exact excellent awareness of in which each tool can possibly be viewed out of. Separation of frequencies ended up put, the feeling of hands at the decrease end can possibly be sensed from the other side of the hole analyzing region though they revealed unique cohesion no more mater the listening area. Some times what things would be at the specifics along with also the speakers could recapture all of the nuances of each and every course.

We’re not able to mention there has been anything important to complain about using those speakers. ELAC and also Mr Jones have used the funding at which it matters that the many and generated some thing while mayn’t dismiss you from mind it’s be certain supply you with a unforgettable acoustic adventure.

Final Thoughts

ELAC-Uni-Fi UF5-standingBefore studying those speakers we’d discovered lots of men and women clarify them using exactly the exact specific note. “exhilaration” has been that the term we now discovered more often than formerly and even though it’s tough to clarify exactly what this way as just about every individual may test it at an alternative manner we are now able to state with certainty which individuals knew everything they desired to state.

Even the caliber of the cupboards is high in the event that you think the price and also you have the type of performance you may easily cover a greater price to get. Hovering about the 1K value mark for some set, though there’s one drawback is there are a lot of excellent speakers costing equally that’s a pity why these certainly are a tiny bit lost from the ocean of choices out there.

Even the ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 will be the type of speakers which n’t ask significantly but are able to offer give loads in recurrence. They might perhaps not need the daunting appearances, but we confess the aluminum beams do appear trendy, along with so the utmost caliber you’ll discover in greater superior classes however they feature exactly what at the ending has become easily the most essential element. A stimulating performance in less every circumstance and also accomplish so with no should harm your pocket muchbetter. Sooner or later, is not exactly what every one us are searching for?

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