Denon HEOS Bar Review (3.0 CH Soundbar)

Denon HEOS Bar Review













  • Scalable to a 3.1 or 5.1 system
  • Easy to use HEOS app
  • Nice design
  • Good audio performance


  • Very basic remote
  • High price if turned into a 3.1 or 5.1 system
  • Not very much depth in surround effects
  • Sound a bit flat without subwoofer

Wireless speakers connectivity is getting increasingly more common nowadays having a broad selection of music apparatus behind such a element. And also a name which pops up into your mind when contemplating about wi-fi multi-room speakers connectivity is now HEOS, a new which has been made by Denon but has turned to some new it has very own. Denon could be understood chiefly for his or her exemplary home entertainment AV recipients but doesn’t indicate that they truly are restricted simply in this area.

With horizontal TVs the demand for far better audio has gotten a lot more apparent as such soundbars have grown in attractiveness for providing exactly that which a level television canwhile in an identical time strive to give a whole package in to one apparatus. Denon took be aware so that such established the Denon HEOS Bar to pay that kind of need to have. However, with all these soundbars now from the market exactly where exactly the person stands? And how does this supply anything at all to help it stick out against the others? Keep on Reading in Order to Learn at our Denon HEOS Bar review.

Style, Design, Inputs and Attributes

The Denon HEOS Bar on it’s own is really a 3.0 soundbar which is composed of a few leading channels. Perhaps it doesn’t qualify as the largest soundbar we’ve experienced but quantifying 2 7/8 x ray 43 3/8 x ray 5 7/8 inches (72 x 1100 x 148 mm) along with weighting 10.58 pounds (4.8 kg) it undoubtedly is not smaller either since the entire size of the 55 60 inch horizontal television. Compared to this conservative layouts which Denon has ever used us today the Denon HEOS Bar comes with a fairly innovative design and style with an increase of sharp corners compared to many soundbars we’ve experienced.

Even the soundbar’s 3.0 process includes 6 oval woofers and 3 tweeters at complete, two woofers and one tweeter for each channel, all placed at a 45 degrees angle. This has been achieved in objective whilst the soundbar could be placed to a weathered or furniture in the walls thus inserting all woofers in a angle wouldn’t block the noise output. The motorists have been mounted with a shadowy fabric grill which cannot be taken off and addresses the majority of the front and top . At the most suitable side we now locate a couple of buttons just for quantity mute and volume calibration even though all of connection vents are at the trunk side.


Many soundbars pose an ordinary issue, so they block the television’s IR signs if positioned entirely on the very front. No such issue for this Denon HEOS Bar since it gets got the capability to maneuver the IR sign together with the assistance of 4 IR repeaters which can be put in the rear of this soundbar. A smart design and style and really incredibly sensible. Under those repeaters we detect the most of the links available into this soundbar. Even the Denon HEOS Bar includes armed with 4 HDMI interfaces with them currently being v 2.0a which signifies that they encourage 4K UHD together with HDR whereas the HDMI output additionally supports ARC. In addition, we locate an IR IN jack, an optical and a coaxial digital audio inputsignal, also a 3.5millimeter analogue audio jack, and a USB interface for connecting external storage along with also an Ethernet jack for wired link with the world wide web. There’s likewise two or three buttons, 1 for blue tooth matching and also you for wi fi relationship.

Even the Denon HEOS Bar supplies a large array of interfaces rendering it simple to produce any sort of music relationship and Denon has seemingly place a good deal of consideration to it. However despite the number of vents is gratifying exactly that which we did not enjoy was setting the USB port in the rear which makes it difficult to really have comfortable accessibility for it should you’d like to work with a flashdrive for loading your own favourite new music. An alternate location such as at both or within a simpler to obtain location would absolutely help than at which it’s today and that are our sole gripe concerning the vents.

Even the soundbar might be joined to the Net together with all the wired interface which we discussed wireless or above through wi fi since it supports the most up-to-date 802.11 systems for example N and a-c that give the greatest rates. For those who own a router near the soundbar subsequently wireless relationship needs to do the job equally nice since it failed inside our predicament but should you’ve connection issues along with your own router is much from a wired relationship will absolutely fix all of your own problems.

Denon HEOS Bar supports an extensive variety of sound formats which includes Dolby TrueHD and also dtshd learn Audio but regrettably because there are not any height form of speakers there is no Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X service. The Bar will nonetheless play with these formats however, may down grade them into the Dolby TueHD and also dtshd learn Audio center monitors.

If it regards sound records service we additionally get yourself a broad collection of data files supported which include things like WMA upto 192kbps, AAC and MP3 up to 320kbps, FLAC, WAV and ALAC as much as 24-bit/192kHz in addition to DSD 5.6 (streaming). Since you’re able to know Denon be guaranteed to comprise most of the famous formats and out of analyzing a broad collection of data files that this looks authentic because we all did not encounter some issues if we USB streamed a few audio.

1 main characteristic of this Denon HEOS Bar is the fact that even though to it’s heart it has really a 3.0 platform it’s got the capacity to enlarge to your 3.1 platform by including a HEOS sub-woofer and sometimes take it a stage farther by making it an entirely encircle 5.1 technique by including a subwoofer and two encircle HEOS speakers just like the HEOS inch . We’ve noticed a couple of soundbars supplying such a modular characteristic from various other brands however in general it isn’t at all something we view often however we still surely encourage it gives the end users the capability to choose the things that they desire.

You would like your property to shake with each burst onscreen? Insert the sub-woofer which could incorporate the essential bass to this. Or you also possibly favor profound encircle consequences by listening to how the bullets fly from your thoughts in each gun-fight to help that you certainly do so by the addition of a couple of of inflatable speakers. The choice is yours although adding much more speakers assembles that the heart system additionally, it increases it has original cost. But in the event that you believe the fee of the passionate surround audio-system we feel that moving for the entire 5.1 method with all the Denon HEOS Bar where it is heart isn’t going to be much larger at cost matters contemplated.


Even the Denon HEOS Bar additionally supports an extensive collection of internet streaming providers which is often controlled together with all the on-line program. Services comprise Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify along with TuneIn, iHeartRadio, sirius-xm along with disposition:blend providing you with a fantastic number for the music flowing joy.

Allowing the HEOS identify usually means the Denon HEOS Bar attracts that this feature entrance and centre since the soundbar might be attached with all sorts of HEOS empowered speakers so as to make your very own multi-room atmosphere.

Becoming in accord with your days the Denon HEOS Bar additionally supports voice-control from using additional equally Alexa and Google Assistant assist. For those who might have an Amazon Alexa empowered speaker on your home or perhaps a equivalent Google Assistant apparatus then you definitely may put it to use in order to trouble hands free controls into your soundbar. Some exact helpful attribute for individuals who enjoy this type of controller.

The added remote includes a modest palm-sized style and design which distinguishes it by the normal appearance of soundbar remotes. It has rather few buttonsjust enough to its most fundamental of purposes however, also the rubberized switches possess a wonderful touch and also have enough distance in between them to get simple pressing. And now although the remote may manage the many typical purposes it is the the HEOS program that is in fact the center piece of controller to your own Denon HEOS Bar and also the one which brings all jointly. Even though you need to make a more HEOS accounts to utilize it as soon as you can do it provides you an enormous quantity of command within the own body.


Together with all the HEOS program you may get a grip on sound calibration, join different HEOS speakers, and make multi-room installments, re-name your speakers along with flow music out of the comprised internet services. In an sense in case the Denon HEOS Bar could be your human anatomy, the HEOS program is certainly the mind which produces everything perceptible. The program sensed very steady with no significant flaws or drop-outs throughout screening.


Preparing the soundbar is completed via the HEOS program also to be fair but it normally takes a little time in case it’s initially that you’re handling a HEOS apparatus the entire procedure is not too hard. The moment you powerup the soundbar you need to join your smart phone as a result of the AUX interface for your own program to recognize your gadget. Right after the original installation you are able to put in much more speakers just like the subwoofer and surround speakers in the event that you’ve got over only the soundbar, calibrate the sound preferences and then join extra resources as video clip games, loading bins etc..


The moment you end installation and calibration it isn’t necessary to to use the HEOS program anymore because you are able to utilize the enclosed remote in the event that you’d like however we discovered that the program quite user-friendly and also we lasted deploying it by way of our own screening. Normally trapping controls via an program features a little delay however we also found that the particular program to become somewhat responsive and did not encounter any issues revealing just how much do the job Denon has placed right into it.


Two movies have been contained to our picture analyzing plus also we begin with all the 4K UHD disk of battle ship which contains an wonderful DTS:X sound track. Even though the Denon HEOS Bar will not encourage DTS:X does encourage dtshd learn Audio and that’s that which we’re becoming throughout our screening. Even a sound track as called the individual showcased in battle ship has plenty of high and low frequencies rendering it perfect for analyzing the capacities of almost any soundbar.

We often love to check out the very first encounter amongst your Navy Destroyers along with also the Alien boat whenever the volatile barrels burst to the destroyer deck. The Denon HEOS Bar managed to replicate that the sound course very reliably. The very front platform felt broader with channel altering currently being very true and accurate. You might feel that the noise ramifications traveling by 1 facet to another after a action. Dialogue was specific minus the vocals turning into deflecting for the remaining part of the activity.


Regrettably whilst front sound platform felt incredibly vast and finish that the Denon HEOS Bar couldn’t enlarge it rather much supporting us since the majority of the actions felt just like arriving out of front. That clearly was really a digital surround style which enriches matters a small bit however in no time did you believe as though noise was originating out of making the utilization of a HEOS inch encircle speakers a requisite should encircle immersion is that which it is you’re interested in finding. Additionally with out a sub-woofer that the noise arrived on the scene somewhat apartment. At an identical strand even though the Denon HEOS Bar may manage to create a bass, more than another soundbars we had tried previously, in the event that you would like to truly create your residence shake the HEOS sub-woofer can be crucial since it enables the soundbar go much lesser and send far more rich frequency assortment.

Moving to another evaluation we now make use of the Kinect disk of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring which includes a dtshd learn Audio monitor so as to check an even far more orchestrated sound track that’s thick on conversation and bass. We watched some similar sort of behaviour but below the omission of surround speakers wasn’t therefore evident as the picture isn’t relying much on encircle consequences but that which had been missing was that the subwoofer as a way to supply us exactly the essential oomph such a sound track provides. Aside from the Denon HEOS Bar were able to make an extremely gratifying effect in front offering the noise clips, orchestrated audio and conversation together with clarity and precision.


Final we’ll express the Denon HEOS Bar done less or more we anticipated. At front the outcome were rather fine bringing the sound paths using accuracy, fantastic breakup and also very excellent channel altering even though dialogue was bass and clear had been actually excellent for those who believe we speak of a soundbar. However, the Denon HEOS Bar revealed exactly the very same flaws all soundbars have. Ranked felt shallow and nearly non existing whilst bass has been so. However, while using different soundbars you need to master how to simply accept the issues that the Denon HEOS Bar provides you the choice to delete them adding the HEOS sub-woofer along with HEOS inch encircle speakers so as to generate an entirely immersive sound atmosphere.


Afterward inside our screening has been music operation plus also we joined our flash-drive using any FLAC sound paths into the USB interface which from the manner can be at a uncomfortable placement. Matters listed here really are somewhat superior compared to our picture examining whilst the omission of surround speakers isn’t really obvious whilst the bass though somewhat light because of the tastes that the soundbar were able to really go relatively very low and also together having a decent mid and also very fantastic drops it sent incredibly fantastic outcomes. Drums, bass, guitar and vocals have been delivered with accuracy and therefore building the Denon HEOS Bar with a exact balanced operation.


Even the soundbar by it self may possibly be unable to to head really low however, it understands it has constraints and gave us an awareness of command within it has capacities without attempting to maneuver in to ranges it can’t handle so that consequently made available us that a exact excellent music adventure for as long since we’d it to analyzing.


Denon has produced a quite intriguing soundbar which comes with a modular layout which may absolutely interest numerous. Getting equipped to choose exactly what you would like, possibly the heart 3.0 platform or enlarging to 3.1 and on occasion maybe a 5.1 platform by the addition of far more HEOS speakers as well as a subwoofer is providing you exactly the freedom not many soundbars can offer you. Even though selling price for all these additional speakers may provide you with a little extra in the event that you think about the fee of the whole devoted speakers installation you then might locate the purchase price perhaps not much costlier.

Regarding the heart 3.0 soundbar that which we are able to declare is it supplies a fantastic upgrade in excess of all types of television sound platform could have the ability to give. It was able to enlarge the noise platform at front whilst offering transparent vocals and also great separation in between front channels supplying an general fantastic overall performance both for both music and movies. Even the number of vents offered have become nice and also the number of streaming and features providers give an individual plenty of liberty to choose from. The HEOS program is the thing that works alltogether and Denon has produced a method which isn’t hard to get a grip on and get most of features and options.

Around the opposite hands of you personally stick only with all the Denon HEOS Bar you also may possibly discover that it lacks a little bass whilst the noise comes a tiny apartment because of the tastes and also creates the dependence on a sub-woofer crucial. Likewise there clearly was no much thickness whilst the soundbar did not supply sensible surround audio minus the current presence of almost any inflatable speakers. The virtual-surround style attempts to induce sound field somewhat farther for the straight back but we are not able to mention it generated a encompassing sound bubble because we’d really like.


In the event you want on using this Denon HEOS Bar simply for new music afterward we’d express that only the soundbar is sufficient to supply you functionality that is satisfying. But in the event that you intend on using it to get movies then we would absolutely suggest one to enlarge the heart machine with all the subwoofer and surround speakers by it self fails to offer you a wholly immersive experience. Does this increase the television sound? Certainly it will, by much of course should this really is adequate for you go to this for the entire expertise consider opting to your whole 5.1 strategy when room and budget space enables to itall. Finally that the Denon HEOS Bar can be still a nice bit of sound equipment that’s lots of advantages but likewise the recognizable limits that plague most soundbar procedures, it really is only with this specific soundbar you’ve got the capacity to manually delete them in the event the center 3.0 process looks maybe not adequate for you personally. And that by it self is really a exact great factor.

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