Denon AVR-S940H Review (7.2 CH 4K AV Receiver)

Denon AVR-S940H













  • Great audio performance
  • A lot of features
  • Plenty of connection ports
  • Very good price


  • No Auro-3D support
  • Audyssey MultiEQ editing app has a charging fee
  • Not suitable for large home theaters
  • Average remote

Lately, we had the chance to test the most notable receiver at Denon’s 2018 S collection, ” the Denon AVR-S940H, which were able to unite fantastic features having a selling price which will be a lot more than cheap as a way to create a commendable home theater procedure. And if we’re attempting to discharge our review Denon started off releasing a trio of fresh cheap AV receivers for 20-19 which fit into their consumer-friendly S collection. Together with all the S940H’s successor previously staying marketed across many niches, we’re interested if past year’s version was competitive.

It appears that 20-19’s AVR-S950H includes a few upgrades when compared with this Denon AVR-S940H such as HDCP 2.3, eARC, ALLM (Vehicle low-latency Mode) in addition to Dolby Atmos peak Virtualization Technology together with the very first three stayings a portion of this HDMI 2.1 protocol which will surely turn into the norm from the next few decades. But in addition, includes a high selling price of significantly more compared to 100 in picked merchants. Can it be worth every penny to cover the additional value for all these features or 2018’s version continues to be an exact liable choice to think about? See our Denon AVR-S940H review to learn.

Design of Denon AVR-S940H

The design of this Denon AVR-S940H is very similar to preceding years using direct lines and hard borders and whether it won’t secure any design contests because of it is ambiance it receives the task finished. All AV receivers are most likely the interesting role in a home entertainment system because it’s ostensibly a black box with buttons and knobs. The machine we’re analyzing now actions 17.1″ x 6.6″ x 13.3″ (434 x 167 x 339mm) and weighs 20.7 pounds (9.4 kilograms) which cause it to be a center sized receiver and also if we had heating issues with receivers with the size when this really is the very first adventure with such gear you ought to be conscious of leave adequate breathing distance all around it for venting.



The leading part of the receiver receives the most common front exhibit in the center using two significant knobs on the left and right to get mass and origin choice. Underneath the origin decision knob, we now find a little curved button to your own ability whereas underneath the fundamental exhibit we receive a lineup of 10 buttons for assorted controls such as channel two, the tuner in addition to the ring, style, dimmer, and standing switches. Underneath this point, we receive another set of buttons using four swift pick buttons into both left and right four solid manner switches into the proper. Finally, underneath those we possess the customary front relationship interfaces having an HDMI input signal, a USB interface for linking external storage, both the evaluation mic interface plus a headset port.

Front surface features a dark brushed aluminum complete that individuals have experienced in a number of different receivers whilst it really is structure and quality, currently being fully a Denon product or service, is in overall than average in the event that you believe that we’re referring to a non to mid-grade AV receiver. Underneath the dark case that the machine includes different energy amplifiers in addition to having a 32-bit AKM DAC.

The distance we receive using this specific version (RC-1228) generally seems to become precisely the very same we’d seen within other Denon receivers inside their 2018 line-up which features an incredibly forgettable design and there’s just not much to mention about doing it. It features rubber switches using good space among them with a little smaller dimension compared to that which we’d really like. Buttons positioning could be the customary fare using origin selection buttons on very best, navigation controls at the midst and also a trio of playback buttons and in the base, we all capture the very 4 quick picks along with 4 sound style buttons we additionally uncover about the leading part of the receiver. No more back-light for this specific distance which will be actually a bummer.

Fantastic design and caliber complete out of Denon with no elaborate which can be average within this budget. It features all you’d count on from such an item.

Audio Good Quality of Denon AVR-S940H

Even the Denon AVR-S940H supports most of the most the latest audio formats using Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X however, in addition, will come with DTS digital:X which will be definitely an up-mixing technology that offers the illusion of over-head noises with no demand for true speakers. It looks like those digital technologies have begun to be a standard attribute in low-priced receivers too which will be a fantastic thing if the final result really isn’t probably the most one. But nonetheless, it is a good idea to decide to try it to your self and assess whether you prefer it or never. The single audio format not endorsed is Auro-3D since this we just find at the very best receivers that way transcend the purchase price tag on those we examine now.


The receiver is sold with 7 individual channels along with also ninety watts per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz — 20 kHz, 0.08percent 2ch generate ) along to both subwoofer interfaces the Denon AVR-S940H is effective of supplying the essential electricity for virtually any sort of small to mid-sized audio place. Together with all the channels supplied the machine grants you the capacity to produce a variety of installations in probably the most uncomplicated 5.1 surround installation all of the best ways to the entire 5.2.2 Dolby Atmos empowered system using double subwoofers and two overhead speakers to its elevation coating impacts. Throughout our screening, we’ve traveled to your 5.1.2 technique which will be our favorite installment once we examine a 7 channels receiver together with both Dolby Atmos speakers now being set at the exact middle of the seeing place.

Going together with all our analyzing we now chose that the 4K UHD of this Transformers: the final Knight using it is a Dolby Atmos trail that may create any receiver encounter because it is funded. We’re maybe not too partial to this picture’s caliber generally speaking. however, it truly is visible and audio traits are amazing.

Even the Atmos course provided has been a fantastic choice whilst the Denon AVR-S940H was able to reveal very excellent control across the overpowering audio factors it has actions scenes supply. Together with all these explosions, missiles, projectiles traveling around debris decreasing and also giant spiders duking out it that the receiver has been equipped to supply most them with restricted hands across the seven channels using very good channel separation and also accurate switching between speakers.

Over-head channels given the essential elevation into this sound-stage creating a level more immersive experience. And through this cacophony conversation was able to remain very distinct in the remaining part of the audio. Limit the quantity higher than ordinary rates manufactured the receiver reach it has limits however, also the 90 volts supplied are unquestionably plenty of for your average viewer.


We attempted an all-time favorite which would be actually the Kinect model of Lord of this Ring: The Return of the King. It may possibly perhaps not have an object-oriented audio monitor however, also the dtshd learn Audio which includes the entire H D variant is just one among the best possible inside this format and as the picture supplies an alternative, additional orchestrated, form of the audio track we all wish to add it into our evaluations. Our benchmark scene is through the Minas Tirith siege together with all the charges of this Rohirrim contrary to Sauron’s military. Exactly what a remarkable moment which is having many audio elements which makes this spectacle much more living. The receiver completed very well too together with the noise clips being replicated using top-notch, outstanding precision, and clarity whereas Howard Shore’s orchestrated music gave thus much a lot more thickness towards the complete picture.

Normally such a receiver could not do without having assistance for not merely lossy audio records but in addition, have aid for high-resolution Audio. As such a record of supported audio styles goes into MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, FLAC H D 192/24 little, WAV 192/24 little, ALAC 192/24 piece in addition to DSD loading (the two 2.8 and 5.6MHz). Consistently throughout our receiver evaluations, we all like to use a range of FLAC data files that we flow during the USB so as to try the music capacities of this machine together with most of them staying streamed perfectly.


The subsequent noise was generally quite fine with all the receivers supplying an exact good performance. Each and every music device was incredibly forgettable whilst their position space has been well characterized. Separation involving your music and vocals was fine plus also they overlapped into another. Additionally, balance while in the mid-century has been well generating a superb bridge in between your low and high frequencies. The receiver managed enough to nourish that our subwoofer that the essential bass offering the essential burden to each music course. It felt as if that the total audio was a little too very clear and we’d rather only somewhat far hotter tone towards the total audio touch however that is actually a personal taste when compared to the usual issue with all the receiver’s performance.

Entire we really don’t have some complaints so much since it has movies or music performance. Now at this budget selection, you ought to expect less or more a normal behavior and that’s that which we’ve experienced. Even the Denon AVR-S940H isn’t going to dazzle you with it has audio capacities but will absolutely provide you with longer than ample to nourish your acoustic requirements it is an action picture or all types of music monitor. And because of this’s the cost you are unable to request anything longer.

Inputs / Ports

Connectivity shrewd front of this Denon AVR-S940H provides quite a standard installation whilst the vents we’re becoming may be your typical headphone jack and adjacent into it that the Audyssey examination mic input both of them positioned underneath the 4 quick variety buttons whereas underneath the noise style switches into the there clearly was an HDMI input signal that supports 4K/HDCP 2.2 as well as also a USB interface (5V/1A) for linking storage.


Putting the receiver about it is rear is really where we now detect most of the relations having probably the most essential ones becoming that the 7 HDMI inputs and two presses offer together with most of them currently being 4K/HDCP 2.2 empowered. At the base, you can find just 7 speaker terminals ample to develop many diverse setups out of probably the most uncomplicated 5.1 methods most of the best way to some Dolby Atmos empowered 5.2.2 channels installation.

Studying the rest of the links we capture 4 analog stereo inputs1 devoted photograph input, two composite video inputs and one output signal, two-component inputs, and one output signal, 1 coaxial digital input well as two optical kinds. There’s likewise an Ethernet interface for the wired link with the Web whilst around the bottom left side would be the FM and AM Antenna interfaces. Last but most certainly not least on both the left and right top corners we all get that the normal WiFi/Bluetooth antennas.

Nothing elaborate here since we all receive essentially the most elementary type s. You can find not any pre-outs, even RS232c, handy remote control interfaces, or various other type s we mostly find at top tier superior types but in the event that you want to know more about a receiver inside this value, this usually means most likely you are not going to require someone of them more technical interfaces manufacturing the Denon AVR-S940H supplying an exact good assortment for probably the most typical installments.

OS, Apps, and Features of Denon AVR-S940H

Even the Denon AVR-S940H includes it’s HDMI interfaces assist HDCP 2.2 which implies we receive 4K/60Hz full-rate pass-through, 4:4:4 color resolution, HDR along with BT.2020, also Dolby eyesight compatibility along with Hybrid Gamma (HLG) which is employed for broadcasting in every them. There’s additionally up-scaling encouraged by SD and high definition signs up-scaled into 4K resolution however that characteristic is bound only from HDMI signs as analog into HDMI up-scaling we just see in prime-tier types. This is really a wonderful function to have however we still want the up-scaling to become managed by our television in contrast to the receiver.


1 main gap we see within this specific series in comparison to this more premium X string is here we receive the more straightforward Audyssey MultEQ calibration process which gives more selections and capacities in relation to the advanced XT variant we watched from the X collection. Additionally, this includes using the Dynamic EQ attribute that really helps keep the lively degrees and precision much at reduced degrees in addition to that the Dynamic quantity which balances abrupt quantity spikes amongst television programs and advertisements changes. Last but most certainly not least the Audyssey LFC can be missing since it’s earmarked for its high designs.

Calibration could be accomplished in two manners by using the receiver’s built-in user-interface or rather you may download the Audyssey MultEQ E-ditor on your own smartphone because it’s available for both equally Android along with iOS apparatus. The program presents much additional versatility and alternatives in comparison to this integral UI since it can certainly reveal speaker discovery effects, so it allows you to realize possible improper setup, in addition, to compare benefits before and immediately after calibration. Together side a wonderful visual port that the Editor program is really really helpful software for absolutely any severe audio enthusiast. The sole drawback of this program is it’s maybe not free and also you also have to pay for just a 1-time price in order to put in it which can be really a pity indeed.


Aside from the Audyssey program, Denon has additionally established the Denon 20-16 AVR program with which you may restrain your receiver’s features in the event that you would rather this compared to customary distant. This is really a lovely program and at that time summertime, we have utilized it have just excellent words to express about doing it. Being liberated is always an incentive and also you also may surely give it an attempt to determine if you’d like it or never.

Joining the receiver into the television via an HDMI cable and hammering it was greeted with the Denon set up Assistant which aided us to move through the remaining part of the installation having a streak of step-by-step guidelines so as in order to complete the other relations inside our platform. It truly is really quite simple to stick to a guide offering you quite transparent guidelines that even when you’re a total newcomer with such type of gear you must not have some trouble to complete. After finishing together with the installation all preferences are all split to 8 distinct types with Audio, movie, Inputs, community, HEOS Account, common preferences, and set up Assistant covering whatever that you want. Simple however practical we’d state but we’d prefer the artwork to have an original hand of paint sooner or later in the future.

There’s likewise an E CO style available you may turn into a Vehicle or absolutely flip away. From the automobile mode the receiver is currently managing it has power in order to cut energy intake whilst switching off that may just work on full capacity all of the moment; point.

Regarding streaming products and services we all receive exactly what generally seems like the normal list which includes Spotify, Pandora, Sirius-XM, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Napster, sound cloud, disposition combine in addition to internet-radio using TuneIn covering each and every significant service from life. The receiver additionally grants you the capacity to stream music in the community network in the event you chance to have a NAS server attached or another system storage system.

Even the Denon AVR-S940H can join into the Web through it has integral wi fi which affirms either 2.4GHz/5GHz as well as an added Ethernet interface. We utilized exactly the radio option throughout our screening plus that which has been smooth without even having any link issues. Clearly, for those who have a feeble sign for any motive, it really is advisable to make use of the wired substitute to have the most useful outcomes.

However, community streaming isn’t the only real option just like front USB you are able to stream music by way of outside flash or storage drive whereas together with the integral blue tooth you are able to stream audio via a tablet computer or smartphone. Finishing the listing of flowing capacities of this Denon AVR-S940H we additionally get Apple’s air-play because of possible flow content in the Apple apparatus to this receiver.

So far as multi-room capacities the Denon AVR-S940H includes all the HEOS quality which allows you make your very own multi-room natural environment in case you have the essential HEOS speakers across your home or rather it’s possible to utilize Apple’s air-play two which really is really a comparable attribute with multi-room capacities.


Voice controller is now the standard now even though recently manufacturers ended up encouraging mostly certainly one among the most important voice controller features it sounds there’s really a sluggish adaption of the entire collection of voice controller alternatives available. As such the Denon AVR-S940H includes all support for Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri along with Josh.AI providing you with the independence to choose for your own liking. We attempted that a little of Alexa to observe the method by which a receiver behaves plus it looks like the machine reacted properly to most of our commands.

Last but most certainly not least we receive SMART-TV connectivity throughout the HDMI-CEC be the this you are able to dominate the receiver together with your SMART-TV distant. This is sometimes quite a convenient feature for those who have a little stash of remotes sitting down around your networking place and also you attempt to discover a means to lower their amounts somewhat. By employing this characteristic as well as also in the mix with this sensible Menu dwelling monitor you have swift entry and complete control within your receiver.

Contain wise that the Denon AVR-S940H arrives fully packaged particularly in the event that you regard the purchase price that you have to cover this. Sure it has been missing some very special features you may uncover in a lot higher priced components however for your average person who is searching to get a fantastic high-quality receiver to construct a wonderful home-theater that this unit supplies all of the features somebody could need plus a lot more. Fantastic performance from producer inside this respect.

Final Thoughts

Denon hadn’t defeated us at the last and closing the review we all were abandoned again using a rather excellent notion with this version. Together with the brand new 20-19 models today out a year providing will slowly and gradually begin to phase-out which way that the decrease price tends to make this an ideal chance to receive it.

Even the Denon AVR-S940H presents incredibly superior audio performance equally in movies also throughout our music evaluations, supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X in addition to up-mixing technologies such as DTS digital:X whether it supplies lots of connectivity choices. Additionally, it will come with Denon’s Audyssey audio calibration platform with all the Dynamic EQ along with Dynamic quantity features to get a simple calibration of one’s house theatre. It has 90 g per channel amplification may well undoubtedly be enough for little or moderate-sized networking places and property cinemas whereas the machine also includes an abundance of internet, streaming, and multi-room features because we capture HEOS, air-play, air-play two, voice controller using Alexa and Google aid, in addition, to probably the most typical buffering music products and services.

Is there any such thing that we did not enjoy? Well within this selling price never much. That clearly was not any Auro-3D of course and also we receive just two peak channels which get the over-head effect not as conspicuous and accurate compared to having 4 speakers. Additionally having a significant home entertainment room usually means which the receiver can go from juice along with it has 90 g of amplification however that is dependent upon how loudly you love to proceed with this.

Some of course will probably wonder when it’s well worth every penny to pick that Denon AVR-S940H today which the brand new AVR-S950H has gone outside. But, both receivers aren’t too distinct, so whereas we’d state that they have significantly more similarities than differences with most variances based on two features. Primarily Denon upgraded it has HDMI interfaces to encourage a number of this variant 2.1 features like ALLM, eARC along with HDCP 2.3 as the moment be-ing Dolby Atmos peak Virtualization.

There really are some other bigger gaps however nothing important. Can one-two extra features value a supplementary £ 120? Now we’d say no more since there’s not any material that really needs HDMI 2.1 now while apparatus which encourage are a few and far in between. Yes this leaves the S950H longer future-proof although prior to the brand new HDMI turns into the standard much broader receivers will likely have ever been published. As such we think the Denon AVR-S940H using it has a brand new lesser price can make it an outstanding choice for everyone who searching for an excellent receiver without even needing whatever elaborate and ergo receives our premium advice.

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