Bose Soundbar 500 Review (3.0 CH Soundbar)

Bose Soundbar 500 Review













  • Slim and sleek
  • Clear dialogue
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa inside


  • Expensive
  • Lacks HDMI inputs
  • No Atmos support

Bose can be an organization that lots of ages today is producing excellent products, small-sized speakers which includes come to be a little touch of those. Their choices may possibly perhaps not be cheap which they were not designed to since it will be their wish to provide superior excellent services and products with their clients. Some years past we experienced our very first expertise in quite a lengthy time together with a few of the services and products even as we analyzed their flagship soundbar, ” the Soundbar seven-hundred, also generally speaking we abandoned us having positive emotions for it’s excellent and performance.

We have the chance to test the moment online soundbar from the string, ” the Bose Soundbar 500, which is included with a decrease selling price but additionally with lesser specs and also we have been interested to learn just how much a unfavorable impression the decrease cost needs to it has performance of course when it may manage to give us exactly the sort of audio caliber which most Bose products and solutions are famous for. Read our Bose Soundbar 500 review to our entire investigation.

Design, Inputs and Features


Like it’s larger brother, the seven hundred, the Bose Soundbar 500 is ranked being a 3.0 channels soundbar in regards with no subwoofer or surround speakers at the principal package deal. Even the soundbar is so compact in dimension measuring just 1.75″ (4.44cm) x 31.5″ (80cm) x ray 4.0″ (10.16cm) along also a weight of 2 lbs (3.18 kg) which makes it perfect for almost any TV dimensions, much bigger compared to normal in which a large soundbar would seem from location. We also surely enjoyed the decrease profile in comparison to this 700 since it’d fit below almost any television imaginable without having obstructing the board along with perhaps the IR detector.

Fully being truly a centre tier soundbar that the Bose Soundbar 500 does not have the most notable premium appearance of this seven hundred but even now have a selected excellent degree that we’d clarify as previously average and certainly shows that the excellent Bose sets in their services and products the ones that aren’t towards the very top of these own class. So the Bose Soundbar 500 alternatively of this tempered-glass of it has even bigger brother that it receives a matte shirt conclusion which might perhaps not look overly fancy and superior . however, it nonetheless comes with a wonderful appearance for it.

Front and rear sides have been coated with one perforated aluminum grill very similar into this seven-hundred while about the straight back we all access all of the link ports bundled collectively. Even the Bose Soundbar 500 can perhaps not match you together with it’s overall look . however, it includes a quality that’s really a couple notches over the remainder we have found these days.


Over the principal human anatomy we just buy two buttons together with either of these located towards the top rated left facet. Some turns away the mike array in case you never enjoy any apparatus listening to your voice constantly as one other may be that the voice controller activity button. Both these buttons will be touch sensitive and painful which makes the entire design appear more superior however around the drawback since together with touch sensitive buttons in the darkened is sometimes a little discomfort.

Between those switches and also the skillet we now possess precisely the exact capabilities LED lighting bar we had seen from the seven hundred version also it is purpose will be always to supply you with a visible sign of the soundbar’s features at any certain minute. As there isn’t any display it really is the second most useful issue with assorted colors in addition to lights determined exactly what it really is performing but we confess it is somewhat challenging to bear in mind every single condition with this index. Much like the seven-hundred a lot more often than we needed to start the handbook to check everything exactly a particular mild coloration intended. A exact fine aesthetic touch however maybe not even a exact practical 1.

Bose is still selling a couple of wall mounted mounts in the event that you would like to wall mount but unfortunately you’ll have to pay for extra to those which provides much more to it high priced selling price. Additionally throughout wall-mounting the soundbar must maintain precisely the exact level position as if placed to a household furniture on account of this drivers positioning which may help it become extrude somewhat from your walls. It isn’t much . however, it may possibly disturb some specially in the event that you have not a lot of distance.

Inner Components

Certainly one of the primary differences we notice between your Bose Soundbar 500 also it has even bigger brother is the fact that right here we capture significantly less drivers at complete significance this bound to have a destructive effect on performance which we’ll test somewhat later within our own evaluations. This soundbar is sold together with five habit designed, full-range transducers together with all them at front centre whilst the primary dialog channel together with both currently being put at each facet of this soundbar to your right and left channel.

Having the right and left attorneys appearing backward is really a little an unusual design plus yet one we do not view often but we still guess this Bose did so to be able in order to drive the bounds of this sound-stage the Bose Soundbar 500 could cause. We’ll find out inside our evaluations simply how much a design in this way impacts the consequent sound of course, when it turned out to be a fantastic movement in its own engineers.

Even the soundbar comes using exactly what Bose phone calls QuietPort technology with all the brightly vents utilizing a bit of watertight display screen to cut back vibrations and also capture more noise from those thin openings leading in far better, distortion-free bass from such a trim account.

Even the soundbar can decode Dolby Digital although similar to the Soundbar seven-hundred here we now loose DTS decoding which can be just another casualty of this decrease price tag of this Bose Soundbar 500. Additionally there isn’t any service for your hottest Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X since you can find neither up-firing motorists any sort of digital technology to encourage those which really can affect it has performance and encircle immersion.


The trunk of this machine hides all of the links sprinkled collectively and that which we detect this is a HDMI output which accompanies eARC service, an Ethernet interface for wired link with the world wide web, an Optical electronic inputsignal, the ADAPTiQ input signal for linking with the calibration mic along with also a BASS input signal for linking different apparatus, an IR input and also an support just USB interface.

Having only 1 HDMI may ensure it is burdensome for a few predicaments and also a 2nd you might be more preferable to have however regrettably we have to be in for it particular. The machine also includes whole wireless capacities so that as such it is sold with both WiFi and Bluetooth built also it’s really apparent the Bose has designed that the machine round wireless function as a way to continue to keep physical relations to the very least.

Control Options

As our days dictate all of apparatus needs to offer various way of manage and Bose has been doing that using all the Bose Soundbar 500 providing you with lots of alternatives to choose from. Of course probably the most applied way of controller is with all the added remote and now here we detect a second gap in comparison to this bigger seven-hundred version. The remote that is included on this particular unit is much smaller, so contains much fewer switches and also in-general feels much more interesting compared to the main one that we combined with all the Soundbar seven hundred.

While this remote was able to light up no more than the essential buttons based upon the input here we do nothing similar to this and we receive just one that’s only probably the most crucial of switches desired. As such towards top we now get three enter switches, quantity controls , play back switches below and also a listing of 6 buttons in the underside. And even though this distant is really straightforward it’s a wonderful matte rubber silhouette which makes it feel a little more superior.

However, in the event that you’re the kind of individual who enjoys to have every thing in 1 apparatus then Bose has created the Bose music program which you are able to down load to a own smartphone and then dominate the device via this. All of us simply have to alert you if you’re employing the prior Bose SoundTouch program with another Bose product or service which program isn’t compatible with all the Bose Soundbar 500 also you also are going to have to down load this brand new program to do the job well with this.


However commanding the soundbar will not conclude with just both since we additionally gain voice controller performance. From the machine there’s really a custom designed 8 boosters range that may find your voice in a loud atmosphere. The machine supports equally Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant therefore that you may choose whichever one that you would like one of the most. We experimented with Alexa using various heights of sounds within our own room also even while at ordinary degrees Alexa could find our voice if we’d the noise it had been tougher to your own machine to find our voice. Inside cases like this we must pause the audio so as to trouble our commands.

When speaking about Alexa or Google Assistant that the LED lighting bar signifies that it’s status similar to listening, believing or discussing providing you a few visual knowledge regarding this soundbar features at the given second. Furthermore, it’s possible to use voice get a handle on maybe not merely to restrain the machine however in addition choose streaming solutions, listen to weather and news predictions among some others.

Extra Features and Products and Services

Even the Bose Soundbar 500 includes with a couple extra features that appear to become indistinguishable by that which we watched from the seven hundred version. As such this soundbar comprises a set of their most identified streaming services-including Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, sirius-xm internet-radio, Spotify, TuneIn along with iHeartRadio. The other flowing alternative is using Apple’s air-play which enables one to stream audio in Apple apparatus while air-play two provides you with the capacity to produce your very own multi-room atmosphere.

Last but most certainly not least we see within this particular unit precisely the exact same type of modularity we watched from the Soundbar seven hundred. It follows that the Bose Soundbar 500 could be marketed as a standalone device however, you may boost it’s performance and capacities with the addition of speakers. You have two additional choices to look at. The initial thing is that your Bose Bass Module Bose Soundbar 500 which really is an radio subwoofer to greatly help strengthen the lower frequencies together with all the moment function as that the Bose Surround Speakers as a way to boost the environment immersion of their soundbar.

Them both join with the most important unit and you’ll be able to arrange them throughout the Boss music program. Joining both of those additional speakers it’s possible to extend the bottom 3.0 platform to your 3.1 technique, 5.0 or move all of the solution to some 5.1 surround installation. Ofcourse those additional speakers will up the cost much which means that you have to become certain of this entire price tag.


One thing we all ought to state is our screening has been done with just the most important component minus the Bass Module or perhaps the encompass Speakers as we required to figure out the sort of caliber we’d get with out needing added speakers that lots of men and women can be unable to to have the funds for. It truly is really a given that incorporating a subwoofer or encircle speakers will enhance the ending result of course in the event that you may cover the top price tag for those we really advocate to receive them.

Having some encounter from your Soundbar seven-hundred proceeding during the preliminary set up was painless and easy but for most folks which aren’t utilized such installments might simply take a bit more. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Bose strove to really make the total treatment as quickly as possible as well as within this respect we all can declare they have triumphed. Whatever you have to do is get into the Bose Music application and proceed throughout the very first installment.


Following producing the essential links for our evaluation television we downloaded the Bose Music application inside our smart phone and then powered the device to its very first moment. The first installment includes linking the soundbar into the wi fi in addition to establishing a Amazon account. After completing these first measures that you have the choice to experience this ADAPTiQ calibration which really is a more exceptional manner of calibrating the soundbar, at the least when compared with some other conventional way of calibration.

The ADAPTiQ comprises a exceptional headset which you just simply wear and steps seem in many positions while in the place. You might have to remain still and be silent for your own device to receive as precise dimensions as possible however, also the outcomes are extremely good inside our impression. We have undergone this strategy with all the seven hundred version therefore that we knew just about exactly what things to anticipate as a result.

Finishing calibration supposed our apparatus had been prepared for usage. Of path throughout the Boss Music application that you have the capacity to adjust the noise by simply changing the treblebass along with different channels.


Bose-Soundbar-500-remoteFor the testing we chose to choose the 4K UHD edition of Saving Private Ryan which includes an incredible Dolby Atmos audio monitor. Our soundbar may possibly perhaps not manage to replicating the elevation impacts at the course however, also the picture gave a nice chance to check the constraints of this machine we’re analyzing and what sort of immersion it provides.

Even the Bose Soundbar 500 is a 3.0 channels platform and always for this specific picture we attempted the launching of this picture with all the shooting of the Allied troopers on Omaha beach. The very first belief the machine gave us would be that with the unit relatively modest size front sound-stage felt fairly broad while emotion and audio precision was incredibly excellent. Even the sound stage was much less wide since we’d undergone it throughout our Soundbar seven-hundred testing however that has been expected using a soundbar which is more compact in proportion with less drivers in perform. Dialogue was clean and distinguishable even throughout busy activity scenes and also audio parting was fairly place on.

It looks like Bose’s conclusion to set the left and right right attorneys resulted in enlarging the sound-stage at front beyond the bodily borders of this soundbar and also there were also minutes which seem felt just like originating from the front corners that were far if the outcome was much less obvious because we all recalled with all the seven hundred version. After the metallic doors start and also the German machine firearms are all ripping throughout the American troopers you may hear that the bullets fly into the left and from their display screen with extremely great accuracy.

Whilst the machine is still overlooking out a subwoofer it has low-frequencies performance leaves much to be desirable. In the event you anticipate such a bass subsequently you definitely certainly will frustrated whilst the Bose Soundbar 500 can’t offer you such a punch out of this’s main component. Italian artillery bursting to the beach lacked the oomph which could cause us maintain our breath throughout such an spectacle.

The other thing worth mentioning is that the shortage of almost any encircle action with most of the actions located in us. Even the soundbar lacks almost any encircle tech possibly by way of devoted speakers or even digital tech which will enhance the circumstance. In the event you’d like almost any encompass audio then have just a single selection to bring the Bose encompass speakers along with doing that you solve the deficiency of encircle immersion of this center unit. When bullets fly beyond the digital camera you may listen to them into front left and right over this television however there isn’t any thickness in direction of us behind keeping the activity only at frontof the

We all get not many folks are able to pay for or have the area to purchase the subwoofer along with the surround speakers. For those who are able to and you’re a avid film enthusiast subsequently receiving the entire 5.1 strategy would be your thing to do and you also are really going to love the outcome. In the event that you are unable to the most important 3.0 channels device is sufficient to increase the simple television audio encounter and certainly will offer a substantially enlarged front sound-stage however that really is really where it has capacities wind.


We tried some music monitors and also here the Bose Soundbar 500 faked a little better whilst the omission of these surround speakers isn’t therefore obvious. We had been missing the subwoofer as bass had been to the other side however we are not able to mention it is just crucial much like movies. We found that the bass of this soundbar a piece and matters became much easier revealing us now if you’re mostly in to listening to music that the most important component can become than ample for most of us. Along with quite a solid mid century and unique highs that the machine has been equipped to give very excellent audio disturbance even though vocals ended up precise and sharp.


We now got the sensation that throughout music that the Bose Soundbar 500 fared far better since most activity films request a far more enlarged sound-stage this unit neglects to re create reliably while using music front point is sufficient to get a fantastic performance. We’d still suggest the subwoofer however in such a instance we mightn’t believe it an absolute have to have.

Our Verdict

Whenever you get a soundbar this usually means you desire to have the optimal/optimally audio possible from the modest distance you have mainly because here really is definitely the most apparent cause to choose this within a passionate audio platform. Inside this respect that the machine handles to find most things .

It’s great quality that’s a touch of most Bose goods, it includes a pretty wonderful Bose program which is simple and well created, and in regards with voice controller built, it’s lots of streaming selections to both internet and by way of blue tooth, it also supports Apple’s air-play and provides modularity so as to join a subwoofer or encircle speakers whereas the principal device’s performance even though not even magnificent it’s absolutely raised our encounter in that which we’d have together with the television’s audio.


Demonstrably the quantity 1 draw back of the most important component is that it is price just like precisely the exact same price tag you may buy soundbars which have a subwoofer also. Additionally purchasing the subwoofer or perhaps the surround speakers, or possibly both, individually hinges the cost much and also this may be quite a deciding issue for the many. In the event you move only for that most important unit that the sound-stage at front feels rich although exactly the exact same may not be claimed in regards to the environment since there isn’t much activity happening . Even the soundbar will not have the components along with the applications to automatically develop a encircle immersion thus expect every one of the actions before you personally.

Like it’s larger brother, the seven hundred version, ” the Bose Soundbar 500 version appears to have precisely the exact advantages and flaws as exactly what we believed has been a component which isn’t cheap but supplies the sort of caliber and performance that’s characteristic of Bose. We’d recommend one to get the Bose Bass Module Bose Soundbar 500 along with Bose Surround Speakers too because they may increase the performance of the machine much additional. However, the center component inside our impression might provide the noise of clarity and quality which perhaps not a number of different soundbars can. So that since such we absolutely suggest it.

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