14 Best Massage Chairs For Back Pain Reviews 2022

14 Best Massage Chairs For Back Pain Reviews 2022

What are the best massage chairs for back pain? If you’re someone who has experience having to deal with a variety of backaches or pains, then you’ll realize that there’s nothing more debilitating and frustrating to your day-to-day activities than being afflicted with back discomfort.

What is the best way to address it?

Back pain is usually due to poor standing or performing a long amount of time in an environment that is awkward or will strain-specific parts of your body. There is good news that there are methods by which you can ease back discomfort.

But the downside is that most of these massage techniques aren’t viable. For instance, receiving a massage each week will cost you around $75 an hour.

If you are looking to test and control it using prescription pain medications but this will cause a negative long-term effect on the kidneys.

What are you left with? There are massage chairs. Let’s take a look at our picks for some of the best massage chairs for back pain available now to benefit from the long-term solution to back discomfort.

This is certainly the preferred option and is an excellent long-term investment.

Back Massage Chairs to Help Back Pain

14 Best Massage Chairs For Back Pain Reviews 2022

A lot of people suffering from chronic back pain can benefit from relaxing massages that loosen tight muscles and tissues, as well as decompress pressure points. Massage therapy can also trigger the release of positive hormones that can assist people suffering from back pain to manage psychological and physical symptoms.

A massage recliner could provide the same experience however at home. The massage chairs are made to aid you in targeting particular areas of your body that require therapy. For those suffering from back pain, a rolling massaging sequence of kneading can let loose tight muscles and tissues along the spine. Should you be suffering from back, shoulder or lumbar spine pain massage chairs can help you treat these areas regularly.

If you’re looking to ease back pain and experience relaxing at home then a massage chair is a worthwhile purchase. Massage chairs are an efficient and easy method to experience all the advantages of massage within the comfort of home. Massage recliners are safe to use on regular basis, which allows you to treat your back pain and chronic backache without the need to make numerous appointments.

Be aware that massage chairs are not designed to be the first-line treatment for conditions of the spine such as whiplash herniated discs, or spinal stenosis. Always consult with your physician prior to undertaking any at-home treatments to relieve back discomfort.

1. Luraco IRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Chair – The Best Back Massage Chair

Luraco IRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Chair

Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus is the best massage chair It is equipped with high-tech features targeting areas that you’ve never even considered. It was designed to offer the ultimate relaxation and medical-grade massage therapy.

Here are its most renowned highlights:

Noise Reduction Technology to maximize the benefits of complete relaxation. The chair effectively reduces noise to allow you to fully benefit from its full therapeutic massage benefits. In the end, you’ll be able to get a relaxing massage even if you’re always anxious about the creaking and shifting sounds that accompany many massage chairs.

Customized Massage Intensity as well as Experience. In an effort to imitate a Human massage. This recliner comes with six massage zones that let you to adjust the intensity. In addition, you can decide to stop and resume your massage at any point.


  • Advanced foot massage
  • The body stretching feature
  • High-end Bluetooth speakers
  • Smart controls


  • Quite expensive
  • Poor customer service

2. Kahuna Zero Gravity Recliner

Kahuna Zero Gravity Recliner

If you’re a fan of the Kahuna brand but don’t have enough money for the brand, you can find models on the market that won’t need to break the bank.

This Kahuna Zero Gravity Recliner includes all the features you need without the pricey cost.

With six pre-programmed programs that are automated and a timer that will allow up to thirty minutes of relaxation, the massage chair for back pain is made to be affordable and provides convenience.

In actual fact, the quality and value of this chair are so well-known, that we think it’s top of the line in terms of affordable massage chair options. In addition to having an L-track system it also has three different levels that offer zero gravity.

The Kahuna massage chair is also constructed using body-scan technology, which means that should you not be satisfied with any of the six preset sessions, you are able to modify it to meet your preferences. One thing we appreciate about pre-set sessions is that they’ve been created in a way that has yoga stretching in mind. If you’re an avid fan of Pilates as well as yoga you’ll be awed by these massage chairs.

It comes with foot rollers and a detachable foot roller With foot rollers and a detachable foot roller area, the Kahuna Zero Gravity massage chair for back pain has been created with practicality in the back of your mind.


  • It’s a great option for those looking to save money on other Kahuna models. It does not skimp on features.
  • The technology still works with body scanning to help you find the perfect massage.
  • Lower sections that make up the massage chair are easily removable and can be cleaned as needed.


  • The warranty doesn’t last longer than other chairs, giving an additional three-year warranty. Although it’s a reasonable alternative, it comes with the chance that it will fail after the warranty expires.
  • There isn’t the same amount of preprograms available as other massage chairs.

3. Human Touch Super Novo

Human Touch Super Novo

If you don’t have plenty of space to put a massage chair or are looking to find a chair that prevents your space from becoming overwhelmed, the Human Touch Super Novo is the perfect option for you. It’s a space-saving design with this model that permits users to fully recline even though there isn’t enough wall space.

Here are some other features I enjoyed:

User-friendly controls. The controls are extremely easy to use. You’ll love being able to manage your chair using a swipe of your fingers. This means that you don’t need to work harder for your chair to comprehend what you’re looking for, as with other chairs.

Alexa Compatible. With Alexa, you’ll appreciate the voice recognition feature on this device that lets you connect it to Alexa. This makes it feel like you’re having an in-home massage therapist to keep you busy. It’s also great for people who have difficulty seeing or rather controlling the chair using voice commands.

The L-track System and S track. This chair has an advanced hybrid L-track and S system. This will target both your upper and lower back glutes, and hamstrings efficiently. It will provide you with a wealth of advantages.

Heat Therapy. You’ll be able to enjoy your heated foot rollers as well as the calf massage. It has an enhanced reflexology program that targets your calves, feet, knees, and knees.


  • 4D-related programs
  • The leg rest is adjustable to accommodate different levels of height
  • Space-efficient
  • Magnetic dock and magnetic holder for remotes
  • Low back heat


  • Quite expensive
  • Alexa compatibility isn’t completely integrated

4. Real Relax Hands of Robots

Real Relax Hands of Robots

In our range of budget-friendly massage chairs for back pain, We’ll take a glance at the Real Relax massage chair. It’s one of the least expensive of our choices, but it’s worth the price when you consider how many options it offers.

The Real Relax Robots Hands includes three-dimensional robotic hands that run along an SL-track, allowing you to move from your hips up to your neck. The ergonomic design of this feature was created to give you the full benefit of a massage without becoming uncomfortable.

If you’d like the recline in the Real Relax massage chair, just press the button it will take care of the rest. The design was created with practicality and ease in mind so that you only have only done the minimum of your massage.

Like other chairs on our list, it can also measure the weight and the weight of your body by its body scan. This will finally, create a custom program to meet your specific requirements.

One of the greatest benefits of the massage chair is that it is assembled and ready to use, so all you need to do is locate the room to place it in.


  • The device has an array of features, especially when you consider the cost.
  • It was designed with ease to make it simple to create your personal massage session. If you’d prefer, choose one of the preset sessions.


  • The warranty is only 3 years long, meaning that as with the more budget-friendly Kahuna model, you could be at risk of problems that arise after the warranty expires. It is definitely a drawback when you purchase a less expensive model.
  • The heat therapy session is limited to the lower portion of the chair. So If you’re seeking a full body heat therapy session there’s no way to locate it in this area.

5. Novo Human Touch XT Zero Gravity

Novo Human Touch Zero Gravity

The next massage chair on our list is the Novo Human Touch Zero Gravity. It’s not just an excellent massage chair recliner, but it’s also great for space If you’re worried about the space it will take up, it could be a good alternative.

The recliner is so effective in space that it can be placed only several inches away from the wall and yet be fully extended.

As you can see, the main characteristic the massage chair has to offer is its space-saving capabilities, so when you’re living in an apartment but don’t wish to choose a chair that is bulky it’s a good option.

We’ll admit it is true that Novo Human Touch does lack some characteristics which other massage chairs for back discomfort on our list, for example, the heating system that isn’t able to reach all parts in the back.

It does come with neck and shoulder features that can be completely adjusted. Additionally, it has features that can be adjusted for your back and feet as well. Alongside a full-body stretch, this chair also offers zero-gravity massages as well.


  • The massage chair is very compact and therefore ideal to save space.
  • Although it’s still costly, it’s less than other massage chairs on our list, such as the IRobotics massage chair that we’ll talk about in the coming weeks.
  • It is able to hold 300 pounds and can accommodate heights that are 6′ 9.
  • Although it doesn’t have the same amenities as other massage chairs on the list, it has certain features that are ingenuous like the full immersion and rocking capabilities.


  • Although it’s less expensive in cost than the similar models, it’s priced higher.
  • It’s not the most extensive variety of settings to adjust.
  • The only thing you’ll get is heat therapy in the lower lumbar region with the massage chair.

6. Kahuna SM-7300 SL-Track

Kahuna SM-7300 SL-Track

If you’re located on the larger or heavier end of the scale, then you are aware that it is difficult to locate a reliable massage chair that can fit us comfortably. The Kahuna chair is able to accommodate a height of 6’5″ and 320 pounds. It’s perfect for people who are small.

Check out the features I was drawn to:

The acupressure feature. The model comes with six rollers that feature Acupressure bumps to help relieve your back and neck pain as well as stress. This means that you’ll receive a more efficient deep tissue massage while the chair concentrates on specific acupressure points in order to boost your overall well-being.

Sports Massage feature. If your body is stressed and exhausted, you’ll love the sports features in this chair. It lets your muscles heal faster and alleviate discomfort quickly.

Squeeze Massage. If you’re not an advocate of intense massages or for something more soothing with a wraparound massage, the feature of the SM-7300 will wrap your tired feet and provide one of three different options at the same time. It is possible to choose from three methods: kneading rolling, and scraping.


  • Five automatic massage programs
  • Four specific automated programs
  • Zero gravity recline
  • Acupressure massage
  • Space-saving design
  • Can accommodate various heights


  • Quite expensive
  • Poor quality control processes

7. Infinity Massage Chair

Infinity Massage Chair

Do you want zero gravity massage in a chair but not looking to pay too much? Infinity is a perfect choice. Infinity massage chair for back discomfort offers you the luxury you desire without the burden of a cost and especially when you look at it with other chairs that are on this list.

While there are models made by Infinity that come with 3D rollers, however, this model is only equipped with 2D ones. However, the difference isn’t too significant therefore it shouldn’t impact the overall experience in any way.

The Infinity massage chair comes with body scanning technology and the ability to heat your neck and hand Infinity massage chair comes with body scanning technology and heat features for your neck and hand. The Infinity massage chair also comes with foot rollers, along with numerous other options. In the end, this is the kind of chair to choose for those who want the most features you can get without spending the price.

Although you might get an improved massage experience by using more expensive models such as the iRobotic which we’ll speak about in the near future. The Infinity massage chair is more than enough for the majority of users.


  • Its massage chair offers a satisfactory variety of features, particularly when compared to more expensive models.
  • In reality, you’ll save quite an amount when you look at Infinity against other models within the same class.
  • It comes equipped with foot rollers that can give you a satisfying foot massage.
  • In addition to the body scanning feature as well as massages that heat up Infinity massage chair also has a body scanning feature and heat massages. The infinity massage chair has a deep tissue massage feature.
  • It comes with speakers, which are perfect if you prefer listening to your favorite music as receiving the massage.


  • Although it’s a bit cheaper than similar models it’s still believed to be quite costly.
  • The Lumbar region is the sole part that receives heat therapy.

8. Titan Pro Jupiter XL With Lumbar Heat

Titan Pro Jupiter XL With Lumbar Heat

The Jupiter XL is a good alternative to that the Kahuna SM-7300 due to its price. The mid-range chair can accommodate users who are 6 feet 6 inches comfortably. I particularly like the modern design that is perfect for any room. In addition, it’s also the first L-Track equipped with 3D technology designed by Titan.

Check out the most prominent features of this model:

Five-Speed Control. You’ll be able to switch between different massage speeds with this device. This allows you to enjoy an entirely personalized massage experience tailored to your requirements and preferences. If you want to massage the same area slower than other areas then you can do it easily.

Head Massage. Most massage chairs I’ve come across ignore your head. It’s the Jupiter XL is one of the few massage chairs I’ve come across which has a dedicated head massage that gives you an authentic massage experience.

The Heat Therapy. The Titan Jupiter XL features lower the lumbar area, which can help ease back pain and improves circulation to help muscles heal faster.


  • Dual-action foot massage
  • Zero gravity recline
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Space-efficient
  • Massage the entire body with airbags
  • The LCD remote is user-friendly and easy to use


  • Insufficient heat therapy
  • It can only hold up to 270lbs

9. Kahuna LM6800

Kahuna LM6800

Don’t be deceived by the cost. This Kahuna model is among the most feature-packed massage chair units on the market. It’s a great value. Kahuna is the most affordable zero gravity chair. It’s a feature you usually only find in high-end models. Even if you can discover it at a reasonable price, it’s typically not the best. Fortunately, it’s the Kahuna the LM-6800 offers a wonderful zero-gravity experience. This is a good shiatsu massage chair.

Have a look at its top features:

Yoga Stretching. The advantages of practicing yoga are endless. But many people don’t have the space, time, or the ability to perform efficient yoga stretching exercises. It’s a great feature for yoga in this chair which can help relieve back pain and ease muscle tension.

3 Stage Zero Gravity. The majority of budget zero-gravity chairs come with only one position. This model of shiatsu allows users to select from three zero gravity positions that unlock deep back massages in each position.


  • Multiple zero-gravity positions
  • Technology for advanced body scan technology
  • High-tech air cell massage
  • Convenient remote holders
  • Space-efficient


  • The massage may cause too much pain for certain users

10. HomCom Executive Massage Chair for Office

HomCom Executive Massage Chair for Office

Are you a long-time worker sitting at your workstation, and it’s impacting your back? You require an office massage chair to provide maximum relaxation for your back and lower back muscles. Homcom provides an office chair that is both comfortable and relaxing due to the massages that it offers. On paper, it’s the perfect office chair, however, what happens in actuality?

In terms of design, the chair has an authentic leather covering. It is set on the base of a star made of metal with five branches, each with wheels. It’s very stable and looks solid. It is easy to move this is an ergonomic chair that creates the perfect impression at the first sight. In terms of aesthetics, it is finished with a stunning look and is a great addition to the décor of your workplace.

It is equipped with the ability to control the chair remotely, allowing users to control various aspects of the seat. It’s simple to operate, and there is no need to study for hours the workings of the machine in order to comprehend how to operate it.

This office chair at a reasonable price is classic and timeless in its style. It comes in brown, white and black. With cushions and the PU leather covers, it provides the best comfort and longevity. Alongside increasing your well-being the heated massage chair can add style to your workplace, particularly in the case of a seat with a cream red or white.

The heat, as well as massage functions, are adjustable using the remote control, which you can put in an area to the right of the chair. It is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your body and encourages relaxation of the tension points. This is due to its Six vibration massage zones. The armrest can also be adjusted.

The process of heating and massage is performed by six hearts, that are in pairs, two in the area of the thigh and two on the back, and the final pair on the top of the back. It is the best massage chair for lower back discomfort. The temperature for heating is from 60 to 70 degrees C.

With a that is 44 cm high, The seat can be adjusted to 54cm, and its inclination is altered between 90 and 135deg.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Robust and adjustable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good manufacturing quality
  • High capacity for weight


  • The heating function is insufficient
  • Too much vibration noise

11. Relaxonchair Zero Gravity

Relaxonchair Zero Gravity

These less expensive models on our list show that you don’t need to spend a lot for features and quality in the form of a massage chair. While saying that, however, it’s crucial to note it’s important to remember that not all massage chairs for back pain are made in the same way, and it’s not the case that this will have to be the case for all models in the lower price bracket.

Relaxonchair Zero Gravity is created to give you the sensation of a full body massage. The specificity of the massage is intended to provide you with a human sensation that will be felt all over your entire body. The massage chair also has spinal decompression in its mind thanks to its program for spinal decompression.

The massage chair provides you with the perfect relaxation experience and a relaxing experience, but it also helps relax your muscles, allowing you the massage treatment your muscles require, especially in case they’re aching.

The rollers that are located on the rear of the chair start at the top of the back and continue to the middle of the seat for an intense session. The cutting-edge body scanning technology makes the Relaxonchair can precisely determine the areas to massage so that it does not waste any time working on areas of your body that don’t require it.


  • Like the other massage chairs on our list as well, the Relaxonchair includes body scan technology, allowing you to customize your massage.


  • Only comes with 3 speeds as well as three intensities This isn’t the most complete selection. It is however an affordable choice, and you are getting what you pay for.
  • It has the smallest number of preprogrammed sessions on our list, clocking with just four. If you’re searching for the kind of massage chair that has an extensive list of options for sessions then this might not be the one for you.

12. The Panasonic Real Pro

The Panasonic Real Pro

It’s Panasonic Real Pro is not just notable for its features but has the capability to make use of body scan technology to determine your requirements of you based on height and weight. After it has gathered the data during your first use, it’ll store it in its database so that it doesn’t require calibrating each time you utilize it.

Although it’s not equipped with the same number of pre-set programs as other massage chairs for back problems on our list it has five programs which is a decent amount. From quick massages to stretching or Swedish massage, there are several choices to pick from that are sufficient if prefer pre-set programs.

In addition to these pre-set programs In addition to these pre-set sessions, the Panasonic massage chair also comes with manual operation capabilities in addition, which comprise stretch as well as Swedish and the knead grip and regional roll.

The massage chair will automatically recline and let you manage how intense your massage is to adjust it to be as hard or soft as you want.


  • Advanced calibration of height and weight allows you to customize your massage to meet your individual needs, even if you’re 6 feet 5 inches tall.
  • It comes equipped with body scan technology which is an amazing feature at this price.


  • Although the massage chair comes with many impressive features it does not come with heating options, which means that this may not be the right choice you’re looking for if you’re in search of a massage chair that includes heat therapy.
  • The armrests are constructed from wood, which means if you’re seeking something to be comfortable and soft, however, you might be disappointed to find that massage chair to be a little stiff for your taste.

13. Luraco Legend Plus L-Track

Luraco Legend Plus L-Track

The Luraco Legend Plus is a comfortable massage recliner. It’s targeted at people who are slim and small and struggle to find a massage chair that doesn’t feel too big for their size. This is why it’s also very efficient in space. If you are able to fit comfortably within it then this is the best option.

Check out its characteristics:

Noise Reduction. This unit has been made to be as silent as is humanly possible. It isn’t likely to hear any weird noises coming from the chair while it switches from massage modes. Also, you won’t hear any outside noise due because of its style. The fact is the sound of your neighbor’s voice isn’t the most soothing background noise, is it?

Automated Body Detection for giving you a customized and specific to your body. This massage chair recliner utilizes 3D body scan technology that relocates the massage rollers to fit the specific curves of your body. Your days of stretching your body in order to fit into your chair are long gone.


  • Touchscreen remote for touchscreen users
  • Memory capable of keeping up five user settings
  • Five intensities
  • Stretching the body
  • Nine preset programs
  • Unlimitless options for customizing settings


  • Not suitable for larger users

14. Osaki Zero Gravity Body

Osaki Zero Gravity Body

The second massage chair on our list is designed with both comfort and ease with a view to convenience and comfort. Although it’s not the most affordable choice it’s definitely far from being the priciest.

This Osaki Zero Gravity Body does not only come with six pre-set programs, however, but it also displays them on a huge LCD screen which comes with a wireless remote. If you’re looking to have the convenience and the comfort of the form of a massage chair, then this is a product worth looking into.

This feature of air massage is able to work on your hips, shoulders feet, arms, and calves for a complete full body massage experience. The auto timer is adjustable from five to thirty minutes as the suggested duration for an hour-long massage.

Alongside six pre-set programs The Osaki model also comes with five levels of speed and intensity and the ability to lower back vibration.

Similar to the other massage chairs for back pain that we’ve reviewed this Osaki massage chair also includes the full body scan feature, permitting you to personalize your massage sessions based on your preferences of your own. The S-track has a curved design to ensure that your spine remains in control while you enjoy your time.

The lower section of the chair is equipped with two heating pads to provide heat therapy in the lumbar region.


  • If you’re searching for an air-pressure massage that can be able to reach all the different muscles, you might think about Osaki’s massage chair.
  • The large LCD display, as well as the wireless remote controller, makes it extremely easy to select your favorite program.


  • Heating therapy is available only in the lower portion of the chair.
  • The package only includes six preprogrammed sessions. This is fine, however, it’s not the biggest selection we have in our selection.

What are the Most Important Features to Consider When Buying the Perfect Massage Chair?

Features to Consider

A key aspect to keep in mind when purchasing the best massage chair for back pain is that just because it’s an expensive price tag does not mean it’s necessarily the most effective.

It could take some time to find a chair that has all the top features and comes at a fair price. That’s why we’ve compiled our extensive checklist above. Let’s go over our recommendations and look over the essential aspects to consider when searching for the great massage chair for back pain:

1. Heating Settings and Heating Therapy

Heating is among the most crucial components to reap completely from what they’re supposed to accomplish for you. This is due to the fact that heat therapy is effective at aiding in relaxing muscles that are stiff or stressed and is an integral part of massage therapy.

But, the one thing you don’t want in the massage chair is an overheating problem. It should be in the right amount of heat for it to be effective. However, when it’s too hot it may cause worse harm than it does good. Although not all chairs offer heat therapy as a feature it’s an essential one when you’re serious about your massage sessions and wish to get the most benefit of them.

You might have noticed that a few chairs on our list offer heat therapy in the lumbar region. It’s definitely not the best option when you compare it to other massage chairs for back discomfort, but it’s superior to nothing, particularly in the case of lower back pain being the area that is causing you pain.

2. Effectiveness of Size and Space

It isn’t a matter of where you intend to put the massage chair in your house One of the main things you’ll have to think about is the area it’s going to fill up.

There are a lot of massage chairs for back pain that can be very bulky and some are designed to be space-efficient in the mind.

If you’re in a tight space to work in If you are working in a small space, we suggest hanging a wall hook that has been made to operate in an area of limited size. Furthermore, these kinds of chairs can be pulled and placed very near to walls to ensure that they don’t stick out.

If you reside in smaller spaces These chairs are perfect. If you’ve got more room, then you could take a look at a standard model.

3. Noise Reduction

Although the chair you’re thinking of could have all the essential features, however, it could become extremely loud due to the many motors and pumps that are running simultaneously.

In recent times, numerous manufacturers have upgraded and redesigned the design of their massage chairs for optimal noise reduction. While some have the potential to create some noise, there’s an array of models which will function without causing any noise.

Although it’s not the primary thing to consider when you’re looking for the best massage chair for back pain It’s likely to be more for certain individuals than for other people.

4. Air Cell Count

The amount of air cells within the body massage chair is going to determine the amount it inflates and deflates. This feature will affect various parts of the body. It is ideal for compressing treatment when you want an additional amount of pressure to apply.

The basis of this principle is blood flow, pressure, and how better blood circulation can boost the performance of muscles and increase strength. The greater the number of air cells are there and the greater force that can be applied to muscles. If this is significant to you, you might be interested in it when you’re deciding on the best chair for you.

Certain massage chairs for back pain have two to three air cells that provide you with more pressure in the areas you require it. The ability to control this feature is available by the settings of your chair which makes it convenient and practical when trying to tailor your experience.

5. Body Scan Technology

One of the major aspects to be found inside the chair is the body scanning technology. This is due to the fact that it can help identify troublesome areas of the body that require the greatest focus.

The Body scan technology is expected to allow you to alter the structure and composition of your body according to how you sit in the chair, so it will give you the best massage for the muscle tissues you’re experiencing.

If the massage chair doesn’t have this feature, it could not focus on the right areas of your body. It might cause more problems than you began with.

Additionally to this benefit, most massage chairs for back pain are made to accommodate the weight of your body and also height. This ensures that all of your joints can be accommodated for you to get the correct massage.

If your massage chair has been manufactured in Japan, however, it might not have the right settings for your height and weight even if you are not Japanese.

6. Zero Gravity

This is the feature that’s probably the most well-known of all the features that make up the massage chair. This is due to the fact that it allows users to feel completely weightless as they get the massage like they’re floating in the air. It’s definitely important when you want to be totally relaxed during the massage.

Another reason this is a crucial feature is that it allows an evenly distributed body weight distribution. It is also beneficial for issues with the lower body and lower back, so if you’re experiencing muscle tension or stiffness in your legs, you might be interested in this feature when searching for the best massage chair for back pain.

7. Easy Assembly and Set-Up

Installing the massage chair isn’t going to be a problem if you are able to follow the steps. In addition, you can choose hands-on delivery that could result in saving both time and effort.

However, there are massage chairs for back pain models that are extremely simple to put together and will not require any other person to assist you. They are also sold put together – but it is important to determine whether they’re able to be able to pass through your doors before you buy these.

8. 3D, 4D, and 2D Rollers

The very first massage rollers on the market were in 2D. These models were able to move only upwards and downwards, and the left and right. Then, 3D rollers were created by a Japanese manufacturer. These rollers are able to be moved forward and back and also receive additional pressure wherever you require it.

As you can observe, 3D rollers are more efficient in comparison to 2D models. While airbags or air cell massage is excellent for pressure 3D rollers are much more efficient. If you’re thinking of purchasing chairs for pressure therapy and massage, you’ll need to look for one with 3D rollers.

If you’re committed to pressure, you might want to think about the purchase of a massage chair with 4D rollers. 4D rollers permit you to alter the speed of pressure, which can be seen as a marketing trick.

It’s entirely up to you to decide. 3D rollers can accomplish a fantastic job of giving the appropriate amount of pressure. However, If you prefer to be in control and enjoy the possibility of being able to change the speed of pressure, then you might be interested in the option of a 4D roller.

9. L-Track vs. S-Track

The majority of massage rollers that are included in your typical massage chair are connected to an iron rail that is located at the rear of your chair. This is known as the track.’

Since your spine is similar to the letter’s shape, an S-track was designed to match the curve of your spine which lets the chair work all the way around your spine.

If you’ve got an L track chair, it will be more extensive than an S track. This feature could provide you with a longer massage that goes all the way into your glutes.

If you’re tall and are having difficulties in your glute muscle you might want to look into purchasing one of the L-track massage chairs. It is common to see a difference in the range of 20 inches between S-track as well as L-track massage chairs, so this is definitely something to be aware of.

10. Budget and Warranty

When you’re considering the chairs at the top of the cost spectrum There’s another aspect you’ll want to be sure of the warranty. It’s not worth investing all the money in an expensive massage chair if its warranty expires within a couple of years. If you have a warranty of this type it is possible that things could go wrong when it expires that could end up costing you more money out of the pocket.

The most effective massage chair is the kind that isn’t expensive and is covered by a long warranty. It’s not a bad idea to invest in a more expensive model that costs some extra upfront, in the event that it has a great warranty, as the chance of something happening later on the line is minimal.

While weighing the cost is crucial, we believe that taking into account the warranty is more than that. It’s tempting to go with an option that is more affordable at the end of the day, but if you have a warranty that’s too small and not long enough, it’s probably not worthwhile in the end.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right massage chair for back pain relief can be a challenge.

Most of the time people settle for less, and pay lots more, principally because they’re not knowledgeable enough about the products they’re buying.

It’s essential that you have a clear understanding of what you want from the massage chair. When you’ve identified the purpose for which you require it then you’ll be able to pick the ideal model simpler.

Be sure to think about the cost and the warranty. You should never choose cheaper options when it’s not covered by the proper warranty.

With our complete listing of what we believe to be the best massage chairs for back pain, you’ll be on the way to finding out which one will turn out to work best for you.

Best Massage Chairs For Back Pain FAQs

Can massage chairs hurt your back?

In general, any type of massage is non-invasive and considered very low risk. While there aren’t specific contraindications or risks associated with the use of massage chairs, in general, any of the contraindications to general massage therapy should be followed when using a massage chair.

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