Best Massage Chair Under $1,500 (Expert Guide | 2020)

Professional massage chairs are considered to be extremely high-end luxury products and rightly so keeping in mind the prices of the best-in-class chairs. Usually, a massage chair is marketed at a price that goes well above $2,500, while the best massage chair currently available in the market is priced above $8,000.

However, that does not mean that people looking for a massage chair cannot find one within an affordable price range. While they would not be offering the same level of functionality, there are good and functional massage chairs available under $1,500.

Here is a review of the best massage chair available in the market at premium pricing and a comparison of it against two different massage chairs that are marketed for a price under $1,500. That way, you can a clear picture of the trade-off between the best and the affordable.


Inada Dreamwave Massage ChairInada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair is currently the best massage chair available in the market, priced at $8,999. It may be available at Amazon for a discounted price of about $8,300. So what would you get with your purchase?

Here are some of the noticeable features this chair offers:
• Broadest massage coverage of over 1,200 square inches compared to any other recliner
• A complete neck to toe massage system
• The propriety dreamwave technology that moves massage sensors in eight motions to balance the massage
• Most capable complete stretch system
• Eight different pre-programmed massage sequences and three different settings for airbags pressure

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair V

Most of the users who have reviewed this chair have either used or tried different massage chairs and they all agree that this is indeed the best massage chair in the market irrespective of the price. According to one user, this is her best investment to date. She was past the point where she could get relief from her pain for long through professional massage and chiropractic sessions. However, with this chair, she can get more relief as she does not need to wait for the infrequent sessions.

Similarly, almost all other users claim that it is one of the best purchases they have made. The excellent customer service offered by Inada and the three-year warranty that comes with the chair were also praised by users.


On the other hand, there are several functional massage chairs that you can get under $1,500. Now they definitely would not be as good as Inada, but they can hold their own when it comes to providing a good massage. Best Massage offers a variety of trustable and reliable massage chairs that match the functionality of Inada in more ways than most other affordable massage chairs.
Here is a review of two of its best massage chairs you can get well within a $1,500 price bracket.


Full Body Shiatsu C06We have found it available for a price of $1,089.00 on Amazon but you should check out the current price, this chair is much cheaper than Inada and perfect for anyone who has a budget to maintain. Just like Inada, it offers a Shiatsu Massage, complete with foot and neck massage capabilities.

It offers three pre-programmed massage sequences and airbags that control massage pressure.In a lot of ways, this chair is designed just like Dreamwave; but obviously, it lacks the flawless level of functionality.

According to users, this Best Massage chair is extremely heavy, which is one thing that almost all users have complained about. Other than that though, people have found it to be a good massage chair. Its stretching is acceptable although the foot massage is not the best thing about it.

Full Body Shiatsu C60

Even people who have chronic pain problems have praised the chair for providing an effective massage. According to users who have tried other different chairs, this one is a lot better than some expensive massage chairs out there.


Full Body Shiatsu Massage ChairEC-69 is a remarkable Best Massage chair and also one of the few massage chairs in the market that offer a complete 180-degree recline. It also offers a Shiatsu Massage using a range of varied movements. From the 43 users who have reviewed this chair, it has received a 4.3/5 stars rating with only 5 people reporting something negative about it.

Most of its features are similar to 06C, but the foot rest does not have a base so it does not offer a feet massage.
According to users, it is a good Best Massage chair for its price as it offers acceptable massage function. Again, you should not expect it to give you the same massage quality as an $8,000 chair. However, people with chronic pain have found this chair relatively effective in helping them keep their muscles relaxed.

Shiatsu Massage Chair

The issue most people have, however, is with the customer service of Best Massage. Although the chair comes with a warranty, those who were unfortunate enough to get a defective piece could not do anything about it as they have to pay the shipment cost, which is too high.


Given that the quality of the massage offered by a Best Massage chair would not be as good as what Inada Dreamwave would offer, it is still one of the best options you can get and well within $1,500.

Best Massage chairs are the closest in design and functionality to Dreamwave, giving you a good enough affordable alternative. Although you would not get the same features, qualities and functions of the expensive Dreamwave, these massage chairs by Best Massage offer a relaxing experience despite being priced less.

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