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BenQ TK850 Review


Native 4K resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Extremely Bright and Vibrant
  • Excellent HDR
  • Sports Mode
  • Vertical lens shift
  • Auto keystone


  • No streaming apps
  • No Dolby Vision or HDR10+
  • Low color depth

When there’s a single company that’s not any stranger into home theater projectors which is BenQ. The manufacturer was inside this subject to get a couple very good several years and is now giving a wide scope of projectors out of the high-end CinePro line-up all of the solution into this budget friendly home-entertainment line-up together with CinePrime and Home Theater show sitting directly between these. Inside our BenQ TK850 review now we’ll be studying a projector which belongs to the home-entertainment collection and it is chiefly geared toward informal end users and game followers.

The BenQ TK850 may be the most recent person in this TK collection which arrives over the TK800M which additionally substituted the TK800. And this is exactly where matters have intriguing. We come from the 4K UHD pixel changing land here if there’s a single characteristic we view all of the period is suppliers seeking to drive down the prices just as much as potential for this specific having any noticeable side impacts. After you minimize corners you have to create compromises, possibly be at black degrees performance, color or brightness accuracy that you only cannot all with such a very low finances. Ordinarily manufacturers stay glued to these to their own units however, BenQ has obtained an alternative course.

They create double versions, so almost all of these specs will be identical time the principal distinction is this you has got improved colours and can be advised because of black environments whereas one opposite has improved firmness and also is much significantly more appropriate to glowing rooms or to get usage out doors. We watched that with all the cheaper duo of projectors, the HT2550 (W1700) as well as also the TK800 (which afterward was upgraded to TK800M). Once-again BenQ went precisely the exact manner together with the marginally more costlier, pricier HT3550 (W2700) along with usually the sole that we will probably be appearing here now, ” the BenQ TK850.

And though the HT3550 is chiefly aimed at home theater followers that the BenQ TK850, along with it has high brightness is chiefly geared in the direction of people who are looking to make use of a projector at a shiny space and therefore are eager to forfeit only a small of it has coloring precision to have this. Therefore with this in your mind let us put this into this evaluation and also determine exactly what exactly is really on offer and also just how much a gap does it have into this HT3550 we had reviewed not too long ago.

Design of BenQ TK850

There’s been quite a bit of confusion with all an different version titles manufacturers have been making use of for distinct niches. Much like BenQ TK850’s twin brother, the HT3550 is sold from the usa while it’s got the W2700 naming while in the united kingdom and Europe. Happily for its BenQ TK850 it’s maintained it has model variety round all niches. This has been finished with all the TK800 and also TK800M before and can be continuing with all the brand new version too.

As much since it has design, the BenQ TK850 includes a exact characteristic BenQ appearance with curvy lines and design we have view lots of days previously. Even the BenQ TK850 is 100% equal for it’s brother, the HT3550, along with the sole thing which puts them aside is always that the coloration of front face together with all the BenQ TK850 with a blueish one particular. It has dimensions actions 14.96 X5 x 10.35 at (380 x 127 x 263 mm) plus a burden of 9.3 pounds (4.2 kg) that might perhaps not function as absolutely the absolute most light weight projector available on the current market however also for a 4K version that’s designed to have premium portability we can say it is practically the most suitable measurement.


Even the BenQ TK850 receives the typical asymmetrical design lots of BenQ’s low-cost projectors arrive together the lens sitting down in direction of the most suitable side and also one IR detector being set into the much perfect. However, left side we receive merely the BenQ symbol and practically nothing else. Even the BenQ TK850 employs precisely the exact same lens mask we noticed from the HT3550 and also this really is BenQ’s alternative as a way to block stray light which looks on to the ground or ceiling, so based on upon how to utilize this, and also you shouldn’t stress it might obstruct the lens picture at all. This really was a wise way that BenQ found inside the more modern creation of projectors and solved an issue that plagued most of these elderly components.

Exactly over the lens onto top side there’s really a sliding door which reaches afew of the lens controllers. In that there we now get 2 spinning brakes for focus and zoom as a 3rd dial can be useful for its vertical move. The very best encounter is likewise having a comfortable design at the lowest half that we now get yourself a couple builtin buttons along with operate bulbs. A round design of switches is also employed for navigation controls in addition to for keystone correction along with volume modification with an electricity switch into the three and left buttons for Menu, Back and Supply option. Over the navigation buttons are LED lighting for temperature, power checking and lamp illness. At the base of the best confront there can be a 2nd IR detector that’s used in the event the projector is put about the ceiling.

Regarding your lens it employs, the BenQ TK850 has a optical system which employs exactly the highest-grade glass to get premium realistic graphic caliber. The accuracy, 10-element, 8-group lens variety allows increased gentle penetration for far better 4K graphics as the user friendly low-dispersion lens coatings reduce chromatic aberration, S O 4K UHD material will reveal in clarity that is exceptional.

The lens may actually have exactly the exact same 1.3:1 zoom along with 10% lens change which it is double brother, so the more HT3550 H AS providing sufficient flexibility but we’d love to have only a tad bit more compared to small 10 percent change. However, once we said earlier such a very low cost category whatever we could possibly access is that a plus as additional models do not have lens-shift in the slightest. However, if this isn’t enough there’s additionally Keystone correction you are able to utilize but bear in your mind that due to the fact this may reduced the total picture quality that you use it just once you have no other choice. That you really do not desire to cover a 4K projector and also have lesser quality inside the long run, can you really?

The other wonderful function we notice from the BenQ TK850 may be that the automated attention once you change zoom. Usually once you correct the zoom additionally you have to emphasis on the image however, that particular unit can it which can be quite sensible and time saving and also yet one we do not usually find such a very low priced classification. Advantageous to BenQ for such as it.

In phrases of audio that the BenQ TK850 is graded in the exact very same degrees because it truly is brother. This implies people receive yourself a 30dBA evaluation in ordinary manner which goes marginally lower in 28 dBA in stand-by manner. Commonly these projectors have just two resources of sounds. Usually the only one is the fan that blows warm air outside of this machine as the moment stems out of your pixel changing technology that’s moving at highspeed and makes a reduced buzzing which could be perceptible towards the sensitive ears. Inside our instance we can marginally hear that this noise through quiet minutes . however, it was not therefore upsetting at the least to everybody.

Lamp lifetime hours at ordinary manner will reach on the 4,000 markers which might be prolonged to 10,000 hrs at Economic manner. There’s also that the Smart E CO manner that farther expands lamp life into a intense 15,000 hrs however that isn’t such a helpful manner and never a lot will require to proceed with this.

When there’s a single area which people have been especially satisfied about could be that the added remote. Ordinarily using such low-cost projectors first thing manufacturers have a tendency to lower would be your remote standard. Perhaps not much this since BenQ has outdone by themselves. Usually the main one which includes all the BenQ TK850 is amazing for fine design as well as also in white coloring as the added rubber switches are the two large enough and also have ample space between these.

On the very best we detect the lighting switch, which turns on the back light functionality which can be just another major and also the distant comes, set between an extremely strange double powerButton installation. Between these and also the navigation buttons we now receive yourself a trio of controllers for keystone, Default and evaluation pattern whereas underneath you can find 18 buttons which have the many popular capabilities and features of this projector. Superb distant for such a very low priced projector.

Video Quality of BenQ TK850

Technology used

When you glance in all of the advertising stuff to your own BenQ TK850 that you will see that BenQ is advertisements as a’Authentic 4K projector’ which may not be far from the reality. The BenQ TK850 is utilizing the recognizable pixel altering technology to show the complete 4K resolution picture onscreen display screen. That is achieved by revealing the complete high definition 1080p picture and from marginally changing places 3 times in rather speedy rate that’s imperceptible by the naked eye we now capture the complete 4K picture.

Real indigenous 4K projectors are costly in nearly three times the purchase price tag on this BenQ TK850 even though pixel changing technology has arrived a ways and certainly will produce very magnificent image-quality advertisements that a projector as authentic 4K we’d predict this marginally misleading.

The BenQ TK850 is utilizing exactly the same 0.47″ DMD chip from Texas Instruments we had observed from the HT3550 also. This really is actually a fresh creation of chip which features several tiny upgrades in contrast to preceding models we’d seen previously including a thinner body which really is a pleasing upgrade and not as deflecting when with one chip additionally have it has advantages in comparison to additional a number of liquid crystal display chip technologies which have a tendency toward misalignment and so to blur, shadowing, and hindrance routines.

Since we have talked about previously even though pixel changing supplies really superior picture quality using lowcost there’s just a catch. On account of the highspeed movements pixel altering projectors have a tendency to generate small sounds which even though perceptible it bothered us also much to become contemplated a issue. However, the far more delicate you’re noticeable this will probably soon be.

4K UHD / HDR Content

For the 4K/HDR picture analyzing we chose that the Pacific Rim: up-rising whilst the 4K UHD disk features a remarkably sharp picture using glowing colours, ideal for that BenQ TK850 to reveal is it perform using such content that is rough. First thing that you instantly see would be that the sharp picture that the BenQ TK850 could deliver. Such a sharpness is also quite characteristic one of projectors together with exactly the same 0.47″ DMD chip such as the similar HT3550. You might observe every little detail around the Jaegers for example scratches in their alloy horn or mechanical pieces relocating which significantly enriches immersion.

Something else which people found was the addition of some Dynamic Iris substantially will help with dark colours along with shadow depth. Clearly it can’t reach the shameful heights of several additional high priced projectors just like the UB Epson projectors however, the gap in between having a Dynamic Iris without having 1 is quite notable.

The movie is extremely rough about brightness and colors and also the BenQ TK850 achieved it is ideal to produce which on the monitor. Shade was especially superior compared to the HT3550 however we did recognize a few cutting that may be marginally mended by correcting the Vibrant colour placing.

Generally speaking a projector that’s promoted longer for informal screening and sport we’re impressed by the way that it may play movies, even ones that are demanding. Sharp 4K resolution, even together with good equilibrium, pleasing elephants and fine hues is everything you’ll get. It’s definately not perfect . however, it possesses a exact solid screening experience should you inquire .


In terms of HDR service that the BenQ TK850 may display both equally HDR 10 which can be expected for UHD play-back together side HLG that’s used chiefly for broadcasting. That clearly was absolutely no HDR 10 + or Dolby eyesight however you can find not any projectors that encourage both of these complex HDR protocols nonetheless.

Full HD / SDR / 3D Content

Moving to your 1080p content material testing there’s really a particular picture we strive outside at just about all scenarios and that no additional compared to the Kinect variant of Oblivion. 4K may be your smart brand new item but using tremendous ranges of Total HD content material around you’ll still need the projector to have the ability to carry out so in 1080p-resolution too.

The BenQ TK850 failed to fail within this respect . Oblivion may be the type of movie with a rather sharp picture in this getting older arrangement and also the projector did quite a nice job in bringing onto each little depth. Skin care imperfections, outfits stripes and outside compositions are exhibited with fine depth, reliable brightness along with excellent colours.

And though the projector did quite a nice job in showing all of the 1080p articles we snapped at it that the BenQ TK850 has just one advantage in contrast to it is double brother, ” the HT3550 and there is not any further than 3 d. Although both versions encourage this expiring structure that the additional brightness of this BenQ TK850 produces a huge difference . 1 thing that’s ordinary when seeing a 3 d picture is that the darker picture in comparison to it is 2D counter part. Together with all the BenQ TK850 having the ability to pump light stuff grow substantially. Therefore, in the event that it’s still true that you maintain your 3D library and you’re a avid enthusiast of this projector can be a great lowbudget proposition.

The machine employs the typical DLP-Link 3 d eyeglasses but regrettably you should have to acquire them independently. The projector did not demonstrate any observable cross-talk or alternative artifacts which can be typical throughout 3 d projection.

Color Coverage

Even the BenQ TK850 employs an 4 segment (RGBW) coloration wheel also that really is ostensibly it has chief gap in comparison with this Ht3550. Which usually means it links you RGB percentage to get a white part and therefore enable more moderate to maneuver by which may be the main reason it could develop less exact colours but brightness. 1 issue to stay in your mind is the fact that projectors with coloration wheels tend to be exactly what exactly is referred to as being a”rainbow effect”. Maybe not many folks could find it nonetheless it’s best to check out it to make certain in the event that you’re not.

Even the BenQ TK850 doesn’t encourage Broad Colour Gamut (WCG) even though BenQ asserts it insures 98 percent of this Re-C.709 coloration distance. Properly, this appears to become actually authentic as per our dimensions the projector failed to afford that a 100% Nominal.709 coloration policy while in the default sports activities movie style. The broader DCI P3 color policy reached as large as 82 percent which isn’t bad in any way. However in sports activities manner the hues aren’t the very true consequently switching to Cinema style that’s assumed to have significantly more precise colours gave us a 98% Nominal.709 policy and 75 percent at the DCI P3 onesingle.

Therefore though Cinema style has significantly less policy it’s managed to reveal accurate colors onscreen and would be your more powerful manner of movies seeing.

Brightness / Picture Settings of BenQ TK850

Shade is assumed to function as significant potency of this BenQ TK850 and this really can be due to different colour wheel BenQ has been used in such a . Being ranked in 3,000 lumens having a 245 volt lamp we’re interested to learn how near for the quantity the projector really can get.

Just like projectors the BenQ TK850 includes a couple diverse manners available which is shiny, family area, Cinema, sports activities and much more. There’s likewise a couple more which can be mechanically used if the proper sign is found and also all these really are 3 d, HDR and HLG. Last but most certainly not least there’s just a User style at which it’s possible to fit your configuration. Consequently that the Silence manner virtually turns off the pixel changing tech inorder to lessen noise as well as then in turn gets to be an authentic Total high definition projector. Thus no much usage to this particular should you largely watch 4K articles.


For our dimensions we proceed to the broadest angle along with also Regular Lamp style. The projector’s Intelligent mode clearly supplies the lumens which people quantified in 2,625 however is still maybe not really true along also a green prejudice we view hardly any deploying it. The second more glowing manner generally seems to function as Sports using 1,667 lumens while still Cinema style arrives a detailed third in 1,640 lumens but features much more accurate colours. The next is living Room style at 1,562 lumens which has rather shut characteristics to sports activities style while this really is your standby manner at 1,225 lumens.

In overall we’d express that whether you aren’t as much in to calibrations and also you desire the most effective out of the box image we’d suggest one touse the Cinema manner where you may. It’s got the absolute most accurate colours and has got much bigger footprint output compared to the Cinema manner we quantified of this HT3550 which had triumphed at 1045 lumens.

Black Levels / Contrast

Black degrees generally seems to at all times function as the Achilles’ heels of each one of these very low priced 4K DLP pixel altering projectors. In the event you’d like heavier elephants you only have to visit a greater group. BenQ generally seems to have marginally relieved this issue by adding a Dynamic Iris in their newest types. We watched that at the HT3550 which tremendously assist with profound blacks and darkness information also it sounds exactly the exact same applies here too. Comparison ratio is put in 30,000:1 together with all the Dynamic Iris enabled along with also the machine failed to figure out how to create quite heavy blacks because this’s course.

Together side all the HT3550, the BenQ TK850 has the capability to create the most effective black amounts to his or her specified selling price. Even the Dynamic Iris creates a enormous difference in comparison to rivalry and also just likely to your high priced classification you may improve than this.

Input Lag

When there’s a single area at which in fact the BenQ TK850 defeated us had been at the input test. In overall people believe 50ms that a excellent upper-limit at which entered does not interfere in all when enjoying with video gaming for the ones which can be thought hardcore. Regrettably the BenQ TK850 mightn’t arrive close to such a variety. Together with 1080p articles we have a 81ms dimension while at 4K resolution that this increased further to 83ms.

We joined our PS-4 and also took our contact Duty WW2 disk to get a spin. Now to be totally truthful with one of personally the high enter lag did not disturb us all. Currently being mostly relaxed players we all saw Re-Action times commendable even when perhaps not exceptionally minute. For online games such as CallofDuty which demand speedy responses it may possibly require some getting used for lesser lone player matches the majority of time people did see the delay.

Therefore, if you’re largely for single or casual player video clip games then you most likely wont be bothered with this. If you’re a hardcore player afterward you’ll find additional projectors to look at.

Motion Performance of BenQ TK850

The machine includes the exact same CinemaMaster video clip + package we noticed from the HT3550. This package comprises the movement Enhancer 4K which can be essentially the movement interpolation that the BenQ TK850 makes use of for getting rid of laggy graphics, jittery play back, along with fuzzy shadows. By integrating 3 6 interpolated frames in between two frames that the projector may lessen each string and make a blur-free picture.

It truly is wonderful to determine movement interpolation currently being comprised within this value classification and as this device has been well known like a sports activities projector it might substantially gain out of this.


The machine was really snug specs into this HT3550 features just the exact connectivity vents thus no surprises . They all are put in the rear part of the projector in one lineup thus starting out from the left side we all now get yourself a 3.5millimeter 12V activate you may use to get a retractable display, an rs232 interface, a USB Type miniature B to get firmware upgrades and assistance just having a USB v 3.0 alongside at which you are able to join outside storage along with flow articles by this.

Close for these we receive two HDMI inputs together with both them having the ability to transmit both video and audio signs while additionally being HDCP 2.2. An 3rd USB port adjacent is utilized for charging since it’s ranked at 5V/2.5An electricity and also we conclude having a digtial optical audio input together by having the 3.5millimeter miniature jack analogue stereo input signal.


The addition of double HDMI vents is quite a fine one whilst the USB 3.0 can be really a big and also yet one we do not view very usually even at higher priced types. The reasonably minimal price tag of this projector will not enable whatever outstanding but what exactly is that there will soon find the task only nice to its kind it belongs to.

OS, Apps and Features

Menus and preferences would be the fundamental bargain we have found in additional BenQ units too. The principal menu will be broken up in to two distinct types with photograph, Screen, Setup, System set up fundamental, System set up advanced level and facts tabs available. Each tab consists of assorted sub-categories and preferences depending on their function that is appropriate. We aren’t able to say we have been eager however, also the added userinterface is really as easy as it receives but you may find every thing readily and also maybe not spend time searching.

The other quality that requires mentioning is that your Pixel Enhancer 4K that’s roofed in this CinemaMaster video clip + package we discussed early in the day. Pixel Enhancer can be really a motion-adaptive border enhancement quality that finds changes in coloring among a thing and its own foundation to create sharp borders along with precise surface area stripes. It’s possible for you to put this in distinct degrees determined by just how much you really prefer it pushing high worth may produce the picture seem incredibly twisted. Utilizing a very low worth can actually raise the picture sharpness and general picture quality.

Touching around the projector’s visibility we must not forget that a couple features which can be excellent to this particular. To start with of the BenQ TK850 is sold with CinemaMaster Audio+2 and combined side it has double five volt chamber speakers that there are such a wide variety of scenarios at which it’s possible for you to make use of this it be a night time get together, athletics function to your own patio or watching a picture on your backyard.

BenQ TK850’s aluminum motorist boilers may generate vocals and sensitive aspects in high and mid frequencies even though heat-resistant NdFeB (Neodymium) magnets guarantee long lasting sound quality with no restraining much at a high temperatures. Of course you must not anticipate a home theater variety of performance out of two modest drivers except to get his or her size that they feature very good audio for the two inside and outdoor occasions.


And also the 2nd attribute we should speak about is now your builtin press player. Even having a media player such a very low priced unit needs to be thought about a plus but having reasonably confined capacities really should not be incredibly unexpected. To start with it can’t play back some material from the normal H.2 64 (AVC) and also the more recent H.265 (HVEC) programming criteria so that it’s usage is restricted by the elderly MPEG-1, both mpeg 2 and H.263 kinds. The player may even screen various picture records and play with a couple small audio formats.

Last but most certainly not least there exists a more good E CO function you may utilize to considerably expand the lamp’s lifetime. In the event you’re planning on by using this projector at a home theater afterward there’s limited utilization with the however in some instances it might be described as a convenient one therefore that it’s definitely good to have it.

Our Verdict For BenQ  TK850

BenQ is most likely the only real manufacturer which individuals may imagine this works by using this double projectors tactic. Both the HT3550 as well as also the BenQ TK850 are similar to the 2 sides of precisely the exact same coin. As the HT3550 has been still destined for use longer at a non lit home theater and supply far better hues, ” the BenQ TK850 was designed to become of an informal projector along with also it has better equilibrium to become utilised in daylight to get casual screening and game occasions. Additionally it has portability makes it well suited for carrying it into your pal’s home to have any fun.

But that will not follow the BenQ TK850 is bad for movies. Getting equipped to show very crisp 4K graphics with very good colours, sound black levels and shadow info combined side very excellent brightness and also fantastic movement performance that the projector can be really a deal with. It has flaws, and it has advantages, may simply reveal in the event that you were able to earn an immediate sidebyside contrast with all the HT3550 differently a lot of folks would believe it has graphic excellent very excellent. Of course for in to consideration that the exact good out of the box performance it’s got the projector is excellent for the ones that do not desire or do not have the knowledge to work using intricate calibrations. Additionally, the distant caliber along with it has back-light work is quite exceptional at the particular price.

About the opposite hand, the flaws of this projector are still pretty evident. To begin with of the colors but pretty powerful are less authentic. In addition, the addition of some Dynamic Iris could have assisted only a minor with black degrees however in general in the event that you’re completely mad about heavy blacks go to get a UB version from Epson. Lens changing is pretty limited to get a projector which wishes to have greater reliability compared to some other models whilst it has high enter signal mightn’t cut on it to get several hardcore video-game end users.

Anyhow using a pricetag round the 1,500 mark that this 1 is a remarkable projector for several sorts of predicaments. In the event you’d like marginally more precise image you go for your HT3550. About the opposite hand in the event you would like to have more brightness which is excellent for HDR articles, 3 d or for usage within broad daytime, either inside and out, the BenQ TK850 isn’t going to irritate you.

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