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BenQ TK800M Review


Native 4K resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Cinema Mode delivers amazing color accuracy
  • 3,000 lumens of brightness
  • Great HDR performance


  • It may be out of your budget
  • Blacks aren’t perfect

Previously this past year we all experienced the joy to review a few among BenQ’s cheapest 4K pixel altering projectors together with all the HT2550, or even W1700 in various additional niches, controlling for very favorable opinions out of individuals. However, when there clearly was a intriguing fact relating to this projector had been that BenQ experienced published 2 much the same models incorporating far more confusion between users. One was that the HT2550 (or even W1700) which has been optimized to own far better colors whereas the different unit referred to as BenQ TK800 was optimized to get far better equilibrium. Now in outside BenQ TK800M review we’ll likely be reviewing that the 20-19 up grade of this BenQ TK800, referred to as BenQ TK800M.

4K projectors ended up quite high priced equipment before now that pixel changing technology has been detected. Currently with Texas Instruments DLP chips these days therefore referred to as 4K projectors would pretend a 4K picture with nominal reduction high caliber however tremendous profits in selling price cuts making area to get a fresh segment on the market to get 4K pixel changing projectors. However, these fresh and cheap chips must be optimized for brightness or to get bigger hues. You mightn’t have in a projector which wouldbe at the sub-£ 2000 classification.

However, BenQ rather than choosing one or another chose to generate just two models which have fantastic similarities in a number of these specs but using just one using more firmness (BenQ TK800) and largely fitted to sport and gambling whereas others (HT2550) with improved hues and therefore satisfied for home theaters using lowlight surroundings.

So today it would appear the BenQ chose to produce the advanced edition of it has brightness competent version having a couple of worthy upgrades in contrast to it’s predecessor. The BenQ TK800M is owned by this home-entertainment Projectors collection which will be assumed to function as absolutely the absolute most main-stream show out of BenQ and due to the fact we did not have the chance to review the prior version it’s currently the right chance to try the brand new 20-19 variant and see exactly how akin, or perhaps it stays to it has brother that the HT2550. Thus with no further delay let us see what exactly is really on supply.


Possessing previous hand expertise with all the HT2550 supposed that appearing the BenQ TK800M is similar to appearing precisely the exact same version with various colours. However, earlier we evaluate it has seems to be we will need certainly to clean the design as a way to tell apart the identical models out there today. The BenQ TK800M could be that the 20-19 variation of this BenQ TK800 version which has been unveiled in 20 17. There’s additionally the HT2550 while in america marketplace which can be practically the exact version but using better hues rather than brightness even though at different niches such as from the united kingdom and Europe is sold from the identify of W1700. In nature the BenQ TK800M maintains it truly is naming one of all of lands. Why BenQ made a decision to preserve precisely the exact same name with that you and choose two names because every other is some thing that we do not receive very.


Even the BenQ TK800M features a exact curvy design that’s truly characteristic of BenQ projectors in the very first appearance you may comprehend why really is only one of these own models. With a dimensions of 13.9 x 5.31 x ray 10.71 inch (353 x 135 x 272 millimeters ) and fat of 9.26 pounds (4.2 kg) this projector has been unquestionably designed out of transparency in your mind and you also may know exactly why from several of the features in regards designed with. In overall this really is a little larger than most Total high definition projectors yet it really is regular for many 4K projectors possibly it really be indigenous of pixel altering kinds.

Appearing front of this system it features a symmetrical design whilst the lens are placed for the ideal side with all front IR sensor sitting down directly alongside. In the left side corner there’s just a significant air compressor for blowing off the heat outside of this machine. Front comes with a lightblue color which is utilized just within that particular unit as a way to differentiate it by the absolutely similar HT2550. At top side today only over the lens we now get 2 spinning brakes which control both the zoom and focus works whereas about the contrary corner we all capture exactly the on board controller switches.

These include the customary round design navigation controls having a couple more switches in electrical power, origin variety, yet an E CO Black button for concealing the entire display screen picture together with an image manner . In addition to the you can find just three LED indicator lights for energy, lamp and temp. These 3 protections workin conjunction and determined which can be lit and also exactly what shade they need they signify assorted purposes in addition to requirements of their projector. On the best of those LEDs there’s really a massive IR detector that’s used while the machine is set about the ceiling. The buttons do not possess a just click touch once pushed although they believed pretty convenient as such.

Let us talk somewhat regarding the lens today. This generally seems to become just one area at which BenQ left afew up grades whilst the BenQ TK800M features a elegant optical system using a 7-element, 4-group all-glass lens using low-dispersion coatings to reduce chromatic aberration. Zoom is really a small 1.1x using a throw ratio of 1.50 — 1.65 (100″ @ 3.32 m). That really is a downgrade out of BenQ TK800’s 1.2x zoom and 1.47 — 1.76 (100″@10.67feet ) throw ratio which means you’ll need to put the projector farther out to be able to have precisely the exact same dimension of picture.

The decrease throw and zoom ratio may create positioning a little more debatable compared to previously particularly when a distance isn’t major enough. Matters likewise do not receive any less difficult as there isn’t any lens altering within this particular unit which ensures that whenever you never lineup the projector directly you might need touse Keystone correction to sew the picture some thing we consistently advise you to prevent doing since Keystone consistently churns graphic quality plus also we do not want this.


There are 3 flexible foot, two in the rear and you at front which may help only a bit so as to make the projector as directly as feasible. It ought to be noted the BenQ TK800M additionally features an automobile Keystone work therefore that the projector may sq the picture itself to your greatest possible results.

Below the hood that the brand new BenQ TK800M employs the newest edition of Texas Instruments imaging chip that’s accountable to your projector’s pixel altering feature so as to fetch the complete 4K picture onscreen display screen. We’ll discuss it brand new chip at the suitable section beneath but that which we all have to say is the chip we buy right here features lots of advancements over past models and offers improved final results. Pixel changing has come quite a very long way as it had been introduced and we’ve reached a spot where it has maturity demonstrates it has caliber rendering it a superb 4K option into the indigenous projection systems which can still stay exceptional but more expensive.

1 minor weakness which pixel changing projectors have regarding design could be that the more noise they develop in relation to native 4K kinds. That needs regarding the simple fact pixel shifters develop noise maybe not merely in their heating systems and followers but in addition out of their pixel changing system which in a few situations generate a minor buzzing.

Sometimes in a few instances and notably whenever you will find silent moments that this noise could possibly be perceptible which could be somewhat bothersome for a however in case it wasn’t therefore audible to turn into deflecting. BenQ speeds the BenQ TK800M in 3 3 bBA at ordinary functioning style which is often decreased to 2-9 dBA in Eco mode. If you’re quite much noise painful and sensitive afterward you definitely might need to examine drive it out before acquiring however also for a lot of people it really should not be no actual issue.

BenQ asserts the BenQ TK800M’s lamp may endure 4,000 hrs at ordinary utilization which could stretch to 8,000 hrs Smart E CO manner which enhances brightness and reduces lover sound. There’s likewise an financial mode that ups the variety to 10,000 hrs automatically altering the lamp brightness while still for the ones that are looking to grip onto one lamp for so long as there is really a LampSave style that’s rated to put on a whopping 15,000 hrs however image quality would be your worse out of the rest of the styles out there.

We abandon both the remote although it is not the sort of design which may flip heads, to get a 1,300 4K projector that the sole made available is plenty of and we surely enjoy what we’ve got. Buttons structure is good-enough with major rubber switches for simple pressing. On the very best we detect afew function buttons, even the normal menu navigation controller under, and play back buttons beneath this whereas in the base we now capture many different image management kinds.

That which we really like could be that the comprised back-light role we believe crucial for virtually any distant which would be usually to be utilised at a home theater or amusement region. Last but most certainly not least we ought to mention since the projector is still overlooking out a couple purposes a few buttons perform nothing similar to the Dynamic Iris one particular.

In overall for such a non priced projector BenQ did a fantastic job grade shrewd. Even the BenQ TK800M mightn’t flip heads with it is appearance . however, it really is hidden under what issues the most and also the designers did well to pay the majority of the funding to offer this projector a exact welcome raise within it is performance.

Video Quality

Technology used

As we previously mentioned previously the BenQ TK800M features the newest variant of Texas Instruments’ 0.47″ DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) imaging chip. That really is just the exact same chip which we be in BenQ HT3550 we had reviewed not too long ago and features a couple of improvements in comparison with this main one we now seen inside the past BenQ TK800.

To start with let us clarify exactly what this chip will. Using an native resolution of 1920 x 1080 and from moving it has pixels 4 days in 4 distinct places at severe rates our eyes obtain the very feeling of the complete 4K resolution picture. How that this technology performs has never changed much from when it came out however, it’s viewed slight enhancements as time passes.

To start with of the speed of which the pixels proceed generally seems to get enhanced which signifies more sharpness and clarity at the picture. Additionally a tiny difficulty the preceding chip experienced proved to be a mild boundary is found round the display which generally seems to have now been mended that this moment; point. Additionally since that really is one chip DLP projector it will not always have the inherent handling problems that individuals view LCoS or even liquid crystal display projectors that contain about three imaging components that have a tendency toward mis-alignment some thing which may lead to much less sharpness by reshaping the picture.

4K UHD / HDR Content

Let us visit your 4K/HDR screening today and also the picture we made a decision to proceed together with is now your 4K UHD disk of this Lion King. The picture that arrived from UHD format not too long ago posseses an incredibly sharp and vibrant image also it’s come to be a bit of the benchmark disk for all outside evaluations because of these days. Even the BenQ TK800M managed to execute admirably since the mix of this newest 0.47″ DLP chip using an enhanced optics may create an awesome 4K picture that attracts out the tinniest of information. You might distinguish each and every hair from the lion’s fur whereas the green jungles and woods provided considerable of specifics to that projector to reveal.

This might be described as a pixel changing projector although the type of sharpness we all undergone is far out of everything kind of indigenous 4K projector could deliver. But picture clarity isn’t the one thing which is truly good on this particular unit. Brightness is just one of it has strongpoints along with also the BenQ TK800M be confident to create it out most useful with HDR graphics which were amazingly glowing and living. Demonstrably the type of HDR we have may not contend with all the HDR we receive out of TVs and notably if we have been talking to a very low priced 4K projector however things thought that the final effect still left us just using favorable emotions.


However, the BenQ TK800M will perhaps not just supplies enhanced HDR performance but in addition features. As the BenQ TK800 only affirmed HDR 10 the brand new version also includes HLG service which can be used chiefly for broadcasting. Of course no Dolby eyesight or even HDR 10 + available however we were not looking to come across one or more of them two.

Full HD / SDR / 3D Content

Of course being fully a 4K projector that the BenQ TK800M is intended to be utilized chiefly with 4K articles however that won’t signify it is maybe not adequate enough to get HD/SDR articles. The picture we ordinarily select with this particular testing would be that the bluray variant of Oblivion along with first thing we instantly observed was that the remarkable sharpness and volume of emotion that the film had for a 1080p-resolution articles.

The appearance with this picture helps alot . however, it looks like the lens which the BenQ TK800M works by using brings forth all of the smaller precisely the monitor. The picture sensed marginally milder at the borders in comparison to this core however, the distinction is tiny and can’t impact the general astounding caliber we’ve got. Together with complete H D still moving strong remainder ensured the the BenQ TK800M is likely to create the most from your own 1080p library.

And if 3 d looks like described as a perishing characteristic for TVs now it’s discovered a refuge at the projectors section because you’ll find lots of models which maintain encouraging . And also the BenQ TK800M proceeds that tendency rather than merely encouraging 3D articles however in addition will come with enhanced performance in comparison to this BenQ TK800. As such the BenQ TK800M can routinely choose the right time in addition to encourage 3 d automobile switching whenever the proper material has been found.

Ahead of you may need to manually decide on 3 d for 3D articles to be exhibited in equally BenQ TK800 as well as also the HT2550 plus it looks like BenQ finally mended that. Of course much like 3D empowered projectors within this price range you can find not any DLP 3 d glasses contained which you might need to purchase added. 3 d performance was good but by natural means brightness carries a little bang throughout screening. Even the BenQ TK800M may possibly perhaps not be promoted being a 3 d competent projector . however, it is performance inside this respect in addition to the developments which arrive with this have become talented kinds.

Color Coverage

The projector was built with a fresh 4-Segment (RGBW) coloration wheel also which usually means that coloring version has risen from 92 percent of their prior version to 96 percent of this BT.709 which attracts it directly in accord with this HT2550 projector significance longer vibrant and life like colors.Obviously 9-6% policy does not exactly lower it into assert this projector affirms wide colour gamut since it’d need to transcend 100 percent to accomplish this however so the greater protection is really a welcome person.

The whitened section at the colour wheel is the thing that offers this projector that the essential improve in brightness but of course that arrives at the cost of colour precision but in that budget selection we must not expect far more since it comes actually a trade off of specs.


1 thing which ought to be noted is the fact that a few individuals can observe the recognizable rainbow influence that’s normal in only chip DLP projectors. Even the BenQ TK800M employs a 4X RGBW colour wheel which should diminish the odds with the effect turning out to be observable but only in the event you always need to examine that to your self in sequence to become 100 percent convinced.

Brightness / Picture Settings

BenQ has ranked that the BenQ TK800M being a 3,000 lumens projector using it has 240 volt lamp which will be excellent but what’s very important is the way much this is true within a real-world scenario as not many projectors can get near their theoretical lighting performance. This device includes many different picture manners which features brilliant, Vivid television, Cinema, Sport, soccer and two user-defined manners. There’s also Silence, 3 d along with HDR manners.

Silence fashion is known as enjoyed that since it simplifies the pixel changing tech and leaves that the projector work like a 1080p device. Even the 3 d and also HDR manners are vehicle empowered once the proper material has been found. Regarding the remainder of the manners of course the Intelligent manner will create the maximum brightness because we now quantified 2870 lumens which can be very near it has theoretical performance plus can be made for incredibly glowing chambers.

This arrives Vivid television using 2753 lumens which BenQ indicate touse rooms using a certain sum of surrounding lighting even though Cinema provides the decrease brightness of this three together with 2617 quantified lumens plus is chiefly suggested for absolutely shadowy rooms or regions using little lighting.


After a few backwards and forwards between different manners usually the one which looks like absolutely the absolute most authentic individual would be your Cinema manner but in this manner a few calibration has to be manufactured as a way to secure far better hues. It will not signify it has lousy semi-gloss colour performance, it truly is merely it could possibly become much better using a few tweaking. That being said the Cinema manner is the recommendation to get HD/SDR in addition to 4K/HDR articles whilst the 2617 lumens of brightness which we quantified tend to be somewhat more than ample to get amazingly glowing and vibrant HDR pictures.

Black Levels / Contrast

The clearest weakness which disturbs most single-chip, lamp-based DLP projectors may be that the average or bad in perfect dark degrees they could display along with also the BenQ TK800M is not any different within that. In the event you’d like authentic dark ranges you might need to get a far more costlier, pricier device such as the UB show from Epson however in the event that you’re exceedingly restricted on funding then you definitely ought to get accustomed to such dark degrees performance.

In addition, the BenQ TK800M is overlooking a Dynamic iris which may help strengthen things within this respect but types which utilize you are much more costly than one. This comes with a cost and whether this particular unit excels in different areas it has cost does not let it work better and that has been less or more to be likely.

Input Lag

Let us see today how the machine fares from the input signal evaluations. Our dimensions revealed a input of 43.2M-S which will be quite great for gambling but perhaps not exemplary. For almost any sort of informal gambling it will probably soon be enough but in the event that you choose your gambling periods very badly afterward you’ll find additional projectors offering far better input lag because of such instances.

However, so as to try our amounts we all joined our PS-4 to get a CallofDuty WWII gambling as a way to learn whether this degree of input would be debatable. As we all say in our reviews we all do not believe ourselves gambling pros S O that our observations are all predicated on our everyday gambling encounter.


As such we did not possess any issues throughout our gambling practice, answers to your orders were rather rapid and at no time did we recognize any delay inside our activities. Therefore, if you’re a casual gamer since we’re also you would like to make use of this projector to get mixed usage subsequently be assured it will last quite well within this respect.

Motion Performance

If it involves it has movement performance the BenQ TK800M was able to execute quite similarly from exactly what we’d noticed within our HT2550 review. The picture was able to maintain decent clarity during rapid motion scenes but blur could can be found at such minutes. The projector does not appear to own any sort of CF I framework interpolation which will help enhance the total movement performance but we were not hoping to find any whilst the exceptionally low cost would not allow to this.


If it has to do with the projector’s relations that the BenQ TK800M features just the exact installation because the person we all watched using HT2550 and is, in addition, exactly the exact same with all the 20 17 version, ” the BenQ TK800. As such ports we all get are bundled together in the in a exceptional adjuster to conceal some of the wires . From left to right we now get 2 analogue audio 3.5millimeter minijacks, 1 input and a single outputsignal, a VGA interface and two HDMI interfaces with just one currently being HDCP 2.2 whereas another is currently merely HDCP 1.4 inorder touse when you’ve got old equipment it does not encourage the hottest protocols.


On the best of those HDMI vents there’s really a USB interface of variety miniature B that’s useful for assistance, the usual RS232c interface for control and controller, still another USB however that is typea and offers 5V/1.5An electricity that’s best to charge 3 d glasses and power that the discretionary QCast Mirror dongle and continue a-12 liter activate jack which may be utilized to join to some retractable display.

Even the number of vents provided tend to be somewhat more than just enough to get practically any simple installation. Even the analogue audio interfaces are always there to make the most of the durability efficacy of this projector whereas the addition of some HDMI 2.0 interface usually means the TK800M supports 4K/60fps material which will be unquestionably welcome.

OS, Apps and Features

Even the BenQ TK800M menus include six different categories together with Picture using of the preferences for hues calibration and brightness, Screen which include many different graphic configurations, Setup which includes some configuration preferences, essential System set up, high level System set up not only that Advice that show distinct details such as enter supply, photograph style, resolution and colours. Even though you will find a number of settings obtainable that there have become well categorized and also you’ll be able to find whatever that you want easily. For individuals coping using a projector to the very first time it usually takes somewhat of time and energy to seek out your way round all of menus however, also overall it really should not be quite difficult right after a couple of minutes.

That which we observed unsatisfactory is the fact that whilst it is god, the HT2550 includes a package of picture processing features referred to as Cinema grasp that really is no where available . To be fair the BenQ TK800 did not possess it so that it’s nothing just like we missed this attribute something or here plus it looks like it really is retained just for that CineHome show which the HT2550 belongs to also it is really a course over the sole people we get that the BenQ TK800M. Rather than this BenQ has included the Soccer and activity manners that should enhance skin tones and assorted colors determined by each placing though also enhancing to the conversation contrary to the remainder of the noise results.

And due to the fact we’re talking regarding audio that the BenQ TK800M includes BenQ’s CinemaMaster Audio+2 system which as stated by this manufacturer stipulates a larger frequency vary in the robust 5 watt speaker set in a resonant solid chamber for profound bass and towering highs whilst it has audio-enhancing technology offers distinctive EQ algorithms to get pure precision and also sensual noise high quality. The promotional cloth sounds incredibly fine but to be wholly honest , there’s therefore much such only a tiny speaker could perform in just about any certain scenario. Yeshaving an integral speaker significantly escalates the projector’s durability which makes the demand for a audio system perhaps not overly large however to get fantastic audio immersion you’re going to require another audio system to manage the noise.


Last but most certainly not least we ought to cite a couple of optional equipment the BenQ TK800M supports. The initial is that a QCast Mirror dongle which might be properly used in the event that you would like todo set encounters while additionally, it supports display screen mirroring. The 2nd reason is that a wi-fi FHD package you may used as a way to flow wirelessly Complete HD articles into the projector.

Our Verdict

Even the BenQ TK800M is promoted like being a”sport” projector that’s forfeiting color precision for far better equilibrium however that won’t signify it can’t be utilised at a home theater or house theater space. BenQ took some thing which has been fine with all the older BenQ TK800 version and enhanced up on it with all an ending product currently being than striking. Nevertheless, the actual challenge is the way much superior that the BenQ TK800M is contrasted to it’s predecessor?

The brand new BenQ TK800M can create excellent 4K graphics that’s the end result of the brand new lens in addition to the brand new DLP chip from Texas Instruments. This brand new chip has eliminated the mild edge across the picture which was alerting the prior units and most had whined about. The device also includes a fresh and enhanced colour wheel along with being a consequence color policy has climbed to 96 percent of their Re-C.709 coloration distance. Brightness was the most powerful section of this BenQ TK800 and matters have enhanced here and the BenQ TK800M has much higher quantified brightness in addition to improved coloration mapping to HDR content material. In addition, we find HLG service which has been lost earlier. Last but most certainly not least we’ve got developments on it has 3D capacities because we possess automatic choice of the proper time in addition to 3 d automobile switch which has been missing from the 20 17 version.

Design shrewd BenQ has never changed any such thing more whilst the unit keeps the exact same shape in addition to relations settings. The distant can be also the exact identical which really is a fantastic item because we all enjoyed the main one being offered along with it’s back-light performance.

Together with said can there be any such thing awful to discuss? But the obvious one would be that the small down grade in the zoomas we now get yourself a 1.1x vs the 1.2x of this BenQ TK800, which likewise signifies a lowered toss ratio. This indicates is the fact that the BenQ TK800M presents decrease positioning versatility which will be just becoming even worse since there isn’t any lens changing. Dark amounts are typical in the top although that really is normal in every 4K projectors within this price tag whereas there’s nonetheless no vast colour gamut despite the increased color policy.

Final we’ll state we have been very impressed by everything we have within this particular unit. Even the BenQ TK800M Includes enhancements nearly Through the board. We come from the sub-£ 1,500 land here along with with all the projector’s £ 1,300 pricetag it’s an remarkable discount for everyone which is searching to get a mobile projector that’s very good not just for sports activities and gambling but also to get the occasional motion picture semester too as such has our greatest recommendation.

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