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BenQ HT8050 Review


Native Resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Extremely bright, with more than 2500 lm
  • Handles 1080P content well
  • More quiet at full power than other projectors
  • Exceptional vertical and horizontal lens shift
  • Long life LED light engine


  • No HDR or 4K content
  • Lacks CFI for smooth motion
  • Black level performance average
  • Not a smart projector

For a time 4K projectors ended up wholly outside of reach for the majority of people as their selling price has been astronomical which makes them a fantasy for home theater amateurs. And even currently in 2018 true 4K projectors continue to be very exceptionally costly, factors have changed quite a tad. Back in 20-16 Texas Instruments offered with a brand new 4K UHD DLP chip with all the capacity to produce 3840×2160 pixels onto the monitor and also the technology to accomplish this can be identified as pixel altering, or XPR since BenQ enjoys to telephone.

Acquiring reviewed a couple 4K pixel altering projectors recently we had been interested to learn how this very first 4K projector out of BenQ would rational against your rivalry which generally seems to eventually become increasingly more ferocious as 4K pixel altering projectors are battling to have yourself a sheet of the main stream industry. BenQ have employed the TI 4K UHD chip together with a high-performance lens inside their own projector as a way to produce a version which are going to soon be capable of giving excellent picture quality when compared with this competition. Are they succeeded in doing this? Let us visit inside our BenQ HT8050 review which follows.

Style and design

Just before we start out discussing the look we must describe 1 thing in regards to the projector’s design variety as a way to prevent confusion. BenQ is employing distinct version amounts with this particular projector while in the united states and Europe although from the countries it really is being known while the BenQ HT8050, in Europe it moves on the title W11000. It’s essentially the specific very same projector using distinct pruning S O based on the place your home is you may possibly want to search to this together with numbers merely to make guaranteed.

We have that from this way in which let us speak about these appearances. BenQ has created a exact wonderful design and style, yet one we would need to confess is how a number of the very best out of all of the projectors we’ve reviewed thus far. Just since it has size can be involved the BenQ HT8050 isn’t really a tiny design once we’re speaking around 470.7 x ray 224.9 x ray 564.7 millimeters in proportion and nearly 1-5 kilogram (32.6 pounds ) in fat putting that at an identical ballpark as a few highend designs from Sony and JVC.


You shouldn’t be deceived from the pics because in authentic this projector is truly a monster in dimension. Both sides of this projector have been coated in vinyl in matte-black color as the centre has been included in means of a metallic cap having a black gray aluminum complete.

Lens are situated dead centre and also found involving atmosphere vents on either side of front . To the very top of a few of those vents you can find just three functionality LEDs even though over the lens onto top we capture 2 knobs, one for altering the target while another corrects the 1.5x zoom.

Even as we all look at the projector by the straight back, at the flip side there’s a problem together with the current link ports bundled together however we’ll chat on the following somewhat farther our review. There’s additionally a modest sliding door that reaches a couple control switches for both settings and menu navigation in addition to origin and style assortment. Right here we find the button.

Once we discussed at the commencement of our review that the BenQ HT8050 is incorporating the 4K UHD chip from Texas Instruments which makes this projector a pixel changing projector. However, the truth is you’ll find gaps involving this projector as well as also other 4K pixel shifters we reviewed previously. Whenever some 4K pixel shifters are now of 1080p-resolution as well as quad core pixel pixel altering that they can produce 4K resolution that the BenQ HT8050 has the capability to show 2,716 from 1,528 pixels leading in 4.15 million pixels which will be 1 / 2 the whole 8.3 million demanded for true 4K resolution but nonetheless more than almost all of your contest. However, together with D-MD’s quickly switching rate it lets each micromirror to produce just two pixels, so leading to the entire 4K UHD resolution to seem onto the monitor.

The lamp used can be really a 240 Watts bulb which features a lifetime span of 3,000 ordinary hours which may be prolonged to 6,000 with SmartEco style. We have been extremely delighted in that which we watched and also the stark reality is the fact that the BenQ HT8050 leaves a exact good initial impression using good quality equally to the surface and also on the within. That which is set at which they ought to be to be able to create controlling and tackling practical and easy and we have been referring to a vast projector that it handles to seem very good to a person’s attention.

Video Quality of BenQ HT8050

Using analyzed some 4K pixel shifters we had been interested to learn how very good the TH8050 would work as it had been significantly boosted by BenQ as using unbelievably sharp graphic therefore it had been simply an issue of setting it into the evaluation to determine whether BenQ’s asserts remain true. Thus with no additional delay we drifted the disk Pacific Rim: up-rising to our Panasonic UHD player went via some picked scenes to view the way that it fairs. .

The very initial thing is extremely apparent could be the quantity of emotion that the 4K picture holds than the other therefore referred to as 4K projectors. Even the BenQ HT8050’s picture is magnificent and also handles to do a lot better compared to several other competitions at an identical scope including the Optoma UHD65. Indirect comparisons that the BenQ HT8050’s sharpness and clarity of picture might also equal some indigenous 4K projectors with much bigger price compared to the BenQ. We can readily distinguish modest information regarding the Jaegers metallic armor such as scratches and scratches while throughout the Jaeger duel from the snow that you might observe modest patches of snow sticking in their own bodies, specifics which weren’t readily seen together with additional 4K projectors.


The next strong position of this BenQ projector is that it has unique colour fidelity. The BenQ HT8050 could be the initial projector we’re reviewing that’s thx-certified and we’re interested to learn how this might translate in to real-life screening. To receive the most useful benefits you need to make use of the exceptional THX manner by which colour reconciliation could be your most useful becoming excellent Re C 709 coloration accuracy. Regrettably like the colours of this BenQ HT8050 will be the projector doesn’t support Re C 2020/DCI-P3 coloration.

We spoke about just how much emotion and superior color accuracy the projector gets got. But even though both really are it has strongpoints that there certainly are a handful weaknesses that will obviously be gift having a projector with this budget. Black and white levels are somewhat fair making any shadowy graphics look somewhat washed outside, unnatural and flat. Even the BenQ HT8050 is missing thickness from dark degrees which other projectors within this price range and sometimes maybe a couple which can be lower expensive possess. Blacks show up a lot more like shadowy gray even though doing a few lead comparisons that the distinction is incredibly evident for most who are not going to own a chance to observe this at one side-by-side scenario may possibly perhaps not be bothered.

The other significant omission is the fact that the projector though it’s assumed to function as 4K one particular, does not have any HDR service which really is really a original from every one of the 4K projectors we’ve reviewed thus far. Ofcourse HDR in projectors is now a suspicious item as projectors find it impossible to receive the brightness a level TV can-do now and we’ve observed 4K projectors to own various amounts of HDR operation but to absolutely overlook that this feature can be an mind scratching one yet if much cheaper projectors encourage it.

Still another lost feature isn’t a 3D service however as opposed to HDR which has been a vexing one particular for 3 d it gets some feel. There might be described as a great deal of men and women who really like their libraries of all 3 d blu ray disks however in every honesty 3 d in home theatre is manufacturers and dead who still utilize this particular feature inside their tools is far much more an additional present for many couple who utilize it in the place of the helpful feature in its main stream industry.


Motion operation was general well devoid of main judder throughout rapid activity camera motions but we’d really like to possess some framework interpolation characteristic to perform . Additional BenQ projector versions include a movement Enhancer framework interpolation instrument which you may by hand compact however regrettably it’s lost from the BenQ HT8050 absolutely.

Final this portion we must express the BenQ HT8050 is similar to a coin with 2 sides so far as picture quality is worried. By 1 aspect we receive excellent 4K graphic clarity and unique, thx-certified, shade fidelity however around the opposite hand black levels and comparison are fair and we’re overlooking HDR along with 3 d assist. Therefore it is an issue of exactly what you would rather probably the maximum and exactly what your intentions will be up to exactly what this projector could really do.

Ports / Inputs of BenQ HT8050

Once we all said previous to all vents and relations will be piled together at the left of this projector. That which we see here’s just two HDMI-in interfaces with a few of those being variant 2.0 using HDCP 2.2 service as the 2nd 1 is merely variation 1.4 for utilize with old gear. There’s additionally a VGA personal computer interface, a IR IN interface, two 12V activate vents to be used with aerodynamic displays so as to boost and reduced mechanically, an rs232 interface, 1 type-b Mini USB that’s useful for assistance just as well as also an Ethernet jack for wired link into the world wide web.

No surprises really. We aren’t able to say we have been thrilled with the number of vents on deal but we still aren’t disappointed . The number in addition to the kind of vents are less or more usual we’d find in different projectors of the identical classification with incredibly tiny deviations. You can find not any analogue sound interfaces but on the opposite side it has just two 12V activate vents compared to one at different models we’d reviewed previously.

OS, Programs and Attributes

Preparing the BenQ HT8050 could become somewhat difficult in the event that you aren’t utilized in projectors calibration since you can find lots of preferences and alternatives to the ones that prefer to own control within most graphical configurations. From the menu we now detect many options grouped into tabs as a way in order to get faster that which you want. We’ll discuss a couple of those settings which are most essential for your own calibration of this projector.

To start with we receive two different film manners. We capture Vibrant, Vivid, Cinema, THX which could be your default option setting of this projector and also a Silence manner by which the projector continues to be turning the XPR 4K pixel altering feature which makes the projector operate in it has indigenous 2,716 from 1,528 resolution in addition to turning lively iris off and also environment lamp style to non generating the projector fully hushed. In addition, there are just two User friendly defined manners in addition to an ISF night time and also ISF Day style.


In addition, we uncover 4 presets for tackling shade temperatures together with these being ordinary, trendy, blossom warm and native. In addition, there are 1-1 gamma pre-sets out of 1.6 to 2.8 in scope, a few lamp manners with routine supplying 3000 hours of lamp life, economical together with 4000 hrs along with SmartEco that based to BenQ may produce the lamp endure for 6000 hrs daily.

There’s also the whole six-point colour control system which provides you the capacity to correct the color, saturation, and profit (brightness) of most six hues, you receive the selection to show lively iris onto mechanically correct the lens aperture to accommodate your image currently being displayed as a way to increase contrast ratio, and a more BrilliantColor style that’s assumed to strengthen the overall coloration brightness in addition to BenQ’s CineMaster package of movie acting programs which features Shade enhancer, Flesh tone, and Pixel enhancer 4K, electronic Color Transient Development that enhances the changeover amongst contrasting colours, along with electronic Level Transient Development which lessens sounds from fast-switching luminance inside video clip. Last but most certainly not least we receive yourself a sound discount characteristic.


BenQ HT8050 is less or more a silent projector. We aren’t able to state it’s the silent one particular and after the lover kicks in to full equipment afterward it’s rather somewhat perceptible whilst on the opposite hand working with the Quiet mode it gets nearly completely hushed. However, in ordinary usage that the projector is still silent enough to eventually become upsetting throughout picture screening.

BenQ has given a exact wonderful remote with all an projector with a little superior texture for it. Buttons are large and squarish which makes them an easy task to media whenever they’ve been split to classes. At top we now capture several primary functions such as origin assortment, evaluation design and aspect ratio control, at the midst we all get the normal menu navigation and choice buttons whereas in the base we all detect many capabilities controlling switches such as brightness, contrast, contrast, lively iris, colour temperature, shade direction, lighting manner, gamma and sharpness. Regrettably there isn’t any back light functionality which can be a pity indeed but apart from it’s really a exact nice and well built remote.

Our Verdict For BenQ HT8050

Even the BenQ HT8050 can be really a projector which even though has it has short comings it offers a exact good general outcome. After we have been speaking about funding pleasant projectors you can find always trade offs therefore that it surely is dependent upon what it is you’re seeking of course, in the event that you will willingly simply accept it has flaws. At first the BenQ HT8050 was coming in at a staggering £ 8,000 but ferocious rivalry by additional projectors with related characteristics has now driven BenQ to dramatically reduce it is price towards this purpose you may now discover it at under half of it has initial price revealing how levels of competition may reap your users.

The powerful attributes of this BenQ HT8050 is it has unparalleled sharp 4K picture that’s like it may become and it truly is amazing, THX licensed, colour fidelity with precision that without any calibration is still a number of the very best inside this classification. Additionally sounds is quite reduced fairly to additional models which makes seeing very agreeable while lens-shift selection is fantastic and also the highest in almost any DLP projector we’ve reviewed thus far.

About the opposite hand, there are some omissions which can be not simple to develop into a blind eye . Even though projector is still branded since 4K it doesn’t encourage HDR Still another omission is the fact that it doesn’t need some 3D capacities and even though 3 d might be quite dead, but lots of pictures continue to be published in 3 d and a lot of men and women are enjoying it it can turn some off as a result with the. As because of it has graphic overall performance the projector features fair black degrees in addition to comparison. Additionally, there are some projectors with equivalent deals offering much far better blacks in addition to improved comparison plus also this sets the strain about the BenQ HT8050’s in general functionality.


Final we’d need to mention together with all the projector’s unique price it’d be difficult to contend since you can find several new versions offering amazing specs at reduced price ranges. However, right after BenQ’s competitive cost cuts they were able to create the BenQ HT8050 aggressive yet more. Finally it is dependent upon which you would like of course if it’s black levels and comparison exactly what you search you can find different models which function a lot better compared to that however in the event that you set priority into unbelievably sharp 4K resolution in addition to exceptional colour reproduction that’s THX accredited afterward this specific version really is one which you should truly consider.

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