BenQ HT5550 Review | 4K DLP Projector

BenQ HT5550 Review


Native 4K resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Amazing 4K performance
  • Very good out-of-the-box colors
  • Great contrast with Dynamic Iris
  • Flexible installation


  • Brightness could be better
  • DCI-P3 coverage average in HDR
  • Very high input lag
  • Slightly noisy from the pixel shifting technology

4K UHD projectors have already been around with us to get a couple very good ages today but also to find yourself a indigenous 4K projector continues to be a costly thought. That has changed with the advent of 4K pixel altering which includes enabled makers to build projectors which may deliver really sharp 4K graphics however to get a small percent of the purchase price tag on an indigenous 4K version. 1 such brand isn’t any different than BenQ that’s really managed to generate a exact major line up of projectors which pay all of the needs and all budgets. To do so which they have established 4 major series which can be distinguished from their own performance and also inside our BenQ HT5550 review now we’ll be studying their very best offering at the 2nd on-line string called CinePrime.

Even the CinePrime sequence is chiefly geared at acute home theater end users who search over only the fundamental encounter and so are ready to shell out marginally longer for this however can’t choose a few of their high-end CinePro versions. Lately we had the joy to review the following BenQ projector located at an identical CinePrime line-up, ” the HT3550 which really is down a step from performance by your BenQ HT5550 we’ll be appearing forward now. Bear in your mind the BenQ HT3550 goes at the sub-£ 2000 category whereas to get your own BenQ HT5550 we have gone into the 2,000-£ 3,000 budget range.

You can express the BenQ could be compared with all Epson’s incredible home-cinema 5050UB but any particular you is even costlier the BenQ HT5550. Presenting the exact same 0,47″ UHD DLP chip from Texas Instruments we’d noticed previously and now being ranked at 1,800 lumens of brightness that this can be an intriguing version made available from BenQ. With a great deal of surplus whistles and bells including a lively iris, automobile tone mapping, HDR 10 along with HLG service, 3 d compatibility, movement interpolationalong with a wealth of photograph correcting settings throughout the comprised CinemaMaster video clip + package and promising 100 percent DCI P3 color policy the BenQ HT5550 features much going to this let’s see whether it’s exactly what it can take to have your contest.


In authentic BenQ manner the projector arrives under several different titles in distinct markets before we start out speaking about the authentic design we will need to clean the design con Fusion . Even the BenQ HT5550 has been sold inside america market as the very same projector is sold with the identify of W5700 inside the united kingdom and lots of European niches. Both are fully exactly the exact same therefore bear this in your mind whenever you want this particular version.

Even the BenQ HT5550 goes off marginally from your regular BenQ appearance that a number of these centre and also very low grade models utilize. You can say it attempts to borrow any design factors from your CinePro versions such as the reflective design with all the focused lens along with darkish color to your chassis. To get a 4K UHD pixel shifter that the BenQ HT5550 isn’t the largest 1 in its own category . however, it really is absolutely larger compared to the HT3550 we’d quantified previously. Using a diameter of 19.37 x 6.61 x ray 13.74 at (492 x 168 x 349 mm) as well as also a burden of 14.3pounds (6.5kg) the projector stays over the average dimension with this particular class and this also transpires as that really is maybe not planned for always a mobile version.


As much since it has actual appearances, once we all merely said here really is actually the sole version from the CinePrime show which features a symmetrical design with all the lens currently being set in the middle of front face along with also with the IR detector sitting onto the most suitable aspect of the. Zoom and attention controllers are all about the lens barrel whilst to the most suitable front corner together side the most suitable side we now receive an immense air toaster port while out of your left side the sexy atmosphere comes outside. Ventilation looks somewhat good within that with loads of openings for simple movements of this atmosphere conditioning.

At top side only over the lens we’ve got two knobs to your own lens transfer. We capture just two knobs as you may fix individually the horizontal and vertical changing that manner. Aside from both of the upper face is really blank with just a 2nd huge IR sensor sitting down in the base corner which is utilised in the event you set the projector onto the ceiling. A couple of logos and features would be the sole thing you’ll discover within a otherwise vacant shirt.

Commonly manufacturers have a tendency to set the builtin buttons onto top side however, that the BenQ HT5550 has them set in the trunk which you might or might well not enjoy determined by just how you’re getting to put it to use. All switches have been set around the side of their rear panel which likewise integrates all of the connect interfaces about it is side.

The buttons we buy would be the normal kinds. A only power switch onto the left using a set of buttons into the best provide us a exact basic design. Aside for the standard down, up, left right switches for navigation there’s really a based okay one whereas the upper left can be employed for supply choice, the best suited for style collection, underneath left would be your straight back part along with the bottom-right the MENU one particular.

Last but most certainly not least we must not neglect to say that the 2 leading adjustable ft you may used incase you intend to dining table mount the projector. We’d really like to have a flexible foot in the trunk too to be able to become in a position to measure the projector easily but a pad is supplied therefore that the front legs will be there really is.

Let us see today the lens that this 1 will be making use of. An 11-element lens variety has been organised to six classes using alloy barrel as well as cell frame. Additionally BenQ’s 4K optical system employs premium quality glass to get longer sensible image caliber. The user friendly low-dispersion lens coatings reduce chromatic aberration supplying larger gentle penetration which ends in far better coloration performance, 4K UHD material in excellent clarity, and sharpness over the whole display screen.

The following up grade we arrive here in contrast to this other CinePrime components is within it has lens and zoom change performance. Even the BenQ HT5550 posseses a higher 1.6:1 zoom whereas the lens might be changed 60 percent in perpendicular and 2 3% flat which may possibly perhaps not be just as much as any different LCD or LCoS projectors however can be far greater than that which we now see at most low-cost DLP versions. Keystone correction can be additionally available but that has to be properly used as long as absolutely crucial since this really is a role that may diminish the image-quality some thing demonstrably you would like to avoid.

With respect to sounds the BenQ HT5550 looks ranked at equal levels towards one other CinePrime projectors. Remember what we have this is ostensibly a 4K pixel shifter in order that there are just two resources from in which noise stems. By the atmosphere ventilation system and also the pixel changing technology. BenQ speeds the projector in 32bBA in ordinary manner which can be marginally above the HT3550 and in 26dBA in Eco style which can be marginally reduce.

Inside our instance we’re interested in analyzing it into ordinary manner with this we could declare the projector has been relatively quiet but throughout totally silent moments you’ll notice a delicate buzzing. In the event that you aren’t exceptionally noise sensitive and painful that you won’t irritate you all however you have to search to find your self because there’s are unquestionably going to really be some who could come across this sound a little aggravating.


In terms of lamp existence matters appear to become pretty equivalent round the plank thus that the BenQ HT5550 appears to acquire the exact same 4,000 hrs lamp life span in ordinary manner which may stretch upto 10,000 hrs at Eco style. Some elderly BenQ versions ended up in this respect . however, it looks like BenQ experienced this issue and can be in accord with contest today.

We consistently liked that BenQ was presenting fantastic superior remotes with their lesser expense models therefore that the BenQ HT5550 wouldn’t be able to be quite distinct. The distant people receive this is much like this main one we watched from the HT3550 but having a somewhat various design and switches features. Appearing in dark coloration this opportunity and energy to stay accord with this projector’s key coloration, the distant feels fairly hardy with good excellent vinyl. The rubberized switches have very good dimensions and also decent distance amongst them while still positioning is incredibly nice and simple to tell apart.

In the exact top a mild button to the back light work stays between your double button electrical power installation. Under these we receive yourself a trio of switches for keystone correction, Default and also Test blueprint with all the typical round navigation controls set in the center. Straight back, Source and Menu sit another 3 buttons in white coloring to become prominent for movement Enhancer, both HDR and also Cinema grasp works are set in one line beneath. Last but most certainly not least a set of 1 2 buttons supply you with access from the projector’s many ordinary functions that are used.

BenQ has compensated a great deal of awareness of the particular unit plus it’s really distant. A mirrored lens ring retains stray lighting and rearward tilt removes optical motor lighting congestion. Even a anti-accumulation lens hood stops falling dirt out of collecting while perpendicular louver atmosphere intakes protects dust out of heating system. Small particulars but demonstrates there’s more for the particular unit than you can originally imagined.

Video Quality

Technology used

BenQ is performing lots of things directly using their projectors. However, when there’s a single matter we have found in a number is they are promoted having”Authentic 4K resolution” which can not be misleading. We know this is marketing and also manufacturers will need to promote but there’s not any erroneous in teaching the people a fantastic 4K pixel changing projector may provide unbelievably sharp 4K graphics rather than attempting to persuade us with the getting a true 4K projector which isn’t.

The BenQ HT5550 is utilizing exactly the same 0.47″ DMD chip from Texas Instruments we had observed earlier in the HT3550 and TK850. This really could be the most recent creation with the chip that provides the BenQ HT5550 pixel altering technology which ostensibly usually means it may screen a complete H-D picture and from repositioning it marginally plus at rapid series three times it presents us the illusion of some 4K picture. The rate is really fast that your eye can’t detect the change and also the final result is actually very near a true 4K picture.

There’s really been some upgrades about the most current chip also this comprises quicker read/write velocity which permits for additional glowing and much more transparent graphics together side a narrower framework than it was which will be a pleasing upgrade. As another advantage that this chip is it is maybe not likely to misalignment that individuals have observed in additional various liquid crystal display chip technologies and therefore to blur, shadowing and hindrance routines.


When there’s a single downside is the fact that it can be somewhat noisy as a result of extreme rate of this pixel changing and also certainly will develop an light emitting sounds which might be discovered in somewhat silent minutes. How upsetting this really is it certainly depends upon how vulnerable you’re noises therefore when in regards in pixel altering projectors we consistently urge to check it out to your self to be on the side.

4K UHD / HDR Content

Moving to your 4K/HDR screening we chose to check the 4K UHD edition of aqua-man which includes excellent graphic quality and also can be very light-weight rough at specified components. To start with about graphic caliber. Since we have experienced earlier in projectors which make use of precisely the exact same DLP pixel changing chip that the BenQ HT5550 had been competent to create really sharp 4K pictures. Studying the display screen it is likely to soon be difficult to feel that you simply aren’t taking a look in a indigenous 4K projector, it truly is pretty very good. You’ll find a lot of precisely the sea ground, in their own armors and onto each and every surface you may stare in the picture significantly more than focusing into this picture.

Together with the addition of some Dynamic Iris matters improve alot the moment it has to do with black levels and shadow particulars. The truth is that the BenQ HT5550 managed to create much heavier blacks compared to that which we’d found from the HT3550 and can be nearer into this Epson UB show but slightly poor. However, the brightness the projector was so fine however maybe not excellent. We aren’t able to mention it might provide the type of soda you’d expect and also the decrease brightness evaluation which is sold with will not help in any way. Colors ended up decent also with no calibration therefore if you’re not to it, you may greatly love that which it’s to give out of this carton.

1 feature we usually find in higher priced projectors and discovered it is way within that you additionally is Vehicle Tone Mapping. This can it wanting to correct HDR dynamically accordingto each landscape requirements. This in conjunction with this Dynamic Iris and also Dynamic Black technology makes sure the BenQ HT5550 can be an observable advancement the moment it has to do with complete comparison and picture quality generally.

The projector includes the normal service the moment it regards HDR which indicates it may screen both HDR 10 which will be employed to get UHD play-back along with HLG that’s most frequently utilised in broadcasting. Of course no Dolby eyesight or even HDR 10 + because such two aren’t yet encouraged with almost any projector at virtually any cost range.

Full HD / SDR / 3D Content

By analyzing the 1080p capacities of this device We Chose to Pick the Bluray Variant of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. We’re confident many have sizable sets of 1080p articles hence any severe projector needs to be capable of offering great from this box Total H-D performance even supposing it is chief attention is 4K.

And within this respect that the BenQ HT5550 failed to even fail. Very excellent image sharpness and clarity using very fantastic colours and decent relaxation. Movement performance has been above average as most BenQ projectors has us accustomed to. Generally the projector can be really a cure the moment it regards Total HD content material. That which is handled excellent with minimal calibration essential. Hues felt put on and brought forwards lots of precisely the surfaces, including clothes in addition to pores and skin imperfections.


The projector additionally is effective at exhibiting 3D articles however whilst the total picture was good and with out the observable cross-talk or artifacts modification left much to be wanted. Being bright compared to the HT3550 that the BenQ HT5550 gave us a much far more subdued 3 d picture as well as when seeing 3D content material footprint carries a bang consequently this isn’t the most important facet with the projector. It truly is fine, although perhaps not fantastic.

The projector employs exactly the typical DLP-Link 3d-glasses and you also are going to have to purchase the individually since they aren’t included from the package deal.

Color Coverage

Let us look at along with performance of the BenQ HT5550. The projector is currently having a 6-Segment (RGBRGB)‎ colour wheel along with the intriguing part here’s that BenQ has included a particular shade filter which can be utilized in D. Cinema style that enhances colors much further to be able to reach at the promised 100 percent of DCI-P3 shade protection. But this additional filter whilst it enriches the hues it enhances the brightness so that it’s really a sacrifice or consider position but you may choose exactly what you enjoy the maximum. Therefore to get matters simple it’s ostensibly a mix of photograph style together side the huge Color Gamut and Vibrant Shade preferences.

BenQ proposes to-use D. Cinema style in non lit surroundings for SDR articles along with this one we’re really able to receive the very acclaimed 100 percent policy at the DCI P3. If HDR articles has been participated unfortuitously the projector can’t reach 100 percent policy at the DCI P3 using WCG on. Additionally, this varies based upon exactly what environment you choose for Vibrant Shade as that tends to reduce the total color policy.

Brightness / Picture Settings

If it regards lighting matters receive somewhat fascinating. Even the BenQ HT5550 is ranked being a 1,800 lumens projector which will be relatively reduced specially in the event that you believe the HT3550 which really is a-class lower will come in 2000 lumens of brightness and also the less competent HT2550 which experienced 2,200 lumens. However amounts independently do not mean such a thing let’s notice just how all these interpret for the true life.

A very similar pair of images manners can be obtained with all the projector’s menu revealing shiny, Vivid television, Cinema, D. Cinema plus also a User specified among. However, these really are those which you may switch to as you will find certainly a couple more which the projector switches into once the proper signal can be found. All these really are around for 3 d in addition to HDR and also HLG manners. Last but most certainly not least there’s additionally a Silent manner that ostensibly switches the pixel off changing technology and turns the projector into some pristine 1080p one particular. Once we consistently do together with all our dimensions we’ve used that the broadest angle using Regular lamp style.

In most scenarios the Intelligent manner given probably the maximum brightness which we quantified at 1385 lumens however we watched exactly the exact same green prejudice we’d seen from the HT3550. You need to make an effort and avoid this manner since it will not have incredibly accurate colours and may be properly used just in case at which there are serious ambient lighting inside the space and also you want too much warmth as feasible. Up coming was Vivid television which we quantified at 10 11 lumens which supplies more precise colours whilst Cinema style came with 803 lumens along with D. Cinema continue at 517 lumens.


If it will come in 4K/HDR the projector will immediately switch to it truly is HDR 10 style using Broad Colour Gamut (WCG) switched automatically option but with all the solution to transform off it in the event that you would like. Leaving it will provide us improved shade reproduction however in the price of brightness which is why this would chiefly be utilised at a darkened or non lit surroundings. For glowing rooms you may loose any hues by turning off it however you also get plenty of brightness that’s much required .

If it has to do with 1080p/SDR articles it’s suggested to utilize D. Cinema which gets got the Broad Colour Gamut placing secured by default option in non lit chambers along with Cinema style with WCG switched away from glowing chambers as a way to find the brightness possible out of your projector at expense to your color policy.

Black Levels / Contrast

When you will find a lot of issues to enjoy in such very low priced DLP projectors a very important factor they can not afford to have would be very heavy blacks. We have experienced a number of those units seeking to rectify the issue using a Dynamic Iris just like the HT3550 or also the TK850 even though this really will help only a very little the total result leaves much to be wanted. Also for at good dark degrees that you may have to proceed to your UB show from Epson which will be at the 3,000 budget range.

The BenQ HT5550 offers much superior black levels compared to one other CinePrime versions as well as can be nearly like the Epson 5050UB however, maybe not just the exact same. Having a cost variation of roughly £ 300 during that right time of creating we all think the BenQ HT5550 arrives quite near in this respect and will be offering excellent value so considerably as black amounts is more anxious. Having a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 combined side the assistance of this Dynamic Iris this device provides profound blacks along with fantastic shadow particulars which can be exceptional in such a classification.

As you’re now we’d express the BenQ HT5550 supplies the most effective black degrees within this value group. Nothings arrives to it and also the Epson 5050UB taxi overcome it also comes in £ 300 high at selling price. BenQ did a excellent job within this.

Input Lag

Then in keeping with that our input testing. For projectors we consistently look at a max of 50ms for quite a decent limitation the moment it regards gambling but regrettably the BenQ HT5550 frustrated us at this respect. Together with complete high definition 1080p articles we have the average of how 61ms input which can be above that which we might believe okay whilst consuming a 4K sign generated matters much worse since of this quantity went to a average of 89ms. In the circumstances movement interpolation has been switched away and switching which on would provide us worse dimensions.

However, as consistently we attempted these amounts interpret having a concise session of CallofDuty WW2 which can be right for measuring quickly answers. Here we now ought to generate evident we are not hardcore players, however mostly relaxed end users thus that our standards aren’t as stringent as other avid gamers. Throughout our period together with all our reputable PS-4 we may express the top entered lag failed to fully ruin our gambling experience however, it takes just a small time for you to receive accustomed to it particularly when you’re getting to perform at 4K resolution. Might it be a total tragedy? Hell, no more. We can say we needed a fun time however, that the BenQ HT5550 really isn’t the sort of projector to get hardcore players. However, also for casual kinds? We presume it may perform okay.

Just as a tiny suggestion in the event that you’re simply playing 1080p resolution afterward you definitely are able to decide to try outside to empower Quiet manner as it works off the pixel changing technology and generally seems to increase enter slightly. It isn’t per night and day gap but we did receive yourself a dimension of 56ms in this manner why don’t obtain the most from it.

Motion Performance

The projector includes all the CinemaMaster video clip + package which is utilised from one different CinePrime designs too. This package comprises the movement Enhancer 4K characteristic which can be essentially the projector’s movement interpolation functionality. This will be always to add 3 6 interpolated frames amongst strings to create smooth, vibrant 60 frames per second video clips. In this manner laggy graphics, jittery play back, and also fuzzy shadows have been significantly enhanced.


Now you have the capacity to place exactly how much you really would like to utilize this higher preferences may create pictures appear strange also it is really a famous consequence of using CF I. It’s better to at all times utilize as very low configurations as you are able to as a way to continue to keep the movement judder totally free however in addition as authentic to this first as feasible.


Together with all the BenQ HT5550 currently being fully a measure upward from your HT3550 as well as another components which appeal into the CinePrime show it appears we get yourself a welcome improve towards the ports that are included. Once we all said most importantly them are observed behind the system and also into the appropriate place.

From left to right we receive yourself a jack port for wired links into the world wide web, an electronic virtual optical audio output signal, an IR inputsignal, a12 liter activate to use a retractable display, also a USB 3.0 for linking a few external memory along with flow articles, two HDMI inputsplus also a miniature typeb USB to get firmware upgrades, a more traditional rs232 interface, a second USB interface for linking outside storage just this really is really a USB 2.0, also a 4th USB having a 2.5A ranking for charging and last but at the least a 3.5millimeter audio out miniature jack.

A couple of notes to produce right here. To begin both HDMI interfaces are 2.0 and service HDCP 2.2 which can be very fantastic as most low-cost projectors offer you one HDMI 2.0 and a second which can be HDMI 1.4. Additionally it truly is astonishing the amount of all USB ports available, for example the more modern 3.0 as well as the elderly 2.0 for compatibility. Additionally getting a jack port in the budget range isn’t seen often while having a optical output signal is additionally a welcome accession.

Over all we have been extremely delighted by that which BenQ chose to comprise and also is now really a step upward in the customary design we view at such decreased price ranges.

OS, Apps and Features

Menus and preferences would be the customary kinds we have found in most BenQ versions. Ostensibly it is Just like the HT3550 using Another tab for Community. As such those available are Photo, Exhibit, Setup, Community preferences, System Set up Fundamental, System Set up High Level and Details. In each tab you’ll receive the right sub-categories based on your own functionality. Nothing from the standard right here and also while the projector comprises plenty and tons of configurations which are available effortlessly as well as speedy.

1 characteristic that really needs added mentioning may be that the CinemaMaster video clip + package we spoke temporarily over. Currently this edition of CinemaMaster video clip + looks much like this main one we’d seen from the HT3550 and comprises some display caliber features. From the BenQ HT5550 this package comprises along with Enhancer which enables one to finetune the hardness of hues having much larger versatility. It implements complicated coloration algorithms to perfectly provide high end colours, nice gradients, intermediate colors and vibrant pigments.

In addition, we secure Flesh T One which gives a wise modification of colour just for bettering folks’s pores and skin, maybe not different colors from the picture. It averts discoloration of skin tones out of the pale of this projection ray, exposing every single skin tone from its own realistic color.
The following feature may be that the Pixel Enhancer 4K which really is a more Super Resolution technology which radically accentuates Total HD material in conditions of colours, comparison, and textures. In addition, it is a depth improvement Technology optimizing coating information along with makeup. Users may correct degrees of detail and sharpness augmentation to optimum screening. We abandoned that the movement Enhancer 4K which we talked about from the movement performance department.


Still another feature that we see within this version is really that a integral media player which gets an identical operation we watched from the HT3550. We aren’t able to state we have been thrilled relating to the particular media player’s capacities since they’re exceptionally confined. It will not support the mainly utilized H.2 64 (AVC) codec and also perhaps the more recent H.265 (HVEC) one particular plus it might simply play-back both the old mpeg 1, mpeg 2 along with H.263 expectations together side a restricted choice of graphic and audio tracks.

We ought to remember to say the BenQ HT5550 includes all the Imaging Science Foundation’s ISFccc calibration built and since such BenQ HT5550’s graphic and coloration performance might be personalized for practically any distance, together side pre-set lighting balance manners daily and nighttime.

Before closure a couple of additional features which are really worth mentioning comprise an intelligent E CO work which may substantially lengthen the lamp lifetime, hdmi cec which may turn off the projector off automatically once one other apparatus the projector has been associated with additionally supports a high-altitude Mode if it’s essential.

Just what exactly the projector doesn’t not have is some builtin audio capacities but it has been expected since it isn’t assumed to become an mobile projector however still is targeted chiefly for home theaters at which you can make use of another audio system.

Our Verdict

We reached that the ending of the review hence we must outline every thing to be fair there’s really much to enjoy from the BenQ HT5550. This is really actually a projector that’s definitely a cut over probably the very high-end 4K versions.

The projector was able to maintain all of the HT3550 experienced to offer you and also improved up on a number . As such we have excellent 4K graphics with top-notch, outstanding sharpness and sharpness while minus calibration the hues were so pretty nice and authentic. Black levels and shadow specifics have been significantly enhanced and comparison is much improved with all the addition of some Dynamic Iris. Setup flexibility is equally amazing whilst the higher lens and zoom shift getting offered will probably be greatly valued. The projector provides lots of graphic preferences just like the CinemaMaster video clip + package plus a wealth of further features for example a press player, ISF built in and hdmi cec. Last but most certainly not least we ought to perhaps not neglect to earn a distinctive reference to it has standard design and well-made distant which also has a back light.

One of the drawbacks we are able to declare we were somewhat frustrated with the brightness that this unit can deliver. For the HDR projector equilibrium has been missing and that influenced it’s HDR in addition to 3D performance. Additionally it looks like the projector can’t reach it has acclaimed DCI P3 color policy in HDR style. Input Signal lag has been likewise quantified high therefore that you have to appear else where if you’re a hardcore gamer whilst that really isn’t probably the most silent of projectors along with also the pixel changing technology sound could be upsetting into a.

Final exactly what we are able to declare is the fact that whether you desire a 4K projector nevertheless, you want some thing a lot better compared to simple practical experience these sub-£ 2000 components give the BenQ HT5550 can be a remarkable deal plus the one which you ought to be studying. Perhaps it does possibly not be like the Epson 5050UB but in addition will come with a decrease price in relation to this. Also so be fair within this price tag you aren’t likely to get far better elephants and better comparison compared to in that making it the perfect and superior affordable choice. Highly suggested.

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