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BenQ HT3550 Review


Native 4K resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • 4K UHD using 1920x1080x4 pixel shifting DLP chipset
  • Got close to its 2000 lumen claim
  • Short throw design – favored by some
  • Better than most color, right out of the box
  • Dynamic iris enhances black level performance


  • No Wired or Wireless Networking
  • No Lens memory for working with wide screens
  • Short throw design – not favored by others
  • A bit noisy at full power
  • USB media player is typically impractical if ceiling mounting

4K projectors have come such a lengthy way the past handful of decades of course when there’s a single category that’s seen striking developments and value discounts that this are the 4K pixel shifters which came as a way to fulfill the demand for cheap 4K casting systems as indigenous 4K kinds had been very high priced to its casual user. As well as in the modern BenQ HT3550 review we’ll be analyzing a few of many hottest types of this pixel changing kind which accompany advanced characteristics and places additional strain on almost any indigenous 4K projector to day.

A few years back we had the chance to examine the next of BenQ’s offerings, also the HT2550 which goes back on your CineHome show, also in all honesty it abandoned us having very fantastic impressions to get merely a £ 1,500 you’d receive yourself a projector using very excellent performance and capacities. The brand new BenQ HT3550 is owned by another location classification, caliber shrewd, called CinePrime and whether it’s a couple of similarities into this HT2550 it comes with a few exact noteworthy progress.

Even the BenQ HT3550 includes the most recent in 4K pixel changing technology however what’s pretty notable and mainly odd within this particular price is the fact that BenQ have included a lively iris for enhanced dark degrees. The projector offers lens altering and supports HDR 10 along with HLG, asserts 95% protection from this DCI P3 coloration room and can be graded having a 2000 lumens brightness. In the event you add into all these the added CF I for far better movement, 3 d support plus also a couple of 5 watt speakers chucked for additional portability you know there is a great deal of worth to get a 1,500 projector.

However, together with rivalry currently being very ferocious at the sub-£ 2000 budget range plus an extensive array of 4K pixel altering projectors preventing to the very best area will exactly the BenQ HT3550 handles to remain on top of your rivalry? Let us figure out.

Design of BenQ HT3550

To start with let us tidy the naming up just a little. The projector goes at the CinePrime collection which will be BenQ’s moment based on string supporting the most notable premium CinePro line-up. From america industry the projector gets exactly the naming BenQ HT3550 some thing which changes from different niches such as inside the united kingdom and also Europe into W2700. The main reason behind different titles isn’t understood but there’s a great deal of confusion the moment it happens for the projectors therefore that it’s fantastic to be more clear about this.

If it involves it is design there’s some thing incredibly characteristic on these BenQ projectors. They have incredibly curvy outlines and also their own appearances instantly discern their own brand new. The BenQ HT3550 follows precisely the exact same layout and features a measurement of 380 x 127 x 263 millimeters plus fat of 9.2 lbs (4.2 kg) which helps it be big nor smaller although quite fantastic to get a 4K projector. In addition, the projector has been fabricated with transparency at heart and this also exhibits in every facets of it is design.


Much like the majority of BenQ designs that the sole we arrive right here follows a asymmetrical appearance together with all the lens sitting down in direction of the proper with one IR detector being adjacent for this. But on front we just discover the emblem sitting across the left side together with the remainder of the facial skin having an extremely sterile design. You may possibly have seen that the mask which sits in the front of your lens. This can be BenQ’s alternative so as to block stray light out of looking across to the ground or ceiling however in no way it’s obstructing the picture originating out of your lens. It appears to be quite a straightforward but really wise remedy into a challenge that plagued with most preceding BenQ projectors.

Over the lens onto top side we now get yourself a modest sliding door which reaches two rotation brakes for focus and zoom together with an 3rd dial which controls the quite small perpendicular move. At top surface we additionally receive afew control switches and operate bulbs. To start with there really is an electricity pull-down button using a mild over it indicate whether the projector is currently not. Close for this get the customary navigation switches which may likewise be properly used for keystone correction in addition to volume controller. Beneath these you can find 3 buttons onto a single row for menuback and forth origin option. Over the navigation buttons certainly really are a couple of more lights to get fever checking and comforter illness. At the center back of the highest face there’s just a next IR detector that’s usable once the projector is still about the floor.

Let’s talk a little bit about your lens. Even the BenQ HT3550 uses an 11-element, all-glass lens variety and features a 1.3:1 zoom and also 10% lens shift which provides enough versatility if the lens transfer is so small in the top. We receive a few in contrast with a different models within such a category which n’t have whatsoever! There’s keystone correction which may be properly used too but retain in your mind to make use of this just if absolutely crucial since it could hamper the picture quality some thing you would like in order to avoid.

The other wonderful element we receive listed here would be that as soon as you fix the zoomfocus appears to pay itself. This really is an attribute we generally see in higher priced projectors . however, it is really a quite wonderful accession to have such a very low priced version. Usually once you fix zoom you have to correct focus too. Perhaps not much this whilst the BenQ HT3550 appears to complete that mechanically.

If it regards sounds the BenQ HT3550 is quiet nor dumb . Much like pixel shifters sounds stems in two regions. Among that the sounds of this fan blowing heat outside of this projector and also one other staying the pixel changing tech that’s relocating at quite fast rates and generates a bursting noise. BenQ grants this projector a score of 30dBA throughout ordinary manner which will be quite loud in the event that you’re solid sensitive and painful. Being at a quiet space you may without a doubt notice that it doing work but in the event that you discover that it’s bothersome or never is very related to every individual. Personally we’d prefer this for always a little more quiet but we still usually do not look at this a massive difficulty at during our screening.


Regarding that lamp BenQ has three manners from the BenQ HT3550 with ordinary manner evaluation the duplex life in 4,000 hrs which stretches to 10,000 hrs at Economic style. The 3rd manner, termed Smart E CO, may likewise expand the lamp lifetime to 15,000 nevertheless, you’ll most likely not utilize this manner frequently.

The added distant we imagine is just one of those far better ones we buy in the budget range since it’s both fashionable and incredibly sensible. Buttons have become large and simple to this touch by using their rubber texture while they’ve been split into distinct classes based on their own functionality. At the midst we all discover that the navigation buttons at a rounded design even though previously mentioned these we capture exactly the buttons, back light, keystone correction along with examine design switches. Here we have lots of supplemental buttons which pay the main elements of this projector. We really enjoy the addition of some back light work and also we commend some distant which is sold with you since it could help when utilizing it within a dim atmosphere.

Video Quality of BenQ HT3550

Technology used

Matters have come to be pretty distinct when it regards 4K pixel altering models since you can find just two variations with the tech together with all the cheaper kinds with a 1920 x 1080 x4 pixel changing which ensures a complete H D picture is estimated 3 times at a marginally off spot so as to reveal that the essential selection of pixels which are needed by means of a 4K resolution picture.

Even the BenQ HT3550 drops in this class since it’s with one 0,47″ UHD DLP chip produced of Texas Instruments and although some will assert no matter how great pixel changing is now it can’t reach exactly the caliber of indigenous 4K resolution, the fact is that appearing both side-by-side show less gaps than you may believe. And particularly in the event that you think about the price of indigenous 4K projectors which can be costly three or more times more than those £ 1,500 units afterward you instantly know the type of worth it’s possible to purchase from such a budget-friendly version.

Additionally one slight problem why these DLP chips experienced was that the exact observable dark framework . Usually the sole utilized from the BenQ HT3550 looks like always a fresh creation DLP chip since it succeeds to provide a much slimmer framework rendering it not as deflecting and more observable.

When there’s a single thing that we really don’t enjoy concerning pixel changing is the fact that as a result of this exact speedy movement that this tech is currently doing as a way to replicate the pixels that these models are somewhat to be much noisier than standard which is somewhat troubling for a.

4K UHD / HDR Content Of BenQ HT3550

Proceeding into your 4K/HDR screening we chose that our 4K UHD edition of battle ship as a way to learn the method by which a BenQ HT3550 handles to play 4K content material. We’d analyzed this picture with some other BenQ projectors previous to including the HT2550 and what’s instantly evident may be that the black degrees we get on account of this addition of this Dynamic iris. More profound blacks and far better shadow specifics are all just two objects which may be quite apparent for this specific 1 and unquestionably distinguishes itself out of the contest.


Inside this kind of pixel shifters you will find a few pretty much like characteristics that individuals have experienced together with them displaying very crisp 4K graphics using less or more good colour reproduction however quite feeble black degrees. Even the BenQ HT3550 works equally as the picture had been sharp because possible observe many details regarding the submerged space ship’s steel surfaces. Battle ship can be a quite vibrant film along with also the projector has great out from those box shades that’s quite excellent for all anyone which aren’t effective at farther bettering the picture. From verdant greens of these woods to profound blues of this sea the projector actually excels.

Last but most certainly not least that the projector includes HDR because it supports the basic HDR 10 which can be necessary for fundamental UHD play-back however in addition HLG that’s utilized for broadcasting. Naturally there’s absolutely not any Dolby eyesight or even HDR 10 + however having any sort of HDR with such an amount is actually a win.

Full HD / SDR / 3D Content

Demonstrably purchasing a 4K projector usually means you simply want to buy to 4K articles however using so much 1080p material available this usually means any projector which conveys it self need to have the ability to do well in this respect too. And also the BenQ HT3550 will not disappoint here . The picture we love to try inside our 1080p projectors screening is Oblivion due to the fact we believe the Kinect variant to offer you among the best and crisp graphics this format may provide. The projector did a very nice endeavor to fetch out most of the small details about the characters clothes and skin in addition to surface area textures and makeup. Colors had been rather powerful no thing the scene since Oblivion supplies a large selection of surroundings using different colour palettes.

However, 2-d 1080p isn’t the only real one we all see within such a projector since 3 d 1080p material is additionally encouraged. There aren’t a lot of projectors from the sub-$ 2,000 2000 classification that even now encourage this expiring format and also finding the one that’s near towards the 1,500 price tag position is a lot more striking. Ofcourse you should have to find the eyeglasses individually since they aren’t included from the package deal plus certainly will increase the fee only a minor but BenQ isn’t forcing one to pay for to them in the event that you’re uninterested at 3 d in the slightest.

The type of eyeglasses desired would be the typical DLP-Link version that individuals have experienced used in equivalent conditions. The picture clearly isn’t quite as smart as if watching 2-d articles however throughout our screening we still did not observe any cross-talk or some different artifacts which aren’t about the 3 d projection. For those who have a 3 d set and also you don’t would like to buy to proceed outdated afterward your BenQ HT3550 will manage the just nice.

Color Coverage

If it regards color policy there’s an intriguing element which individuals uncover about the BenQ HT3550. That clearly was really a particular colour filter that’s used once the D. Cinema style is empowered which enriches colours but on the opposite side reduces equilibrium. This really is just a sacrifice or accept position thus the majority of the changing times it is dependent upon what you really desire the very best. Hence that the number of shades exhibited is predicated in a blend of photograph style together side the broad Colour Gamut and Vibrant Colour preferences.

With D. Cinema mode Broad Colour Gamut (WCG) is secured on thus that you simply have the selection to show off the Vibrant Colour (B.C.) placing. Together with WCG on and B.C. for you receive 97 percent policy of this Re-C.709 coloration distance whilst turning B.C. off that jumps to 122 percent. When HDR is discovered and also the projector switches into HDR 10 style with WCG away and B.C. on we quantified 58 percent over the DCI P3 when turning WCG with this jumps to 75 percent of their DCI P3 color distance. Last but most certainly not least trying to keep WCG turning and on B.C. off policy moved even farther to 98 percent.


Due to the fact having good brightness and also excellent colors policy isn’t possible in this price tag providing you with the choice to choose which of those 2 you select would be your very most useful thing along with kudos into BenQ forgiving us such liberty.

Brightness / Picture Settings

As stated by BenQ that the HT3550 is graded at 2000 lumens of brightness and also works on the 245 volt lamp. It truly is somewhat peculiar to understand you to have significantly less firmness compared to decrease HT2550 version that’s ranked at 2,200 lumens but exactly what you need to remember is why these are theoretical amounts along with projectors nearly never arrive near to those asserts. Thus the actual concern is the way shut the BenQ HT3550 may access for the 2000 ranking.

To start with let us speak about graphic manners. The projector provides lots of choices to choose from which include things like shiny, Vivid, Cinema, D. Cinema plus also a User specified one particular. These really are those which you may direct switch to however there really are certainly a couple more which the projector makes use of mechanically as it finds the proper sign like 3 d style and HDR/HLG manners. There’s additionally a wrought iron mode that turns the pixel off changing tech and leaves the projector a pure 1080p one particular. Today for our dimensions we utilize the broadest angle in addition to Regular lamp style.

Since you are able to comprehend the Intelligent mode supplies the absolute most brightness using 1722 lumens quantified but comes with a exact evident green prejudice into it Cinema style includes alongside 1045 lumens of brightness. Fantastic style came with 960 lumens and darkish Cinema arrived with 812 lumens.

When it regards 4K/HDR seeing the projector may switch to it has HDR 10 style, by your formerly picked D. Cinema style, that’s automagically Vibrant Shade switched and Broad Colour Gamut off. By turning the WCG on we capture improved colors even as we all quantified around 75 percent policy of this DCI P3 coloration room but in the cost of lesser brightness. Inside our viewpoint when watching HDR using HDR 10 manner you really should continue to keep both Vibrant Shade and WCG to the greatest possible outcome.

If it regards 1080p/SDR articles that our suggestion is always to utilize Cinema style if the room is more glaringly colored or D. Cinema should you would like to watch in lowlight or absolutely dim.

Black Levels / Contrast

If it regards black degrees that really is just one significant weakness which nearly all 4K DLP projectors within this cost have as well as at all honesty that this would be usually to be likely. To secure bigger black amounts that you may have to move nearly at double the purchase price which may be quite a no choose a lot. However, it sounds BenQ located a means to earn a gap and that is sold from the manner of Dynamic iris. Even the BenQ HT3550 could be your first low-budget DLP projector which has armed using this and one is actually a significant advancement over the rest of the competitions.


Even the Dynamic iris enables the BenQ HT3550 reveal more profound blacks which individuals aren’t accustomed to find within such a classification. In the event you’d like much superior than this you’ll have to start looking to find your UB Epson projectors offering significantly remarkable blacks but additionally come in a much greater pricepoint. Just as points are correct today that the BenQ HT3550 supplies the most effective black degrees performance in it’s kind. Dark shadow specifics are all alike fine with lots of details kept and Dynamic iris aids in that too.

Input Lag

If it regards input anything poking across the 50ms indicate we believe okay even when perhaps not perfect for probably the large hardcore players. Within the instance of this BenQ HT3550 we quantified 52ms at 4K settlement together with CF I switched away which will be exceptionally okay. However, as soon as we analyzed a few complete HD articles that this travelled much higher reaching 62ms which really is somewhat disappointing.

We constantly love to examine how exactly input feels and as such we attempted somewhat of CallofDuty WW2 together with your PS-4 also so are fair about our everyday eyes we did not locate the greater that which we would enjoy entered lag to become too bothering. A severe gamer might discover that it’s bothering but as we aren’t able to assert to function as extreme avid gamers our period with all the match moved very pleasantly without sense the greater enter lag diminishing our gambling practical experience in virtually any purposeful manner. Thus finally it boils right down to what type of gamer you’re. In the event you lean largely toward the side then you definitely mustn’t be worried about any of it however in the event that you’re dead serious in your own gambling experience subsequently you’ll find additional possibilities you might need to look at.

Motion Performance

The projector completed very well throughout our movement screening. That one includes movement interpolation at the manner of”movement Enhancer” since BenQ titles it is a portion of this CinemaMaster video clip + package which features many different technologies to be able to enhance the total picture quality. Even the BenQ HT3550 gets got the capability to enter 3 6 interpolated frames involving strings so as to build smooth, smooth blur-free movement. Excellent for your own BenQ HT3550 to have such a element plus it will also benefit only a while you will find fast cam utensils which show substantial quantities of judder. Very good performance with this particular price.

Inputs For BenQ HT3550

All ports are at the rear part of the machine put in one line deceased centre and also out of a very first appearance we receive an even less or more conventional installation. Beginning the left we now get one 12V activate you may use to get a retractable display. It follows you never have to manually start and near the monitor because it’s going to soon be accomplished when you utilize the projector. Then there’s an rs232 interface for controller and also a Mini USB that’s used just for services.

Right near this there clearly was really a USB 3.0 interface you may utilize to flow articles such as audio along with audio by simply linking exterior storage whilst the projector comes with a integral media-player. We capture 2 HDMI inputs and also the intriguing element here is both may shoot picture and audio signs while both equally encourage HDCP 2.2 which makes them fully indistinguishable. Then there’s just another USB interface which may be properly used for charging, a optical digital output signal and a 3.5millimeter stereo jack lead signal.


In general we are not able to complain much here. There certainly are a handful omissions however what’s mostly necessary will be now here. The very low selling price of this projector isn’t supplying much chance for such a thing elaborate however in every honesty anybody who’s enthusiastic about obtaining this version would not search for something special about the very first location. We enjoy there is really a USB 3.0 utilised because we have been really tired to observe the older 2.0 variation used even yet in versions that are premium.

OS, Apps and Features

BenQ has comprised a 2X 6-Segment RGBRGB coloration wheel which will be lower compared to that which we’d love to watch notably once the decrease HT2550 has been having a 6X coloration wheel. Having such a wheel that is slow usually means there is really a little fraction of men and women who are rainbow influence allergic which is going to soon be affected influenced with this keep this in your mind while you think of this projector. For a few individuals that is upsetting while others perhaps not really much . however, it is usually a good idea to be aware of whenever you’re purchasing a brand new projector. Choosing a lighter colour wheel could negate this specific effect however, that might have a poor result in brightness.


If it regards the menus and menus that which we purchase will be the normal userinterface that individuals have observed in a great number of projectors the final couple of decades. When there’s a single location that projectors seem to be to have forgot to earn all types of advancement or up grade is currently inside this region. When any home theater gear begin touse more aesthetically pleasing person ports it is really a little unhappy to observe projectors getting abandoned much driving about thisparticular. The menu of this BenQ HT3550 is broken in to categories based on their work and despite having all these choices and preferences that it had been not tough to obtain that which we had been searching for.

The projector includes BenQ’s whole CinemaMaster video clip + package which features many different preferences for bettering the overall picture quality. Included in these are 4K Pixel Enhancer which finds changes in hues involving a thing along with the desktop also delivers sharp borders along with far better surface textures,” movement Enhancer which could be the movement interpolation tech the BenQ HT3550 makes use of so as to clean outside movement, coloration Enhancer that enhances colour manufacturing and Flesh T One which avoids discoloration of skin tones on account of this projection lighting.

Additionally contained on this particular projector would be your CinemaMaster Audio+2 suite which is sold together with five various audio styles to choose from with regards to the material you’re watching. The styles available are Cinema, video game, Music, sports activities plus also a User friendly style using each of these fostering diverse frequencies so as to generate an even far more immersive outcome. How much immersion you may receive from the couple of 5 liter speakers is still just another issue but it’s a good idea to realize that BenQ is attempting to enhance so much because the hardware makes it.

Once we talked about over the BenQ HT3550 also will come with a integral networking player you may used in conjunction using the added USB 3.0 about the rear part of the projector so as to flow articles such as movie and audio. Ofcourse bear in your mind it’s capacities are quite limited and thus do not be expecting it to restore your media player that is dedicated. As an instance it will not appear to encourage the H.2 64 online video format that’s indeed prevalent now in loading. This is really a wonderful element to have even supposing it is usage is going to soon be quite confined.


Last but most certainly not least there exists a more good E CO role which corrects the lamp lighting so and certainly will stretch it’s lifetime predicated upon the usage. Additionally, it is sometimes a wonderful characteristic for several conditions however in many instances of course in the event that you’re likely to utilize this projector chiefly from your house theater then you definitely would like to have this switched away.

Our Verdict For BenQ HT3550

BenQ managed to drive objects much farther with the launch of this BenQ HT3550. The projector was able to provide excellent out-of-the-box shades which will be essential for all people which aren’t great in picture calibration. Additionally, it brings lively iris to drama which will be essential in bettering black degrees along with we do not usually find within such a classification. Additionally there’s assistance for HDR 10 along with HLG of course should you incorporate the fantastic 4K performance together side good movement performance, plenty of graphic processing features along with an incredible price to get a 4K projector afterward exactly what you buy will be excellent value to the wealth.

However on the very low aspect of stuff shameful levels continue to be somewhat less effective as a few more high priced projectors therefore if you’re set on acquiring very fantastic blacks degrees you might have to find an alternative class wholly which is sold having a much increased price too. The constrained vertical change together side no lens critters can become somewhat annoying when it regards establishing the projector whereas the BenQ HT3550 defeated at our input tests whilst the dimensions were far bigger than we ever predicted. The projector is far significantly more than sufficient for casual gambling, atleast in the perspective, however for acute gamers any gambling version needs to be viewed. Last but most certainly not least for that which exactly is well worth every penny is not any network capacities as there’s not any on-line performance.

Having a pricetag of 1,500 we usually do not understand if matters may become much superior than that which exactly the BenQ HT3550 gives. It’s got the high quality and performance which has been unthinkable a few years earlier and BenQ even were able to tell apart the BenQ HT3550 in your rivalry whilst the marginally enhanced blacks degrees are sometimes a massive thing within this very low budget. “Value for the money” at the very low priced projectors simply secured a fresh tribe…before subsequent one.

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