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BenQ HT2550 Review


Native Resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • 4K UHD resolution of 1920x1080x4 with pixel shifting
  • 4K content capable
  • Supports HDR for expanded dynamic range – more “pop”!
  • Picture quality right out of the box, better than most
  • Fastest color wheel – means virtually no RBE – rainbow effect for most of those who are sensitive


  • Could definitely be brighter for handling HDR (like most projectors)
  • Only offers basic placement flexibility, with 1.2:1 zoom and no lens shift
  • No CFI for smooth motion on sports and other HDTV
  • Of course the small 5 watt speaker is no substitute for a real sound system
  • And, 5 watt speaker is side facing, instead of front or back

We watched that the launch of some brand new tide of 4K pixel changing projectors containing the newest 0,47″ UHD DLP chipset which was an excellent choice to native 4K projectors. These brand new projectors could push down the prices much farther and also we have been currently able to possess a 4K pixel changing projector to price tag only below £ 1,500 once the cheapest indigenous 4K projector has been still adhered near towards the 5,000 mark.

Apparently home theater fanatics and users who may pay the high price ranges would rather the most indigenous 4K versions, however you can find a number of individuals who still discover the purchase price somewhat too much and for this main reason these pixel shifters have gotten so common. In addition they can provide good enough benefits, a few times incredibly near indigenous 4K projectors, however using just a small percent of the purchase price. With an amount of £ 5,000 for its cheapest 4K projector this usually means that most these 4K projectors which contain those brand new pixel changing chips include an amount that’s three days lesser rendering them really enticing.

One among those earliest projectors containing the pixel changing DLP chip would be that the main one we’re reviewing the following now from BenQ which goes back for their own simple CineHome sequence. And even though it came out past season it might assert it had the advantage simply by being sold at such a very low price to get a therefore referred to as 4K projector today, nearly per calendar year after, you’ll find a number of different models at an identical kind which makes your rivalry more unpleasant. Inside our BenQ HT2550 review we’ll assess all parts with the amazing budget-friendly projector and also find out whether it has it can take to remain important nearly per year after it’s first launch.

Style and Design of BenQ HT2550

Just before we begin assessing it truly is style and design we must find out the projector are available with two distinct titles since from america market includes all the BenQ HT2550 identify whereas at Western markets moves from your W1700 naming. Sam-e projector using only separate amounts. However, the other hand there is certainly just another BenQ projector with all an identify TK800 which to many will appear exactly the exact same . however, it is perhaps not. And when both projectors have lots of similarities, so a lot of to be more fair, you will find a number of fundamental variances. Merely to be sure it stays simple we shall only mention the BenQ HT2550 and also TK800 projectors are nearly exactly the exact same however, also the HT2550 has significantly more precise colours whereas the TK800 goes for longer firmness. This fashion in which you may choose exactly what you would like the maximum.

Design shrewd that the BenQ HT2550 comes with a exact characteristic, curvy BenQ design and style. Using a dimensions of 353 x 135 x 272 millimeters and fat of 9.2 lbs (4.2 kg) that the projector is still big or little. You might say to get a 4K projector it’s a more compact chassis in contrast for a different models however in overall it really is more bigger than most 1080p projectors which could be the ordinary indeed.


The projector follows a symmetrical style and design as appearing it out of front see the lens onto the most suitable side using an IR receiver sitting down alongside to it and also a huge air port about the left nook. At top, simply over the lens we now find just two spinning wheels to your own zoom and attention works while about the alternative corner BenQ has set all of the on board menu and also control switches.

Right here we receive yourself a power switch, an origin option button, a photo manner , the E CO button in addition to the typical buttons for settings and menu navigation. If you would like to know, over the origin button there’s really a light detector that’s useful for mechanically altering brightness depending on the ambient lighting of this space. In addition, there are 3 LEDs for temperature, power and lamp illness. All links have been situated from the trunk and we’ll chat about them down a bit this report.

Even the BenQ HT2550 includes a 1.2:1 contact lens which might perhaps not qualify as the most useful we’ve experienced however is still extremely adequate because of it is selling price. Regrettably it doesn’t encourage any perpendicular or horizontal lens altering which ensures that placing the projector at an sense you won’t need touse Keystone correction is sometimes a little nuisance in the event you never need to have the graphic sharpness and quality degrade because of employing that characteristic.


As we said previously the BenQ HT2550 includes a brand new 0.47″ only DLP chip along with together with assistance from pixel altering technology it’s capable to create a complete 4K resolution picture. For individuals not knowledgeable about the definition of pixel altering projectors are indigenous 1080p-resolution projectors which have the ability to alter the career in these pixels in quite a large rate so as to build the desirable 4K picture. And when we saw this technology it had been lacking than the indigenous 4K, breakthroughs are made as such we have been currently in a spot the gaps really are so modest that in the event that you regard the purchase price tag on those 4K pixel altering projectors it has really a fantastic choice for the ones that may not find the money for a true 4K one particular.

1 matter we taken notice of is the way that sounds is managed with all the projector. Noise commonly originates in just two regions. One can be lover sound and one other one is that a pixel altering autofocus that does occur once the projector exhibits a 4K picture. BenQ has really done a fantastic work on either of those with all the fan currently being perceptible just once in Complete electrical power while at just about any one of those additional configurations it gets nearly completely silent. About the opposite hand we failed to locate the pixel changing buzzing annoying and also we might hear it once the lover wasn’t working complete rate and also then it had been quite a lower sound you might hear the silent of minutes.


BenQ asserts the HT2550’s lamp may endure for 4,000 hrs at ordinary manner. It goes to 10,000 hrs at Economic manner and may proceed upto 15,000 in LampSave manner but we aren’t certain just how many times you can utilize such a style at a 4K projector. BenQ also has introduced a SmartEco manner by which the projector adjusts lamp brightness based upon the material and also changes that the comparison in true period so that as a consequence that will prolong the lamp life span about approximately 8,000 hrs per day.

BenQ consistently offered amazing remotes using their projectors and this really is actually the case also. The buttons contained are all organized using a set of work buttons on very best, menu navigation buttons at the midst and also a set of play back buttons below along with several picture works at underneath. The switches are quite substantial and also have a wonderful rubber texture . Excellent too is it has back-light work rendering it ideal for virtually any non light location. Very excellent focus with the remote so when you consider the purchase price then it gets better.

Video Quality

Technology utilized In BenQ HT2550

Even the BenQ HT2550 was clearly one of those earliest batch of fresh projectors that introduced past season including the newest 0.47″ UHD DLP chipset using a cost across the $1,500 cost stage. 4K pixel changing technology, even though maybe not supplying true 4K resolution, even made available a fantastic alternative in a exact lower cost whilst manufacturers were able to continue to keep the image-quality quite large quality. There are just two variations of pixel altering projectors for this specific one with the 1920 x 1080 x-4 version which ostensibly usually means the BenQ HT2550 can be still a 1080p projector along with also it has chip shooting each pixel 4 days we now receive the proper 4K resolution. Pixel changing has enhanced significantly in contrast to it has very first hassles now it succeeds to supply sharpness and quality that’s actually near indigenous 4K projectors but minus the significant cost they are come together with all the

4K UHD / HDR Information

Proceeding into your 4K/HDR screening as standard we’ve used exactly the 4K UHD disk of battle ship as a way to check it has overall performance. The end result has been amazing considering what’s the purchase price with the projector. No-more you want to devote massive amounts of funds to receive any sort of commendable 4K overall performance whilst the picture needed great precision along with lovely colours revealing us the pixel changing technology has arrived a ways from as it appeared.

That isn’t the initial 4K pixel changing projector which utilizes the newest 0.47″ chip which we have analyzed therefore that we or less understood exactly what to anticipate up to 4K functionality is worried. This is true right here and the BenQ HT2550 handles to generate a graphic that’s very sharp and step by step making every one of the small details just like the stripes onto the metal surfaces to eventually become a lot more evident and distinguishable. Modest imperfections in the celebrities skin in addition to fabric information in the clothes became much clear than ever before.


The projector supports HDR so that with different projectors with related selling price we just buy HDR 10 assist. No more Dolby Vision, either HLG or even HDR 10 + available here however using such a very low set you back need ton’t expect such a thing longer. HDR 10 is significantly more than sufficient to generate a fine appearing image as well as also for the price tag that you cover we’ve to confess we have no some grievance.

Coloration Protection

BenQ asserts the HT2550 addresses approximately 96 percent of this Re-C.709 coloration distance which ensures that as soon as you watch HD/SDR material that the colors will be nearly reliably replicated. Color policy is much less or more expected as of this cost range featuring all lamp established projectors as just LED or laser established projectors could possibly provide increased color policy. Increased BenQ projectors help vast colour range with increased care of this wider DCI P3 color distance but regrettably this really isn’t the instance here at the price tag we have ton’t expect just as muchbetter. It will not signify that throughout 4K play-back colors do not look great, but whereas to the BenQ HT2550 managed to make amazingly vibrant and exact colours despite the enlarged color policy.

BenQ asserts the HT2550 can develop 2,200 lumens of brightness along with it has 240 volt lamp which makes it decent…the theory is that. Manufacturers consistently utilize advertisements amounts which are not achieved in true situations therefore with such a non priced projector we’re worried to learn how shut the projector can come into the particular claim. Even the BenQ HT2550, like projectors, has many different graphic styles and also the people we all see this is Intelligent, Vivid, Cinema, activity and two User specified manners. Intelligent supplies the maximum lumens reaching 1740 lumens accordingto our dimensions using fanciful style reaching 1330 lumens. Cinema style around the opposite hand furnished minimum brightness with just 980 lumens while still sport-mode fared with 1400 lumens.

We attempted different preferences and also we reasoned that for HD/SDR information it really is far better to utilize Cinema manner as it’s got the absolute most accurate colours and if 980 lumens might perhaps not be much it truly is plenty of for non invasive HDR online video. About the opposite hand in case 4K/HDR content material can be something we’d suggest one touse the Vivid mode since it might offer somewhat more precise colours but is sold with 1330 lumens of brightness that’s much necessary for HDR articles.

Black Level

Probably one among the absolute most noticeable weak things of this BenQ HT2550 is it has dark degrees. And even though shadow specifics are quite very good the projector can’t screen very heavy blacks and also we wind with an extremely dark or grey gray, in the event that you would like, coloration than black. The issue chiefly shows from the dark or pitch darkened environment in order if you’re likely to utilize the projector at an area using a lot of mild afterward you definitely are not going to find it muchbetter. Heavy blacks is at overall a feeble purpose of most of these low-priced projectors and you also might have to to go quite full of price should you’d like any far better final results. However, also for the normal consumer black degrees will probably be adequate as it really is certainly caused by a issue with home theater complex users who search the best.

H-D / SDR / 3 D

And though the projector has been promoted because of it has 4K UHD capacities it will not signify it’s perhaps not really a fantastic Total HD/SDR celebrity. We love to check our Oblivion blu ray disk together with our projector reviews so that since such the BenQ HT2550 furnished a exact sharp Complete H D picture with incredibly nice and accurate colours. The picture includes a rather clean appearance and also the projector left confident to demonstrate every tiny detail onto the monitor. That was really a very big selection of 1080p stuff therefore that it’s mandatory each and every 4K projector to become in a position to carry out good at lesser rates with all an BenQ HT2550 acquiring incredibly fantastic scores within this region.

Even the BenQ HT2550 is just one of those couple sub-par 2000 4K projectors that however provide aid for 3 d 1080p quite happy with all an Epson Home Cinema 4000 along with Home Cinema 4010 in addition to the Optoma UHD51A currently being fully a couple of these. Ordinarily with these projectors you are going to need to purchase the eyeglasses independently which increases this fee a little. Additionally being busy 3 d glasses ensures there might be cross-talk along with this decrease brightness which accompanies 3D watching.


Inside our instance you are going to require 3 d DLP-Link kind eyeglasses which are quite typical to seek out sufficient reason for somewhat of searching you’ll purchase them at good deal. Additionally some thing which individuals did note is the projector can’t feel 3D articles and you’ll need to manually decide on 3 d On in your menu as a way to do the job with. A slight problem however an unusual person we imagined it had been well worth mentioning. Generally speaking in case you prefer 3 d and possess an immense library of 3 d pictures afterward remaining sure the BenQ HT2550 should have the ability to engage in all of them.

As stated by our dimensions the BenQ HT2550 hovered all around 48ms which creates this projector Goodenough although not fantastic. In the event you’re planning with the BenQ HT2550 for gambling afterward we’d suggest one to check it out to determine whether it truly is receptive enough to youpersonally. Inside our instance actively playing God of War felt receptive ample with rapid responses without believed that the entered was posing a issue. And we all believe that really is true with the majority of informal players as the absolute most hardcore possess a demand for not any enter making this projector a fantastic choice for informal gambling both at Total H D and 4K resolutions.

Overall Performance of BenQ HT2550

The projector played excellent inside our movement overall performance evaluations along with however a few blur has been displayed through rapid shooting motions generally image stayed solid having good precision. Regrettably the BenQ HT2550 will not always have any sort of CF I framework Interpolation characteristics for smoothing out the movement which will be unsatisfactory but has been expected with such a very low selling price.

Of course all vents are at the trunk and in that very first look we receive yourself a quite standard installation. From left to right we locate a couple of analogue stereo interfaces, 1 input and one output which may be utilised to join a couple of speakers, a VGA jack, two HDMI interfaces with all the original staying HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 whilst the 2 nd one would be your old HDMI 1.4 variation if you might have any old tools that doesn’t support the newest protocol. We locate that a USB typeb for servicing, also the customary RS232c interface for both control and control, the following USB interface of this typea version this time around that gives 5V/1.5The perfect for charging 3d-glasses and also a 12V activate interface which may be utilised to mechanically open up and near to a retractable display.


For such a very low priced projector you cannot own plenty of expectations however BenQ ensured to include things like probably the most often encountered vents using the accession of this analogue sound output that’s genuinely an excess incentive plus also this demonstrates BenQ genuinely believes that the reliability of this projector. We also enjoyed there is really a HDMI 2.0 port significance the BenQ HT2550 may be properly used to get 4K/60fps content material.

OS, Programs and Attributes

BenQ has comprised from the BenQ HT2550 that a 6X coloration wheel which will be very striking once you believe that lots of projectors inside an identical category include 2X or 3X coloration brakes. The speedier along with wheel that the probability somebody must observe exactly the recognizable rainbow influence that’s plaguing these chip DLP projectors. Merely a little number of all the people is vulnerable for the effect therefore that you can well not observe it all but in the event that you are within this little percent with such a speedy colour wheel usually means you could observe an entire picture with no distractions in any way. Fantastic Function from BenQ with thisparticular.

Even the BenQ HT2550’s menus are all straightforward but simple to browse in order to discover what it is you want. All preferences are all grouped into categories based on upon performance and employing the remote to maneuver round the assorted selections is quite simple. We’d really like to get an even nice aesthetically look however we aren’t able to request much from such a version.

Once we said over the projector includes an intelligent E CO function which produces the lamp just as glowing since it should be contingent upon your own content material. It can be effectual in bettering the quilt life however in almost no manner it might improve image-quality such as for instance a lively iris would which can be absent within this version unfortuitously. Of course should a number of you ponder the remote comes with a lively iris button we must inform you it will not nothing because it’s disabled within this version…bugger!


BenQ HT2550 happens armed with a package of image processing characteristics including many projectors do and this it really is named Cinema grasp. This package comprises coloration Enhancer which adds color and saturation gradients, flesh-tone which can be mostly utilized to adjust skin tones and Pixel Enhancer 4K which performs together 1080p articles along with also with it one are able to strengthen sharpness/detail.

The projector will come designed with one 5-watt speaker system that’s nothing at all exclusive to chat around however, it adds a little bit of warmth for this since you possibly are able to take the projector round minus the demand for speakers. Needless to say in the event that you’re intent on your home theater capacities subsequently another music process is imperative so as to relish an entirely immersive experience.

There’s additionally HDMI-CEC functionality as a way to utilize the projector’s remote to control additional HDMI-Link suitable apparatus some thing which really helps to lower the quantity of remotes you must make use of into your home theater.

Our Verdict For BenQ HT2550

The BenQ can be an excellent projector plus it’s instantly evident that which exactly are it has boundaries. Pixel changing has apparently improved lots so as to offer you a exact competitive alternate to indigenous 4K in a much cheap and also we have been interested exactly what additional advancements might be created later on.

Even the BenQ HT2550 features really a sharp 4K picture with fantastic colour protection, has decent brightness, so supports 3 d for people which have big 3 d libraries, also includes with a exact speedy colour wheel which eradicates the rainbow impact, features a great deal of picture processing attributes, the added remote is good with back light work and can be designed with a 5 volt speaker which adds it has durability. And these having an amount of £ 1,500 which is significantly more than cheap in the event that you believe what’s being supplied.

Around the opposite hand with such a lowpriced version there will decidedly be plenty of limits. That clearly was not any lens altering or tabbed lens which produces placement and calibrating somewhat tougher. Brightness can possibly be improved compared to HDR it really is insufficient, black degrees will be ordinary whatsoever, it will not encourage the longer enlarged DCI P3 color distance, there clearly was no more CF I for far better movement managing and enter lag but okay might function improved.

Can every one of these flaws reduced the worthiness with this version? Actually no, the purchase price is low which by the character of the 4K graphic the BenQ HT2550 can develop it really is quite a bargain. And if it’d more significance as it came out now using all these models at an identical kind contest is far more ferocious. By the close of your evening that the BenQ HT2550 can be still a projector for everybody which wishes to generate a fresh projector established home theater however, that the purchase price is actually a worrying element. So which makes this version a exact excellent alternative. Highly suggested.

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