BenQ HT2150ST Review | 1080p DLP Projector

BenQ HT2150ST Review


Native Resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Good color accuracy and contrast for the price
  • Short-throw lens delivers big image from close to the screen
  • Low input lag means fast reaction time for gamers


  • Maximum input resolution is limited to the native 1080p (1,920 by 1,080)
  • No support for HDR

Most suppliers now are on-board the UHD band-wagon since they struggle for some of their 4K projectors section. And even though price ranges has been considerably and caliber has become having a fantastic high quality 4K projector translates to you need to place a four-digit funding for the very least. However, also for some individuals 4K isn’t all about and receiving a projector does not to suggest you have to fork out on an amount which for a lot of still overly large. Additionally they incorporate individuals who desire a projector much about movies however mostly due to his or her gambling joy. And for even those individuals a full-hd projector remains plenty of to meet their requirements.

This happens BenQ having a projector that’s been available for a couple ages today which we’ve got the liberty to review today. Even the BenQ HT2150ST can be actually a lovely modest projector which can endure the HT inside it has name which indicates home-theater however in nature is actually a projector which hasbeen designed with gambling in mind. To get a projector has to be contemplated ideal for gambling needs to meat selected standards and we’ll be appearing at those so as to specify whether such a non priced projector may function as the middle of one’s gambling planet. Thus with no further delay let us launch our BenQ HT2150ST review.

In authentic BenQ manner the projector can be obtained with two unique titles based on the nation you reside. As such a projector includes all the BenQ HT2150ST identify inside america market whilst at most European states goes from your W1210ST naming. Therefore, in case you fail to think it is using one particular name check out and also you may likely discover it with all an other. We’re still quite bewildered why several manufacturers keep achieving so since it helps make matters harder when they ought to really be.


Curvy designs really are a characteristic in almost all BenQ projectors and this also couldn’t be another right here. Having a dimension of 380.5 x ray 121.7 x 277 mm‎ along with 7.27pounds (3.3 kg) that the projector is still little enough to be transported around. This can be an essential characteristic if we have been referring to a pure gambling projector. Possessing a tiny dimensions and coming together with built audio are just two of the most significant freedom features.

Appearing at the leading part of the projector we all notice the lens positioned only a tiny off in direction of the most suitable side to the best people we notice that a sizable IR detector. On the left we receive major air vents as a enthusiast indoors makes certain you maintain warmth in low degrees. Exactly over the lens onto top aspect of this projector we all look for that a little pit covered with way of a sliding door at which in fact the zoom and focus controls are all hidden. The sliding-door is important as gentle flows to the pit therefore that you may observe them use at a wholly darkened atmosphere. Hence that the sliding-door is covering some other troubling lighting coming outside.


At top we additionally gain navigation buttons, an electric switch and also an origin option button along with 3 LEDs for temperature, power and lamp illness. Every one of the bond ports are in the straight back and we’re going to chat about these at the dedicated area beneath.

This machine includes a 1.2:1 zoom which isn’t the most useful we can access but in the value we are not able to request muchbetter. And with no perpendicular or flat lens altering produces matters much worse in regards to accurately positioning your projector. You may utilize Keystone correction however that should function a final resource step once we’ve said previously that making use of Keystone is going to possess a poor result on sharpness and picture quality all around.

That clearly was reasons behind its s-t letters by the close of the design number because this projector can be really a Brief Twist one particular. This implies in words is you may receive yourself a huge image and never needing to position the projector from the monitor. That really is just another important characteristic which may make this projector ideal for gambling. For instance to get a 100″ display you may have to put the device around 5.5 feet off or require a bit. Additionally, it features a projection cancel of 102.5percent which usually means that the center line of the lens is right under the base border of the film.

The system is extremely silent throughout performance and also the enthusiast wasn’t perceptible ample to turn into annoying. At Regular duplex functioning we might not hear some other deflecting sounds which helps make using this eco-mode just mandatory in the event that you would like to spend lamp hrs.

Even the BenQ HT2150ST is sold with 3 ribbon manners using Regular style being ranked at 3,500 hrs Economic style extends lamp life to approximately 5,000 hrs plus people find a SmartEco style that may lengthen the life span of this lamp much farther to 7,000 hrs. Ofcourse almost any option compared to the Regular posseses a direct effect in the picture good quality therefore that it’s much better to try out these configurations and choose if it’s well worth every penny touse them.

For such a cheap projector it’s quite fine to visit benQ which include such a wonderful distant. It feels great to both sides and also the switches enroll instantaneously without flaws. Buttons are major enough and also therefore are grouped into groups based upon their own function. As such at top we now receive yourself a several element buttonsunder these recognizable navigation buttons, beneath a few play back switches also at the base we capture picture calibration kinds. What astonished us was there surely is back-light work with all the distant devoting a fairly strange red color. Given that is certainly an attribute we were not hoping by the sub-£ 800 projector.

Video Quality of BenQ HT2150ST

Technology used

The BenQ HT2150ST happens armed with one DLP chip created from Texas Instruments and contains a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Possessing one chip installation includes it has edges as three-chip designs several times have a tendency toward misalignment which may influence color and sharpness high quality. Possessing one chip removes this particular issue entirely.

For analyzing 1080p articles we consistently needed a clear choice therefore that we chose up our Oblivion blu ray disk and no delay found it into our Panasonic participant. Even the BenQ HT2150ST had been competent to surprise . After you examine such a very lower cost projector then you really don’t know very well what things to expect regarding graphic quality but we have a exact sharp and clean image which approached that the performance of much costlier types.

The movie substance of class really helps much as Oblivion includes a exact clean appearance and every single little detail has been observable about the monitor. By the top tech electronics of this outpost into the verdant greens at which commander Harper had been spending a relaxing period every image was packed up with an remarkable level of depth. Great benefits also it’s really more striking once you believe individuals have been mostly hunting in to 4K cloth now.


One other and of the projector is really the fact that it supports 3 d 1080p articles however regrettably there aren’t any glasses given the machine which implies in the event that you have no some one will incorporate somewhat towards the total cost. With this particular projector you are going to require 3 d DLP-Link kind of eyeglasses which you may come across somewhat cheap using just a tiny bit of search. 3 d may possibly become an extinct arrangement however mercifully projector producers even now encourage it watching 3D articles in a vast screen creates much more awareness in the usual tiny television display. And because of such a lowpriced projector to even offer aid with this particular really is certainly an advantage.

Even the BenQ HT2150ST has the capability to pay approximately 96 percent of their Re-C.709 coloration distance which signifies far better colour reproduction using more contemporary and more vibrant colours. Inside this price tag we have been extremely satisfied about the consequences we receive and also you also are not able to get much superior than this to get a complete high definition projector. Colour saturation is amazing for top-notch, outstanding equilibrium more than each coloring part.

BenQ HT2150ST is ranked because of being a 2,200 lumens projector by means of the 240W lamp which will be recognized as very excellent. However, what things the most is the way close for the theoretical variety will the projector move because we all realize these advertisements amounts can’t ever be achieved in real-life conditions. The projector includes five unique picture styles with all the overall game manner function as the default option . Apart from we additionally detect Intelligent, Vivid, Cinema, video game Bright as well as an individual defined manner.


Most brightness is given with Intelligent style with 1600 lumens but regrettably the picture comes with a green-tint for it which enhances over all caliber. Back in Game manner we quantified 1080 lumens even though that given the optimal/optimally answer days it’s a graphic that’s somewhat on the trendy side. Video game Bright quantified a small bit higher in 1100 lumens but colour modification and black levels have been ordinary. Vivid has been the 2nd most glowing manner at 1280 lumens even though Cinema style quantified at 1160 lumens.

Over all Cinema mode given the optimal/optimally quality & most ordinary picture however input lag inside this manner is high while light by defaults turns into E CO which decrease the brightness radically. From the testings you may correct it using the overall game style up the gamma environment into 2.2 and change colour temperatures out of neat to usual. In this fashion in which you can receive a graphic that’s acutely close to Cinema style whilst keeping the very low input lag which Game style includes. 1080 lumens which video game mode sparks might not look much but bear in your mind we aren’t speaking of a 4K/HDR projector which beams will be really a much desirable element. Together with complete HD/SDR content material prerequisites are much lesser and whatever above 1, 000 lumens ought to be contemplated a lot more than sufficient.


Black levels onto the BenQ HT2150ST was shown to become ordinary some thing to be predicted from such a cheap projector. If you’re in a non lit setting you aren’t likely to observe just as much as if having at a wholly darkened area. Around the opposite side shadow particulars had been quite good devoid of much advice currently being lost. We’re not astonished because of it has performance inside this field as heavy blacks can be really a characteristic that just more high priced projectors may present. In the event you plan for such a non priced projector then be certain you continue to keep your expectations minimal within this field.

The projector is currently asserting super slim input lag rendering it perfect for severe gambling and also based to your dimensions this is valid whilst the BenQ HT2150ST were able to possess input lag which dissipates all around 14ms which can be great to get a projector. Of path to control that you are going to need touse this overall game mode since one additional manners quantified much more as the Cinema manner that were able todo 48ms.

However, once we claimed previously a fantastic way is always to utilize Game style and change the picture configurations somewhat so as to find similar image-quality like from the Cinema manner which could be essentially the most preferred. If gambling is something and you’re concerned about input lag that this projector is likely to be certain you are certain to become very receptive and enjoyable gambling periods.


The projector completed very well inside our motion performance evaluations along with it has micro second D-MD answer period. Even throughout speedy panning of this camera that the film stayed solid and clear. Even the BenQ HT2150ST will not always have almost any CF I framework Interpolation which will erase that the motion more however in all honesty it’s completed nicely which you aren’t likely to overlook such a element.

Inputs of BenQ HT2150ST

Studying the trunk we uncover double HDMI interfaces with HDMI inch be-ing 1.4a plus HDMI two be-ing 1.4b whilst at the same time encouraging MHL for cell apparatus. Close for these we receive yourself a 12V cause for utilize with semi automatic displays for automated launching and closing. We view that a USB typea and a second USB type-mini B. Even a VGA interface can be currently available for optical audio service whereas we additionally secure the customary RS232c interface for controller. Last but most certainly not least from the much right now we receive yourself a couple of 3.5millimeter interfaces, inch audio input signal and inch audio output signal with the inputs feeding on the integral speakers whereas the output channels that the audio to a external audio platform.

We aren’t able to state we can request anything longer even as we understand what we’d desire as well as additional. Inside this selling price it’s going to not be easy to discover a projector which presents more so much as connectivity is involved as such we believe that BenQ was able to earn an outstanding occupation.

A notable portion that individuals need to cite could be that the projector’s colour wheel that is fast. BenQ HT2150ST’s coloration wheel twist at 4x rate at 60Hz and in 6x in 50Hz. Additionally, it features 6 sections within an RGBRGB configuration. This usually means the recognizable rainbow influence that many folks are allergic to will most possibly won’t ever reveal which can be very good for that couple people who confront this issue.


The menu UI really is easy with different tabs dividing the a variety of projector preferences. We’d prefer an even visually satisfying UI however we still may not possess much expectations in the particular price. At-least browsing throughout the respective solutions demonstrated an effortless endeavor since it all is no problem to get and cope with.

Even the BenQ HT2150ST supply an individual which has many graphic handle settings such as brightness, brightness, contrast, sharpness, gamma controller and coloring temperature and sounds loss amongst some others. Perhaps it doesn’t be too broad as any different projectors we’d seen just lately but certainly are enough so as to calibrate the picture to get the finest possible results.

The projector will possibly get an Eco manner to spare lamp lifetime but in addition comes equipped with a good E CO work that changes the lamp brightness based upon your own material onscreen display screen. Doing therefore that it expands the lamp life span more, to approximately 7,000 hrs based to BenQ, however in no way that it may enhance the picture quality such as for instance a lively iris will regrettably.


BenQ has built with the projector using just two 10-watt speakers which offer loud and clear noise, things considered, specially such as a projector with this particular class. The speakers regrettably are not able to supply the essential bass for movies therefore a passionate audio platform or no less than a soundbar is essential in the event that you’d like to lift your audio immersion. But in the event that you are inclined to proceed to the projector all around for a gaming session on your buddy home the onboard speakers really are ample to supply the needed quantity.

HDMI-CEC features is additionally affirmed along with also all the remote using the essential controllers it’s possible to put it to use in order to restrain additional HDMI-Link suitable apparatus and therefore lessen the amount of remotes that you want to possess into your house entertainment.

Our Verdict For BenQ HT2150ST

Having a priceless than 800 that the BenQ HT2150ST can be actually a gambling projector which has what you’re going to require. Using sharp and clear picture, fantastic colour harmony, ample brightness, and very low input lag, very low sound, a exact pleasant distant and 3 d service there isn’t much longer you are able to ask for the budget.

Needless to say it isn’t perfect since you will find certainly a couple things lost which we’d love to possess like lens-shift. Additionally purchasing a couple of 3 d eyeglasses provides a little the cost particularly in the event that you want at least two pairs. The builtin 1.2x zoom will not offer much selection and you also might need to put the projector comparatively close for the display screen. Finally there’s absolutely not any 4K or even HDR service as we’re at the 4K age to get a couple ages today this could be described as a deciding issue for a few.

Finally that the BenQ HT2150ST can be actually a pure 1080p, gambling projector plus it ought to be understood like that. In the event you really don’t take care of 4K much and you’re intent on your gambling entertainment however at an identical point you’re concerned about your financial plan then there clearly was absolutely no superior projector to take into account than onetime.

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