The Best Affordable Massage Chair

8 The Best Affordable Massage Chair Reviews 2022

An affordable massage chair can change your life. However, it doesn’t suggest that you must spend a lot of money on one. If you do enough study, you will be able to find the cheapest massage chairs that will provide exactly what you require.

If you’re on a budget but want an excellent massage chair, keep on going through. We’ve conducted the study for you and will reduce your options to the most cost-effective and reliable massage chairs in today’s market.

The Best Affordable Massage Chair Top 8

Massage chairs are available in a range of designs, sizes, and colors as well as prices. Some have bells and whistles while others are simpler. If you’re working on limited funds then you must determine the massage chair features are important for you and then be flexible with other aspects.

The Best Affordable Massage Chair

If you are faced with these kinds of limitations, you may need to make compromises. As an example that a lot of budget massage chairs don’t include a foot massager. In this scenario, you can give yourself a relaxing foot massage with the aid of any device.

The table below lists the most budget massage chair options. After the table, you will get more detailed reviews for each.

If you’re more than 6 feet tall Also, take a look at our recommendations on our recommendation for the best massage chair for those who are tall.

1. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Osaki as well as the Kahuna is one of the top options you can locate for a lower-cost model. In contrast to other chairs in my list, which tend to be much more “name” and less “quality,” the Osaki was an excellent chair. It’s a worthwhile purchase. Here’s what it can offer:

The latest technology. If you are looking for the perfect budget massage chair, the Osaki OS-4000 includes the full body scan feature. With the help of the computer scan device, it will detect and track your back curve and give an exact massage specifically specially designed for your body.

Fully-body relaxation. From the useful arm air massagers to the calves as well as foot massage options, you can take advantage of it all. I loved the shoulder airbag massage as it helped relieve tension from my shoulders.

Heating massage therapy. The device has two heating pads, one on each part of the back. The pads ease discomfort and can be beneficial for those suffering from weak back or back injuries.

Controllable and easily with the remote that is convenient and the wireless controller, users can select from a variety of massages you can choose from Shiatsu massage, rolling or tapping a combination of all three, or a Swedish massage. If you aren’t a fan of the standard remote the wireless controller can be used to make it easier.


  • Two remotes are useful
  • Intensity levels
  • The heating pad is extremely beneficial
  • Two zero-gravity positions
  • Auto-scan body scan


  • Not the most portable (weighs a lot)

2. Kahuna LM-6800 Shiatsu Full-Body Massage Chair


I’ve tried the Kahuna LM-6800 Its most notable feature was its hybrid track layout due to the fact that its S-track is a follower of the anatomical spine curvature. The L-track provides a fantastic glute and thigh massage.

Its space-saving design and pivoting seat The Zero-G chair is a bonus at this price.

In reality, this Kahuna 6800 boasts three Zero-G positions that are on par with higher-priced massage chairs.

Another reason why we experienced a wonderful massage was the 3D body scanning technique, thanks to which all of our pressure points were met.

The Kahuna is surprisingly versatile. Kahuna provides the option of manual adjustment for its massage rollers, which is ideal if the automated machine fails to find a painful area.

A budget-friendly chair the Kahuna comes with a full body air massage with 36 airbags and a variety of massage techniques, such as Tapping, Kneading and tapping, rolling massage, and other advanced.

Additionally, there’s a zoned massage option that massages one fixed area as well as the exquisite Yoga stretch, as well as the option of calf massage as well as foot massage.

A back or calf treatment is another benefit of this massage chair price range, although you cannot alter the temperature.

Another issue is that you aren’t able to alter the duration of massage although that’s not an issue.


  • Ergonomic
  • Space-saving
  • Comprehensive massage
  • Encouraging better blood circulation
  • A lot of air cells
  • Various massage techniques
  • The full-body shiatsu massage chair
  • Yoga stretch
  • Calf and back heat


  • The temperature can’t be adjusted
  • It’s impossible to adjust the timer

3. Real Relax Recliner Full Body with Heating and Foot Rollers less than $1000

Real Relax Recliner

The Genuine Relax recliner is the chair to purchase when you need to have a massage chair but doesn’t have the funds to purchase one of the top models such as that the Kahuna or Osaki. It’s a fantastic piece for those with less than $1000 in your budget and has some good features. Here are a few:

Design. In terms of design aesthetics, it’s very vast. It’s not an ideal choice for rooms with small spaces. However, you can pick from three different colors that are pretty appealing. The leather upholstery is comfortable to the touch and won’t cause sweating.

A sturdy construction. This model has sturdy internal components as it can support the weight of 400 pounds. This is remarkable for a chair of this price point.

The options for massage. The RealRelax recliner has 8 massage rollers and 50 airbags to provide a good massage. Additionally, you can alter the motion of the rollers using the remote and also their strength and speed.


  • Luxurious look
  • The zero-gravity position is extremely pleasant
  • Durable
  • Comfortable padding
  • Remote controlled


  • Bulky
  • Requires assembly

4. NFL Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Recliner

NFL Zero Gravity Full Body

If you are a fan of football NFL and would like to purchase an individual sporting electronic massage chair – this is the best option. It’s an ergonomic chair with decent value for the price, however, it’s more popular due to its brand name, not its comfort value. gives.

Here’s what you will get from it:

Flexible with a variety of theme and color options to pick from in this seat, you’ll be happy to have it in your home. It’s an excellent showcase for your sports viewers and will enhance your experience watching the NFL.

Excellent zero-gravity positioning. The chair lifts your feet to the ideal place and reduces any discomfort or pressure on your lower back. It’s great for those suffering from lower back pain.

The heating pad and the air massage. The chair comes with 32 airbags that massage the full body. They are very comfortable. There are also pads that help improve blood circulation.


  • Good exercises for your body
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Many color schemes to select from


  • It’s not a great price for the price
  • Very big
  • It isn’t a good fit for the majority of interior designs

5. Kahuna SM 7300 With SL-Track Full Body

Kahuna SM 7300 With SL-Track Full Body

The Kahuna 7300 shares several similarities with the Kahuna 6800. The similarities begin with its SL track design, which offers numerous massage benefits.

The six-roller system is an upgrade that offers additional massage modes and a soothing human-like massage experience.

This model also has the ability to scan your body in 3D for the purpose of locating every pressure point and also a manual adjustment feature for the rollers as well as the massage area’s size.

The 7300 features similar massage techniques to the 6800 model. The only difference is that it has Knocking instead instead of Rolling.

You also receive the most advanced Shiatsu technique, as well as the soothing Yoga Stretch.

There is a Zone Massage mode that has a further feature that is similar, but the duration is adjustable in this model. Another benefit to this particular model is the fact that it offers several massage modes for different people including Golfer, Dynamic Sports Office people, and seniors. These modes are able to be easily modified.

The 7300 model, on the other hand, offers soothing heat (using the heating element) only for the lumbar region only one level of zero gravity.

Additionally, there are 18 airbags, compared to 36 in Kahuna 6800. Kahuna 6800.

However, it comes with benefits for the user such as the seat cover that can be removed as well as an extendable ottoman and technology that saves space.


  • Many possibilities
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Life-like massage
  • Yoga stretch


  • There is no heat for the calf and foot
  • Just one zero-G level
  • Airbags are smaller that the Kahuna 6800

6. Titan Pro Alpha Full Body

Titan Pro Alpha Full Body

The latest design the arm of Titan Pro Alpha’s arm design Titan Pro Alpha is a distinct advantage. You only have to put your arms inside the sleeves, and then you receive a good massage thanks to the airbags built-in.

Even though it comes with 28 airbags, which is less than the Kahuna-6800 is still more than the other low-cost models.

The L-track layout is ideal for a full neck-to-back to buttocks massage. However, Kahuna’s hybrid track is more effective.

Although it is true that the Titan Pro Alpha has a compact design, it has the following integrated massage techniques: Kneading, Tapping, Kneading, Tapping, and Shiatsu.

There are two zero gravity positions, fewer than the Kahuna 6800 however, they are still quite decent.

Dual-action foot rollers offer a great massage. This chair offers two advantages: Bluetooth speaker connection and memory function. Additionally, it’s quiet compared to other chairs. Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair.

Other great features include the adjustable shoulder straps, as well as cushioning for the back that can modify the intensity of the massage that’s often difficult to alter for L-tracks that are deep-tissue massage chairs.

The chair also has the body scan technology of a computer and six integrated massage programs: Express, Classic, Wholesome, Oriental, Swedish, and Chiro.

With manual massage and control on the side panel, This chair is easy to use. But, the remote comes with some the ability to learn.

Find out more information details Titan massage chairs here.


  • Air massage
  • Full-body massage
  • Space-saving technology
  • Shiatsu massage
  • 2 zero-g positions
  • Quiet
  • Bluetooth music system
  • Memory function


  • Not so many massage techniques
  • A massage with air to the arms might be more beneficial
  • It’s not the easiest remote to use

7. Ideal Massage

Ideal Massage

It’s an affordable massage chair that can be thought of as a true winner, at most because it’s a low-cost model that gives the benefits of Shiatsu massage.

But, it’s a big product that comes with curbside delivery by default You might be able to pay for delivery with a white glove.

Similar to its predecessor, the Kahuna 6800, it sports three seating modes that are zero-g as well as the highly advanced Shiatsu technique.

The three other options available include rolling, Kneading, and Vibrating. There’s also lumbar therapy. There’s no calf and foot heat accessible.

The warranty is three years and the 10-day return period is acceptable however there’s a 20 percent restocking charge.

With decent massage quality offered by the air massage and vibrating chair, The 30-minute massage duration is also quite satisfactory.

However, it seems that however, the arm massage seems too gentle.

However, you’ll have to put together the chair on your own although it’s simple.

Another drawback is the absence of choices, including no tapping or percussion or stretching.

Additionally, you cannot alter the leg’s position manually There’s also no foot massage and the machine can be a little loud.


  • 3 Zero-gravity modes
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Lumbar heat


  • The air is too soft for arm massage
  • A few choices
  • Can’t control leg adjustment
  • No feet massage
  • Noisy

8. iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair

iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair

One of the greatest advantages that the massage chair is its massage techniques which can offer relief from stress and increase circulation.

Orbit and Glide specifically feel similar to the motions of massage therapists. The patent-pending FlexGlide technology ensures that the massage is smooth without pain or pinches.

Although it’s not a zero-gravity model, however, the Active 2.0 has a maximum of 180o slope to lessen the pressure on the spine.

There are three programs built-in, in for the entire shoulder, neck, back, and lower back.

The design is easy to use with a head cushion and a foot massager.

The drawback, besides the limited options and the absence of zero-G, is that the chair is only able to support smaller users.


  • Vibration
  • Roller massage
  • Width adjustments
  • Orbital glide, stretch, and orbital massage techniques
  • Small – could fit inside your home office


  • A few characteristics
  • For those with small hands
  • No actual zero-G

Which Massage Chair is the Best for You?

The question of which budget-friendly massage chair is the best depends on many variables, but two of the most crucial are the purpose and budget.

Review our previous reviews to determine which models be affordable, and take into consideration your goals.

If you are looking to purchase a massage chair for therapeutic purposes as well as post-surgery healing purposes, make sure that it includes at the very least one seating option that is zero gravity.

Full-body Shiatsu recliners are ideal for muscles that are sore, and recliners that have full-body stretch are excellent to relax.

Which Massage Chair is the Best for You?

If you’re looking for a good chair to relax after a tiring job, there’s no need for many massage options, techniques, or functions. In fact, the most basic chairs mentioned that we’ve reviewed can give the right message.

If you’re specific about your requirements think about a chair with memory functions or extremely adjustable choices.

It’s also a good option if you have more members of your family who will benefit from this massage chair.

Affordable Massage Chairs for Sale

It isn’t necessary to have the luxury of a massage chair to give yourself the message you want. If you’re on a restricted budget, these are available options.

Massage Chair Pad

If you’re not set on a recliner massage chair, there is an alternative that could be within your budget: the massage chair pad. If your primary reason to are looking for to purchase a massage chair is to get a back massage, this could be a better option.

With the help of a massage chair pad, it is compatible with all chairs. That means that you can bring it along when traveling. In addition, some of these chair massage pads provide powerful back massage.

On the other hand, the cushion might not appear as attractive as the massage chair, but it is able to be stored easily in the public eye.

We are in love with the Comfier massager for the back and neck pad due to its the latest technology of 2D/3D Finger Pressure Shiatsu and Rolling, Air Compression Vibration, Heat and Rolling to provide you with a relaxing massage that can soothe muscles and relieve tension.

Full-Body Massage Mat

With a massage mat, you can receive a complete body massage while lying down. This mat comes from CooCoCo a Shiatsu Massage, Vibration, and heat to relieve tension and tension.

The massage mat comes with six preset modes as well as four intensities for a massage that are controlled by the remote. Additionally, there is an extra flap that can be removed if you’d like to experience more of a massage.

It features four turning Shiatsu nodes that are positioned around your back. There are 3 zones, upper, lower, or full back, so you can focus on the areas of pain in your back.

Its bed pad comes with 10 motors that are vibrating to provide an energizing massage. It also has the ability to move a jade heating pad that can be used on any body part.

Its CooCoCo massage mat is folded in a snap and then placed into the carry bag for ease of storage and portability. You can carry the massage mat wherever you travel.

Back Stretcher

It’s true that stretching back does not provide you with the massage you want, but it could aid in relieving some back pain the way the massage chair would. They’re affordable and simple to use, and only require only a few minutes per day to notice outcomes.

Massage Ball

The most efficient massage tools that are available today are also among the least expensive. The massage ball can help you eliminate tension that is in your body. Although it may not be the best massage experience, after you’ve used a massage ball you’ll feel better. It’s among the most effective massagers for knots.

The ball is placed to massager between your body and something rigid and solid like the wall or floor. Then, you can shift your body between your legs to roll the muscle, or remain still and concentrate on a certain pressure place.

Final Words: Cheap Massage Chair Review Recommendations

I’ve reviewed several chairs in this article however, we couldn’t resist ensuring that you are able to see the entire image so that you can compare the different chairs, compare them, and then make the right choice.

Cheap Massage Chair Review Recommendations

Keep in mind that the majority of lower priced chairs are not manufactured by either the United States (USA) or Japan. The majority of chairs are manufactured in China!

However, here’s the main point: the Kahuna LM 6800 is a high-end automated massage chair, with top features that are recommended to be used for therapeutic purposes. These include the 3-zero-G seating, extensive air massage, plus lumbar and foot heat therapy.

Other chairs are also reliable as well, even though they come with some significant disadvantages.

For the sub $1000 range, all chairs are at best and provide simple massage functions.

The IJoy Active 2.0 is the top of the line but it has one drawback it is only suited to small users.

It’s also more precise and has superior massages than two other chairs, even though it doesn’t come with the zero-G option.

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What is the best affordable massage chair?

Below, you can find the best massage chairs that cater to a range of demands for massage as well as budgets, aesthetics of furniture, and more.
1. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity…
2. Kahuna LM-6800 Shiatsu…
3. A Real Relax Recliner…
4. NFL Zero Gravity Full Body…
5. Kahuna SM 7300 With SL-Track…

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